Bloggers: Professionals of the Future. Among many others!

Bloggers: Professionals of the Future

Bloggers: Professionals of the Future

In 1996, the American businessman Bill Gates, co-founder of the multinational Microsoft, predicted that "much of the real money will be made on the Internet". And more than 20 years later, no one can deny otherwise. While it is true that the largest income-generating industries in the world are usually considered those related to war, sex and drugs, it is also true that on a personal level new forms of work have emerged based on the internet , promoting "Freelance" work in people.

And although for many, both in the traditional work environment (employed in a public and / or private organization) and in the increasingly innovative and striking freelance environment (Independent and / or Entrepreneur) it is not usually a striking option the work of blogging, that is, the creative work of communicating, of knowing or learning to teach, of creating added value through knowledge, The truth is that it is one of the most beautiful, enriching and even profitable (in many cases) jobs on the internet and in the freelance environment.

Bloggers - Professionals of the Future: Introduction


At present we can quote on the one hand the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, who maintains that: "Internet and new technologies create jobs" and states that: "For every 10 people who access the Internet, a job is created and one person is lifted out of poverty".

On the other hand, we can quote Klaus Schwab, President of the World Economic Forum, in Davos 2016, who stated that: "The fourth industrial revolution led by new technologies may lead to the destruction of some seven million jobs in the next five years".

Although, in the final report of the Forum the following forecast was added as a counterpart: "Some two million new jobs may be generated, especially among professionals in the areas of computer science, architecture, engineering, or mathematics."

What drives and drags the world are not machines but ideas. Victor Hugo, French Poet, Playwright and Novelist. (1802-1885).

Which, added to many other statements and evident facts at the labor level, makes it clear to us, the magnitude of the impact of technification, digitization and (r) evolution in general on work mechanisms, which is not recent, nor is it concealable, and on which there are divergent points of view for all tastes. The only sure thing is that today and what is coming for the next times will be very different from what we knew and know.

Bloggers - Professionals of the Future: Content


Reinvention of work paradigms

Not only people nowadays create and / or adapt to new forms or paradigms of work often under the slogan of "Freelancer". Rather, as a whole "Work, organizations and people" are beginning to shift towards new types and models of structure and employment relationship. The way in which we understand or will understand employment will be, consequently, another of the great emerging changes of the changing present and the uncertain future.

The new characteristics of the "Professional of the Future" should include continuous learning, the ability to rethink and reinvent one's work, adaptation, creation and almost constant mobility., together with a better capacity for multidisciplinary work together, that is, with peers and experts who dominate other disciplines.

Where one of the most concrete and influential aspects of this new work paradigm will be labor flexibility, mobility, the use of high technology, teleworking, interaction with Artificial Intelligence or the delegation of responsibilities and decision-making to them, and the use of Big Data, Machine Learning and Blockchain for safe and reliable management of high volumes of information.

Therefore, the best of the scenarios for the «New Work Paradigm» for the coming times leaves us with one where «we will live a Talent War» in the best style of the sports or acting world. And one where we are not only going to compete with each other, but we are going to compete with new forms of technology (programs, machines, robots, androids). Although most likely from the comfort of our homes or outside of the organization we work for.

And this enormous transformation will have to have the human factor as a key to success more than ever. So that it continues to be a valuable source of adding value and sustainability to the Organization, but at the same time it will be much more demanding with Human Resources. Since to guarantee a More Human Future for Man, we must go from the Paradigm of Automation (Machine / Efficiency / Efficacy) to one where Man continues to be the first, and not the last, in the value chain of Organizations.

Bloggers - Professionals of the Future: Content

Professions of the Future

The next few years will most likely demand formally or informally the hiring of many people from careers / professions that involve a lot of creativity and social relationships. Because these aspects are usually what modern technologies, for example artificial intelligence, still cannot efficiently emulate.

Because of this professionals who exploit or dominate the use of social networks or social media, to create or share content / experiences / knowledge will be in high demand or will have great opportunities under the Freelance format (Free = Free and Lance = Lanza, «Lanza Libre»), that is, as Freelancer (Independent).

