Resurrection: Crunchbang ++, Bunsen Labs and Bodhi Linux 3.0.0

Few days passed since the announcement of the discontinuation of Crunchbang, until not one but two continuation attempts appeared: On the one hand a user named computermouth who said “Ok, I get to work to at least put together a crunchbang based on Jessie. For now I'm going to call him Crunchbang ++ (#! ++) ». There is already a beta based on Debian netinstall only for 32 bits. It remains to know the final name and logo (many do not like that they continue with that name, much less that they adapt the cover of "God Save the Queen" of the Sex Pistols with the face of corenominal).


On the other hand Unia, together with other users who did research, created Bunsen Labs Linux and they ensure that this is going to be the true successor community distro to Crunchbang. For now they do not have enough infrastructure and coordination but they also it is planted as another option.

And as for Bodhi after the 4 months of retirement that its creator Jeff Hoogland took, already version 3.0.0 finally came out, based on Ubuntu 14.04 and with Enlightenment E19.3, Terminology 0.8.0, ePad 0.9.0, kernel 3.16, Midori 0.5.9 and Numix icons come by default.

bodhi 3


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  1.   Frank Yznardi Davila Arellano said

    And all based on debian, what a headache, could it be that they cannot create their own and original packages?

    1.    yukiteru said

      Well, I like that they have .deb as a base package, that way they already have at their disposal many precompiled and good quality packages at their disposal, making things much easier for the user.

    2.    mario said

      A headache would be to have your own package and the user to have the entire gnu / linux universe incompatible. More or less with an RPM, DEB or pacman repository, you can try to install something.

    3.    elamornoesloquecount said

      why don't you create your own distribution?
      don't you feel capable?

  2.   Gonzalo Emmanuel Giampietri said

    I suspected that Crunchbang wouldn't die for long

  3.   Cristianhcd said

    let it die in peace, and just rescue the customization and scripts, if you are going to do something, make it good, and not desperate attempts without much substance ... for that you copy the scripts folder and the themes folder and it's over ...

  4.   Scrlowtch said

    As soon as one distro dies and days later two more come out, what a beautiful and creative linux community we have: ')
    I hope this continues forever and that our legacy is never taken from us.

    1.    Cristianhcd said

      I think they're just trying to take advantage of the stiff, or maybe something that justifies continuing with them ... I don't see any dreams or ideas beyond #!

      1.    Scrlowtch said

        haha don't be too negative, what I point out here is that there is a wide variety of developers involved in the linux community

  5.   oscar said

    What a great news! 🙂

  6.   Chaparral said

    I wouldn't call it "resurrection" until I see it up and running. How many GNU / Linux distributions have we seen take flight and then a resounding fall to never lift again? . A useless job that took away a multitude of dreams and projects. Unfortunately, a real shame.

  7.   crunch said

    Who cares Crunchbang ++? , so much stock in GNU / Linux and all still in diapers (very bad) with the exception of 1 or 3 distros that are worth it, the rest is pure systemd that controls everything and above full of bugs.

    1.    Cristianhcd said

      Exactly, personally I prefer an ugly distro 😀 and with few programs but with everything well configured, and with a wide software base, which without necessarily being a rock, is fairly stable as is ubuntu gnome 14.04, eOS, or KaOS itself
      if desktop-level stability doesn't give you excitement: laughs

      1.    switcher said

        Gentoo / Funtoo and derivatives can fulfill that perfectly and once you go through the initial installation, you can have everything as customized as you want (including the kernel) and you even have the option of installing the stable version of a program or a more current one but not entirely proven (or "unstable").
        So far it has been going well for me since I installed it almost a year ago, although with emerge (the package manager) I'm not very sure if it handles reverse dependencies well (that is, uninstalling additional libraries or packages that you installed for a program will work once you uninstall the original application) and occasionally conflicts with some packages appear when I update (I still do not complain, when something comes up, it is usually enough to do a little research to find the solution).

    2.    eliotime3000 said

      And that's why I walk with Debian Vanilla with my own theme and configurations made to my liking.

    3.    x11tete11x said

      Are you complaining about the control of Systemd from Windows? ...

  8.   martin said

    mmm but how bad I fell that news ... I was doing well crunch ... I will look for new horizons in some light distribution and with a little more luck

  9.   miguel angel said

    there is a somewhat familiar phrase ...
    die a hero or live long enough to become a villain.

    will it be the case of crunch bang?
    for now coming home i will try bodhi 3.0