OS X vs Linux: the final fight

I had always been a total defender of free software, at least for 6 months where I also had my Gnu troll period, a period in which I criticized everything that came de Windows and even more greatly, that which came from Apple. My vision has been changing little by little, perhaps because I no longer believe that life on the pc is so important as to bother with licenses and other various herbs, so now I dedicate myself to using all the operating systems that run on my machine .

From everything mentioned above, the idea of ​​trying to install OS X Snow Leopard, on my half dying laptop, which I got after a week of struggling and struggling with installation and updates.

Once the installation was done, I talked to my friend Gaara about making an article to compare the performance of osx y Linux with an AMD Turionx2 PC and Mobility graphics Radeon 4650.

When you arrive to OS X, the first thing you see is a very beautiful desktop, keyboard shortcuts and some pre-installed programs, very useful as time MachineBut what about the performance of PC graphics chips?

Simply a low performance, but not negligible, the machine throws more processor than graphics, except for games, but the most shocking thing was to realize that there are only 4 or 5 cards, which allow using graphics acceleration to watch movies, so If you have a processor like an Intel i3 or lower, don't expect to be able to watch 1080p fluently, nor do you expect HD flash.

Of all the browsers I have tried, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome y Opera Next, the only one that uses gpu acceleration, has been my dearest Opera (to vary)so I had no choice but to use this one.

In the games section, I have been surprised to see some ports such as Pro Evolution or Fifa, in addition to seeing that there is a community that is dedicated to porting these games (I have no idea how they will do it). The performance in games is somewhat poor if you do not have a great graphics or cpu, but they are still playable.

The number of applications seemed a bit low to me, and most that I was interested in, I had to buy them, but yes, the few that there were, were really worth it, sometimes it is useless to have 5 music players, if none meets expectations . Perhaps here lies the main advantage of OS X about Linux, having commercial applications such as MS Office, Virtual Dj, Adobe or Steam suite.

The stability is quite great and its union with a well-kept appearance and the respect for the look and feel of the platform by all the applications, make it a good Windows alternative. (Now if you decide if you want to try it on a Mac or a Hackintos of the same pieces for 300 or 400 euros less.)

Finally, I have noticed that my cpu heats up less than in Windows o Linux, I don't know why….

All that said, I openly criticize the difficulty of customization it has OS X, critical the few options that are in the preferences panel, place where Linux win by a landslide. If there is something that we like Linuxeros, is to be able to do with our computer whatever we want: D.

HR ATI en Linux, I repeat, they are unusable in a Laptop with free drivers, today the overheating that it causes is dangerous. In Linux we have a video acceleration library for all ATI / AMD thing that in OS X there is not or at least mine does not work.

Terminal OS X y Linux They are the same, in fact I was able to try most of the commands and they worked.

Linux still seems like a much better platform for development, the only way to compile into OS X that you have found, it has been to install the happy Xcode, I couldn't find another way to do it without it.

If you don't need commercial applications, I still believe that Linux meets all the requirements and if otherwise you want to get rid of Windows and have a very stable pc, but without abandoning most of the applications you used, OS X it's your thing.

At the end of it all, I still think that it is useless to shut down on a single operating system, I am still a free spirit and there is nothing more interesting than knowing how to use everything.

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  1.   Courage said

    But you hadn't retired?

    1.    Francis said

      I'm like michael schumacher, sometimes I reappear xD

    2.    Koratsuki said

      Courage brother, you showed up, greetings, your blog is missed, don't you plan to do something new?

  2.   elav <° Linux said

    I think I have reached a point where comparing Windows vs OS X vs Linux seems absurd to me, really.

    OS X An OS for the user who is willing to pay a lot for Hardware and that everything works the first time. On the one hand everything will be nice, it will work very well, but on the other you lose 98% (or more) of control over your System. Ideal for Designers or users who work with Multimedia and who also have the complete Gadgets Kit (iPhone, iPad, iMac or MacBook).

