RPM packaging. Part 4: Packaging Not Tetris 2

In the previous installment we packed the game engine, now we have to do the same with the game if we want to play.

Packaging Not Tetris 2

This is how the SPEC of Not Tetris 2 will be. I put comments to explain the things that differ from what was explained in the previous parts.

This time there is no% build section. This is because the games for LÖVE are ZIP files with the extension .sees it, which contain scripts Moon. Come on, you don't have to compile anything.

Name: nottetris
Version: 2
Release: 0% {? Dist}
Summary: Classic Tetris mixed with physics

# This time we also include the summary in Spanish
Summary (en): Classic Tetris mixed with physics
Group: Amusements / Games

# As it is a script, the system architecture is indifferent to us
BuildArch: noarch

License: ZLIB / libPng
URL: http://stabyourself.net/%name/
Source0: http://stabyourself.net/dl.php?file=%name%version/%name%version-source.zip

# We need these programs to extract the icon from the game launcher
BuildRequires: unzip
BuildRequires: / usr / bin / convert

# The game engine is needed to run it, but not to build the RPM,
# that's why we label it as Requires instead of BuildRequires
Requires: love

% description
Not Tetris 2 is the spiritual successor of the classic Tetris mixed with
physics. The result is a fun spinoff in which blocks are no longer bound to the
usual grid. Blocks can be rotated and placed at any angle, resulting in a
complete mess if not careful. And with the newest cutting edge technology, Not
tetris 2 allows line clears when the lines are sufficiently filled. The old
mode is still available for play and is now called Stack.

# We also include the Spanish translation
% description -l is
Not Tetris 2 is the spiritual successor to classic Tetris mixed with physics.
The result is a fun game in which the blocks are no longer limited
to move through the typical grid. Blocks can be rotated and placed in
any angle, resulting in a tremendous mess if not careful.
With the latest technology, Not Tetris 2 allows lines to empty when
they are sufficiently complete. The old mode is still available for
play, and is now called "Stack".

% prep
% setup -qc

# Again we eliminate the end of lines like Windows
sed -i 's / r $ //' * .txt

# We rename the files so that they are more 'GNU style'
mv 'Not Readme.txt' readme.txt
mv 'Not Tetris 2.love'% name.love

# We create an executable
echo -e "#! / bin / shnlove% _datadir /% name /% name.loven">% name

# Create the launcher for the desktop
echo "[Desktop Entry] Type = Application
Version =% version
Encoding = UTF-8
Name = Not Tetris 2
Comment = Classic Tetris mixed with physics
Comment [en] = Classic Tetris mixed with physics
Icon =% _ icons96dir /% name.png
Exec =% name
Terminal = false
StartupNotify = true
Categories = Application; Game; ArcadeGame;
">% name.desktop

# We create an icon for the application, based on an image that the game brings
unzip -p% name.love graphics / title.png | convert - -geometry 96x96% name.png

# We install the necessary files:
% install

# 1. The game data
install -pDm u = rw, go = r% name.love% buildroot% _datadir /% name /% name.love

# 2. The executable
install -pDm u = rwx, go = rx% name% buildroot% _bindir /% name

# 3. The desktop launcher
install -pDm u = rwx, go = rx% name.desktop% buildroot% _desktopdir /% name.desktop

# 4. The icon for the launcher
install -pDm u = rw, go = r% name.png% buildroot% _icons96dir /% name.png

% files

# We indicate that the owner of the files will be root
% defattr (-, root, root)

# We indicate which files are documentation
% doc readme.txt

# We list the 4 files that this package will install
% _bindir /% name
% _datadir /% name /% name.love
% _desktopdir /% name.desktop
% _icons96dir /% name.png

# We also list the data directory so that it is deleted when uninstalling
% _datadir /% name

% changelog
* Fri Nov 18 2011 Jairot Llopis 2-0
- Initial release

Once this is done, we repeat the same operation as with the previous package:

sudo yum-builddep ~ / rpmbuild / SPECS / nottetris.spec
rpmbuild -ba ~ / rpmbuild / SPECS / nottetris.spec

Now you just need to install and play:

sudo yum install ~/rpmbuild/RPMS/x86_64/love-0.7.2-1.fc16.x86_64.rpm ~/rpmbuild/RPMS/noarch/nottetris-2-0.fc16.noarch.rpm


When we want to update the package, we must increase the number indicated in Release, and include a new entry in the% changelog section. In case the update is because a new version has come out, what we would do would be to increase the number indicated in version.


This ends the RPM packaging tutorial. It only covers the basics, but I hope you have learned a lot. Once you get the hang of it, you're sure to start packing everything up.

Oh, and as I said at the beginning, be careful, that this game is too hooking!

RPM Packaging Course: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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