Antergos: The distribution I recommend for Arch users

How to say it? I love the philosophy of ArchLinux, where everything is Kiss and we have daily updates. I've been what I call an "Archer" for a long time, who would come to be something of an ArchLinux loving user, although the term was not invented by me.

I am writing this post because some users have written to me asking for my opinion and recommendation about Arch. The bad thing about this distro for many users is the installation issue, which is a bit cumbersome and you have to do it with great care, and this is where Antergos take action.

My reasons for using Antergos

For starters, if you have a laptop or a desktop computer that brings with it the hated, unbearable and unnecessary UEFI, that for Antergos is not a problem. We only have to create a partition in Fat32 of no less than 100 MB and no more than 500 MB, which we will use as / Boot. That's it, it's that simple.

As simple it is also its graphical installer Like Ubuntu, that is, graphically we can easily install Next »Next style. I must clarify at this point that Antergos has a graphical or console installer, which is a little more advanced than the first one mentioned.

Value added

Antergos is to ArchLinux what Linux Mint (or Elementary) to Ubuntu. In other words, it offers us added value (not in Economic issues specifically), since it uses Arch's repositories, but has its own that contains very interesting packages.

In the Antergos repositories we find, for example, the package ttf-google-fonts, which contains all the typographic fonts of googlewebfont. For those of us who design websites this is very useful since we do not need to link our projects with the Google service at least in the initial stage. There are also other fonts.

In the repositories we also find some of the most popular icon themes such as Numix o KFaenza, or various applications such as Compton, Pyparted, and Yogurt for those like me who use AUR.

Appearance and options

Antergos has to GNOME very spoiled. I love the appearance by default when picking up the LiveCD in particular, it is very beautiful, sober and elegant, and how could it be otherwise, it is Flat. I would use Antergos with GNOME, which as many of you know I use KDE.

And that is another of the good things of Antergos (and bad at the same time from my reality); We can install not only GNOME, but other Desktop environments from the same installation CD, but through the Internet.


Among the options offered by Cnchi (the installer) are XFCE, Mate, KDE, Openbox, Cinnamon, and if you prefer to create your own Frankenstein, because we can choose to only install the Base System .. Why don't you do the same Arch, why?

Another thing that I love about its installer is that it allows us from the beginning to install a Firewall (or rather a front-end for IPTables), printing support, proprietary codecs, LibreOffice, Yaourt ... etc ..

For the rest, a distribution that is very fast is its startup and shutdown. And although perhaps these reasons are not enough for some, for me they are. Now without further ado, a screenshot of my Desktop (at work). 😛


If after reading all this you want to try this distro, then click on the button below that there are versions for 32 and 64 bits:

Download Antergos

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  1.   Antonio Gaxiola said

    How about my friend, I really like antergos but I had to uninstall it since I couldn't make Apache + PHP work… Could you make a tutorial or something that helps to install Apache + PHP ?.
    Actually installing is easy, getting it to work properly is the difficult thing (for me).

    Thank you. Cheers.!

    1.    Carlos Cuamatzin said

      Friend, I recommend that you occupy a stack with Bitnami:
      Find the one for LAMP, download it and install it, it creates a folder with everything you need to work with Apache, Mysql and PHP, you just have to run the manager and start the services to work, all from a folder. In addition, the services are started only when you want, that means that the services do not have to be started from the boot, which generates a load of processes when loading the OS.

  2.   raalso7 said

    Is it fluid? Will I go fast on a netbook with 1GB of RAM?

    1.    Tesla said


      1GB of RAM is probably a little short to install Gnome3. Luckily, Antergos has other desktop environments such as XFCE, Openbox, etc. which are much lighter and can work better with that RAM.

      About Antergos, I have to say that the two times I have gone to install it on my PC, something has always failed. I don't know why but I have a curse with this distribution.

      In any case, today almost any distribution offers the same things and they are all reaching a point of simplicity that is already a matter of personal taste or time.

      A greeting!

    2.    Warheart said

      I have one of those with Arch, and what I can tell you is forget about KDE or GNOME.

      In Arch, with a lot of things installed, a bit of eyecandy and some services running by default, the memory consumption in idle is 60 to 70 MB with LXDE, and about 170 to 180 MB with XFCE. And yes, the system is quite fluid. Previously should not be far from those numbers.

      1.    raalso7 said

        I had in mind to put Mate 😉

        I want to ask something else ...

        Can I upgrade from Ubuntu to Antegros without losing personal data (Music, photos, etc ...)?

