Playing on GNU / Linux: Urban Terror

Good Shooter games in FromLinux We have already seen a few, examples of them are Alien Sand, Assault Cube, Open arena and the jewel in the crown, the game that I present to you today: Urban terror. According to Wikipedia:

Urban terror, commonly abbreviated UrT (to avoid confusion with UT Unreal Tournament) is a total conversion of the Quake III first person game developed by Silicon Ice, now known as FrozenSand. Introduce elements of First Person Games in a more realistic environment. The game itself is free of cost, but Frozensand maintains the rights, no unauthorized modifications or sale are allowed, the game uses the ioUrbanTerror engine which is based on ioQuake3 distributed under the GNU / GPL license.


Urban terror it is designed to be played online. The only way we can play or test it locally is by creating the server ourselves.

I must say that I was quite surprised how good the graphics look, although that if it lacks the realism that it has for example, Assault Cube. I mean that in the latter, when firing the gun it "culeteees" so hitting the target is more difficult.

Urban terror

Game modes

  • Capture The Flag (CTF): The objective is to capture the flag of the opposing team and take it to the home base.
  • Team Survivor (TS): Eliminate the players of the opposing team, until there is at least one survivor of the own team or time runs out, in that case it is a draw. It is managed by "Rounds" at the end the team with the most rounds (Won) wins the map.
  • Team Deathmatch (TDM): Eliminate the players of the opposing team, the difference with Team Survivor is that in this mode the player is reborn. The team that has eliminated the most opponents wins when the time is up.
  • Bomb Mode (Bomb): Similar to Team Survivor, with the difference that one team has to activate a bomb at the enemy base and the other team has to prevent this from happening.
  • Follow the leader (FollowTLead): It is similar to Team Survivor. It consists in that the leader must touch the enemy flag that is in random positions. The leader enters automatically with Kevlar Vest and Helmet. The leader rotates.
  • Free for All (FFA): It is not played as a team, it is an individual mode where you have to kill all the other players. The winner is the one who has killed the most rivals.
  • Capture And Hold (CapnHold) It consists of two teams that must take possession of a certain number of flags distributed throughout the map. If a team takes all the flags it will score 5 points in its favor. The winner is the one with the highest score.

You can get more game data, weapon details and more at Wikipedia. Still I love how it looks, and the graphics with my Intel® HD Graphics 4000 It is going quite well, so I saved myself from simpler games with online mode and that previously recommended (this for example), now I definitely prefer Urban terror 😀

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  1.   Carlos said

    Good article, I read them from Thunderbird via RSS.
    I would love to try this game, my laptop has Intel Graphics 3000, I have the Fedora 20 KDE distribution installed.
    Do I need to install a proprietary driver? How do I know if I already have it installed? Where do I download it from?

    1.    urt42 said

      you can download it from
      You have two options: one download a program that when you run it downloads the game (it is not recommended for slow internet connections) and the other option is to download the complete zip file and then use the previous program to update it.

      PS: I don't know why, but for a couple of days the site has been down, is it because of openssl? Any attack?

      1.    Ds23yTube said

        That page doesn't work for me, have they changed the domain?

        1.    Juan said

          The web has been hacked and for security reasons it is down.

    2.    hype frames said

      I have a core 2 duo with the same board integrated, and the game is pretty good for me.
      I think I have it with the graphics quite to the minimum, but well
      I generally have about 70/80 fps, except in some maps that are a bit complicated

      1.    Rolo said

        The subject of fps is something that I am not very clear, but in theory the human eye can only see 60 frames per second. Therefore, anyone who gets above 60 fps on their pc should have no problems playing urt4.2. I also clarify that urban terror does not support more than 125 fps, despite the fact that other games allow more fps.
        It is also not much use to have 125fps if you have a pin above 120-180

    3.    neoxtunt said

      I play with a Centrino 1.73GHz, Debian 6 and Intel 915 graphics, lowering the graphics settings, of course. It should be perfect for you.

  2.   Rolo said

    Finally someone talks about urban terror !!!!

    could mount a server from linux in urban4.2 😛

    1.    let's use linux said

      and collapse our already dying server ?? 🙂

  3.   ShadowFiend said

    Excellent game, I've been playing it for many years (when it was still in alpha). At last I look at a post dedicated to it. By the way the maps to jump are the best.

  4.   Leandro brunner said

    A great game! I have spent a few (MANY MANY!) hours playing this game! 🙂

  5.   rawBasic said

    Nooo .. next article was going to be about this game .. is excellent, I have been playing it for more than a year and it is highly addictive .. is currently very active, there are tournaments and leagues of different modalities, National Cups that can be followed via streaming and others .. ..A version of the game in HD is in development ..

    It's my favorite native game, it's in the official ArchLinux community repos ... I recommend it to anyone who wants a perfect combination of a Quake Arena-style game mode with CS ..

  6.   hype frames said

    excellent game, for those who play it often, they will already know me as the milkman ro

    1.    Rolo said

      haha you're a federal police elechero has you as a son 😛

  7.   Patrick said

    Very good your Elav article, I recommend another game, also open source and available for linux. Red eclipse.

  8.   elhui2 said

    This game is the best, some will believe that I am the antichrist but I liked it more than Counter Strike…. The maps and weapons, everything in this game is nice, you should also make a Temulous entry These two are my favorite Linux DPPs.


  9.   R3is3rsf said

    Red Eclipse could also be taken into account for a next entry in from Linux , it is also in Desura. It seems like a good shooter to pass the time.

    1.    R3is3rsf said

      Xonotic is also a very good shooter, based on nexuiz.

  10.   Rolo said

    As the urban website has been hacked to date, here is a link to the repo to download urban terror source @Barbatos__

  11.   Rolo said

    how urban's website has been hacked to date, here is a link to the repo to download urban terror source @Barbatos__