Nightingale, a player that promises

When we talk about music players, in Linux we could say that we have thousands, an infinite number of forks, half forks and some players that do not even deserve to be mentioned because they are either not very functional or have an indecent interface.

When we remember songbird, many will remember a good player that has been discontinued for Linux, the excuse of its developers is that they wanted to spend more time on other platforms and well, this did not sit well with the Linuxera community.

That is why at that time a fork was created, nightingale, of which almost nothing was known until recently, but we finally have a new release of this player, which promises, promises and a lot.

Its integration with lastfm, its interface, its possibility of plugins, and above all the possibility of browsing the internet, watching videos on YouTube, listening to music from grooveshark or shoutcast directly from the player do it for now, one of the interesting alternatives and in my modest Opinion, if they added spotify support in the near future, I could fight real monsters like clementine, tomahawk or amarok.

Here you have a demonstrative video:

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  1.   kik1n said

    Wow it looks tempting.
    Right now i download it

  2.   Curefox said

    It looks great, but how about stability and resource consumption?

    1.    Francis said

      I see it very stable, I miss one or two functions but for the rest I do not see that it consumes too much or at least it does not consume me more than amarok ehehe

  3.   David Segura M said

    I really liked Songbird and I used it a lot in my days with windows, its great strengths those of any mozilla product, but the resource consumption issue was always a problem, which is why I left it, it will be necessary to see if Nigthingale improve that.

  4.   Thirteen said

    Songbird was my favorite player at the time and it was unfortunate when they stopped making the Linux version. I remember reading about the fork project years ago, but hadn't known anything else until now when I read your article.

    Thanks for sharing the news. I've already downloaded the tarball (ready to run on any distro) and I'm starting to test it.

    Here the download page . By the way, in addition to the 32 and 64 bit versions for linux, there is also a pkgbuild for Arch and versions for win and mac.


  5.   brown said

    tempting 😀

  6.   Lucas Matias said

    What a pity about Songbird many users were very happy with this player, they claimed that it gave them all or almost all the functions of Itunes, let me have my Rhythmbox, I had installed Songbird in mint and it did not work smoothly: s

  7.   Courage said

    good player that ha was left

    It seems to me that someone has to queue at the RAE ...

    1.    Koratsuki said


  8.   Menz said

    Use Clementine and yap 😛

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      +1 😀

  9.   Seba said

    Good project !! I tried it on LMDE.
    I am used to using Clementine (for functionality, view and consumption). The first thing you notice is that it consumes more resources. Clementine is consuming me 28MB and Nightingale something like 75MB.
    Another thing that happened to me is that when I changed the subject I raised the volume OF THE SYSTEM to 80% and if I want to change the volume from the player it does the same to me.

    I hope they continue with the project, it promises nice. If they solve a few things, they will surely go far. Songbird had many users who were disappointed when they found out that it would no longer be released for Linux.

    1.    jaszandre said

      The same thing happens to me, every time I double click on a song to start playing it, the volume goes to maximum. And this is repeated whenever I want to change to another topic. And when I try to lower the volume from the same player, the same story, the volume on top.

      There is also another problem, the player brings some links supposedly to download add-ons, themes and some info, but if I click them, it takes me to a 404 page, that is, it does not exist. The developers will have to fix that. Especially the volume that is already irritating because of the tremendous noise when changing the subject.

      1.    pandev92 said

        Yes, it really happens, we will have to wait, it must be an error because it is beta, but it would be good if those of you who have tried it, there will be a post in the forum indicating the error, because there are not many people using it, that can cause that find out about the failure ehehe

        1.    jaszandre said

          Good idea ... to spread the word then 🙂

  10.   Courage said


    Haha I couldn't help it, be careful with those things

    1.    Courage said

      And I have noticed the "nolo" error when it is separated

      1.    Francis said

        Don't troll in my posts XDDDDDDDD

  11.   Koratsuki said

    So far I use Xmms (I have a gadget [Pentium 4 - 2.4GHz + 512Mb DDR1 RAM], and I can't afford any luxuries), and the type has worked wonders for me and I always recommend it for low-performance PCs. I download it and install it, we'll see what happens ...