Richard Stallman allegedly resigns at MIT and FSF leadership

Richard Stallman

Richard Stallman is the protagonist today for a shocking news that has caught everyone in the free software community by surprise. I think Stallman doesn't need introductions, so I'll get straight to the point. And it is that Stallman has resigned from his posts at MIT and the FSF. This has been published by numerous media, such as Techcrunch. And also Stallman himself has commented something about the reasons.

Well, as of now, Richard Stallman no longer has his position at the MIT CSAIL (Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab) nor does he sit on the board of directors of the FSF (Free Software Foundation) which he presided over since Stallman himself founded it in 1985. And there has been some pressure to leave his posts and finally RMS has yielded. The reason for the pressure is some things that have happened completely behind the back of the world of technology and free software ...

It turns out that an MIT professor was charged and convicted of sexual harassment. An MIT graduate published an article on Medium talking about this and the title was "Remove Richard Stallman»Pressuring to be removed from office. Why? Well, for some emails that Stallman wrote making some comments about that case of harassment of Marvin Minsky, the MIT professor accused of sexual assault and a network of minors that happened in the Epstein complex.

Stallman said in those post than "the term 'sexual assault' is somewhat vague and slippery" Y "appeared before Minsky fully prepared«. It is true that he should not have said that, but Richard Stallman himself has defended himself saying that his words were taken out of context and misinterpreted: «a series of misunderstandings and mischaracterizations«. But he has taken on the complaints and pressures to end up resigning and so this does not splash the world of free software and the FSF.

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  1.   John32-4 said

    "It's true that I shouldn't have said that"
    Why shouldn't you say what you think? Stallman has not committed any crime and each of us should speak our minds. Quite sick of the politically correct and feminazis.

    1.    Isaac said

      I personally don't like political correctness either. But there are cases where I don't like to give an opinion without having enough information. I prefer to be cautious not to screw up. Simply that…

    2.    Isaac said

      Hello, it is not about opinions or not opinions, but about sensitivities. Now I have a clearer idea of ​​the case with some contributions of information. Here is the new article:

  2.   Wilson said

    For those who do not understand what actually happened:

    A woman from MIT took internal emails in which Stallman gave his opinion about an event and put it on social networks to denounce Stallman for what he said.…/remove-richard-stallman-fec6ec210794

    The girl says Epstein asked her to have sex with an MIT member who passed away in 2016.
    Stallman came to his defense by saying that his colleague at MIT would never have had sex with a girl knowing she was coerced.
    A witness who was there claims that the girl approached but was rejected by her colleague at MIT, so it seems that Stallman was not so misguided.
    But it is the same, the enraged mass already asks for his head and it has to roll.

    When I was little I wondered how people in ancient times were so stupid to burn a woman just for accusing her of being a witch.

    Now I understand how it works, I understand how people are still exactly the same as back then.

    Power has it very easy, they shout Witch! and to see who is the handsome one who dares to say - wait, witch why? You also end up at the stake.

    1.    Isaac said

      Thank you for this additional information. I was totally unaware of it. I am not aware of media issues and this news caught me by surprise.
      I will evaluate the future information of the case and if necessary I will publish a more detailed article.
      A greeting.

    2.    Isaac said

      Thanks for your contribution, now I have a clearer idea of ​​something that I was totally unaware of. Here is the new article: