OpenAI: Artificial Intelligence Projects free and open for all

OpenAI: Artificial Intelligence Projects free and open for all

OpenAI: Artificial Intelligence Projects free and open for all

«OpenAI» is currently a private non-profit organization that develops Free and open Artificial Intelligence projects for all. A small private company of around 100 people, whose overall mission is to ensure that the «Inteligencia Artificial (IA)» benefit all mankind. And that today, is based in San Francisco, California, USA.

«OpenAI» hopes to achieve this benefit by making its Artificial Intelligence projects known as «AGI», from the English phrase, «Artificial General Intelligence», become future Highly Autonomous Systems, capable of surpassing humans in the most economically valuable work, in such a way that humanity progressively makes better use of available human time.

OpenAI: Introduction

«OpenAI»try to directly build a Safe and beneficial AGI for everyone, but also hopes in case of not being able to help others with their «I+D» to achieve this result. Reason why, with her work collaboratively, companies of the stature of Microsoft, the charitable foundation of Reid Hoffman and Khosla Ventures, Among others.

Therefore, it is clear that «OpenAI» differs from other companies like Apple, Microsoft or Google that above all seek financial and business benefitl. And everything it has achieved, it has done in a short time, since it just began to have life, in October 2015, when Elon Musk and Sam Altman along with other investors announced the formation of the organization, promising more than billion dollars to the same.

OpenAI: Projects

Free and open OpenAI projects

Since«OpenAI» was founded, has already developed several projects in which the«IA» is the base. Among them we can talk about:

  • OpenAI Gym: Open source interface used to reinforce the learning tasks to consequently make the works with «IA» be more intuitive.
  • TheftSumo: Robot physical training system project using «IA».
  • write-up: Online AI tool capable of performing text auto-completion tasks in different contexts.

OpenAI Gym

«OpenAI Gym» It is a set of tools arranged for the development and comparison of reinforcement learning algorithms. This open source library gives access to a standardized set of environments, and provides a series of easy-to-implement reinforcement learning tasks.


The project of «RoboSumo» encourages competition between agents (virtualized humanoid robots with learning capabilities) to help them increase their ability to function, intelligence and learningeven outside the context of competition.


La «IA» behind «Writeup» shows a huge and impressive versatility, which allows you to continue thematic texts, such as Game of Thrones or Harry Potter, follow the theme of a scientific article, make compositions with the user using external content of, for example, songs. In such a way, that it is able to offer a good list of possibilities to continue with any text, with or without user intervention.


And this year, they also reported the creation of a algorithm called GPT-2, which they promised not to release due to its possible misuses, since it is capable of performing from classic actions on the language to advanced language translation actions, even generating articles, news and full texts based on a single sentence. However, it is suspected that behind the project of «Writeup» some of that technology is built in.

OpenAI: Conclusion


How we have been able to appreciate, «OpenAI» is a recent but futuristic research company «Inteligencia Artificial», a non-profit organization that wants a better world for all, through the healthy and fair advance of the technology of the «Inteligencia Artificial». In such a way, that the limitations of the need to generate financial benefits are not an impediment when developing their investigations, so that they are free of financial or corporate obligations.

In addition, they promote the use and massification of«Inteligencia Artificial» like a extension of individual human wills, that increases the spirit of human freedom, as widely and uniformly as possible, around the world.

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