    Windows An OS for the user who is willing to pay a lot for Software and that everything works after putting many drivers. It is still beautiful but of all it is the least "accessible and usable", in addition, you lose 99% (or 100%) of control over the System. Ideal for Gammers.

    GNU / Linux An OS for the user who is willing to pay (maybe) to maintain compatible hardware and projects. It can be as beautiful as the user wants, as long as they add creativity and imagination to the desktop or window manager they use. It works fine on 90% of computers, and you have 99% (or 100%) control over your system. Ideal for users who want to learn, programmers or those who are not willing to submit to the impositions of Redmond and Cupertino.

    More or less there I see the thing.

    1.    anubis said

      I think I have reached a point where comparing Windows vs OS X vs Linux seems absurd to me, really.

      Man, I see that I'm not the only one that these comparisons bore you 🙂

    2.    electron222 said

      +1 I agree with you.

    3.    alunado said

      The comment was impeccable. Very good. You condensed everything we read on the internet during the last five years !!!
      There are some more points that do not appear because they are not "external" or so "objective" ... but let's see if I risk showing them a bit:

      Os X: an OS for the despotic user, often conceited and with high purchasing power. Business and worldly mind and sensibility for design and creation. Believe in the laws of the market as a religion. Gorillas, neoliberalists and "trendy and avant-garde" individuals choose this system

      Windows: Do you want to manage the trendy mp3s and download them for free? Do you want to tell your friends through social networks how common and vulgar your life is? Do you want to download a lot of Hollywood movies until your eyes are clear? Do you want to play and play because your parents And love is absent. Do you want to manage an SME or company and do you need professional software? Do you want to feel the "security" and power of an antivirus. Choose this system.

      GNU / Linux: If something happened in your life that took you away from success with your schoolmates since you were a child and the girls did not look at you ... if you could never have the balls to express yourself as you wanted and many times they dominated you ... take revenge through linux, get smart and know more than all those other monkeys who also operate a pc but do not understand anything! From here, in the future we will dominate the world. Special for social projects that do not end anywhere and NGOs that want to cleanse their sins. Feel better than the little human being you are: A Linux.

      humor ¿hahahaha !!!! greetings people.

      1.    Third said

        this comment does not go very well with the title of the post

  3.   Windóusico said

    It can only be one?

    1.    Francis said

      I said it below, I am not satisfied with knowing how to use just one, you never know where your life will take you, even your work life :).

      1.    Courage said

        Then I have already fulfilled, I can use all hahahaha.

        Well, BSD except for the apple well of course ...

      2.    Windóusico said

        But have you faced the two systems or not? Who has won the final fight?

        I will be honest with you. For the title I expected a more serious entry. I imagined a video like the one on YouTube, where Tux fights against the Windows logo. Or that other where a Tux ninja faces a robot.

        1.    pandev92 said

          Hahaha I can't make videos, that a lot of people say not suar flash xD…, ahahahaa. I have not said who is the winner, there each one, but I have it clear :).

          1.    Courage said

            On Mac there is an application called iMovie in case you don't know

          2.    pandev92 said

            Mhh I hadn't realized it, I'll see what happens.

          3.    dwarf said

            You create the images and animate them with CSS3 or Javascript + canvas. That there is how, there is how ...

  4.   Logos said

    The truth is that for the MAC price it seems like a snob more than anything. But whoever wants to spend it is their right of course, because it is a good system. Those who don't, the elementary project looks very good, bringing a very stylish but fast and light interface to be able to use on less powerful computers 😀

  5.   biomass said

    Quite the opposite. There are hardly any recent comparisons. I would like to see the comparison with the current development of GNU / Linux, its drivers, graphical environments etc.

  6.   rodolfo alejandro said

    Come on but with the price of mac, if we compare mac against pc, it is hardware if it is an operating system, let's be honest, using an apple system is not the right way, you will not have support and surely more than once you will have problems like the ones you had in installing it you recently named it. (and you are paying for it). Each system has its pros and cons, the mac system does not allow it legally, I ignore windows to install it on a mac hardware (although it can) if microsoft offers this as support, and linux well at least there are versions destined for mac. The mac system is pretty clean, but you have to pay for both hardware and software (you can find open source mac or compilations, it seems to me that you did not look for that.) They missed fundamental details that you did not name for it.

