New directory of 100% free FSF applications

Via Very linux I find out that yesterday the FSF (Free Software Foundation) ad a relaunch of its 100% free applications directory.

The directory contains more than 6.500 applications which are free for any computer user, who can download, run and share them. I leave the announcement translated into Spanish:

BOSTON, Massachusetts, USA - Thursday, September 29, 2011 - The Free Software Foundation (FSF) today announced the re-release of its free software directory at The directory lists more than 6.500 programs that are free for any computer user to download, run and share. It was released almost a decade ago, but the new version brings a host of new features designed to make it a more useful and current resource for users, developers, attorneys, and researchers.

“Since its inception, the Directory has been one of our most important and popular resources. Your careful curation has made it a trusted place to find free apps for any purpose. As in freedom -. For all users they can find programs they need, and advocates can find programs to recommend. But with so much free software being written and shared now, we wanted to update the technology we use for the site so that contributors can participate in reviewing and posting new entries, and users can more easily search for them, "he said. John Sullivan, Executive Director of the FSF.

Because each entry is reviewed and tested individually, users know that any program they find in the directory will be free software with documentation for free and no proprietary software requirements. Programs that run on proprietary operating systems like Mac and Windows listed, but only if they also run entirely on GNU / Linux. The new version of the Directory will continue to offer users these same guarantees, but it has been rebuilt so that members of the free software community can familiarize themselves with the criteria and work together to grow the cure and the catalog.

The new site is based on MediaWiki, the most famous free software known for the Wikipedia feed. It also uses a set of extensions called Semantic MediaWiki that add advanced search and presentation capabilities, structured to be useful for human reading and data mining programs.

"We are empowering contributors to improve every aspect of the site, from their look and feel to allowing more types of multimedia information and that is associated with each individual listing," states Campaign Manager Joshua Gay, who adds that " we also have plans to collaborate around sharing the data with GNU / Linux distributions and other free software projects. «

For most Directory users, the key aspect of the new software is that it will make it easier for them to find the program they need. A comprehensive and flexible category system, in addition to more than 40.000 words and more than 40 different fields of information, enhance the simple and advanced search functions.

Yaron Koren, one of the free software developers behind Semantic MediaWiki, gave their support and assistance in the re-release effort. “I have created the semantic forms extension so that sites that combine the collaborative nature of a wiki with the structure and queryability of a database, so it is encouraging to see Semantic MediaWiki and the semantic forms used for that end, and so complete, in the Free Software Directory, "he said.

For more information on the Directory, visit . To find out how you can get involved in helping the directories, or suggest improvements, visit or send an email to . More technical behind-the-scenes details on the re-release of the Guide can be found on a blog by Sullivan at .


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  1.   Courage said

    Haha, you came back alive from that website.

    But I don't know how useful it can be if people go to Google

    program to do X thing in Linux

    Or will you say for a blog or forum


    Unless the searches redirect there

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      You mean MuyLinux? 😀

      1.    Courage said

        No, I mean

        Well of course I mean MuyLinux, they ate me there every day ...

        1.    elav <° Linux said

          But how are they not going to eat you if you are our favorite Troll? 😀

          1.    Courage said

            Hahaha the ones that I have been able to bundle there by saying "it is better to be based on Debian" or to debate the arguments to the ubuntosos, KZKG ^ Gaara has some flame that I sent him by mail.

            But it is true that MetalByte articles are interesting (not Picajo $ o), and above all, a Dream Theater fan like me hahaha.

            The directory is fine, what happens is that you don't really want to use the standard either ...

          2.    Edward2 said

            From troll to troll I disagree with your opinion of MetalByte the guy opens some topics with the sole objective of creating stupid flame wars.

            like this:

            Everyone knows that this topic, rather than improving things, will only raise heated discussions that do not help at all and makes people argue with more idiotic arguments is like arguing with a color blind person and you tell him that color is red and the colorblind tells you it's green, and you come and tell him crazy, blind and others. And the one of our father and our lord is lit for one thing that is clear since it was invented.

            And I even think they deleted a post in which I criticized everyone and also the one who opened the topic. (that or is there some strange problem with my comments on some topics in muylinux.

          3.    Courage said

            Yes, flamewars are typical. And they do it too about deleting comments, if you say something against Ubuntu or simply something in favor of any other distro, they delete it.

            I already wrote the article "Trolls, Nick Theft and MuyWinbuntu." The editors sure know it.

            Anyway, the truth is, I wouldn't trust MuyLinux articles much

            1.    elav <° Linux said

              My mother!!! The one that falls into the mouth of the two of you is lost

          4.    Courage said

            I don't know what to say with the 20Gb ... Or the flamewar that you took from where Malcer (yes ... I also took it ...) hahaha

    2.    George said

      How did you put the blue letters in the comments?

  2.   Edward2 said

    It is not for nothing elav, but those of muylinux, they only look for a lot of comments it does not matter that among the comments there are stupid things the size of the sun, but when someone disagrees or criticizes them in a harsh way, but with solid arguments, if not You get 10 negative thumbs, they delete the comment. And you already fell once when you were talking gnome straw 3 which kdero, I don't know if you remember. LOL.

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      Yes yes, I remember that 😀