Run Android ™ applications on Linux

Hey beast, calm down, I know you are going to complain that this or that application does not work and it is that not all apps work so before complaining visit this list, so relax the! @ # $% #


Noot Noot!

In this post we will talk about how to run, or rather decapitate (RAE joke) an Android application (or apk) in Linux. For this post there are going to be different methods and so that you don't waste time reading, the most useful is to buy a mobile (or cell phone as they say in more developed land than Spain) with Android or Cyanogen like me.

And it is that having apps in Linux is very geek and curious but without lies, the most useful thing is to install them in native, I use an app stably I use it in my One Plus One (OnePlus One), but to fiddle with this a little post comes in handy.

First form: arChon

And it is that it is behind native and Android x86, this is the best option since it is the one that best emulates and has more functional apps.

To use it we need Google Chrome or Chromium (very clear browser racism, because Firefox has red hair, it can no longer support large apps or what?), Since arChon depends on this.

When we have it, we will download the file of this page, that adapts to our Chrome, you already know if it is from Pikachu or Charizan :), jokes aside, you must choose the 64-bit architecture or another, if you do not know which is, go to


Then we unpack or extract it and then we go to Google Chrome (or Chromium), Options> Extensions and activate developer options and select the unzipped folder; A photo is worth a thousand words 😛



The red notice is normal

Now we will download another app, which is Twerk and no, there are no hot girls in bikini twerking, although it wouldn't be bad ... Going back to the post, we downloaded the app (from Google Chrome), from here!, and we open it. This app converts apk into apps for arChon and now you will surely have the doubt: Where do we get the apk's? Well, my friends we got them thanks to Apk downloader, I warn textually "Apps don't always download or work"

To download with Apk downloader We copy the link of the app (from Google Play) that we want and we paste it in the search engine, we give Generate Link (or the Enter key), Download and download. In my example I will use the Appy Geek app all the time.


After we open Twerk, we drag the apk to the Drag and Drop, we click on the pink Android and save the folder in a place we want.


Then we go to the extensions part, we make sure that we have the developer option activated, and we give it to load the unzipped extension, and we choose the folder that we have created, in my case com.mobilesrepublic.appygeek.

We give Start and voila, we already have the app working. Warning, not all of them work but you have a good chance that it will.


scr6 And you already have your app working.

Second form: ARC Welder

This way is much easier, since we only have to download the apk, remembering from Apk Downloader, download the Arc Welder application from the Chrome App Store (in this link) and we open the Arc Welder app, we click Choose, we choose where the apks are to be saved, I have chosen Desktop, then we choose the apk and we click Launch app. As always it can work, or not, it has magically worked for me, again!


Bonus: VirtualBox + Android x86

Here is a bonus, and that is that this is the option with more compatibility and what, it is Android itself but I can assure you sometimes that it is much better to use Arc Welder or arChon, than to use a virtual machine (eye, I say virtual machine, which doesn't work very well, but it works very well in native) but even so it is still an option with many more compatible apps and moderately functional (I say this because it has not worked very well for me) and well to finish this part I leave you with a video of Installation and review.

Well friends, this has been the whole post today, I hope that as always you have liked and served.

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  1.   fernando said

    Very good article and very well documented and explained, although for me, as a Spaniard, there was plenty of comment you made about Spain with which I logically do not agree. We can be discussed and criticized many things but in terms of vocabulary and grammar, in my opinion of course, we are the best if not the best. Greetings and I repeat congratulations for the article.

    1.    erUzama said

      Thanks for comment.
      By the way, I am Castilian Spanish and I used to say about education in education, and if we compare how people speak in Spain and there, the average number of strong words is higher in Spain.
      In monetary development (although not much is being shown these days) and cultural, Spain wins hands down.
      By the way, my nationality is Spanish.

      1.    folker said

        Are you sure you are Spanish? I haven't understood half of what you said. In any case, being fourteen years old, I think you should leave those kinds of comments for when you have matured a little. I tell you without acrimony.
        A greeting.

      2.    fernando said

        Hello again. My intention when I made the comment was not to create such a stir. I know it was more joking than serious although it bothered me a bit. I wanted to make it clear first that I really liked the article and that I try to put into practice what is explained here. Greetings and thanks for your rectification.