    1.    Francis said

      Well, you have to see well, it is not that I am interested in apple support, nor that of windows and in linux I even have it but I pay redhat or something like that. What is clear is that you can mount a pc like a mac, for 400 or 500 euros less if you know how to search, it is not so difficult either.
      I think lion's album cost 20 euros ...

      1.    Courage said

        The Snow Leopard album cost me € 29 and eye, update, you had to have Leopard for the hell, if not the album was not worth it.

        1.    pandev92 said

          Remember that you don't have to pay xD, in fact if you install a supposedly pirate leopard, you never know, because it doesn't ask for serials or anything.

          1.    Courage said

            Well of course, but total it was € 29 that if they did not stay in the piggy bank.

        2.    Demenus said

          In fact, that detail of having Leopard is not necessary, I did the upgrade from Tiger and also the times that I have reinstalled I have only needed the update DVD, it does not do any verification, yes, you lose the entire iLife application package

  7.   electron222 said

    The performance / cost ratio seems like a scam to me, graphically I have seen much more beautiful KDE desktop, also paying $ 10 for an application that can be done with a script. By the way, pay for programs and then for their updates with all the savings I can gold-plated my pc. Then it tells you that your computer can't run the new OS and when you see the same old one with three updates.

    1.    pandev92 said

      Man in the world everything is paid, I do not see the problem, I have already said that I would not buy a mac, being able to run it on my pc, so if they will not cheat me xD.

      1.    dwarf said

        Everything is paid? That's sooooo relative ... I haven't paid a penny to use Linux mint. Nor have I paid a hard disk for the 140gb disk that I took out of a damaged laptop and now I use a removable disk xD ...

        You can pay the favor with favors or the evils with the aforementioned "karma" (murphy ...) but good.

    2.    DwLinuxero said

      But in KDE how do you put the application menus up like in OSX and Unity?
      It is essential to have free space and manage all menus comfortably
      On the other hand, openshot is not bad, but it needs to be able to create book album themes (as if you were going through sheets / photos) or a good program in the Garageband style (rosegarden is aesthetically from the year of the pear) also you have to go fiddling with the Jackd configuration, and press + jackd because they fight each other in order very complicated better OSX

  8.   hexborg said

    Congratulations!! These last posts are being excellent. Every time I like this blog more.

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      Thank you 😀 😀

  9.   earn said

    Well, for your opinion ... and come on, without leaving what is purely personal opinion, I know that many people believe that it is a scam, and the truth is that the prices are very high, but for example an Apple laptop ... the battery lasts a lot They are very light, they do not heat up, the trackpad is a joy and the screen more of the same, I like the system, but of course, it gives you a lot of freedom, there each one who uses what they want. Although the system I like the most is Linux, I cannot hide that my laptop had a factory battery life of 40 minutes and it has hardware compatibility problems even with Windows, so 1000 € for a macbook air could be worth it ( my laptop cost 550).

  10.   stories said

    I would like to try mac-osx, and I'm going to try to be a switcher, the only thing that has stopped me is that my pc, which had the mother "died", but I'm building another.

    1.    pandev92 said

      If one day I need any help, just ask :), I am here to help with whatever it takes, so that no one spends a week trying like me ehehe.

  11.   e2391 said

    Good article! I'll stick with your final sentence and Elav's comment.

    I see OS as tools. Each one will use the one that best suits their needs.


    1.    alunado said

      «Adaptation to our needs» .. and that of adapting one to the need for freedom in any area (also the virtual one) of a society or the world, huh, haha ​​.. I say you should.

  12.   TDE said

    I think Chromium / Chrome use GPU Acceleration from version 11, and we are going for stable 17, and for 19 in development. You have to write in an about: flags tab and enable the corresponding.

    1.    pandev92 said

      I have tried, but when doing the acceleration test, it still does not work, in safari I am also looking at how to do it, but I did not find a way.

