I tried Kubuntu 15.04 Beta2 and I leave my opinion;)

A couple of days ago the Beta 2 of what will be ** Kubuntu 15.04 ** came out and it has left an excellent taste in my mouth after a few minutes of testing. Let's take a look at some of the more interesting things to come across in this Beta.

The Power of KDE

Perhaps the most important change that ** Kubuntu 15.04 ** brings us is that they put the security and stability of KDE 4.X aside to open their hands to ** Plasma 5 **. I don't remember which version of Kubuntu came with KDE 4.0 for the first time, but what I will never forget is that it was a complete disaster due to the instability of the desktop at the time.

With ** Plasma 5 **, although we are always prone to something similar, I don't think it will be like on that occasion. Those of us who have been testing ** Plasma 5 ** since its inception have seen how it has matured little by little and the details that are still really missing are very small. Perhaps the most annoying is that some applications, like Pidgin, do not show the icon in the system tray. But without a doubt some of the advantages and improvements that ** Plasma 5 ** will bring us in ** Kubuntu 15.04 ** will make us forget those things.

Since we got to the * Login * screen, we can see the aesthetic care that the KDE developers have had thanks to the new * Team * in charge of the image and design of this Desktop Environment. The same appearance that we find on the lock screen:

Lock screen

When accessing the Desktop I think the first thing we will notice is how "minimalist" it is, and without a doubt it looks beautiful, although for color tastes. An example of this is the KDE Applications menu which is sober, elegant and very * flat *.

Plasma Breeze Light

And for those who prefer dark themes in Plasma, then * Breeze * (the new theme for the Desktop), also provides us with the * Dark * version:

Plasma Breeze Dark

Another detail that I liked about the * Live CD * of this Beta is that they have only included the necessary GTK applications, in this case ** LibreOffice ** and ** Mozilla Firefox **. In addition, the default font is ** Oxygen Font **, a font designed specifically for KDE, although it doesn't quite convince me with the system's default * anti-aliasing *, and I always end up putting another one. They also added to the KDE Preferences Center, the option to see the data of our team:


Returning to ** Plasma 5 ** and its novelties, now an * applet * is included in the panel to control the audio players:


And in the case of ** Kubuntu 15.04 **, another * applet * is added to launch KDE Telepathy which is quite useful:


On the other hand, in ** Plasma 5 ** they have taken (in my opinion) a step backwards by incorporating floating notifications in the form of bubbles, which are not configurable at all. These once they disappear can be viewed on the panel as usual.

I say that it is a step backwards because with KDE4, you can * detach * the notifications from the panel and they are given the same shape (in bubble), but we have the option to do it or not. Either way, they look really good.


Other interesting details of Kubuntu 15.04

Testing the * LiveCD * I found some other details that I found interesting, such as ** Kubuntu includes a new GTK Theme called Orion ** that has its variant for GTK2 and GKT3 applications. Also, it adds a new graphical style for KDE called * Fusion *.

Another thing that caught my attention was that while I was writing in ** Kate **, I was logged out. When I came back in I opened ** Kate ** again resigned that I had taken a lot of notes and hadn't saved, but I came across this:

Recovery in KATE

It not only allowed me to see the Before / After changes, but it allowed me to recall what I had written, or I could forget about it. What do you think? If this was already there before, I just had it for breakfast 😉

As you can see in the screenshot, among the notes that I was pointing as * something negative in this beta *, is that LibreOffice needs a little more affection since the integration with KDE is not entirely bad, but in the menu we do not know when we we stop on some option.

And to finish this part, I have to acknowledge some details that are to be appreciated. First, that although many other distributions have changed the mount point of devices to * / run / media / user / device / *, Kubuntu keeps the mount point at * / media / user / device / *. Another plus point is that it includes KDE Connect to interact with our system through an Android phone.

Kubuntu 15.04 Conclusions

Despite the short testing time, I think ** Kubuntu 15.04 ** is ready and ready to receive ** Plasma 5 **. After KaOS, right now Kubuntu 15.04 would be the other * pro Plasma5 * distribution that I would recommend to any friend. For now, I will wait for the final version to test again and confirm if I am right with my opinion.

Anyway, the best thing you can do is try it yourself, so I leave you the link for download:

Download Kubuntu 15.04 Beta 2

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  1.   Obi-Wan Kenobi said

    Interesting. We will see in April when the stable version comes out.
    PS: 15.04 is LTS? I thought it was the pairs, 14.04, 16.04, etc ...

    1.    Leper_Ivan said

      Not me dear.

      The pairs, but with the XX.04.

      xx.10 no.


    2.    Leper_Ivan said

      Sorry. Misinterpretation of mine.

