RS (An article, about the scandal that can cause a misunderstanding)

RS: Short for laughs. Used by Brazilians in the same context as LOL. Other terms used are Huahuehuahue and kkkkk.

Richard Stallman never liked misunderstandings. For something on the FSF site there is a word glossary that they advise not to use, because they lead to confusion or because they have assumptions that are not entirely valid. But this article does not talk about this kind of misunderstanding, but about one in particular that occurred while giving a conference in Brazil.

This is the 22 minute extended video. The first 15 minutes are talk (in case any of you want to hear it) and he was giving it in English because the organizers told him that the language of the talk could be or in english or spanish (and he chose English because it is his native language). To the 15 minutes of the video (it is not known after how many minutes of talk), an organizer tells him on behalf of some that there are people who do not understand what he had said and asks if you can speak in spanish.

As? The organizer believed that people would understand English and it was not so. Stallman asks how many did not understand, and in the video it is not seen, but they should have raised their hands many people ……………… ..this gets ugly. Richard does not know what to do and people made to laugh.

Then ask how many would understand the talk if he gave it in Spanish. Many more they must have raised their handsI reiterate, lThe conference was in Brazil). Stallman says in Spanish «I think I should continue in Spanish, but I cannot repeat what I said (applause from the people). IT IS A TOTAL FAILURE. It's too late, it's total failure, not seriousness THEY WILL UNDERSTAND ANYTHING (rsrsrsrs of the people) "

(Diazepan's note: Is there anyone of you, besides me, who saw the first 15 minutes? Did you say something that has not been said before in other conferences or in other interviews or on other internet sites?)

It's too late, it's totally useless. It is already a total failure. Abandonment (rsrsrsrsrs) Because it's totally useless. THEY HAVE ALREADY LOST THE IMPORTANT PART (huahuehuahue) I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO. It is that they have not understood, it is too late. And suddenly one of the spectators begins to say «Gibe, Gibe»To which, enraged and hitting the microphone against the table, he shouts«IT'S TOO LATE, WHAT THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?»

(Note from Diazepan: Someone from / g / he made this gif, and I burst out laughing)

After displaying his frustration and venting, he tells a guy to turn off the camera and does not want recordings of this talk to be published (including the video they are watching) and continues the talk under the insistence of the public.

Ok, I admit that I laughed but then i felt guilty (yes, even having laughed at the gif). To me, as a person affected by Asperger syndrome, it makes me very angry let me talk and not pay attention, and so I can experience Richard's anger. Now, all of this was the result of false assumptions that give rise to misunderstandings. First: If you are giving a conference in Latin America, and RMS is told that he can give the talk in English if he wants to, it is assumed that the public not only knows english (something fundamental), but known the terms Richard uses. I mean the specialized terminology of the technological environment. Second, and this goes for any organizer: If after 10 minutes of talk, you realize that the choice of language was not appropriate, You shit. Once the talk takes hold, Richard can't be stopped. Third and most important: Stallman will never know anything about League of Legends, so going around saying "Gibe, gibe" only serves to troll and annoy even more.

That's it. Happy new Mayan cycle and I leave you with this email with the necessary requirements for RMS to speak in your city. Make sure you read it well if you want him to give a talk in your town and these things don't happen

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  1.   Blaire pascal said

    Hahahaha how I laughed with the GIF, I really burst out laughing. Getting more serious, it is a lack of respect for the public. I always thought RS meant Richard Stallman hehe.

  2.   kasymaru said

    It seems to me a lack of respect towards Richard because they tell him that he can give it in English but nobody understands anything, on the other hand, whoever goes to a talk with Richard and does not speak English ,,, in my country it is almost mandatory to speak English to enter the University and finally if they do not understand that it is difficult for them to stop him in the first minute Richard speaks Spanish very well !!

    In itself I think it is a lack of respect and I apollo the frustration that Richard felt ...

    1.    Blaire pascal said

      True, but I think RS's (Richard Stallman) reaction is a bit exaggerated, and that same reaction was what made him look ridiculous. If I had kept calm, this post wouldn't even exist that strange GIF image (hahaha) busting the microphone against his sodas.

    2.    moony said

      Che, excuse me, but in which country do you live that you have to know English to enter and study more fully in a university? and our culture? and our language? Is that university private? I fall down and get up .. By God!

      1.    mario said

        In any computer career it is necessary to know English, and let's not start with chauvinisms, that if it were for "our culture" we would speak Quechua or similar and not European languages ​​such as Spanish, Portuguese or English

        Here it seems that from the beginning they are trolling Stallman, it is a very disrespectful treatment that they laugh at him and he is being serious. I would like to know the scope of the conference, if it was addressed to an academic environment of students, or it was more open, it is inconceivable that a Brazilian university does not teach a good level of English to its students.

      2.    DanielC said

        As a student, at least in my city (Mexicali, Mexico), you can practically not graduate from several university schools if you have not certified mastery of a foreign language, either English, Japanese or German, which are the most common in careers that are taught.

