Project OutFox: New version 5.3 Alpha 4.9.10 available from August

Project OutFox: New version 5.3 Alpha 4.9.10 available from August

Project OutFox: New version 5.3 Alpha 4.9.10 available from August

Dance Dance Revolution (DDR), both on consoles and arcade machines, has been a prolific series of music video games created by the Japanese company Konami. In addition, it was a pioneering series of the genre of rhythm / dance simulators in video games. A game where players must stand on a dance platform (floor) and press with your feet (or controls) the arrows arranged in a cross shape on the floor (or screen). All this following the rhythm of the music and the visual pattern that appears on the screen, in order to earn points by hitting the mark.

And currently, on computers the game "Project OutFox" search continue work stalled from the previous open source game called "Stemania" which sought to achieve the same in computers mainly.

The strange case of Stepmanía

For those who do not know about Stepmania, we recommend at the end of this publication to read our previous related post with said video game and visit your current Official website y Wiki on GitHub:

"Stepmania is a game of the dance simulator genre that you may have played, or heard it out there. It uses an MIT license and is currently in its fourth version in the final branch and the fifth version in its brand new beta branch. In addition, it has a large community of users and contributors who add songs, steps, and there is even a network of users who share their scores and has allowed to bring more people to this genre of video games that began with Konami's now mythical Dance Dance Revolution. .

This video game was born as an "imitation" of the aforementioned Dance Dance Revolution game, since normally, DDR was available both on arcade machines and on consoles such as the PlayStation and / or XBox and Nintendo." The strange case of Stepmanía

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The strange case of Stepmanía

Project OutFox: A fork of Stepmania

Project OutFox: A fork of Stepmania

What is Project OutFox?

"Project OutFox" is currently according to your Official website:

"A variation (fork) of the rhythm game engine called StepMania in its version 5.1. It focuses on modernizing the code to improve performance and graphics fidelity, fixing aspects of the engine that have been ignored, and to improve and expand support for other game modes and styles. It is developed by Team Rizu, a team of veterans in the community, and other members of the current community. All under the Apache 2.0 license.

They also add that:

"It brings 13 styles of rhythm games to an expandable cross-platform engine with support for controls, and compatibility with content made in the last 20 years. And because it is a continuation of the 5.0.12 and 5.1 code base (not "5.2"), it is still compatible with almost all existing songs, themes and notes that are supported in these versions. . And it is not related to version 5.1 -3 of Stemania either."


Between the targets of the project developers that gives life to OutFox video game are the following:

  • Refactor the internal code base to improve performance, adhere to modern coding practices, and enhance its capabilities on modern hardware and other platforms. Improve compatibility with single board ARM systems (such as Raspberry Pi), and improve frame rates without limit on hardware as old as the Pentium E2180.
  • Increase compatibility with other play styles beyond dance games. Therefore, the project is intended to function as a multiplatform sandbox and museum for rhythm games, rather than as a simple simulator / emulator of the most popular dance game franchises.

Is Project OutFox open source like Stepmania?

On this point its developers express the following:

"We continue to use the Apache2 license to develop the game and we continue to maintain close to 100% compatibility whenever we can, and this is taken into account whenever we plan a new feature or change components of the Stepmania engine. However, for now and until further notice, we have closed the source code while improving everything necessary and making the new game stable. Since, it was considered prudent for the health of the repository and the need of people who just want to play."

Learn More

For more information on "Project OutFox" and download their installers to test it, you can access their download section, WiKi y official website on GitHub.

Summary: Various publications

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In short, the video game "Project OutFox" is an interesting alternative to those who usually are or have been players of Stepmania. Hopefully in the end the development of it will return to make the video game open source software for the benefit of all its users.

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