      2.    Warheart said

        I once installed Mate, and although it was a bit heavier than XFCE, it was usable, but I didn't get hooked.

        You can switch from Ubuntu to another distro without losing personal data, only if you have separate partitions for home (your data) and / (the system), otherwise, you will have to backup and format.

      3.    Tesla said

        It depends, if your data is on a partition other than the hard drive, yes.

        This is that you have a partition for the root / and a different one for your home directory / home or / data or whatever. How do you know? Open a terminal and put: df -h. There you get the partitions in use. If there is a different one for each thing as I have indicated, you can reinstall without deleting / home and keep your data.

        Anyway, if you are going to switch distro between Ubuntu and Antergos. I would still erase everything, to have things cleaner. Although they are personal preferences.

  3.   Adrian said

    What is the difference between Antergos and Manjaro?

    1.    Tesla said

      As I understand it (somebody correct me if not), Manjaro uses its own repositories, while Antergos uses Arch's + one of Antergos's own for things of its own.

      That if, as far as I know, both have access to the AUR repository.

      A greeting!

    2.    joakoej said

      that antergos is half-tuned arch, but with arch repos.
      Manjaro takes Arch and creates a dependent distro on it, but with other repositories, by this I mean that it takes the arch repos, reviews them and takes them out some time later.
      For me, Antergos is better, even if you can make yourself an Arch it is also better.
      Anyway, I don't like Arch, I prefer Fedora.

      1.    joakoej said

        I mean it takes the arch repos, checks the packages and releases them after a while, but in its own repositories. Anyway, there is an unstable version that is almost identical to Arch, but it is still a separate repository from Arch created by the guys at manjaro

  4.   FelpeMaster said

    I love Arch. I currently occupy Manjaro and have had no problems at home (the ones that usually solve by googling a little). In fact it is the distro of my work team (and the only OS that runs on that machine). I find the distro interesting, but I don't want to uninstall what I have. I hope to give you the opportunity one day. Although Manjaro also has a very comfortable graphical installation interface.


  5.   Quincy magoo said

    I have been using antergos for months, in my work environment, before I had an Arch + KDE, but for reasons that I don't remember I had to reinstall and it occurred to me to give an opportunity to Antergos that came fresh and well equipped at that time, a decision that I did not I regret in the least, it goes smoothly, I installed it on an SSD, I run, a lot of processes and also I have it with cinnamon, flat and minimalist, I honestly love it 😀

  6.   Menz said

    It looks super! Installing Arch graphically is the best thing they could have invented. The bad thing about Arch is that you have to be agreed with the updates, if you leave without updating for more than 15 days and then do it, everything breaks and leaves the system unstable. That's why I abandoned it, I'm not one of those who update daily xD.

    1.    CARLOS said

      Where do you get that from, sometimes I leave it up to a couple of months without updating and nothing has ever happened to me. I know a guy in google + who was a year without updating and the installation held the update.

  7.   Jesus said

    Great, but Gnome is not one of my favorite environments.
    For those who want to use Arch outright but are afraid of installation, I recommend Evo / Lution-AIS, a graphical installer for Arch. For my part, I'm going to have an adventure with openSUSE Factory.
    Good entry, I wanted to know something about this distro. Satiated curiosity 🙂

    1.    elav said

      It's not my thing either (I mean GNOME), but you can always install another Desktop Environment 😉

  8.   Pablo said

    First of all, congratulate them for their work, I have been a follower for quite some time (I had the blog and now I have my own site and I continue to walk.
    I wanted to know ... do I get in Antergos and therefore in Arch and derivatives, drivers for Epson printers? Because I have RPM and Deb packages that have always worked flawlessly for me.
    I install GNU / Linux to everyone who "I can hook up" hehe and I want to make sure I don't have problems because one of those people has an Epson XP-201.
    Thank you!

  9.   Ariel said

    Arch + Gnome combined for the best possible experience. Months ago I left Ubuntu (after a random error) and since then I have switched to Antergos ... and it works great!

    I fell in love with AUR, with having everything updated quickly and earlier than in most distros, with being able to use the latest Gnome without bugs or incompatibilities (I think of Ubuntu that still plans to reach Gnome 3.12 in its next version, while that in Arch / Antergos already works fine for a long time).

    I was delighted with Antergos, a distro that works well and quickly with any of its environments (although, in my opinion, Gnome and Openbox stand out above the others), even on machines like mine that are already a bit old and not it has great hardware resources.