      3.    proper said

        In computing it is essential to know English or understand it if you do not stagnate.

      4.    kasymaru said

        Well, in my country there are several Universities where the classes are even in English, and in the public ones a requirement for any computer science career is at least basic English, in school or high school they are supposed to reach a medium-advanced level depending on why it is a requirement even to graduate from high school, that's why if you don't speak basic English at least you're dead.

  3.   Alf said

    If I had given the lecture, and if they had told me to speak in the language I want, which is indifferent, and that happens to me, I kick the manager, that is not done, and then the one who looks bad is Richar Stallman (in this case).

    But anyway, things happen for a reason.

  4.   helena_ryuu said

    I must join Pascal, it is disrespectful what they did to him, but he had to remain calm, although I imagine that if he was well focused on his speech, the emotions could not be hidden 😛
    PS: As for the gif, as it does not fit the "hard party" would be better only "hard party"
    what if I have laughed to die is the "install gentoo" meme

  5.   moony said

    that insensitive people, they laughed and did not feel that there was an angry, hurt human being, there in front of them (they only realized when he hit the microphone). You have to stop, clap and chant: Richard .. Richard !!! show affection, affection ... but they are all so asleep and masks that nobody knew how to act like a human being.

  6.   jamin samuel said

    Poor Richard ... Every time he steps on Latin America he always has a bad experience.

    The man is already dedicated to rest and is very old for grace, he is already a living legend who is dedicated to enjoying his fame and enjoying the harvest of the fruit of all these years as the founder of free software!

  7.   Ruben said

    Well, I understand you, I don't know the others, but at least when I get angry I get angry, and that is to get angry, after 15 minutes talking it turns out that almost no one has heard anything, on top of that they try to fix it and people laugh.

    Anyway, people should know first-hand what language the conference is going to be in, or do they expect Richard to speak all the languages ​​of the world? For me it is already a great detail that he speaks Spanish, with an American accent but he is perfectly understood.

  8.   anti said

    Does anyone have more accurate data on where and when this happened? The first part of the video sounds like the standard lecture to me, similar to the one I got a little while ago.

  9.   DanielC said

    Bad for Stallman for getting mad at people, and bad for people for laughing ... and even worse for the organizers for not putting in a translator to project the "subtitles" in real time.

    It does not matter if what he says he has been repeating since 1 million lectures before, it is always important in a talk that is spun from beginning to end to know how to start to understand how a conclusion was reached ... it is simply not from laugh, and at that point I fully understand Stallman's frustration when he says that to people.

  10.   Yoyo Fernandez said

    Stallman the fucking master …… we adore you Saint Stallman.

  11.   kondur05 said

    Merry Christmas guys, thanks for the page

  12.   ferchmetal said

    A real lack of respect. Great Richard Stallman and long live free software!

  13.   shutdown said

    Great Richard Stallman, go me and throw that bottle to the public at least.

  14.   RafaGCG said

    People very bad for laughing. But if the talk is announced in English. Each one who does not find out individually, does not know that those around them do not know either. So no one dares to tell him to stop and continue in Spanish.

    There the problem is the organizer. And I think that RMS from now on will ask the audience according to which countries they are in, at the beginning of the talk, if they prefer Spanish or English. You learn from everything…

    The anger ... normal.

  15.   pandev92 said

    Hahaha the GIF is mythical 😀

  16.   Hang1 said

    Opa, a / g / entooman writer on the blog!

    1.    diazepam said

      no i'm a lurker

  17.   kondur05 said

    It is everyone's fault and to Mr. Stillman I tell him that he has to calm down he is not a god or an adoration, look, every day I attend to different people in my work and these things happen, now imagine that once. So? I was already inflated and without work

  18.   proper said

    My experience with Brazilians, both in games and in conversation, has never been pleasant.

    1.    proper said

      could be pleasant *

    2.    DanielC said

      Not even in soccer, they are bad losers !!! 😎

  19.   CHROME said

    Poor Rich, I look very bad and very bad of the public to laugh at his frustration, although I will not deny that I also broke out laughing when I saw him.

    1.    Blaire pascal said


  20.   Bashito said

    I find it regrettable what happened and a total lack of respect for Stallman. If they know that the guy suffers from a disease, why do they subject him to such uncomfortable and frustrating situations? I who do not suffer from Asperger's I think I would also have gone and thrown everything to hell.
    Anyway, he always gets bad experiences from South America.

  21.   Wisp said

    Completely RS ..!

  22.   Wilson said

    I respect that the guy on the site does what he wants and says what he wants. However, I find it in bad taste to make an article about old peas.
    I read this site because I like to know about software and systems and technology things.
    A lot of sites have become hype and end up with articles like "The shoes Steve Jobs likes to wear," etc, etc ...

    Getting to the bottom of the matter.
    I don't think anyone likes to go somewhere to do something they consider important and then see that out of stupidity, everything you did was useless.

    Including the writer of the article, although he surely won't admit it.