New theme for KDE OpenSuse 12.3

I just found out that it is ready (at least to see) the new theme that will wear OpenSuse in version 12.3 with desktop environment KDE. I must say first of all that, I found it very beautiful, you can see the work of the designers because the result, at least for now, is very polished.

As we can see it is very elegant.



The system tray looks too imposing, and the icons are very pretty.

As we can see, the theme looks great in all its views. I have found it sober, elegant and gives a refined and serious touch to the distribution. However, for this topic two things are clarified:

  •  The theme is geared primarily to KDE 4.10, so it couldn't not look perfect in KDE 4.9;
  •  The default wallpaper has not been chosen yet.

At least for now we must wait to get our hands on it….


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  1.   RafaGCG said

    Very nice, thanks for bringing it to us. Is OpenSuse the distro with the best KDE integration? I say it because I have never used it and in case I feel like trying. the only time I've looked at it years ago ... it overwhelmed me in 10 minutes and took it away. I couldn't find anything.

    1.    satanAG said

      I really don't know because I have used KDE with Debian and with OpenSuse. With the latter I can tell you that the integration is phenomenal, everything in its place, everything is very nice.
      With Debian there is not much integration but you can achieve very good results with a little more effort.

  2.   cr0t0 said

    The truth is VERY CUTE. Waiting for ELAV to make a guide to leave KDE the same in 3… 2….

    1.    elav said

      Hahaha, nope. I'm still fine-tuning KDE ElementaryOS Style 😀

      1.    Ray said

        When you finish it do not forget to put a guide we would appreciate it

        1.    elav said

          Take it for granted.

  3.   satanAG said

    Due to an error I cannot edit the post, but I had forgotten to cite the source of both the images and the information:


  4.   elendilnarsil said

    The OpenSuse team has always stood out for the care they put into the art of KDE. I still remember that there was a decoration of the windows that brought the chameleon (I don't know if there will still be a theme like that), which gave it great elegance and identity. and this new theme looks gorgeous, on par with the quality of the distro.

  5.   victorhck said


    Where did you find out? can you put the link?


    1.    elav said

      The author puts the source in a comment above. I have to edit the post to include it anyway .. 😉

  6.   Yoyo Fernandez said

    The theme is pretty, but the icon theme of the folders of these latest KDEs is horribly ugly, ugly ugly no, beyond ugly, a visual crime ... is that nobody in KDE notices?

    1.    VaryHeavy said

      I agree. The first thing I always do after a clean installation in KDE is to change the Oxygen icon theme, because of how horrible the folder icons are. The old versions had a great artistic finish, very polished and very elegant, but since what update? the set of icons ... thank goodness there are MIB-Ossigeno-Icons, KFaenza or ROSA Icons among others.

  7.   Leper_Ivan said

    OpenSuse has been a KDE distro for a long time .. The artwork it has is impressive, I love it ..

  8.   jorgemanjarrezlerma said

    The truth is beautiful and this makes KDE look even more beautiful, which is already beautiful. Personally, I think the guys at openSUSE took a long time to make a theme that would give KDE personality and integration with Gecko.

    I would recommend that the blues disappear and concentrate on the green, since this is the distinctive color of the distro and in my opinion it would be a fully integrated KDE.

  9.   Blaire pascal said

    Oh yeah, this song makes me want to leave my favorite distro, Fedora, by then.

  10.   msx said

    Hmm ... I'm not very addicted to dark Vista-like themes but if you like this openSUSE theme you might also like these, all installable from within KDE or through

    Dark_Suse (very nice dark skin skinned with the openSUSE branding)
    Ronak (it was the official Chakra theme)
    Slim glow

    Although I like some more than others, there are always details that do not convince me, especially regarding the tray bar icons.

  11.   Moderate versionitis said

    Of the 6 Distros that share space on my hard drive, it's the one I like the least .. But still, I CAN'T LEAVE IT !!
    I still love it !! hehehe .. Waiting for 12.3 ..

    1.    msx said

      «Of the 6 Distros that share space on my hard drive»

      And what do you do with all that !? Are you trying to decide which one to keep !? Why don't you use virtual machines instead of physical facilities !?

      1.    RafaGCG said

        I already tell you male. Change your nickname for acute versionitis.
        I use VirtualBox it is much more comfortable, it is worth not giving as much performance, but otherwise I would not see other distros out of laziness.

        1.    msx said

          Ehh ehh, we who have acute versionitis are archers!

  12.   tavo said

    I'm happy for OpenSUSE, a distribution that left me fond memories despite being distanced from GNU-Linux for quite some time now.
    I think the same as those who comment that the icons are somewhat outdated in relation to the subject

    1.    VaryHeavy said

      Distanced from GNU / Linux why and in what sense?

      1.    tavo said

        @VaryHeavy I am using Windows seven on a borrowed notebook. The machine came with the pre-installed OS and to be honest it works very well. For that reason I do not go frequently through this blog or forums, occasionally I use this Debian from work that almost has 3 years and it continues to work as usual despite the hard drive being full. My heart is still Linux, but I have to admit that I have many worries in the last time to configure a system again from scratch.
        If I reinstall a distro I would lean towards OpenSUSE, which despite being ready to use would surely fight with some kind of post installation problem and I really have my head elsewhere.

  13.   Javier said

    It looks great, I like it! Too bad we still can't prove it.