Richard Stallman announces that he is still in charge of the GNU project

Richard Stallman

Richard Matthew Stallman spoke yesterday with the community to announce that despite his resignation as president of the Free Software Foundation, he is still the leader of the GNU project. Stallman's message arrives approximately two weeks after you left your CSAIL position, the artificial intelligence research department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and his position as president of the Free Software Foundation (the organization that supports the free software movement and the GNU project)

After that the Free Software Foundation (FSF) then announced that Richard Stallman also left the foundation's board of directors, including the position of president that he held. The resignations follow Stallman's comments about Jeffrey Epstein.

However, despite the close ties between the GNU project and the FSF, Stallman announced yesterday that his resignation from the FSF chairmanship does not prevent him from continuing in charge of the GNU project. He said that the GNU project and the FSF are not identical.

Therefore, he intends to stay in the lead.

“On September 16, I resigned as president of the FSF, but the GNU project and the FSF are not the same. I am still at the helm of the GNU project and I intend to continue in this way, ”Stallman wrote in his email.

That said, we must remember that from the beginning of the scandal Jeffrey Epstein, the comments made by Stallman have not been to the liking of the FSF, which is the cause of his departure from the organization's board of directors.

Stallman spoke about the case of Marvin Minsky, a former MIT associate in the field of AI, accused of sexually assaulting one of Jeffrey Epstein's victims. According to Stallman, Epstein's victim reportedly seemed quite willing. He also questioned the use of the word rape in this case.

Differences between the GNU project and the Free Software Foundation?

GNU is a Unix-like operating system, as well as a large collection of computer programs that make up the system, developed by and for the GNU Project and sponsored by the Free Software Foundation.

The GNU development project is a possible use of a computer without software that could violate your freedom.

While the Free Software Foundation (FSF) is an organization non-profit whose mission is to promote open source. Defend the rights of all software users and support the free software movement.

This movement advocates that computer users get the freedom guaranteed by free software. The latter gives users control. Non-free software, on the other hand, places users under the power of its developer.

It is because of that the FSF has prohibited Stallman from speaking on behalf of the organization.

“Considered with other reprehensible comments that he has posted over the years, these incidents form a pattern of behavior inconsistent with the goals of the free software movement. We call on Stallman to step down from leadership positions in our movement, ”the Software Freedom Conservancy said on its website Monday. The Software Freedom Conservancy did not like Richard Stallman's comment on such sensitive issues.

“We reject any association with an individual whose words and actions undermine these goals (the promotion of free software).

We look forward to seeing the work of the FSF in this area and would like to emphasize that allowing Stallman to continue to hold a leadership position would be an unacceptable compromise. More importantly, we cannot support anyone, directly or indirectly, who tolerates putting vulnerable people in danger by rationalizing predator behavior, "added the association.

Will the Software Freedom Conservancy tolerate Stallman staying at the helm of the GNU project?

The foundation has not decided this yet, but Stallman has notified in his email that he did not intend to withdraw from the project, even though other people also do not want Stallman to continue leading the project.

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  1.   Wilson said

    Too late, they already removed it from the GNU project

  2.   Jose Manuel Medina Martin said

    Well, I am a newcomer to this world… I am still with Windows and I am starting my first steps in Linux. Apart from this introduction, the consequences of some comments or supposed comments or whatever.
    For some time now we have reached such a degree of stupidity and wanting to take everything with such delicacy, in addition to being politically correct, that it is disgusting ...
    Whatever he has said, if he has said it, it is an opinion that I do not think that means taking it beyond its context, which is what has been done (as is almost always done today, unfortunately). I do not know him personally but because of his career I do not see Stallman either supporting (directly or indirectly), or encouraging, or feeding, or anything similar, abuse, rape or any other behavior, more than anything because it would go against everything he does. He has defended throughout his life ... That they have taken the opportunity to want to be taken out of the way because that of freedom is very good on the lips but it seems that they are afraid that we will exercise it ... And they charge or try to charge one of their greatest exponents , no longer at the computer level, but as a person ... We are on the wrong path as a society and as a civilization