  13.   Alf said

    I used a Mac a few days in the last job I had, and if I'm saving money to buy one, either from the screens that have the CPU stuck (all in one they tell them) or a macboc air.

    I liked the Mac experience.

  14.   dwarf said

    Mweh, I'm one of those junk dealers who take what they get and relive it ... And Linux has served me well for this. In fact, a while ago I got myself an old and emaciated Mac at a friend's house, as well as a 2005 laptop, and it barely turned on ... After going with an electronic friend (yes, I surround myself with a huge amount of geeks from all classes) and then I started throwing distros at it ... I still can't get one that works for me 100% but if they furulate me, so be it at 92% of its capacities (Debian is the best for this, it supports all shit) ...

    1.    Courage said

      DamnSmall Linux

    2.    Koratsuki said

      Totally agree, even I have been based on that, not everything can be 10Gb of RAM and an i7, also the low-end we live on planet earth xD.

  15.   alunado said

    ..well, we all have the freedom to go to jail, no problem. LOL !!
    For ethics .. for the development of communication (and not because you have your life or not on the pc), do not use something provative even if it is beautiful. It has nothing to do with being a GNU troll or operating system efficiency. SL is social software. not a tool from a private market. Come on, you already know all this. Be ethical !! help the world and think beautiful !!

  16.   rodolfo arguello said

    The mac can be faster (to the naked eye) but they are limited, it is easier to optimize an operating system to a hardware as limited as the mac (since they decide which hardware to remove and configuration is a pro as a con), instead PCs exist so much variety, I would like to be able to optimize an installation in Linux like this (which you can but it takes a long time, the only distro that does that is gentoo). I would like to find out if it is faster start-up and performance. By having only the kernel optimized for certain hardware, and compilation of programs for the cpu. If there is a gentoo user let me know to share that experience.

  17.   Ares said

    My brother was going to switch from Ubuntu to MacOSX a long time ago, unfortunately after the bottling, he was still loading and did not pass the splash and neither he nor I knew how to continue, the truth was that we were also very lazy.

    I always kept thinking that it would have been my Ubuntero-brother if MacOSX had run: P.

  18.   Ares said

    at least for 6 months where I have also had my Gnu troll period, a period in which I criticized everything that came from Windows and even more greatly, that which came from Apple.

    Something of thing gives me with GNU. They blame any negative attitude even when they have nothing to do with it.

    Being critical and / or gratuitous enemy of Microsoft or Apple or whoever, has little to do with GNU and Free Software.
    For GNU, FSF and Free Software what matters is that the software is Free and if it is (*) even if it came from Microsoft it would be well received. And if it isn't, whether it's the lemon pear of efficiency or it's made by a foundation of immaculate virgin nuns, no.
    (*) It is also understood that the software should not have the purpose of controlling, spying on, victimizing, damaging, "restricting" the user.

    That anti-other systems and pro Linux militancy belongs to the LinuxTroll, TuxTrolls, etc; that redundancies aside, its reason for being is to exalt everything that is the penguin and even more to attack what is not the penguin, especially in the field of its direct powers. These people also in many cases have criteria and selective standards depending on the occasion, but that is something else.

    I bet no one here has ever seen a GNU Troll. I don't recall seeing any.

  19.   Koratsuki said

    There is another thing that cannot be denied, the Mac UI hits whoever they put it in the face, even if you customize your linux or windows ...

  20.   msx said

    I didn't even finish reading the article because in all honesty it's pretty asshole> :(

    Compare the performance of a Mac, whose company, as crap as its Orwellian and financial policies, is a leader in the development and innovation of embedded high-tech products, versus a generic machine running a generic GNU / distro Linux is totally stupid. Apple stands out for integrating software / hardware even though every so often they take a wrong step (like the Mac models of the years 2010/2011 whose performance left a lot to be desired) and GNU / Linux stands out for growing by leaps and bounds so which is a matter of time to catch up, I myself use an HP Pavilion 4287cl with Intel and ATi hybrid VGA with opensource drivers and the truth is that knowing how to tweak both the kernel and the motherboard and also using PowerTop 2 the issue of heating it is a total myth.

