Richard Stallman's day of fury in Brazil

A series of misunderstandings enraged Richard Stallman during one of his conferences in Brazil. To such an extent that RSM crashed the microphone against the table before the stunned gaze of the public.

This is one of the typical RSM talks around the world, in this case in Brazil. The talk started in English because the organizers gave him to understand that he could give it in English or Spanish and RSM preferred to give it in English as it was his native language.

After a few minutes someone tells RSM that a lot of people are not understanding anything and asks them to speak in Spanish. There begins RSM's "day of fury".

On the web, they already started making fun of Richard ...

The truth is that RSM had very valid reasons to feel angry, but let's agree that the reaction is a bit exaggerated. Anyway, we all have our "day of rage" sometime, right?

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  1.   linuxito said

    Did they wait more than 15 minutes to tell you they didn't understand anything? How underfunded! Both the attendees and the organizers. In his place he would have reacted much worse.

  2.   Diego Silverberg said

    That moron is the ideologist of free software and the main creator of the GNU operating system

    The moron is you who do not know who he is and you dare to judge his ideology

    Go to sleep skinny

  3.   Diego Silverberg said

    It gives me something to see him react like this: Yes, he is very ugly, the guy spent 15 minutes talking quietly and suddenly they tell him "we did not understand anything" and still when he argues with those who told him that, people start to laugh

    It is a very great lack of respect and it is very humiliating, I fully understand your reaction. Imagine having to go out on stage to give a speech and be told after a long time that everything you said was not understood or had nothing to do with it. And just when you say something to the one who claims you, all the people start to shit with laughter .. It's not nice, right?

    It is unpleasant. He came to Argentina to criticize the plan to connect equality and they laughed at him for telling the truth

    Now he goes to Brazil and they do this to him, as if he were anybody

    So far where I see that they received it best is in Peru and Cuba


    - First of all, please correct the author of the entry: it is not RSM but RMS (Richard Matthew Stallman).
    - If we are going to comment, let's spend some time before and investigate what we are talking about, I say it for the people who attack, criticize and insult Stallman. It would be a good practice that before giving an opinion in the comment box, they read his biography, at least in the wikipedia, and it does not hurt some things about his life, origins, philosophy, ideology; and not to rant nonsense, which may have been said because they heard it elsewhere, precisely from people who did the same as you, do not investigate before giving an opinion.
    - In some of the comments I hear that there were 15 minutes of talk that were lost, and from what I read it is not like that, they were much more, even more than half of the talk, only that the video that is being broadcast only has the last 15 minutes.
    - In relation to Stallman's anger, I have investigated and he suffers from Asperger's Syndrome (for a bit and he is autistic), so the reaction is understandable, besides that it was largely the fault of the organizers by not investigating if the public really he understood english. And in relation to the latter, what a lack of respect: laughter, trolling, doing nothing promptly (well, not everyone, I imagine).
    - I also read that after the anger, he continued with his talk in Spanish.
    - Finally, the gif is very funny.

  5.   Rodrigo Ramos said

    In fact, it should have, due to the behavior that I have seen when I had the opportunity to live with him. Let's say that it is difficult for you to understand many things that have to do with mime.

  6.   Tirso said

    is that richard stallman has had that fury forever

  7.   Jose angel rull said

    The truth is that it is a shame that he reacts like that but it must be said that many times the person does not matter but the message. And I listened to a conference that is on the net and the message makes sense. I had always stayed in his outbursts and knew him as the creator, or as a cybernetic or computer hippie. But I think the message it sends is more serious and profound.

    I'm going to leave the link in case someone wants to see it and after seeing it then I think they should criticize and comment.

  8.   Mark Orellana said

    hahaha how strange giving the rms note. but it's a big one and I bank it to death!