    If you haven't tried Antergos, I highly recommend giving it a try. It's excellent.

    : )

  10.   linux56 said

    Someone has installed linux in an asus n56jr I just bought it and I'm afraid to throw it away.

  11.   Chaparral said

    I never managed to install Arch and I really tried and for many hours. With Antergos it is easier, but I have not been able to achieve it on a computer with 2 GB of RAM and an Intel Core 2 Duo processor. If I could know or intuit why it won't let me install Antergos and what could be the cause, I would try again right now. I have taken note of what is said in this work to create a boot partition and if I ever try again I will keep it in mind. I accept suggestions.

    1.    Ghost said

      I was able to install on my note that it has those hardware characteristics, does it give you an error message or something?

  12.   sausl said

    probe arch is very cute distro, it didn't last long to do shit the environment with amd drivers
    I prefer to build the distro from scratch
    now I'm with ubuntu-server 14.04 + mate (too bad it is not in the official repos) which is the same as installing debian from netinstall and it works fine

  13.   mat1986 said

    Here is an Antergos user happy to install this distro: D. I chose cinnamon because I wanted to try something new, after fixing a couple of problems with the sound (pulseaudio and its "silly output") now I have no major complaints. An elegant, functional system, a tuned Arch and a very nice default interface. I tried to install Archlinux from the Evo / Lution CD, but the result is not the same: it takes more time to customize the system than to use it itself. With Antergos I save a lot of time in customizing details, I really liked the result 🙂

    I strongly recommend that you install it and give it some time, you will not regret it 😀

    1.    Steve said

      Hello, could you guide me on how you solved the pulseaudio problem with its silly output, thanks in advance

      1.    mat1986 said

        Hello, and I'm sorry for the long delay in answering you - I just noticed that I had a response uu-

        To fix the cinnamon issue and its silly output you remove the "timidity" package and then reboot. Of course, before uninstalling timidity check if it is blocking pulseaudio with this command:

        sudo fuser -v / dev / snd / *

        I don't know if you are still using Antergos but at least I hope I have solved your problem: ')

  14.   additional said

    The problem that gives me is the installation of Openbox, the only thing that opens the LxTerminal, everything else fails, it does not install anything at all removing the obmenu.

  15.   Nico said

    After using Elementary for a long time I wanted to go back to my dear Gnome3. In itself it works very well for what my machine is, although Phanteon consumes me much less.

    Sometimes I get some errors when logging in and I have to restart the laptop… I don't like the fact that I can't change the buttons to close, minimize, maximize, etc. left in most Gnome apps, but that's Gnome's problem and not the distro's.

    A long time ago I used Manjaro with Gnome, and when I came back I saw this new distribution and decided to give it a try. So far I'm doing well (except for that detail of the session). And I like this distro more because its logo is prettier: 3 hahaha.

  16.   saeron said

    To me personally the appearance of antegros by default seems horrible, at least in kde which is the one I install. But hey, I suppose it's a matter of taste, especially the icon theme is ugly and misplaced, plus many are missing.

    1.    elav said

      Antergos does not support KDE in terms of Artwork (and in terms of nothing I suppose) .. If you want to see Antergos in all its splendor you have to install it with GNOME.

  17.   Francisco said

    Antergos is a great distro, I use it at home and at work and it works really well, for it I left behind the debs and rpms. The best distro I have tried, 100% recommended and very stable !!!

  18.   inryoku said

    well, what version of avidemux is available in antergos? just to prove, that since his years I have been very happy in fedora.

    1.    mat1986 said

      According to pacman:
      avidemux-cli / gtk / qt: 2.5.6-9

      1.    inryoku said

        thanks, as expected, the more or less standard version that is possible to find in the distros. so far only fedora has 2.6.8 in its official repos, ubuntu has a ppa with the same version.

        and heck, there is a notable difference between the 256 and the 268. the first does not work well several formats that the second handles without problems.

        Anyway, I would have liked to try some antergos.

      2.    x11tete11x said

        @inryoku is already marked as outdated, at any time they update it ..

  19.   Manrique said

    For me, Antergos hangs (black screen) after grub randomly (and I have no fucking idea how to fix it, but I'm very afraid it's systemd). Although this happens to me in other distributions; Manjaro, Fedora, Antergos, Mageia. The only one that works well for me of the ones I have tried is Linux Mint, which is the distribution I am with now (by force, although I like it, but if it were up to me I would stick with Fedora or Manjaro. Antergos also gave me stylus issues, sometimes had to reboot multiple times to get it working).
    Anyway, as things continue like this, I will have to switch to PC-BSD.

