Operating Systems at War: Microsoft on guard against everyone!

Operating Systems at War: Microsoft on guard against everyone!

Operating Systems at War: Microsoft on guard against everyone!

Today, the current «Sistemas Operativos» above all «Windows» They are in an open race to assimilate the best of others and export their products to them. At present «Microsoft», The company of Redmond, USA, owner of «Windows», has achieved with new and surprising non-traditional strategies, to make yours, maintain the largest market share of the «Sistemas Operativos» de personal computers Worldwide. Achieving for this first semester of 2019 has managed to accumulate more than one 80% thereof.

«Windows» now it seems that, instead of making him the war to «MacOS» y «GNU/Linux»the «Android» y «iOS», makes love to them. The question we should ask ourselves is: Couldn't these be one of those loves that kill?

Operating Systems at War: Introduction

Operating Systems: Microsoft charging


Surely, some users of «MacOS» and above all of «GNU/Linux», will be against, and others in favor. I assume that, at least in the wide, free and open world of «Linux» and its many variants, most will be against, or at least in one position of mistrust or mistrust with respect to the products of «Microsoft» or any other of the GAFAM about our «Linux», due to their histories of misuse of user data.

Not counting, the aspects of «Telemetría, Spyware y Adware» or of vulnerabilities that are usually found in them. And that are not usually discovered and / or resolved effectively and efficiently as those that can be found on others, especially in «Linux».

«Windows» not only has imported (incorporated) the «Kernel» (Terminal/Comandos) de «Linux» within himself, but within his web shop, now allows the download of Distributions (Distros) complete and functional.

In addition, it is progressively incorporating the «Ecosistema Linux» applications such as: «SQL Server, .Net, Visual Studio Code y Skype». And soon, he promises to incorporate him «Navegador Edge», «Antivirus Defender». And who knows, suddenly he soon surprises everyone with a «Suite ofimática MS Office» for Linux.

Android and iOS

As for the «Android» y «iOS», «Microsoft» made available to users of said «Sistemas Operativos» mobile devices Android y iOS:

  • Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Outlook, OneNote, and OneDrive
  • Skype, Office Lens, Yammer, Delve, Teams and Stream


For, «MacOS», «Microsoft» has implemented the following applications on it:

  • Word, Excel and Power point
  • Outlook, OneNote and OneDrive
  • team, Skype and Remote Desktop
  • Other: Microsoft AutoUpdate, Defender ATP, among others. And now it's about to launch a beta version of Edge.

100% Free Linux Distributions: Introduction

Operating Systems: GNU / Linux to the counterattack

The truth is that, for a long time, the «Comunidad del Software Libre y Abierto» has invaded the «Ecosistema Privativo y Cerrado» making available, many applications and alternative systems to those traditional and commercial IT solutions that prevail in it, both installable and usable. We are not going to list them in this article because they are too much and a lot has already been written about them in this Blog and many others.

But if it is worth saying that there are many websites dedicated to them that we can explore to know, use and share, and thus avoid «Microsoft» invade our «Ecosistemas Libre y Abierto» with its applications full of who knows what codes are not so nice, convenient or benign.

And mentioned with reservation the official websites of:

Space Technology and Free Software: Conclusion


Today, we can properly say that we are in a context of changes in user behavior, with respect to available technologies, market dynamics and cross-platform IT solutions. And that, in terms of «Sistemas Operativos» of users of desktop computers and mobile devices, «Microsoft» eagerly seeks to satisfy multiple needs in a single experience.

That is, try this Multipolar IT world or Diverse IT Ecosystem remain largely dependent or centralized around its undisputed and dominant majority. Therefore, we can only face that the daily and constant struggle of the entire «Comunidad del Software Libre y Abierto» not to be seduced by the attractive offers of using the increasingly diverse and abundant IT solutions «Microsoft» about «Linux», mainly.

Hopefully this little reflection on what unsafe and / or harmful what is the situation of «Microsoft» and its applications invading our «Ecosistema Libre y Abierto» de «GNU/Linux» keep up set alarms on all. Since in one way or another, we all know or suspect that nothing good is coming, with their apps full of Telemetry, Spyware and Adware.

We must understand that, despite the growing and diverse variety of apps which «Microsoft» is offering us, your offer should always be viewed with suspicion for the sake of Freedoms spread by the «Software Libre y Abierto». «GNU/Linux», since our Community has always offered applications and systems to «Microsoft», but «Software Libre y Abierto» o «GNU/Linux» he has no cards up his sleeve, and they know it.

Last but not least, on the website of Net Market Share you can see in more detail how the statistics of market shares among the «Sistemas Operativos» current, among other important information.

And for more information, always do not hesitate to visit any Online library and OpenLibra y jedit to read books (PDFs) on this topic or others knowledge areas. For now, if you liked this «publicación», don't stop sharing it with others, in your Favorite websites, channels, groups, or communities of social networks, preferably free and open as Mastodon, or secure and private like Telegram.

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  1.   HO2Gi said

    From the 2% or little more that appeared before PC linux to 1,39%, it is seen that Microsoft has seduced many.

    1.    Christian Herrera said

      And do you get paid to write? Linux was never close to gaining a significant share on personal computers, if it did on servers. As for office automation, Microsoft Office is by far the best suite that exists.

      1.    Linux PostInstall said

        Ms Office is good, but everyone uses and considers the best what suits their needs very well, along with other important factors such as cost, speed and performance. I use and love LibreOffice.

    2.    Linux PostInstall said

      Yes, running GNU / Linux Distros on Windows surely seduced many to kill 2 birds with one stone. 🙁

  2.   Frank davila said

    It seems that creativity in programming is over for the free GNU community because they still prefer that MS Office enter the Linux ecosystem, not forgetting that MS has taken over the essential processes with its patents, leaving little development field for the community free.

    1.    Felix manuel said

      Implementing .NET on Linux is welcome. I hope that someday Microsoft Office will make it to Linux because it is a suite that is simply unrivaled.

      1.    Linux PostInstall said

        It would not be bad, but ideally they would release code that would improve LibreOffice. That would be the ideal to follow for them!

    2.    Linux PostInstall said


  3.   Mephisto Feles said

    GNU / Linux (Debian 10 in my case) can be compared to an oasis in the middle of a scorching and dangerous desert, a place where you came with effort and found peace, well-being and tranquility, and from which it is better not to leave.
    Now the desert wants to invade our oasis, it will depend on who we are in it.
    There is nowhere to go ……

    1.    Linux PostInstall said

      Very true!

  4.   Tony CG said

    Instead of "fighting" you can collaborate on both projects. That knowledge is available to everyone.

    1.    Linux PostInstall said

      Certainly, but the technological giants must always be reserved and cared for.

    2.    Michael said

      Tomorrow morning (here in America), I'll turn on the PC and the first thing I'll do is install Ubuntu on Windows. From Microsoft Store. It didn't believe me that that worked. I do not know. Without being in a virtual machine. <:

      1.    Linux PostInstall said

        Thanks for your comment. I imagine that if it works well, but you comment on any incident or news about it.

      2.    Michael said

        It is not actually the complete operating system that installs the Windows subsystem for Linux, but it allows you to use: Bash, Git, APT, DPKG, SSH.
        This is using the terminal, git, apt to search for packages, etc, dpkg which is to install packages, etc, and ssh which is another terminal to have remote access to servers.