How to optimize Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint and derivatives with Stacer

Optimize, Clean and Visualize the performance and use of our equipment, is one of those tasks that we all do regularly, those who prefer to use a graphical interface and put aside the console to perform this task, you have several alternatives, one of which is Stacer.

In this article you will learn how How to optimize Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint and derivatives, in a fast and intuitive way, you will also take control of the applications that start with your operating system, and you will be able to choose which applications you want to continue installed.

What is Stacer?

Stacer is a simple open source tool, made by Oguzhan Inan, which allows us to view characteristics of our equipment, optimize and clean our distribution, organize and verify the services and programs that are running, as well as having the ability to uninstall the packages that we indicate.

Stacer It has a fairly simple, organized and attractive interface, recommended for beginner users and those who want to do processes that we usually do from the console from an excellent graphical interface.

Stacer Features

  • It is a Free and Free tool.
  • Intuitive and attractive interface.
  • Allow sudo access.
  • It has a Dashboard that indicates the use of our CPU, Memory, Disk and the general information of our equipment and operating system.
  • Possibility to scan and clean files from our Apt Caché, Crash Reports, System Logs, App Caché.
  • It allows you to choose which applications and services to run when your operating system starts up.
  • It gives us the functionality to activate and deactivate services quickly and easily.
  • Equipped with an excellent one-click package uninstaller.

Stacer screenshots

Sudo Login How to optimize Debian

Dashboard How to optimize Ubuntu

System Cleaner How to optimize Linux Mint

Startup Apps How to optimize Elementary OS

Services How to optimize Bodhi Linux

Uninstaller How to optimize Trisquel GNU / Linux


How to install Stacer?

Install Stacer on Debian Linux x86 and derivatives

  1. Download stacer_1.0.0_i386.deb from the Stacer releases page. Verify that you install the latest version
  2. Run sudo dpkg --install stacer_1.0.0_i386.deb in the directory where you downloaded the package.
  3. Go to the cd directory/usr/share/stacer/ and run ./Stacer
  4. Enjoyment.

Install Stacer on Debian Linux x64 and derivatives

  1. Download stacer_1.0.0_amd64.deb ffrom Stacer releases page. Verify that you install the latest version.
  2. Run sudo dpkg --install stacer_1.0.0_amd64.deb in the directory where you downloaded the package.
  3. Go to the cd directory/usr/share/stacer/ and run ./Stacer
  4. Enjoyment.

If you want to add the application to the menu of your distribution, you must create a file .desktopen /home/$USER/.local/share/applications placing the following (change the directory for the one that corresponds):

[Desktop Entry]

Uninstall Stacer

  • Run sudo apt-get --purge remove stacer

Stacer It is a fairly practical tool, easy to install, with an intuitive interface and that includes several features that we all want to use at some point. We hope you find it useful and we await your comments and impressions.

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  1.   stormrider.of.theli said

    I think we are left owing the "how." Beyond the installation / uninstallation guide, a lot of screenshots but little content regarding what actions to take, such as which services to disable in a factory configuration to precisely "optimize" the system.

    1.    Luigys toro said

      I leave you a couple of blog articles that could help you more thoroughly
      In the same way if you go to the following link you will get a lot of information about it. The tool gives you the possibility to perform a series of steps graphically

      1.    Yukiteru amano said

        Greetings, I leave you a little advice:

        Avoid creating post with such vague and unhelpful content. Millions of posts of this type already exist, and Since Linux is a reference site for many Linux users, there is a lot of material on this page that can be used for this, it is better for you to make them available in a quick list than to reinvent the wheel.


        by @Yukiteru

        1.    Luigys toro said

          It is rare that you consider it not very useful when several people have started to use it because it simply makes it easier and more comfortable for them to have a cli to do certain things in the terminal. Thank you very much for your advice, although we are not reinventing the wheel, we are only releasing tools that allow you to perform certain actions in Linux.

          The lists already exist, now we are adding and making known new tools.

  2.   Carlos said

    I wasted my time, nothing that cannot be done by hand with medium knowledge

    1.    Luigys toro said

      Indeed it is something that can be done by hand simply, I make it very clear in the intro of the article

      Stacer has a fairly simple, organized and attractive interface, recommended for beginner users and those who want to do processes that we usually do from the console from an excellent graphical interface.

    2.    javi said

      The typical "clever" that boasts of knowing a lot because a lot of commands are learned when we have the option of doing everything in a simpler way. You can see that for some, computing must remain the same as it was in the 80s.
      Thanks for Stacer this, very practical for those of us who do not have time to learn commands and stories and prefer to use our time on other things.

  3.   Cristian said

    The info is appreciated !.

    1.    Luigys toro said

      Thank you very much for leaving your impressions.

  4.   Arangoiti said

    Hello, magnificent tool, by the way, how do those smart guys who answer like wanting to discredit your work and contribute absolutely nothing? I said, great tool and good article.

    1.    Luigys toro said

      It is normal, there are thousands, but like everything in life, things have to be done for those who value them, the rest we must have something of importance, who take the time to criticize us.

  5.   Noacefalta said

    In Linux none of this is necessary, you do not have to optimize anything, or clean anything, neither from the console nor with the graphical interface, Linux will always go just as well.