  20.   Maria said

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    1.    Dayara said

      Luckily you moderate the comments ...
      Mine from yesterday in this same post is not yet accepted, if it is going to be at some point (a normal and current comment). And while here is the tiparraca is advertising.

    2.    Seba said

      "I don't know yet, but I will tell you step by step what is happening to me."
      And when?
      It must be arranged with some admin, since February these same comments are in other posts.

  21.   Rafa liin said

    How about spotify? I don't remember very well, that I read that the AUR package is broken. and you had to make a chicken. and if every time it is updated (every little bit) it breaks ... just for that reason I walk with ubuntu and deribadas that have an official repository. but I want to try some arch.

    1.    Ariel said

      Spotify works without problems in Antergos, I have been working for months (with an update in the middle), and it never gave me any problem. It is also super easy to install:

      yaourt -S spotify

      And in two minutes he is walking.

      1.    Rafa liin said

        Thanks Ariel. to answer!
        This weekend I install it.

  22.   Ghost said

    Hello elav, just yesterday I installed antergos on my old Acer note and I loved it, the issue is that I am a gnome user on my Ubuntu and I decided to try KDE for the first time, the truth is I did not understand anything haj, you know of a tutor that is around Some blog about the basic use of the environment and how to configure / customize it? I know it is very noob to ask but I don't have much time to go around trying each thing and I would like to read something from somewhere where they explain most of the things. Thanks, by the way as I am an Ubuntu user, it is also my first time with Arch or one of its derivatives, some tutorials would be appreciated 😀

  23.   jony127 said

    hi, I tried several times to install antergos with kde in virtualbox but in the end it gave me the error that some packages could not be installed and the installation was not completed.

    Antergos with kde installs a complete or rather basic kde with few applications? In the end I decided on manjaro with the desire to try a rolling, it was between pclinuxos, antergos and manjaro. Antergos being an arch after all, it did not inspire me much confidence due to the possible problems with the updates, that's why I opted for manjaro before since it tests the packages more and works great for the moment. I think it is one of the safest rolling mills to use today.

    If someone can answer me the previous question since I can not test it in virtual machine.

    Thank you.

  24.   jamin samuel said


    Do you recommend to partition / boot apart from the root? currently I keep this partitioning scheme:

    / -> 20GB
    swap -> 2GB
    / home -> remaining disk space

    Every time I install Antergos seconds before the LightDM appears to start my session, very brief white letters appear indicating an error with something on the ext4 root partition, the information passes so fast that it can hardly be read ...

    So I don't know if Antergos is asking me / boot apart.

    PS: I don't use dual boot only Linux

  25.   Alex Sokop said

    It seems to me very well the proposal of Antergos. I have been a Manjaro user for a long time, I like the fact that they maintain their own repositories that test a little more than Arch's for stability.
    I wonder if antergos has something like Manjaro's "Octopi", which allows updating the distro very easily and prevents problems due to an update that creates conflicts. That, I think, is the biggest advantage Manjaro has.

    1.    Ariel said

      Antergos has PacmanXG (which, in my opinion, is more complete), but if for some reason you don't like it, you can always install Octopi easily and use it without problems:

      yaourt -S octopi

  26.   eliotime3000 said

    With regards to Antergos, I don't like the Ubiquitous type installer because it takes too long to load the time zone (if it takes too long to load, they would have put a loader that indicates that it is processing the time zones to configure).

    And answering your question, on the Arch Wiki he talks about the why don't they use graphical interfaces when developing ArchLinux. As well prefer to use command lines over GUIs Because, normally, graphical interfaces are the ones that complicate code debugging when correcting errors.

    For my part, I was already bored with the GUIs in the installation process, so I liked the spartan mode of Arch installation (it is not as "spartan" as Gentoo, but at least, it saves several other additional commands for the setting).

  27.   duvan said

    hello friend thanks to this recommendation I have decided to use antergos I am going to try it

  28.   sander said

    I'm quite tempted to try this distro, but at the moment I don't have time to dedicate myself to it (thinking that something may go wrong), in any case it is one of my great pending.

