PearOS 8 review (my opinion + screenshots)

Hello everyone, some time ago (not so much) it came out PearOS 8That style did not appeal to me much MacOS-Like, Elementary it seemed a little better to me and it didn't look like MacOS (That's why I use it).

  • CPU: Intel® Atom ™ CPU N570 @ 1.66GHz × 4
  • GPU: Intel Atom Processor Integrated Graphics Controller
  • HDD: 250 GB
  • Brand: Acer
  • Model: Aspire One 257
  • RAM: MB 1024

The first thing I see when entering is the GDM that reminds me of Fedora 19, when logging in we find the desktop (Of course! we find a rock! ¬_¬)

They like? Well, not me ¬¬

They like? Well, not me ¬¬

We see a desk with a dock (Plank), and a panel (no idea what process it is) with a logo of a apple Pear, on the right side we see a blue indicator: it is a notification menu.

Bad things that I see on the desktop:

  • Dock: I'm using a 1024 x 600 Netbook, my dock is too big
  • Icons: Stolen from MacOS ¬_¬ (Like MacOS kernel, stolen from BSD)

The first thing I did was ...

  • Make the dock smaller
  • Install the proprietary Broadcom drivers "bcmwl-kernel-source"
A very small dock ee

A very small dock ee

The Pear Software Center

The software center is not a big deal, it is just the Ubuntu Software Center with another name and icon.

Software Center

Software Center


It is with what you can customize the team (Pear Tweaks).

My Pear 6

My Pear 6

Clean My Pear

Its name says it, clean the system.

Clean My Pear

Clean My Pear

Pear Cloud

Ubuntu One, MS Skydrive, Google Drive ... (you can imagine what it is)

Pear Cloud

Pear Cloud


Nothing special:

  • Firefox (Obvious)
  • Thunderbird (Mail Client)
  • Shotwell (DesPhoto Viewer)
  • Musique (Music Player)
  • Pear Contacts
  • System Settings (._. Obvious, it's from Gnome)
  • Launchpad (Application Launcher)
  • Brasero (Record Recorder)
  • Gedit (Who does not know ¬_¬)
  • Emphaty (Chat Client)
  • And the rest, common things 😉

Ah, I forgot about ...

Pear PPA Manager

A simple interface but a useful program.

PPA Manager

PPA Manager


Add PPA, since we are here, add the following (to install Elementary Desktop):

ppa: elementary-os / stable

Screenshot from 2013-11-15 18:59:42

Manage PPA

Edit and remove PPA, (only if you added the PPA) since we are here, we edit the PPA that we added, Gedit will open and it will contain the following:

deb raring main # deb-src raring main

we change it for this:

deb precise main # deb-src precise main

and we save.

Screenshot from 2013-11-15 19:02:45


Settings (No need image)

Install Packages

Install things 🙂

Screenshot from 2013-11-15 19:07:08

And now that?

If you added the PPA, open a terminal and type the following:

sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install elementary-desktop

Once installed, log out, select the Pantheon graphical environment and log in.
Do you notice the difference? Yes, you left your Pear 8 very nice 😀

Screenshot from 2013-11-15 19:57:02

[2 of 5] Appearance [/ 2 of 5] [3 of 5] Usability [/ 3 of 5] [3 of 5] Performance [/ 3 of 5] [5 of 5] Ease for beginners [/ 5 of 5] [4 of 5] Stability [/ 4 of 5] [1 of 5] Personal Appreciation [/ 1 of 5 ] [2points] [/ 2points]

I did not like PearOS, it copies the MacOS style a lot, Elementary does not have what makes it a MacOS and I like that 😉

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  1.   James_Che said

    I don't know if it's the right word, but I think you should be a little more modest when writing. So much repeating the same "jokes" throughout the post is boring. . Ahh! and with respect to Pear OS, ps if it is a vile copy of MacOS, but ps there will be those who like it and those who don't. Maybe I'll try it later. Cheers!!! 😀

    1.    Ivan Molina said

      Jokes? 🙁
      I didn't think you were going to take it like that
      but hey, I just put my opinion ...

      1.    Emanuel Acuña said

        Good article that yes, with a very good sense of humor, I had fun reading, my favorite part was the stolen OSX icons like the stolen BSD kernel hahahahaha, Elementary is very good I have been using it for a long time and it has not given me so many problems or such complicated problems.