  2.   gorlok said

    A small correction if you want:
    «Despite the short testing time, I believe that Kubuntu 15.04 is ready and prepared to receive Plasma 5. Being an LTS release we must have the patches or security and stability fixes ensured, but in itself this version of KDE is fully usable. "
    To my knowledge, it does not correspond to an LTS release. LTS comes out every 2 years, the current one is 14.04 LTS, and the next one will probably be 16.04 LTS. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTS

    Now, with respect to the test: the truth is that the distro is interesting, I like the general appearance it is receiving. We will have to try it 🙂

    1.    elav said

      Oh right .. I got the idea that all .04s were LTS: D. Thanks for the correction, now I fix it.

  3.   Christian said

    I want to try the final version, when I try to test this beta on my laptop if I move the windows they start to disappear or blink or close, really annoying, I hope the final one is usable for me, I will try in April.


    1.    elav said

      What video card does your laptop have?

      1.    Christian said

        The laptop in which I test the distributions has an AMD Radeon 7310 HD, at the moment it is with Antergos and gnome moves generally well.

    2.    Marcelo said

      That happened to me with 14.10 and plasma 5 ... I solved it by activating the stable AMD driver. Now in 15.04 I no longer needed it.

      I hope it helps you.

      Personally, I consider that this version, even though it is still beta, is the one that has worked the best on my current laptop (and that I updated from 14.10). Fast, elegant, stable ... the truth ... I like it a lot. I only had a couple of problems with applications that were half removed, and kmix that would only occur at system startup. Fixed that, everything perfect! and language support, it's what I missed the most in 14.10 alpha Plasma 5.

  4.   yacolca said

    Hi .. and the million dollar question How do I make Compiz Fusion work?

    1.    elav said

      Compiz Fusion on KDE? That is not necessary .. 😉

      1.    Chicxulub Kukulkan said

        Isn't it necessary because it's KWin? Isn't it necessary because Compiz is already obsolete? Isn't it necessary because Compiz doesn't help productivity? ...

        Questions with good intention, I clarify 🙂.

      2.    edo said

        The compiz cube is more beautiful than kwin's 🙂

  5.   rober said

    Well, I don't like Plasma 5, I've tried it on Kaos, Manjaro, Kubuntu and Arch and it doesn't convince me. The sources look bad, it consumes me much more than in Kde4, it crashes too many times, it starts with sddm just as slow as with Kdm and in general terms it seems more like a Kde 4 facelift than anything else. If Kde 4 is stable, reliable and secure, why not just do a facelift with new icons, new themes and improve applications that have not been touched for a long time like Amarok or Konqueror, etc?

    1.    elav said

      plasma 5 goes far beyond a face lift .. 😉

    2.    brutal said

      Well, you have those problems before the last update of plasma 5.2.2, which has recently been solved, it no longer locks and works very well. It is not a face lift since it is qt5, the ram consumption is the same as plasma desktop 4 about 400 megabytes. Amarok? but if it has nothing to do with the desktop. o_O

      1.    rober said

        Perfect that they have solved them but in my case I am going to wait until summer to use it, in my opinion it is still very green, it reminds me of Gnome 3 when it came out, full of bugs.

        I said about Amarok because some Kde applications have been abandoned for a long time, I think they should have been put earlier with these applications than with the desktop.

      2.    Miguel said

        If KDE 4 is so polished, it would be a good idea to stop using it, right? at least for some time.
        How long is KDE 4 supported?

  6.   Chuck daniels said

    I have not used KDE for a long time but the truth is that they have given it a good face lift on an aesthetic level. In my opinion it has gained a lot of points with this, it was getting a bit dated.

  7.   Adolfo Rojas G. said

    Since 2012 when I changed from Gnome and / or derivatives (cinammon) to Xfce, I feel super comfortable with this last environment (especially with the new version 4.12 that already meets almost all my expectations) but they talk so much about KDE that it is already giving me as I want to try it just to take away my curiosity ...

  8.   Elias said

    The only thing that prevents me from going to Linux is the issue of the battery in Windows it lasts me about 3 hours in Linux hopefully after many fixes 1 hour and a half = /

    1.    Ugo Yak said

      I have noticed excellent performance with Ubuntu Gnome.

    2.    Ugo Yak said

      ups, little fail, I was referring to "Ubuntu MATE" ^^ (I have not tested Gnome).

    3.    TT said

      You should install the TLP to reduce consumption… .use the PPA and in a jiffy you have it installed. It is not miraculous, but it manages to reduce consumption by between 10 and 20%.

    4.    manu said


      My battery lasts about 6 hours.
      Optimize it by following these steps:


  9.   Cristian said

    I feel like I should abandon gnome and go to kde, there is some list of programs that it contains by default

  10.   cr0t0 said

    I don't care that this is the first KDE 5 implementation officially on kubuntu, but I don't know if it's worth leaving an LTS. I will wait for the first reviews in less than 1 month, I tried it in a virtual machine and it eats more ram at the height of Gnome approx 600mb but it goes smoothly.
    OFFTOPIC: Does anyone know of any sound players that are not as disgusting as amarok / clementine in KDE? I like deadbeef but it's GTK…

    1.    Wolf said

      Music players there are a million. If it has to be QT, then I would go for Tomahawk or YaRock. They have their flaws, but they are pretty good.

