MX-21: How to update and optimize this Distro based on Debian 11?

MX-21: How to update and optimize this Distro based on Debian 11?

MX-21: How to update and optimize this Distro based on Debian 11?

Our post today, as the name says, is dedicated to the new version of MX Linux call "MX-21". Which is based on Debian GNU / Linux 11 (Bullseye).

And since, both «MX Linux 21» and Debian GNU / Linux 11 were released a few months ago, and are in the Top 10 Top Rated GNU / Linux Distros on DistroWatch, in position 01 and position 07 respectively, we will do here our usual tutorial or guide of which activities and packages can be performed and installed for optimize and improve them su performance and functionality.


Update and optimize MX-Linux 19.0 and DEBIAN 10.2 after installing

Update and optimize MX-Linux 19.0 and DEBIAN 10.2 after installing

And as usual, before getting fully into today's topic on how to update and optimize the current version of the Distro MX Linux, in other words, "MX-21", we will leave for those interested in exploring some Previous similar posts on MX-19 and Debian-10, the following links to them. So that you can easily explore them, if necessary, after reading this publication:

"Remember that the actions and packages recommended here to run and install are just that, "packages recomendados", and it is up to each one, to execute and install all or some of them, why they are necessary or useful, in the short or medium term, to know and use them, since they have already been executed or installed. And keep in mind that, you can know in advance what each package is used for, by clicking here!." Update and optimize MX-Linux 19.0 and DEBIAN 10.2 after installing

Update and optimize MX-Linux 19.0 and DEBIAN 10.2 after installing
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Update and optimize MX-Linux 19.0 and DEBIAN 10.2 after installing
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MX-21: Code name Wildflower (Wildflower)

MX-21: Flower code name Wildflower

Commands and packages ideal for updating and optimizing MX-21 and Debian-11

Below you will see a command and package command list, suggested and recommended, that you could browse and install without major problems on a GNU / Linux Distro "MX-21" o Debian 11 with XFCE preferably:

1.- Update Base Operating System

«sudo apt update; sudo update-apt-xapian-index; sudo aptitude safe-upgrade; sudo apt install -f; sudo dpkg --configure -a; sudo apt --fix-broken install»

«sudo update-grub; sudo update-grub2; sudo aptitude clean; sudo aptitude autoclean; sudo apt-get autoremove; sudo apt autoremove; sudo apt purge; sudo apt remove»

2.- Complete packages for XFCE

«sudo apt install xfce4-appfinder xfce4-appmenu-plugin xfce4-battery-plugin xfce4-clipman xfce4-clipman-plugin xfce4-cpufreq-plugin xfce4-cpugraph-plugin xfce4-datetime-plugin xfce4-dict xfce4-diskperf-plugin xfce4-docklike-plugin xfce4-dxreminders-plugin xfce4-eyes-plugin xfce4-fsguard-plugin xfce4-genmon-plugin xfce4-panel xfce4-helpers xfce4-indicator-plugin xfce4-mailwatch-plugin xfce4-mount-plugin xfce4-mpc-plugin xfce4-multiload-ng-plugin xfce4-netload-plugin xfce4-notes xfce4-notes-plugin xfce4-notifyd xfce4-places-plugin xfce4-power-manager xfce4-power-manager-data xfce4-power-manager-plugins xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin xfce4-screenshooter xfce4-sensors-plugin xfce4-session xfce4-settings xfce4-smartbookmark-plugin xfce4-sntray-plugin xfce4-sntray-plugin-common xfce4-statusnotifier-plugin xfce4-systemload-plugin xfce4-taskmanager xfce4-terminal xfce4-timer-plugin xfce4-verve-plugin xfce4-wavelan-plugin xfce4-weather-plugin xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin xfce4-xapp-status-plugin xfce4-xkb-plugin»

3.- MX-Linux 21 complete package with XFCE/FluxBox

«sudo apt install mx21-artwork mx-apps mx-apps-fluxbox mx-boot-options mx-bootrepair mx-cleanup mx-codecs mx-comfort-themes mx-conky mx-conky-data mx-datetime mx-debian-firmware mx-dockmaker mx-docs mxfb-accessories mxfb-art mxfb-docs mxfb-goodies mx-fluxbox mx-fluxbox-about mx-fluxbox-data mx-goodies mx-gpg-keys mx-greybird-themes mx-icons-start mx-idesktool mx-idevice-mounter mx-installer mx-iphone mx-iso-template mx-live-usb-maker mx-menu-editor mx-network-assistant mx-packageinstaller mx-packageinstaller-pkglist mx-pkexec mx-remaster mx-remastercc mx-repo-list mx-repo-manager mx-select-sound mx-snapshot mx-sound-theme-borealis mx-sound-theme-fresh-and-clean mx-system mx-system-sounds mx-tools mx-tour mx-tweak mx-tweak-data mx-usb-unmounter mx-user mx-viewer mx-welcome mx-welcome-data fbpager fbautostart»