  2.   Olecram Onaroval said

    I couldn't install it together with another OS (windows, elementary, mint, na de na). When it gets to the part where I can choose how much disk I assign it, it freezes badly. I tested it on 4 different machines, I created the pendrive 800 times with different programs, I tested it on ide and sata disks ... nothing.
    Any idea?
    Note: I am an eOS user but I think you give Pear 8 too much trouble. I particularly like the aesthetics of OSX and they have done it very well. Now, talking about copy… who doesn't copy someone?
    A greeting!

    1.    pandev92 said

      Well, in my opinion, it doesn't look like osx at all, especially the theme, it seems like the cheap Chinese version of the osx theme ... the eOS is more successful.

    2.    Ivan Molina said

      Emm, about your problem ...
      Better not use Windows anymore. (Ok, I have no idea, you would download it wrong I guess?)

      1.    Olecram Onaroval said

        Ivan: I honestly thought that your answer would summarize something ... Telling me that "I no longer use Windows" is the typical linuxboy speach. I've been using Linux since Conectiva 3 days, yes, when everything was installed by hand, in text mode and half the drivers didn't exist.
        Ask with respect and I do not feel that you have answered me in the same way. I have read in the forums in English (because I also read English, how great, right?) That the same thing happened to several and they did not find an answer.
        Do not worry ... I continued with yours that I will find a solution elsewhere. I do not usually answer this way but the truth is I ask to get an answer that works for me, otherwise I prefer you tell me that you do not have the slightest idea and that's it.
        And no, do not download it wrong because if you had read my post you would not have commented on this.
        Have a good day and sorry to the rest of the forum which by the way is excellent.

        1.    elav said

          Olecram Onaroval, you don't mind ... about your problem, the bad thing about a distribution that is based on another distribution, is that they very possibly added / removed something that normally works -or not- in its mother distro.

          If you can install Ubuntu or eOS without problems, maybe the problem is specifically PearOS.

          1.    Olecram Onaroval said

            Thanks elav!

        2.    IvanLinux said

          I was referring to "Maybe you didn't download the .iso well"
          If my answer in the previous comment was not to your liking, I apologize for my comment. 🙂
          But from what you say, it is a bit weird since I installed it together with Ubuntu 13.10

    3.    BGBgus said

      Have you tried installing elementary first and then windows? The group will load, but you can use a recovery tool. It will take more work and may not work, but it is an idea.

      If you solve your problem, leave a comment!

      1.    Olecram Onaroval said

        No, I did not try it ... it is my work machine and it complicates me a lot but anyway thanks for the suggestion.

  3.   Linez said

    I have not tried the latest version, but if the previous one and I agree with you.
    PearOS is an ubuntu with osx and plank icons as a dock, there is no more ... it does not contribute much truth, but hey, I think the same of elementaryOS, all apparently very beautiful, but with daily use you realize that many are missing basic things.

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      The best version of Ubuntu is minimal, since you can really put everything you really want to do (although going to the advanced options, you can realize that you can install it in text mode as you can in Debian).

      1.    patodx said

        100% true, the best way to install ubuntu is by netinstall, it is a more stable system and gives the option to install just what is necessary.

        1.    eliotime3000 said

          As I am impatient with the installation of packages, I prefer Arch or Debian than Ubuntu.

        2.    Mikail said

          I think the same, the best way to take advantage of Ubuntu is to install it from a netinstall and build it to measure.

          1.    eliotime3000 said

            That's the idea. It is not necessary to download the ISO of eOS or PearOS if you can build your own eOS as you please.

    2.    Gibran barrera said

      Ubuntu Mini, Ubuntu Mini Remix and of course Debian are absolutely right. That is stable.

  4.   eliotime3000 said

    Very good, but that desktop reminds me a lot of the PC's that appear in Dan Schnneider's productions (the same producer of iCarly, Drake and Josh, Zoey 101…); and instead of Apple products, Pear's PC's and phones appear.

  5.   edebianite said

    I am not a user of any Ubuntu product, however, there is something that seems uncomfortable: the fanboys and haters of any distribution ... I am not saying that you are a detractor. But I do wonder about the purpose of such a biased "review" ...
    What has been said has been with the best intention
    Thank you!!!