    Regarding the operating system: MacOS SUCKS. I have used both SnowLeopard and Lion (10.6 and 10.7) for several time now and they are claustrophobic and unbearable, impossible for someone used to the freedom and flexibility of GNU / Linux to use.

    I've used Macs a lot, both 23 ″ iMac and MacBook Pro, and beyond the exterior design (and in some cases hardware construction) the keyboard is insufferable and the software is worse ...
    If I had to use special software for my work, for example Autodesk or something similar for professional audio / video editing my first choice is Windows, which is also obnoxious but 20 times cheaper than the elite price they charge you for a Mac and you can use exactly the same software on more powerful hardware.

    By the way, did you know that Mac sells "servers" that are very expensive, but their own servers run on HP's AIX and Debian GNU / Linux?

    Mac sucks, if you want to try it Mammoth has pre-installed VMware images to download.

    1.    Francis said

      About the asshole I'm not going to answer you because at least you could use standard Spanish, about the other, that you don't like macs doesn't mean they're shit, ask linus torvalds and you'll see what he'll tell you. I sincerely believe that macbooks, and airs, along with lenovo pc's are the only pc's worth buying. Osx is a system that I love, like I love Windows 8 in part and my chakra with kde, is the good thing about not being Taliban like some.

  21.   Adoniz (@ NinjaUrbano1) said

    Mac I accept it is great and all the fart, but Windows 8 seriously do you like that imitation of screeching pictures hybrid between unity and Kde ?, friend be careful and wear glasses because the win8 screen is leaving you blind XD.

    Well the truth is, I have nothing against mac, it is a very good operating system but expensive and if I have never done something in my life is to pay for the software.

    As for windows you have 2 options, juggle to give it services of almost 5 hours, in analyzing and disinfecting, defragmenting and then cleaning the registries with the regcleaner or letting the system become heavy and full of viruses (WinXP Experience, WINVISTA AND WIN7). Windows can be hacked and you never pay for one.

    The truth is I prefer my Debian and my Linuxmint there is nothing better than that, but it covers my needs and in terms of games because I like simple games such as Lugaru, opensonic and Megaglest than the heaviest one I have, also the assault cube .

    and i'm gammer with linux. As for performance, my processor is not a big deal, it is core 2 duo with 2gb of ram and my system starts with 100 mb of ram and the maximum it consumes has been 520 mb, I don't need more.

    But as elav already said, each one uses what suits their needs.

    1.    Francis said

      Well, I like those little squares better than the usual interface, what do you want me to tell you, for example I like them more than gnome Shell, but anyway for color tastes.

      1.    jhcs said

        We already know it and we respect your religion. friend, greetings.

        1.    pandev92 said

          Amen xd

  22.   jhcs said

    hahahaha this war of operating systems. they look like religious wars. They should do a justice league, where is the mac, linux and windows to reach an agreement.

  23.   pandev92 said

    We maqueros are the league of shadows ahaha from batman xd

  24.   Sebastian said

    I read in the comments above that they find the comparison of these three operating systems absurd. Absurd ? , according to me, this comparison (and debate included) the least is being absurd. In desktop computers we have the only three powers in OS (linux with the particularity of having different distributions with different interfaces but the same kernel and base OS, such as "red hat" or "debian", the latter used by "ubuntu") with A lifetime of work to create those huge lines of code (valued at millions of dollars, not created in a day or a year). The debate is open, but my perspective (summarized) is that gnu / linux knows how to take advantage of the hardware a lot, which makes an old jar with, for example, Ubuntu 10.10, run much better than with its competition, Windows 7, or even if you can put OS X on it, linux would continue to gain in performance. Obviously there are sacrifices if we only have gnu / linux, but for that we have the freedom to have more than one. So anyway, I must currently have Windows to create word documents, or play video games using Windows directX. So is the debate and comparison of these three SOs still absurd? … Ok, so let's keep buying MacBooks with OS X because they are "cool" (sarcasm). Good article.