Understanding how Freelance to the activity (work) carried out by a person independently or autonomously, developing in their profession or trade, or in those areas in which it can be more lucrative, and aimed at third parties that require specific servicesIn other words, it is the work that is carried out by personnel not hired by / in an organization, to obtain the same or better desired results by means of a permanent personnel.

And since Freelance is a form of work that offers magnificent advantages for anyone who decides to take the step and opt for an independent job, it can be concluded that the Freelancer worker is an independent worker who uses his talents, experiences or profession to fulfill client assignments that require his skills.

Commissions that usually consist of projects or their parts, and that are governed by guidelines defined by the client. Guidelines that may have been defined by the client himself in advance, if he knows well what he needs, or by both the client and the freelancer to make the best decisions for the design of the work or project.

Commissions whose economic remuneration is usually agreed between the client and the freelancer before starting the project or task. However, these are not necessarily fixed amounts, but rather amounts for the time invested or for the amount of work involved in the entire project.

Bloggers - Professionals of the Future: Content

Among these professionals who exploit or dominate the use of social networks or social media very well and who tend to prefer "freelance" activity, we usually find Bloggers and other developers and / or managers of digital content, who create and transmit knowledge, and discuss relevant topics for a certain audience.

This profession (Blogger) and other related ones will make more and more sense, mainly thinking about the current “Generation Y” and Millennials, who no longer have the habit of viewing the existing information and communication media (Books, Magazines, Written Press, Radio and TV) as our ancestors did or did.

However, there are many other professions alongside those of the Blogger that have a promising future, inside and outside the freelance field, and the area of ​​influence of social networks, and of which we will mention the 20 most promising in the immediate future:

  1. Digital Content Creator: Professional who lives by producing and managing digital and multimedia content for the Internet (Bloggers, Vloggers, Influencers, Editors, Writers and Digital Journalists).
  2. Software developer: Programmer, Creator and Maintainer of current Systems and Applications. Great opportunities especially for those who work for mobile environments, virtual reality and blockchain technologies.
  3. UI / UX designers: Programming professionals specialized in the development, implementation and improvement of UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience Design).
  4. User / Customer Service Specialist: Advisory and Support Analyst for the achievement of User / Client satisfaction and success.
  5. Public Image Advisor: Professional who live by caring for and improving the real public image of People or Organizations, public or private.
  6. Digital Image Advisor: Professional who make a living from caring for and improving the digital image of People or Organizations, public or private.
  7. Online teacher: Online teaching / education professional, in demand today.
  8. Professional coach: Professionals who help others to evolve in various areas of their lives, especially in the workplace.
  9. Personal trainer: Professionals who help others to maintain and improve their appearance, body and figure.
  10. Digital Marketing Professional: Professional who manages marketing strategies carried out in digital media of people or organizations.
  11. Big Data Analyst: Professional who analyzes all the information from a System that circulates on the Internet and that can influence a business / company.
  12. Community Administrator: Professional responsible for managing the consumers and / or community of an Online Company in order to collect opinions to improve the business and the positioning of the same with these people. His tasks include search engine optimization (SEO) so that customers can find us, search engine marketing (SEM), automation of marketing processes (SEA) as well as social media optimization (SMO).
  13. Information Security Specialist: Professional in charge of the assurance (protection and privacy) of all digital information of a certain person, company or institution.
  14. Architect and 3D Engineer: Professional related to the area of ​​Engineering, Architecture and Urbanism, trained for the projection of 3D environments or printing of 3D objects.
  15. Wearable Devices Developer: Professional trained in the development of "wearable" technological devices (that can be worn), such as: glasses, lenses, watches, clothes, among others.
  16. Innovation Manager: Professional capable of rethinking the mechanisms or internal and external strategies of a company, in order to improve its business model.
  17. Talent Manager: Professional in the Human Talent area capable of identifying and acting more effectively on people's strengths and weaknesses, to train them to always be better professionals in their careers.
  18. Electronic Commerce Specialist: Professional in charge of attracting and keeping customers online.
  19. Head of E-CRM: Professional in charge of the E-CRM System (Client Relationship Manager in the Cloud - Electronic Client Relationship Management). Specialized in managing the different loyalty strategies of an Organization's clients.
  20. Robot Operator: Professional in charge of operating the existing types of social and humanoid robots that are not yet autonomous, that is, they are designed to interact with the clients of an organization but that must still be assisted by an operator.