    2.    rober said

      Try Cantata, very complete and spending much less resources than Amarok or Clementine.

    3.    migurl said

      and what does GTK have to be?

  11.   hiber said

    Excellent article. A question, what would be the requirements for PC?

    1.    elav said

      That varies a lot, KDE can run perfectly on a Netbook with 1GB of RAM and an Atom as a processor. So it depends on the hardware you have.

  12.   cr0t0 said

    The new KDE interface goes very well with the Nitrux (KDE) + TYPE [: ZERO] icon suite. Too bad they are not free.
    link: http://deviantn7k1.deviantart.com/art/TYPE-ZERO-489810551

  13.   sinnermann said

    I've tried kde and as in few things in life, I'm sure of this: I don't like KDE at all. I'm pro-gnome

    1.    Paul said

      like kde, i don't like gnome either. I am pro-XFCE. But it is a matter of taste.

  14.   mykeura said

    elav I personally like the design of Plasma 5. However, due to the stability issue. My stay in KDE 4 goes for a long time ... Or at least until a stable version of Plasma 5 comes out.

    At the moment I feel super comfortable with KDE 4. So I'm not in a rush to try Plasma 5.

    Although to try it. I think I would install a fresh copy of Linux Mint with KDE on a secondary hard drive. So if something goes to failure in Plasma 5 I would lose absolutely nothing 🙂

    1.    elav said

      I think the same. I think I'll stick with KDE4 for a while, but I could still try Plasma5 on another PC. 😉

  15.   Stif said

    I am a mouse user, but I acquired a 3gb Intel i4 computer, how will KDE behave with this machine?

    Thanks for your answers 🙂

    1.    geek said

      Like silk my friend

    2.    mcklain said

      I have it on an Intel Core i5 and it runs great 🙂

  16.   Fedorian said

    I have tried it in Fedora and I have seen it still very green:

    It has no desktop icons and no way to put them (no rare boxes of those) This is not good if you want to win over the traditional user.

    Fundamental applications are missing in Qt5, such as Dolphin, konqueror, etc. I don't like the spawn hybrid that can form between kof 4 and 5

    The KDE control center is still missing a multitude of configuration modules. Cannot configure printer, for example.

    Applications cannot be minimized to the notification bar.

    Still a lack of many topics, although this is the least of the problems.

    Anyway, I've been running my traditional KDE4, and if you want to put it by default, I hope you have solved these problems first or at least leave the option of using KDE4.

    And this is my experience exclusively with KDE5 on Fedora. Maybe on other distros it's different, but for the most part I don't think it's misguided.

  17.   lucas black said

    The truth that can be provided by the development of free software. Although in regards to graphic environments…. I would have appreciated that gnome and kde think more like windows (if that is possible). Now 1 year ago I use xfce4. First I chose it because my pc for daily use is low in resources, but then I continued choosing it because it is the most stable and fixed desktop paradigm, as it was in Windows XP. I believe, and not only from my own experience, that GNU / Linux users (not all, but at least many) do not want to go around every 2 years looking if the task bar shows what we need or the buttons that are here tomorrow are over there, or if the control panels today are one way and tomorrow another. Plasma (kde 5) looks pretty, yeah. It looks attractive, yes. But we are with the balls full that due to a «graphic evolution» that the desktop and notebbok do not need, everything changes, and changes, and does not seem to change and grow.
    I think it's great that the applications gain speed and the drivers work better and better together with the boot speed and the kernel and all this with the same resources as before. They are wonders of free software .. but please !! don't fuck around with the graphics environment.
    I think I speak on behalf of many. Greetings people.

  18.   Dj shipwrecked said

    Good article! The truth that above, it looks pretty good. My misgivings about the latest versions of the Ubuntu family, has been mostly for being too demanding with the hardware. I guess this will not be characterized precisely by light ...

  19.   Jamodev said

    Hello I have been testing this last month several distros I really liked Linux Mint 17.1 only that something in cinnamon I did not quite like I went to fedora 21 but there was still something that did not let me be happy, now I tried kubuntu 15.04 and I am fascinated is A desktop that has everything, the aesthetics very careful and intuitive Dolphin seems spectacular to me I have everything I need at hand, the only thing that did not work well for me was the integration with droopbox and in the kMenu where it says write to search I wrote Terminal or konsole and nothing does not look for I hope they repair it (I don't know if this happens to someone else), but otherwise I think that here I stay KDE5 I was shocked from beginning to end

  20.   mcklain said

    I don't know what they did but I just updated on Arch and it runs great, the desktop in general was behaving fast, maybe with a bit of lag (acceptable), now the lag is completely gone.

