Replace Gedit with Medit on Xfce

Unfortunately the lightweight text editors that come with Xfce (mousepad, leafpad) it lacks a lot of functionalities, among them the use of tabs and almost always, we have to use Gedit.

However, there is another very interesting option and it is Medit.

Medit It has many features and options:

  • Configurable syntax highlighting.
  • Configurable keyboard shortcuts.
  • Cross-platform - works on Unix and Windows.
  • Plugins: can be written in C, Python or Lua. Configurable tools available in the main and context menus. They can be written in Python or Lua, or it can be a shell script.
  • Find / Replace regular expressions, frontendgrep, built-in file selector, etc.
You can see more images in this link.


To install in Debian we open a terminal and put:

$ sudo aptitude install medit.

To install in Arch:

# pacman -S medit

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  1.   Nano said

    Elav, what do you recommend for KDE development?

    1.    Gregorio Espadas said

      In KDE I used Kate (yes, I know they didn't ask me hehehe).

      1.    KZKG ^ Gaara <"Linux said

        HAHAHAHA nah don't worry, I was going to answer the same hahahahaha… it's that without offense, elav I don't think he's the one with the most knowledge or experience with KDE, he has always been more than GTK HAHA.

        Kate is excellent, really very good, for something more pro you could use Eclipse 🙂

    2.    elav <° Linux said

      I think the best one to answer that is KZKGGaara 😀

    3.    st0rmt4il said

      Try Kate or Kdevelop + QT


  2.   Gregorio Espadas said

    It is the one I have been using for several weeks! (from when I started using Openbox in ArchLinux).

    Cheers! 🙂

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      I used it before, which happens that back then it did not open files remotely. Now I don't know if I will.

  3.   nerjamartin said

    This is something very personal and everyone likes their tools. In my case as a light editor I have "Leafpad", as something more advanced "Geany" and to program I use "Netbeans" ... although since Oracle put the claw every time I look with better eyes at "Eclipse".

    Out of curiosity elav, how is «Medit» consuming? From the images I see that it would be more comparable to «Geany» than to «Leafpad» ... I'm wrong

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      Exactly, the idea is to compare it with Gedit, not with Leafpad or Mousepad ..

  4.   mac_live said

    and why not leafpad? for a quick editor? I know and I understand that you do not have many options sometimes butooooo, is it very light or not?

    1.    mac_live said

      damnoooos, I already saw why they didn't add it and if eclipse is very goodoooo

      1.    KZKG ^ Gaara <"Linux said

        Eclipse is really great 😀… it's a dragon, it consumes too much RAM… but hey haha

        1.    idea said

          Try the community version of IDEA.
          Since it was recommended to me, the truth is that I have liked it a lot.

          The bad thing is that the community version does not have all the functionalities, but I think that for many cases it is more than enough.
          I hope that it would be useful to someone.

          1.    elav <° Linux said

            Welcome idea:
            Maybe the question is a bit silly, but what is IDEA?

          2.    idea said

            It is a development environment, in the style of netbeans and eclipse:

            It has a community version, which is open source.
            It is more related to those who talked about development environments, than to the original topic of the post.

    2.    elav <° Linux said

      Leafpad I use it as something lightweight, but when I go to work with multiple files, I need tabs that Leafpad doesn't have, right?

    3.    KZKG ^ Gaara <"Linux said

      Yes, it is quite light, but it is almost almost a development "IDE", something similar to Notepad ++ 😀

      1.    Eduar2 said

        hahahaha An ide is in Castilian an integrated development environment and notepad ++ a text editor, it is not about osesesssssss.

        For my emacs Rules!

        1.    proper said

          Well for me, I saw rlz xDD or vim for syntax highlighting

          Anyway, the editor looks good, I'm going to try it

          1.    KZKG ^ Gaara <"Linux said

            Have you tried nano for hightlighting? 😉

          2.    proper said

            KZKG ^ Gaara <"Linux, yep and it's hair too 😛 but it's more comfortable for me to see / vim / gvim (:

            1.    KZKG ^ Gaara <"Linux said

              Is it more comfortable for you I saw? WTF !!! … LOL!!!

          3.    proper said

            hehehe, well you know, in tastes and colors ... xD

  5.   Perseus said

    Thank you friend for the contributions, your suggestions and / or alternatives are always welcome. 😀

  6.   st0rmt4il said

    Good editor, but it would be worth installing the Plugins for Gedit, although it does not hurt to try this alternative to see how it works.

    Thanks elav;)!


  7.   Marving said

    Is there a way to automatically save the document you are working with,
    to avoid the loss of the session, before a crash of the computer