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Hello colleagues, we continue with the batch of post about games in <«FromLinux.



I am going to tell you about an emulator to play games of NeoGeor, such as the Metal Slug saga. It could be said that I am a fan of the saga and seeing the post of KZKG ^ Gaara About old games, I said "Why not?"

The same is GnGeo and its interface XGnGeo. It's pretty straightforward and lightweight, it ran all the roms I tried, however my only intention was to play Metal Slug.

To install it in ArchLinux we only need to install it through YAOURT.

yaourt -S xgngeo

The truth is that I don't know if it can be used in distributions derived from Ubuntu or Debian. Soon I will add more info

From there, the correct version of GNGEO will also be compiled.

Simple enough right?

Emulator plus emulated game

Emulator plus emulated game

And well, in the end I was able to play:




The correct bios to emulate most games.

Download Bios

How to charge the Bios?

If this is the first time the application is running by default, the window to select the BIOS location will open: You must unzip the .tar.gz file, you will have a «neogeo» folder that you must choose. The rest should stay the same.



Where do I get games (ROM)?

Well, we can visit some websites like

Cool rom

Among the others you mentioned KZKG ^ Gaara in his post about Zsnes.

I hope you liked it.


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  1.   Algave said

    Thank you very much with this emulator now if I can use the roms I have from NeoGeo:]

  2.   LycusHackerEmo said

    We are already 2 who like metal slug a lot.

    once I installed it in fedora 19 and downloaded all the metal slug roms, the bad thing that of the 5 or 6 roms that I downloaded, only one game worked.

  3.   Ricardo Parraga said

    For debian:

    We add the key
    wget -q -O - '' | sudo apt-key add -

    We add the repository
    add-apt-repository "deb ubuntugames main »

    We update
    apt-get update

    We install
    aptitude install xggeo

    For more reference I leave the link:

  4.   cat said

    I did not know that it was so easy to install in Arch and derivatives, in Ubuntu and derivatives I had a lot of problems using this emulator and in the end I gave up.

  5.   legion1978 said

    This ROM cannot be loaded because Gngeo could not find a suitable driver to handle it.

    1.    Leper_Ivan said

      I downloaded them all from and they worked from 1 to X. The bios I use is the one I left here to download.

  6.   AnSnarkist said

    It asks me to replace many important packages during the installation….

    :: gcc-libs-multilib and gcc-libs are in conflict. Remove gcc-libs? [y / n] y
    :: binutils-multilib and binutils are in conflict. Remove binutils? [y / n] y
    :: gcc-multilib and gcc are in conflict. Remove gcc?

    That can be skipped in any way?

    1.    Osvaldo cordova said

      it might help yaourt -S xgngeo -noconfirm

  7.   Mauricio said

    Much better, use the mame emulator, because that program is very old and asks for too many packages to work.

    A long time ago I made a post on another page, about how to compile the latest version of mame and optimize it for your team.

    I highly recommend the latter, since the program will work much better.

    1.    Leper_Ivan said

      Many packages? It only requires two or three packages. It's not that much, I think they don't reach 10Mb ..

      In addition, you can collaborate with the blog by bringing that guide to this website, if it is of your obvious authorship.

      1.    Mauricio said

        It's from my audit 🙂

        Only that I put it, long ago in taringa, but I will bring it updated here, more later.

  8.   OTKManz said

    Look, I'm desperately trying to install gngeo, and I've tried to install it from different places, looking at different guides and so on, but I don't get any results. It always gives me an error.
    When I write yaourt -S xgngeo it tells me: Unsupported Package xgngeo, and it won't let me install it, even if I say yes or no.
    I don't know what to do to play the Neo Geo emulator, could someone give me a hand?
    A greeting and thanks a lot!

  9.   Eddy holliday said

    Good post. I'm also a fan of the Metal Slug saga (the only Rooms I have are theirs). It goes 100% on my Manjaro. 😀

    1.    Eddy holliday said

      And I have a problem, the rooms of Metal Slug 3 and 4 do not work.

  10.   Daniel said

    Xgngeo is no longer in Aur, is there another way to install it? I'm still a bit new to Arch 😛