First Trisquel 5.5 ISOs released

As advertised in their mailing list of development last day 3, the first beta images of Trisquel 5.5 «Brigantia» have been released for testing. With the planned launch date of March 24.


The first beta images for the forthcoming 5.5 «Brigantia» release are ready for download here:
This time the images came a little later than expected because the amount of upstream changes -specially the move towards GNOME 3 and GTK3- required a much larger effort than usual. They also required a lot of compilation tests, those incomplete iso images that caused so much speculation… But it was fun. 🙂

I'll right back to the list with every new iso that comes up for
testing. The known bug list is here (please do not translate it):

The planned release date is March 24; I'll be presenting the new
version at the 2012 LibrePlanet Conference in Boston:

Let's get cracking with the bug fixing!

As mentioned Ruben, the transition from Gnome to version 3 it has cost them more work than they expected, which explains its delay. Among the novelties we find the following:

Based on Ubuntu 11.10
El kernel Linux-Libre 3.0.0
The Navigator Abrowser 10
LibreOffice 3.4.4

Known bugs so far:

The iso images are too big
The installer crashes right away (fixed in 20120305)
ubiquity icon missing:
The main menu is not clean
The main menu shows an arrow on top of the triskelion
The menus are missing the icons
Orca does not work (fixed in 20120305)
lightdm still not fully accessible
lightdm fails to autologin if accessibility is enabled
There is no screensaver
Yelp's default page is missing
Gtk theme name is not selectable
Metacity should have composition enabled by default
The panel should be transparent
right click> Open containing folder, of Abrowser, appears the Launch Application, ask for the program for open the download directory
Gnash is installed but does not load in abrowser (fixed in 20120305)
Volume and bluetooth gnome daemons not starting gnome-app-install missing from menu

We hope to have soon quarrel between us, and if you would like to help report bugs you can download the ISO image from the link above, or help with the new artwork, or help with the wiki documentation.

And with this ends this little note, while we are aware of its next release. We read after.


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  1.   Jamin samuel said

    Well the only one who uses this is Richar Stallman ahahah xD

    1.    diazepam said

      Nope. Whoever made this article uses it.

      Second: RMS uses gNewSense, but endorses Trisquel.

    2.    lost sheep said

      I've been using Trisquel for two years 😛 The truth is that it is a very stable operating system (unlike Ubuntu) and easy to use (I still haven't learned to use Debian xD).

      Thank you very much for the warning. I was about to format, but if a new version comes, better wait until then.


    3.    gerardo said

      ... it is common to read on forums opinions of people who do not know what they are talking about, of sheep who follow the pace that they mark and of assholes who do not make an effort to know different things ... but who speak without having seen trisquel.

  2.   Perseus said

    OMFG, based on Ubuntu ??? RS must be wallowing in his chair ¬¬… As I understood it, it was based on Debian, wasn't it?

    PS: if you could make an article talking more about this distro it would be great friend, so as not to have to put up with neophytes like me XD

    1.    Courage said

      As I understood it, it was based on Debian, wasn't it?

      Now you find out ...

    2.    Maxwell said

      In fact initially it was based on Debian, but the team preferred to be based on Ubuntu because it has newer packages. Rubén has been asked several times about the possibility of returning to Debian, but they have only been conversations.

      As a fun fact, the Trisquel logo is actually 3 Debian spirals joined in the center.


      1.    Courage said

        Well yes, I thought it was a Celtic symbol

      2.    Perseus said

        If I had been clear about this Ubuntu issue, I would have encouraged myself to try it before ¬¬, but that of the nouveau does not please me much that we say UU

      3.    pandev92 said

        This distro is too free for me, I don't want to remember the free radeon xD drivers

    3.    Windousian said

      If it's true that Stallman uses gNewSense, then you must be delighted. Because that distribution is also based on Debian and Ubuntu.

  3.   spiff said

    I don't really see much difference between Debian or Ubuntu and Trisquel, in the sense that it involves a sacrifice or transforms you into a radical. It is a stable, lightweight, up-to-date distro, and with all the necessary applications.

    Sounds great to me. We will have to see what happens with Gnome 3 because I have not used it until now.

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      Hello and welcome to the site 🙂
      I haven't tried Trisquel, but using Ubuntu repos wouldn't it inherit its bugs?

      Indeed, the distro is not what the user always works with, the user uses applications, the desktop environment, but for some it is important what and how the desktop environment, applications and libraries are manipulated, hence we consider important or not some distros, hence our preferences for Arch, Debian, Mageia, Fedora, etc.

      1.    Jamin samuel said

        So is correct! Too bad Debian is still a trotting granny with its xD packages if it wasn't already stuck with Debian

        1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

          Stable yes, but you can use other repos… testing, sid, etc 🙂

          1.    Jamin samuel said

            almost the same thing happens .. still libreoffice 3.5 nor vlc 2.0 have not reached testing for example 🙂

          2.    Jamin samuel said

            Well that is wonderful…. That makes me too happy 🙂 now I wonder will the same thing happen with the new version of gnome shell 3.5 this March 28? I'm sure not 🙁

          3.    Jamin samuel said

            I fix gnome shell 3.4

      2.    spiff said

        I am not an expert and cannot give technical arguments, but the only objection would be the "ease of use", assuming that a distro must have all the advantages of GNU / Linux.

        Bugs I have not seen so far.

  4.   dwarf said

    To my trisquel it seems like a very good distro but I am not someone who is stubborn with total freedom ... In the long run we are all slaves of the computer xD

  5.   Alf said

    This distro started very fast on my lap, but the driver issue turned me on my head, if I didn't need the wireless connection, this would be a good option for me.


  6.   arescorpio said

    Of course, 100% Free Software: It is not for everyone. The fear is in 'where can I find help for those 100% free distros? 'Well, I have been participating in for 2 years: there they can listen to music online and the programs 'live' where they only talk about 100% free software. Of course (you have to look at Duck-Duck-Go !: the search engine that does not track your searches) there is an IRC channel and a freenode channel where support is given. On the other hand, all users always say "I use free software, I use Debian, ubuntu.fedora, Tuquito, etc" well these and Thousands + are open code that is based on the 10 premises of use and not on the 4 degrees of freedom of the software emulated by RMS. I assure you that all the knowledge you have of open source and the programs are also very useful in software 100 % free but no proprietary blobs will be accepted in the kernel, applications, addons, firmware, etc. I have been using Free Software since the end of 2009

  7.   rv said

    To anyone in doubt: Try it.
    I have installed it on many machines already and it not only works perfectly and lifts all the hardware automatically, but it is very polished and worked, and for a standard user, it is excellent. Easy to use and ready from installation without the slightest complication.
    Trisquel is a distro that puts Free Software (and Free Culture) very high.
    My favorite of those recommended by the Free Software Foundation of my friend Stallman and all the GNU folks 🙂

    * well, I need to give Parabola more cane, but that does not apply to standard / novice users 😉