      3.    fernando said

        By the way, not everyone has the education that you have shown to apologize.

  2.   sinnermann said

    How can I not complain as a girl? How are you trying to restrict my freedom to troll? DOES THE LINUXERO WORLD BE TALIBAN? …… 🙂

    Special mention, arc-welder works better than either of the other two options.

    1.    erUzama said

      No, just warning, so that you do not go around touching my shit.
      You are in your right but do not troll me.

  3.   Giskard said

    You missed Genimotion

  4.   jm said

    "Or cellular as they say in a more developed land than Spain"
    And the inhabitant of one of the countries that has not updated the term says it ...

    1.    erUzama said

      I am Spanish Castilian, born in Spain and if you are right what I said is silly, but cell phone is better than cell phone, since cell phone is everything that moves, a middle term is better as a terminal.
      And seriously forgive me for the comment, as I made a mistake.

      1.    fonker said

        Mobile is by mobile phone. That is, it can be moved or portable.

      2.    Eugenio Diaz said

        And cellular everything that has cells!

    2.    elav said

      We can focus on the content of the post, the technical part and leave what the author thinks about his country on one side, right?

      1.    erUzama said

        Thanks! Lesson learned, make explanatory texts, not criticism

      2.    elav said

        I wasn't really saying it for you. I mean that it does not matter what you think about a certain topic if that is not the subject of the post. What matters here is how to run Android applications on Linux, and not what you think or not about Spain ... and that's what I'm trying to tell jm.

      3.    Blazek said

        The problem is not what everyone thinks about any topic, the problem is that in this case any Spanish who enters the post and reads the comment will be upset. Since said comment is still published in the article and has not been corrected or deleted. The author's gesture of apologizing for the comment has been noble, what I do not understand is that it continues to be published.

  5.   Gab said

    Basically 2 years ago that recursively every one or two months I was looking on the internet how to run android apps in Ubuntu to see how the issue was. The only thing I could find was virtualize, the emulator that brings the SDK and programs for windows and for payment. Despite knowing androidx86 for a long time, the opinions I read were nothing more than encouraging development and improvement. Until recently not even the androidx86 team recommended installing it, the one that did it was to enjoy an experimental experience. Well, virtualizing is beyond my abilities, the sdk works but slow and for simple apps, and paying like no. With current Androidx86 despite the fact that many tutorials say that the Clash of Clan works, I did not get it, although curiously if Boom Beach worked for me.
    This article opens up new possibilities for me for what I really intend: Playing Magic 2015 and Elder Sign: Omen, which at least for me have not been able to work on androidx86 4.0RC.
    If someone manages to make any of the above work, or if they find apps of such magnitude working for them, please advise that it is viable.

  6.   Ari said

    I have been an Android programmer since its first versions and these days Genymotion is, in my opinion, the best alternative to run Android applications on GNU / Linux. It requires VirtualBox but it is really fancy. The version for personal use is free.

    1.    Giskard said

      I agree with you. I put it up but they ignored me. I do not know why. Genimotion is, in my opinion, the best emulation option today.

      1.    erUzama said

        Yes, I have listened to you, I think I will do a second part but first I would have to do other posts.

  7.   mitcoes said

    Thanks, very good, you have not added Genymotion, which is free for personal use, and using templates it emulates real devices in Virtual Box.

    I have it installed and even some games work in full screen or in a window. Although not all apps work. You have to go to the web to install google play - apparently it is not legal for it to come pre-installed, but if you install it - and it works like a charm.

  8.   Euclid said

    Thanks for the tutorial!!! I got here thanks to someone's tweet !!!

  9.   Gibran Alexis Moreno Zuñiga said

    the best post ever

  10.   Eugenio Diaz said

    The information you put in the article is very interesting, but the comment about the Spanish is completely out of place.
    I remind you that in those countries that you say are more advanced you cannot lower the car windows or not put insurance because they kill you, you cannot walk down the street because they can kill you, while in backward Spain you can walk without any kind of trouble down the street.
    One thing is the lack of self-criticism and another thing is that stupid complex that many compatriots have with this being Spanish.

  11.   Marisa said

    Thank you very much for the tutorial, I have been wanting to know how to do it for a long time.