    Pdta: I'm on Slackware!

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      I know that feel, bro.

  6.   mirantra said

    I think Elementay is a great OS but since it is based on Ubuntu 12.04 it is very out of date. I used it for a long time as alpha and then beta and it always worked excellent but I was overwhelmed not being able to use more updated applications, for example Geary no longer supports Elementary

    I occupy PearOS and I have customized it to my liking and I love it. The post is a bit unfair but as the title says, it is your opinion.


    1.    Mikail said

      eOS looks very good, but it has details ... the music player, the file manager for example closes itself. I also had problems with the permissions of the files, when copying them from one partition to another the permissions were modified, something strange that had never happened to me.
      I hope that in the future they will solve these details since I love their aesthetics and philosophy.
      Let's try Pear to see how

      Pd: To have the programs updated in eOS I used the PPAs

  7.   patodx said

    Many respects to the creator (s) and / or modifier (s) of this and all Linux distros, but what I do not understand, it is necessary to copy both to another independent OS that is good or not. ???

  8.   oliver twister said

    I didn't like your "review."
    Super biased. Phrases of 5 words and an image. And that it looks like mac, I don't see the problem: For that same reason people download it and that is the reason for being of PearOS.
    Think of a mac as Carisima with a capital C for Cut your eye to buy it. But those of PearOS are giving a user experience as similar as possible to mac but FREE.
    Don't get me wrong, I'm also an elementaryOS user (Since the day Jupiter came out). But your "review" is without more or less words. Bad.

  9.   Alberto Aru said

    Is it my thing or should the final evaluation be a 3?
    18 / 6 = 3

  10.   rhoconlinux said

    hahaha we are not sooooo bad, I have seen much worse. Much worse. I mean, at least you have to pass because it is a long job and, despite taste, quite well accomplished. At least 3/5 (which by the way is what I give it).

    Now, what I liked most about the article are the faces ¬. ¬
    ^ _ ^

  11.   NayosX said

    Remember that not only Windows users we migrate to GNU / Linux and there has to be a simple way for ex-maqueros and this seems like a good distro for that purpose and there are people (myself included) who simply like the look (although not I use it at the moment, only virtual I have tried it)

  12.   Aleksombra said

    I don't like this OS because the most relevant thing we can say about it is that it could and knew how to copy Mac in an excellent way ... While I continue to enjoy Ubuntu Gnome, I ventured to try it and I loved it 🙂

  13.   mcder3 said

    The analysis is not serious and impartial ... I think you can do much better without a doubt, but this entry should go into oblivion without a doubt ...

  14.   Hades said

    I do not understand the reason why this distro is running, in short, one more of the bunch.

    1.    Miguel said

      Simply because we all have different tastes, and what you don't like, others do.

  15.   elruiz1993 said

    Well, the truth is, I don't think it's fair to complain that Apple used BSD as the basis for its system, since that's the advantage of BSD (being able to really use the program for whatever you want, even sell it)

    1.    F3niX said

      GNU / Linux, can also be sold (Redhat does), what cannot be closed ...


      1.    eliotime3000 said

        Technically, what sells you is access to your repos. You can download the ISO from the Red Hat Network page as a trial period, although without internet, it can last as long as you want or you can use the CentOS repos for updates.

        The quality of Red Hat repos is similar to Debian and OpenSUSE / SuSE.

  16.   karlinux said

    I think I agree with everyone, it seems to me a "distro" that does not add anything new.

  17.   Oscar said

    These types of entries are the ones that make you abandon a blog, goodbye from Linux, I'd better go elsewhere.

    1.    elav said

      Good trip. Too bad if you judge this blog just by a personal opinion piece. However when you want, you are more than welcome.

      1.    Ivan Molina said

        And Courage? is he welcomed or hated or both?

        1.    elav said

          I don't know what intention your comment contains, but I am going to take it as an innocent question .. Courage (like everyone who has left), you are welcome as long as you return with good intentions.

          1.    eliotime3000 said

            I think that question should be asked in the forums, because here you can practically build a chicken coop.

