Realm: Native Database for Mobile Devices

We want to introduce you to a mobile database that, having already made its appearance since 2014, already presents its new version for this month of May. We talk about Realm 1.0. Ideal and workable for large databases or for large applications.  


Meeting Realm

Realm is basically a fairly complete and easy-to-use database that is oriented for developers, and that works for building mobile applications. Using it you can handle complex data, perform advanced queries or handle link objects within a chart. It works with native objects that are assigned dynamically, using a custom database engine. This offers the acquisition of a Simple API, while improving performance, which is not sacrificed for other tools or actions that the system works. Its performance is considered optimal thanks to the memory allocation, storage engine and lazy loading that make work smooth and fast. It is considered faster than an ORM, smoother and faster than SQLite, the most famous mobile database.

If we talk about compatibility, Realm can work with different languages; Java, Swift and Objective-C, React Native and the Xamarin platform. As for debugging, Realm files can be opened with the Realm Browser. In the case that you want to share files, it is possible to do it on other Realm platforms and use the same data models, so the working mode or structure becomes familiar and compatible when executing this action.

For object binding, Realm uses an advanced query language that is based on AES256 encryption, this for data integration. When it comes to handling objects, a one-way data flow is not necessary, since Realm is always up-to-date in terms of underlying data.

Regarding support, developers can obtain support by seeking it or requesting it through official channels and directly:

In the case of GitHub, this is a source of work for developers, in order for their community to contribute to a myriad of projects with a powerful collaborative workflow. Thus, a community of more than 15 million people who work under these terms.  

GitHub is able to integrate third-party tools for project management, so that software can be built in the most convenient way. Likewise, it works for the development of Realm, thanks to the fact that GitHub is where this database is built, due to the contributions of the community in projects for this, which initially establish the priority characteristics for the user, giving thus I pass to the contribution system.

realm 1.0


Realm version 1.0 is now available, as we said at the beginning. When Realm first appeared in this edition, it was only available for Mac developers and for the iOS system, with a single version offering on Objective-C. A version for Android and first-class support for Swift were later adhered to. Initial support for React Native and Xamarin is available later.

Already with this, Realm owns work availability for all platforms, and in turn to be able to program in the main languages ​​for mobile phones. All this, after two years of work by its developers and the community that supports them.  

Currently Realm is used by a variety ofApplications focused on the use of large amounts of data, and in recognized companies and brands; Sap, Starbucks, Twitter, NBCUniversal, Alibaba, eBay, to name a few. Thanks to the good support and the fluid platform that is offered today for iOS and Android systems, something that covers a wider market in the construction of mobile applications.

Now to finish, below we will give you some links with examples of how the database is handled in Realm for its different supported languages:  

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  1.   Francisca said

    I could not install mozilla, I am using kali, it is new for me, I do not use a cell phone or mobile, in English I will understand much less

  2.   Frank Yznardi Davila Arellano said

    Is it really mobile only?

  3.   pedrini210 said


    Like SQLite, you can install Realm on a computer without problems.

    However, it is recommended to use another database manager if your host is a server, remember that it can take advantage of the parallelism of the processors and better links with the operating system. although I am always in favor of experiments of this type! If you take the test, we hope to hear about your experience!

  4.   pedrini210 said


    It seems to me that there is a mixture of concepts ...

    Realm is a Database, that is, a mechanism to ensure the persistence of data for applications.
    The code samples are the ones found in the official documentation, and they are quite technical. If you are not familiar with the aforementioned languages ​​and with the development of mobile applications, it can be quite confusing and it is preferable to dig a little deeper into this topic before reviewing the Realm documentation.

    It is focused on mobile devices, as I mentioned in a previous comment, on computers there are other types of more recommended alternatives if you want to create databases.


  5.   Nadia said

    Hello! I'm doing a practical work on Realm, I looked everywhere but I can't find its architecture .. what would it be? Thank you