    1.    Gregory ros said

      Yours is in good spirits, it is unquestionable, but unfortunately no OS is free from "sin", although we must recognize our favorite OS for the good health he has and the little medical care he needs.

  6.   robert said

    There are two classes of people, those who try in one way or another to help others, and those who always criticize the first. We are not all linux guru. For those of us who are starting in this world, this is the news we always want to hear, as the ubutnu slogan says, "linux for human beings." Information is appreciated

    1.    Luigys toro said

      Thank you very much, I hope to always be the type of person who helps others 🙂

  7.   Gregory ros said

    Good article, I am one of those who prefer not to use the console, although I recognize how practical it is, I prefer the graphical interface and I did not know these utilities.

    1.    Luigys toro said

      The practicality that the console gives us is super important, but for no one is it a secret that there are a large number of users who prefer to do things more graphically and in a simpler way, that group of people represent a large% of Systems users Desktop Operations and we should better reach them.

  8.   Recover Easy said

    Good article. The optimization tool is very good. I'm going to test it on my Linux Mint.

    1.    Luigys toro said

      I tested it on Linux MInt

  9.   hernando said

    I notice a resemblance to ubuntu tweak or bleachbit.

    1.    Luigys toro said

      Yes, maybe the functionalities are the same in some cases ... I like Stacer's neat interface

  10.   VivaGUI said

    Well, I appreciate these GUI programs and those who bring them to us. And I am up to the cap of the heavy people of the consolita who are bothered that programs with GUI are removed. Hey, if you don't like them, don't use them and stop bothering.
    Thank you.

    1.    Luigys toro said

      Thank you very much for your comments, LInux is for all tastes and colors.

      1.    VivaGUI said

        Well, let's see when those anti-GUI firecrackers find out and leave us alone with our "tastes and colors." They behave as if someone forced them to wear them!

  11.   Nico said

    Good afternoon, I tried to install it on Ubuntu 16.04 but apparently it doesn't, I did it from the console and also from the software center, but it doesn't work:

    Preparing to unpack stacer_1.0.0_amd64.deb…
    Unpacking stacer (1.0.0-1) over (1.0.0-1) ...
    Setting stacer (1.0.0-1) ...
    Processing triggers for bamfdaemon (0.5.3 ~ bzr0 + 16.04.20160824-0ubuntu1) ...
    Rebuilding /usr/share/applications/bamf-2.index…
    Processing triggers for gnome-menus (3.13.3-6ubuntu3.1) ...
    Processing triggers for desktop-file-utils (0.22-1ubuntu5) ...
    Processing triggers for mime-support (3.59ubuntu1) ...

    $ stacer
    stacer: order not found

    1.    Luigys toro said

      Go to the cd / usr / share / stacer / directory and run ./Stacer ... Or just type the following from the terminal /usr/share/stacer/./Stacer

      1.    HO2Gi said

        In my case the / usr / share / stacer folder does not appear, I also searched for it manually with nemo and nothing.
        Any suggestions?

      2.    Luigys toro said

        Hello @ HO2Gi can you tell me in which distribution and version you are installing to see if I can replicate the scenario ..

  12.   federico said

    Luigys: Thank you for bringing a little light to the optimization of our operating systems.

    I now remember a phrase from our Apostle, José Martí, which more or less says:
    «The Sun, our star king, has spots. Is not perfect. The grateful see the light. The ungrateful only see the spots.

    And look how difficult it is to see the spots in the sun if you look at it from the front!

    1.    Luigys toro said

      How a phrase well says it:

      "Let THE DOGS bark Sancho friend, it is a sign that we are passing."

  13.   federico said


  14.   Jesus said

    Regards. I downloaded it but I installed it with the installer that comes for DEB packages, all good, but I want to run it and I get an error

    I leave you the image, I thank you in advance for the help

    1.    Luigys toro said

      Run it from the console in the following way and tell me how it goes:


    2.    Ariel said

      There must be something wrong with the shortcut. You could try creating a new one from your existing text editor. If you want to do it, here is the code:

      [Desktop Entry]
      Name = Stacer
      Exec = / usr / share / stacer /./ Stacer
      Icon = stacer
      Terminal = false
      Type = Application

      In the "Icon" field you can indicate a path to any other icon you like (for example /home/jesus/cepillo.png).


      1.    Ariel said

        Another thing: I forgot that you have to save the file with a .desktop extension once you finish editing it.

  15.   saulvs said

    Thanks for the information, any help for basic users is well appreciated, greetings

  16.   Javier said

    It tells me that there are dependencies that cannot be fulfilled so I was trying to uninstall it but oh surprise I found it and opened it and it can be used ... I don't know if the message was normal or what. I use Xubuntu 16.04.

    Greetings and thanks for being considerate to those of us who are new to GNU / Linux to make life easier for us (because I really doubt spending much time on GNU / Linux to become an expert on it). I honestly find Linux users curious that Windows monopolizes the pc market, but the attitude of your critics is to not allow anyone else to enter ... how inconsistent.

    Thank you

  17.   José Luis said

    Hello! Very interesting!
    I would like to know if this application only works for Ubuntu and derivatives or also for other distributions.
    Thank you so much!