Bloggers - Professionals of the Future: Content


According to Sebastián Síseles, International Vice President of the site "Today more than ever, writers and communicators are leading the demand for online work". Said executive stated the following:

Newspapers exist on paper, and they will surely continue, but they are also being channeled a lot through digital. This means that writers and communicators are still needed to create the content. For this reason, the content writer was the job that grew the most and I am sure it will continue to grow in the coming years of online work.

And according to this same site, for the year 2018:

Academic writing also experienced substantial growth, ranking in the top 10 skill categories. In addition, within the creation of online content, writing for blogs was in great demand, with a growth of 146.6% and SEO writing for companies ...

That is, if you are someone very good at what you do, and you want to exploit your capabilities and make them known to the world, a logical step is for you to become a Blogger, either in your own blog or someone else's, and even who knows you can earn money either by monetizing your own blog or by charging for the development of your existing blog digital content. Achieving your success and financial independence through this new way of working online.

Bloggers - Professionals of the Future: Conclusion


Today, many young professionals seek their professional and financial fulfillment, through new and innovative forms of independent or corporate work. And although in general, most of these tend to enter the job market to obtain welcoming and relaxed work environments, work environments that align with their future goals, there are others whose premise is to work on something that simply makes them happy, without stopping a lot in the monetary and profitable.

And in this case, the blogger's work can fit perfectly into either of the 2 points of view. Since you can be independent with your own Blog achieving its monetization, or belonging to an organization with a Blog, and without necessarily having to be "locked in one place for 8 or 10 hours."

This new mentality of being the owner of your own income (business) and developing its growth and depending on yourself, your own abilities, is imposed with more force every day among current professionals who see themselves as entrepreneurs and use the technological means at their disposal to achieve their dreams.

I hope the post is to the liking of the majority, and motivates existing Bloggers to continue this beautiful work of creating, learning, teaching and sharing knowledge and experiences. through digital content through different platforms and media, many times altruistically, and sometimes in a remunerated way. And encourage others to get started in this wonderful world of blogging.

The content of the article adheres to our principles of editorial ethics. To report an error click here!.

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  1.   JVare said

    Apparently very nice but what I see is that it is about turning work into a service. This takes us back to the days of servants in the service of a master who controls not only their work but also their life.
    Most of the works described are focused on sales.
    We are in a time when marketing has gone from a means to an end in itself.
    But when the competition is global and the economic differences brutal, it is of little use to be good if we can find it cheaper.
    In such a situation, loneliness is the worst tool to improve the individual and collective situation.

    1.    Sergio S. said

      You spurted communism all over my screen, you loko. How difficult is it to understand that the market is about serving others in the best possible way and charging for that service? Are you so afraid of competing?

      1.    Linux PostInstall said

        Greetings Sergio. I don't understand how you managed to associate that concept of "Communism" with reading, but I respect your opinion. I can only add in your favor that if you are looking for literature about the philosophy of "The Hacker Movement and the Free Software Movement" that is often associated with the Blogger Movement (Learn / Teach / Share) through the Internet for free Most of the time, well, yes, whether for or against, these movements are associated with those political forms. Otherwise, I did not understand anything else you wrote in your comment so I can not answer about the rest. Anyway, thanks for your input.

  2.   Linux PostInstall said

    Respectable point of view, although the main point is to highlight the work of us Bloggers (Paid or not, Independent or not) and our possibilities in the future to continue contributing and that our work continues to be valued by the community.