    Excellent work from the KDE team.

  21.   Mikail said

    I was testing Kubuntu 15.04 a couple of days ago and I really liked it, I admit that I have never been a fan of KDE more than anything for its aesthetics, but I must clarify that KDE has excellent applications such as Dolphin, Okular, K3b to name a few. Even though it consumes a lot more RAM than Xubuntu, on my old PC (AMD64x2 with 4gb of RAM and an integrated NVIDIA card) this version runs very smoothly, excellent work

  22.   osky027 said

    I tried a clean install of 15.04, and I don't take the Nvidia GS7300 graphics card. a shame ...

  23.   continum4 said

    Tried Kubuntu 15.04, very nice KDE, but couldn't work with that desktop, too many crashes. I ended up removing it, went back to Kubuntu 14.10.

  24.   Manual said

    looks like windows 8 🙁

  25.   julio74 said

    Well in regards to graphics, performance and startup it goes well, the only thing I see failure is that the sound has to be reconfigured every time I enter the system and I don't know if any file can be modified so that I don't have to do that every time that I turn on or restart the pc. My jar has a 2.5Ghz amd athlon dual core processor, 4GB RAM, integrated sound card and 1Gb Ati video card.

  26.   Carlos said

    Hello, I want to express my humble opinion, although I agree a lot with the author of the article, I personally would not recommend plasma 5 yet, I sincerely believe that it needs to solve some problems that could be its achilles heel within the different desktop environments.
    I have done some tests on Kubuntu 15.04, this was installed on an HP Brand Laptop, Model 420, with 2GB RAM and I see the following:
    Speed: Although the test laptop is limited I found that Kubuntu works quite fast in relation to its brother Ubuntu 15.04 installed on the same computer.
    Design: Without a doubt it is one of the most beautiful designs that at least I have seen, as the author says it is seen that the KDE geniuses were very concerned about this point, since it is seen that it is a very clean and aesthetic desktop.
    Office automation: as usual LibreOffice, nothing to say although libreoffice lacks a bit to be able to surpass Office of Microrobo, in my opinion it is the best alternative.
    Personal Manager: nothing to say Kontact I think is the best in its field, and modestly this program has done the job of being more useful than Outlook or Thunderbird itself….

    Cons ...
    1.- It costs a bit to customize it since by default it comes with the Brize theme, worse is a point, although not important it can be annoying.
    2.- Amarok, personally I have never liked it since I find it very entangled that if we have to admit that it is the most stable ...
    3.- the most record of all is that at least Kubuntu 15.04, is having a serious problem with the graphics, since the screen flickers, finding out in some blogs is the headache for Kubuntu people who have not been able to solve this problem that could be the Achilles heel of Plasma 5… apparently Fedora 22 made some changes and found a slight solution to this problem….

    In short, I think Plasma 5 is going to give a lot to talk about but in a couple of months or at least when Kubuntu 16.04 comes out (if it does come out), because maybe in one of those it departs completely from Ubuntu for that date, who knows ...
    In the end we have many free alternatives that allow us not to have to use Robosoft 7 or Robosoft 10 for my part I prefer to wait until Kubuntu stabilizes with plasma 5 ...

    Clarification: my opinion is from a person who has 0 knowledge of computer science, I am just a common and wild user….

    1.    Roberto said

      I can just say that Windows sucks !!!!
      Greetings to all!

    2.    julius mejia said

      Finally someone has done the homework and to that I add that they have a problem recognizing the front audio output, for those of us who have desktop PCs and use the headset connected to the front jacks it is important, now if we do the configuration by kmix the It recognizes but the configuration is lost after restarting the computer, the flickering on the screen usually happens and is tedious and happens more than anything when you watch a movie or listen to music with several windows open and the other thing is that something has happened to me already in 2 occasions And it is that the screen is totally black and as with a desktop bar or task manager but it does not leave or let anything do so, running I reinstalled my old powerful and stable KUBUNTU 14.10 from where I am making this comment now. My computer has an AMD ATHLON 2.5 × 2 Ghz x64 4 Gb RAM DD 1Tb processor, Radeon 4550 1GB RAM graphics

      1.    Marcelo said

        Like I said about five hundred messages ago, hahaha, I fixed the flickering problem by installing the stable AMD driver for my graphics card.

  27.   Eliud Gomez said

    Hello Friends from FromLinux: I have installed Kubuntu 15.04. One of your SMplayer youtube Browser applications does not work for me. I tell you, I activate the tab in SMplayer, in the option «search for videos on youtube, a dialog box appears that says: Error: Cannot connect to the youtube server. Could you help me solve this problem? I will appreciate it very much. I hope your answer.