Open Collective and Anartist: Interesting Free and Open Culture Websites

Open Collective and Anartist: Interesting Free and Open Culture Websites

Open Collective and Anartist: Interesting Free and Open Culture Websites

Today we will know 2 interesting websites more, they are part of the immense online community that fosters a free and open culture, an alternative view of see, think and do certain things or situations. These 2 new websites to review are: «Open Collective » y «Anartist ».

In short, «Open Collective » focuses on funding, that is, helping collaborative groups raise and spend money transparently. While, «Anartist » It focuses on the cultural, that is, on providing its members, who are usually from the artistic and cultural milieu, the free tools necessary to carry out their work.

SUChat: Public decentralized instant messaging service

SUChat: Public decentralized instant messaging service

Before I start talking about «Open Collective » y «Anartist », as usual, we will recommend some related previous posts with the latest cool websites we've reviewed. Being our last, the website «SUChat ”, which we describe as:

"A decentralized public instant messaging service based on the XMPP protocol, which respects your privacy and allows real-time communication with your friends and family without having to worry about security and privacy. Create an account, download a client that supports Jabber / XMPP, add friends and communicate freely in complete safety." SUChat: Public decentralized instant messaging service

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SUChat: Public decentralized instant messaging service

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Open Collective and Anartist: Description

Open Collective and Anartist

What is Open Collective?

According to your own Official website, it is described as:

"An online financing platform for open and transparent communities. That provides the necessary tools to collect and share the finances collected with total transparency."

That is, they are a ideal website for which communities (collaboration groups, meetings, open source projects, among others) raise and disburse money in a transparent way for the benefit of its members and registered projects, among those who want to support them.

How It Works

«Open Collective » usually differs from other similar platforms, as it offers a full financial transparencyThat is, you can see where the money is coming from and where it is going. Additionally, it is designed for communities that continually develop products, and not for individual creators or one-off campaign creators.

Finally, the site is self-financed with just a small percentage of the funds raised through the platform, which ranges between 5% and 10%, depending on its fiscal host. And in it, anyone can contribute from anywhere with a simple international credit card, or with donations denominated in the currency of the Fiscal Host. Its developers also detail that payments work in all places where their payment providers, Stripe and PayPal, provide service.

Related Websites

This Community also has other interesting websites, within a Open Collective Host, among which stand out some directly related to Free Software, Open Source and GNU / Linux, and we can mention:

  • Open Source Collective: Which functions as a non-profit fiscal host that promotes a healthy and sustainable open source ecosystem.
  • Open Collective Europe: Which functions as a non-profit organization based in Brussels to host open groups from all over Europe.
  • Midwest Open Source Alliance: Operating as an organization promotes the education, support and development of Drupal and related open source software within the Drupal community of the Midwest of the United States of America.

What is Anartist?

According to your own Official website, it is described as:

"A self-managed platform by and for artists. And whose objectives are: Create a platform at the service of the needs of artists, decentralize the power of the cultural industry, generate spaces for debate, learning and mutual support among artists, and build a free and ethical culture for social transformation."

And they are also part of «Open Collective », which can be seen by clicking the following link.

Finally, it is worth noting that the Community of this website has as main goal following:

"Provide ourselves with anti-capitalist tools following the principles of free culture. We want to emancipate ourselves from the private companies that control and monitor the masses. For this reason, on our servers we have installed (and we will install) the tools we need to work and spread our art."

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We hope this "useful little post" on the 2 interesting websites of «Open Collective y Anartist», who are part of the huge online Community that fosters a free and open culture, an alternative vision of seeing, thinking and doing certain things or situations; is of great interest and utility, for the entire «Comunidad de Software Libre y Código Abierto» and of great contribution to the diffusion of the wonderful, gigantic and growing ecosystem of applications of «GNU/Linux».

For now, if you liked this publicación, Do not stop share it with others, on your favorite websites, channels, groups or communities of social networks or messaging systems, preferably free, open and / or more secure as Telegram, Signal, Mastodon or another of Fediverse, preferably. And remember to visit our home page at «FromLinux» to explore more news, as well as join our official channel of Telegram from DesdeLinux. While, for more information, you can visit any Online library Be OpenLibra y JedIT, to access and read digital books (PDFs) on this topic or others.

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