  29.   Jorge said

    I will tell you "my" experience with Antergos:

    I have a friend who is an Arch-lover, and he likes things easy (not so trivial). He has a Vaio netbook, which gives problems when trying to install it via USB. So I had to resort to booting it from the ISO using Grub2. After several attempts, it turned out, loading the ISO into RAM. After that, everything became easy, although it took a while for the matter of downloading the packages from the network. But I see the good on the side that it has a more updated base system, different than in Arch that after installing, you have to first update the base system, and then install the rest. It recognizes absolutely everything, even the microphone, the camera, the WiFi and the bluetooth.

    And the Libreoffice installer is pretty trivial.

    It is nice to have such a distro. Anyway, I'm still staying with Gentoo.


  30.   Ed said

    ((I wonder if Antergos has something like Manjaro's "Octopi"))

    You can install Octopi on Antergos from AUR.
    Just install it by your update notifier. When I do not use the terminal I continue with PacmanXG than in Gnome, it is much faster than Octopi.

  31.   Angel said

    I have been using it for a while on 2 PCs but I have a question, for a while now the icons changed in one of them, it is worth mentioning that I keep them updated, in fact I reinstalled the system from scratch on the machine they changed and they are still different of a rather garish yellow hue any idea why?

  32.   Kevin Najarro said

    Hi, could you tell me the KDE desktop theme you use my friend?

  33.   Alfonso said

    Does anyone know why installing kde always gives me an error? I can not install that environment in antertgos

    1.    let's use linux said

      Hi Alfonso!

      For a few days we have made available a new question and answer service called Ask FromLinux. We suggest that you transfer this type of consultation there so that the entire community can help you with your problem.

      A hug, Pablo.

  34.   gabouh said

    Hello, I really liked your publication, could you please explain how to change from an environment like gnome or xfce to base and that everything is clean to start creating a frankenstein with pantheon? hehe if it's not too much trouble.


    1.    serfravirs said

      Hello gabouh.

      As you commented in this post, I imagine that you have Antergos or Arch installed. Now, if you already thought well what you are going to do and after you have backed up configurations and important information, then first you delete everything and leave only the base of the system:

      # sudo pacman -R $ (comm -23 <(pacman -Qq | sort) <((for i in $ (pacman -Qqg base); do pactree -ul $ i; done) | sort -u | cut -d ' '-f 1))

      I would advise you to read the Arch wiki before following blind instructions in case the flies:

      … Then you will have to install the rest from scratch, graphics system, codecs, desktop environment (Pantheon, which is the one that interests you), the rest of the programs you use, etc.

      Have fun creating your Frankenstein.

  35.   jstalin8 said

    Good. I am trying to install Antergos-2014.08.07. But when I start the installation process the screen turns off regardless of typing or clicking. and I have to wait about a minute to press the ignition pad and continue with the installation where it was previously.
    my computer is a sony vaio netbook with atom processor and 1gb of ram
    this problem also happens to me with the archlinux installation. I don't understand what is happening.
    And I have already tried with Ubuntu distro and if everything is normal.

  36.   Lenin Ali said

    Testing Antergos with Openbox. So far everything excellent! very fluid and with a minimalist and very beautiful out of the box appearance, all that remains is to install a few things and enjoy.
    Thank you elav for recommending this distro!

  37.   alexis miranda said

    People, I was installing the latest version of antergos, I had a strange problem, when the installation and download of packages begins, there comes a time when it stops installing, either in 4% or in 92%, it does not crash, but not install more, I spend with two teams one of them very powerful, any help? I've been a linux end user for years, and always supports arch from afar and now that I could ...

  38.   Eaaa said

    Very good distro, I recommend it.

  39.   Manual said

    Good evening, ok my problem is somewhat complicated I tried to install antergo on my pc from a USB but when trying to boot from the USB and give the star live cd option I get a black screen and it says unable to enumerate USB divice it will be by tengtengo uefi ? Thanks and sorry for the vague question

  40.   eduardo said

    Hello, how are you? Check out that I install antergos next to my windows 8 but in the grub the windows and antergos do not come out together, what can I do in that case? mark like this:

    / dev / sda2 256M 106M 151M 42% / boot / efi

    any opinion ?, greetings.

  41.   Wero said

    Hello, I would like to try ANTERGOS on my machine but I have a question. My machine has wisdows to play on the internet, besides it has 3 other linux distributions each with its "/" and buying / home apart from a directory in / home. Well, my DOUBT is the following (to see if I express myself correctly and understandably), can I install ANTERGOS in one of the partitions (without having to be primary) and share the / home without "melting" the data they contain? I hope it is understood.
    Thanks for your answers and help. Best regards.
    PS: I don't use UEFI.