          2.    Ivan Molina said

            Quiet ale is just a joke, come on don't be like that 🙂

    2.    eliotime3000 said

      See you in Jaidefinichon, PLP y FayerWayer.

    3.    Olecram Onaroval said

      In no way can you judge a blog by a comment like this or any other. There are excellent comments and reviews on Desdelinux.

  18.   watchful eye said

    The review seems very bad to me. It does not go into thoroughly analyzing any of the main elements of the OS, except the PPA Manager ???. Instead he issues resounding conclusions based on very personal aspects.
    Appearance: 2/5
    Usability: 0/5
    Yield: 1/5
    Ease for beginners: 0/5
    Stability: 3/5
    Personal opinion: a bit of shame please ...

    1.    Ivan Molina said

      For color tastes ...
      MY likes MY opinion
      The PPA Manager explained it thoroughly so they would install Pantheon

  19.   mrCh0 said

    And what is the point of this distribution, besides proving how much you can copy / imitate MacOS?

    The comparison with elementary is inevitable, and as a user of the latter I can say that in elementary I have found simplicity that I did not have in other distros. In my field - CMS administration like Joomla - I don't need the latest packages for anything, just a good browser, a good code and text editor, gimp, that wine runs fine, inkscape ... all this and more is in elementary os moon and runs very fast on a dual core with 2 gb ram.

    This Pear OS… what? Besides having a mac wannabe installed .. I don't see that it offers something that other distros don't give better.
    My opinion nothing more.

    1.    Ivan Molina said

      Elementary OS: It comes with basic things, a nice interface, very fast, consumes little RAM ... I love it.
      Pear OS: It comes with Flash (Which is bad, I prefer HTML5), It has a proprietary OS interface (I don't see the need to imitate Windows or Mac when you have GNU / Linux)… I don't like it
      It's just my opinion =)

  20.   BGBgus said

    Well, I don't like PearOS very much either, it is evident that it is a system aimed at a specific audience.

    That said, although I like your blog a lot and I follow it on RSS, I have to say that this entry has not finished convincing me. To be a technology blog, where you test systems, as in this post, it does not seem that you give an objective view of the system, and I do not mean that you give your opinion, which is very good, rather that you already had your opinion before start using the system.

    It sounds to me like when a user who has spent his whole life with Windows arrives at a Linux distribution and complains that he cannot run the Microsoft Office installation .exe. He does not care that it is a completely different operating system, with a different philosophy, if it is not how it has always been, it sucks.

    Well, after giving the cap a bit, I also think that a new operating system should always bring something new. Emulating another operating system, although it can be a very entertaining project as an individual, does not enrich the community.

    1.    elav said

      I must clarify something because apparently many are confused: This blog is not the author of this entry. And it's something I've seen several times. This is a blog where many people can write, and yes, in a certain way they can make it their own, but not for that reason they are the owners of it 😉

      1.    Oscar said

        I'll be back for a moment to leave a comment. If it is a community blog, is there no consensus on the entries that may appear? Because anyone can write a mess like this entry and the truth will drive away any user who is starting on linux honeys.


    2.    Ivan Molina said

      Mio is not, it is a community blog and I thank @elav and @ kzkg ^ gaara for this blog 🙂

  21.   Paul said

    Beyond copying, I don't dislike the look. What I DO NOT LIKE at all, is that it is based on Ubuntu. Its instability is appalling. NOT RECOMMENDED, at least like this… .. I think. 🙂

  22.   Mollusk said

    Since when is an obvious feature and flagship of the distro something to criticize?
    When you say that "I don't like it, it copies MacOS a lot" you are making it clear to us that you didn't understand what the distro was about: A Linux-like MacOS. Complaining about it is like buying a hamburger and complaining that it comes with bread and meat.

    I'm not saying it doesn't deserve that score, because honestly the distro is pretty bland.

  23.   Dr. Byte said

    I have tried several times Pear OS but even though it has a good design, there is something that does not convince me hehehehe I prefer mint hehehehe.

    But finally it is an option to take into account when recommending a distro by design.

  24.   horacio said

    Mint OS X - Linux like Mac OS X.

    More info at:

    1.    elav said

      I saw the videos and I liked how it looks, you just need to put the tools menu on the top bar, like OS X.