4.- XFCE-compatible GNOME Basic Games Package

«sudo apt install gnome-games gnome-games-app game-data-packager game-data-packager-runtime gnome-cards-data games-adventure games-arcade games-board games-card games-chess games-console games-education games-emulator games-finest games-fps games-minesweeper games-mud games-platform games-programming games-puzzle games-racing games-rogue games-rpg games-shootemup games-simulation games-sport games-strategy games-tetris games-tasks games-thumbnails games-toys games-typing»

5.- Games package assorted extras for Linux

«sudo apt install 0ad 7kaa a7xpg abe ace-of-penguins alex4 armagetronad asc atomix bastet berusky biniax2 blobby bloboats blobwars blockattack bsdgames btanks burgerspace bzflag-client caveexpress cgoban chromium-bsu cultivation dreamchess empire enigma epiphany extremetuxracer flare-game flightgear foobillardplus freeciv freecol freedroidrpg freeorion frozen-bubble funguloids funnyboat gnubg gtkatlantic hedgewars holotz-castle hyperrogue kobodeluxe koules lincity-ng liquidwar lmemory lugaru manaplus marsshooter megaglest micropolis minetest nethack-console nettoe neverball neverputt nexuiz numptyphysics open-invaders openarena openclonk openttd pacman parsec47 pathological performous pinball pingus pioneers pokerth powermanga pybik pysolfc raincat redeclipse ri-li scorched3d searchandrescue sgt-puzzles solarwolf sopwith springlobby supertransball2 supertux supertuxkart tecnoballz teeworlds torcs torus-trooper tuxfootball tuxmath tuxpuck ufoai unknown-horizons warmux warzone2100 wesnoth widelands xmoto freesweep xbomb xdemineur angrydd blockout2 crack-attack cuyo flobopuyo freealchemist galois gemdropx gtetrinet ltris netris petris quadrapassel stax tetrinet-client tetrinetx tint vitetris xbubble xwelltris»

6.- Additional basic packaging

«sudo apt install neofetch lolcat toilet figlet tasksel tasksel-data»

Learn More

In future deliveries, we will suggest other additional packages that could be useful to have installed and used at any time and need, both on "MX-21" and Debian-11. And then about some customization tips to get to have a "MX-21" o Debian-11, so complete, efficient and beautiful, like the one I am now using to replace my previous Respin (Snapshot) based MX-19 and what is called Miracles. As I show in the following screenshots:

MX-21: Screenshot 1

MX-21: Screenshot 2

MX-21: Screenshot 3

MX-21: Screenshot 4

MX-21 Beta 2: New version available of MX Linux 21 - Flor Silvestre
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MX-21: MX Linux beta 1 version available - Flor Silvestre / Wildflower
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In short, both "MX-21" and Debian 11 can be easily and quickly updated and optimized by making careful use of this recommended package guide by categories, so improve its performance and usability. Furthermore, we hope that both GNU / Linux Distros continue to grow and develop for the benefit of the entire  IT Linuxera Community how much he uses them.

We hope that this publication is very useful for the entire «Comunidad de Software Libre, Código Abierto y GNU/Linux». And don't forget to comment on it below, and share it with others on your favorite websites, channels, groups or communities of social networks or messaging systems. Finally, visit our home page at «FromLinux» to explore more news, and join our official channel Telegram from DesdeLinux.

The content of the article adheres to our principles of editorial ethics. To report an error click here!.

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  1.   Senpai said

    In the MX21 Fluxbox version, what would be the “only” Fluxbox package?
    Thank you
    a greeting

    1.    Linux PostInstall said

      The native MX base package for FluxBox is: mxfb-accessories mxfb-art mxfb-docs mxfb-goodies mx-fluxbox mx-fluxbox-about mx-fluxbox-data. But you can install and use almost any native GNOME/XFCE utility or application package which works fine with it.

  2.   Rafael Sanchez said

    THANK YOU. I decided to switch from LINUXMINT to MX, everything you put made my life easy. s GIVE YOU MORE CREATIVE IDEAS WILL ALSO BE APPRECIATED.

    1.    Linux PostInstall said

      Greetings, Raphael. Thank you for your comment and, of course, we will continue to give creative tips on MX.