Sabayon 10 came out

Fabio Erculiani just announced the output of the Sabayon Linux 10 isos (I say the isos, because a few weeks ago the changes arrived before the sabayon-weekly repositories, for those who had the previous versions installed).

Among other new things it has: 2 new ISOS that are Sabayon MATT (comes with MATE 1.4) and Sabayon Hardened Server which offers an friendly kernel but based on the project's set of security patches Gentoo Hardened, The kernel 3.5.4, KDE 4.9, GNOME 3.4.2, Xfce 4.10 (the one you see on the screen), LibreOffice 3.6, the patches for freetype Infinality, optimization improvements in Entropy and Rigo and the change of compression of the ISOs of gzip to .xz


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  1.   pandev92 said

    I tried it with the Mate variant, but it did not quite convince me if it was distributed, I think that I should take more care of aesthetics.

  2.   Sergio Esau Arámbula Duran said

    And I thought that the one they were showing was Sabayon with Cinnamon; that at last they had listened to me to release a version of Sabayon with Cinnamon diazepan but hey. Good article friend

    1.    Ernest said

      If cinnamon can be installed on Gentoo ... Can it be installed on Sabayon? And for the record, I don't know the behavior of Gnome 3.4 in Sabayon 10.

  3.   izzyvp said

    good but I see this distro more for advanced users.

    1.    diazepam said

      Quite the opposite. It is super easy.

      1.    izzyvp said

        is that since it is based on gentoo I thought that the thing is somewhat complicated when compiling packages. XD ignore me: B I'm with puppy for now (I don't know why it doesn't show in the comments)

      2.    The Always Pipe (@ afgomez84) said

        A question for a newbie fresh from Arch to Sabayon… any way to install opera-next, that doesn't involve using emerge? ... I have read the documentation and it tells me that it is not safe to use emerge ...

        1.    diazepam said

          look, opera next you cannot install it because it is not in the entropy package (besides that in gentoo it is masked).

          What you can install is the common opera using the entropy
          sudo equio install opera

  4.   makubex uchiha said

    very good info xD sometime I will take a look at this distro xD

  5.   elip89 said

    Excellent distro, I got started on GNU / Linux with Sabayon 7 and it was great for a beginner like me. Now that I am an average user I will try it to see how it goes and to remember the old days xD

  6.   Juanra said

    I've wanted to try Sabayon for a long time but I couldn't ... I already downloaded the .iso of Sabayon mate, and I loved it once, I installed it on my PC

  7.   mikaoP said

    Excellent distro, thanks to conandoel who recommended it to me a few months ago, very efficient except in some moments that I have a java or flash application and the cpu is put to full performance and slows down the entire system ...

  8.   davidlg said

    highly recommended Sabayon, the little info in Spanish continues to fail

  9.   Rla said

    I have tested it with both Mate and Kde and it continues to consume a lot of resources compared to other distributions with those desktops. He is the only one but I see him.

    It is not normal that according to boot with Mate it takes 550 megabytes of ram and with Kde about 500.

    1.    Riven taker said

      Hello, just started on a netbook (LIVE), MATE version consumes 198MB and installed without disabling any service is at 121MB, I don't know about KDE, I haven't tried it but it should be more or less the same if it doesn't have nepomuk enabled as standard


      1.    Rla said

        Well, it will be my computer, deactivating magneto it drops to 350 megabytes but it still seems too much for a desktop with matte as soon as I start. And on top of that, it takes almost 50 seconds to start up and 18 seconds to turn off.

        Other distributions with the same desktop consume less and start and shut down in not half the time. I like Sabayon since version 6, but whenever I test it in each version they release it happens to me the same, a shame but I go back to OpenSuse.

  10.   Miguel said

    good post I will start to download

  11.   Fernando69 said

    Excellent rolling release, I just installed it on my Kde 4.9 desktop laptop and it is a beauty.

  12.   Laegnur said


    A question to see if anyone can answer me ... the Conky script that you see in the screenshot comes with Sabayon by default? Can you get that script somewhere?

    PS: Even though up there… / | \… winsux is going to come out, it's because I'm at work 😛

    1.    diazepam said
  13.   auroszx said

    Well, I downloaded the Xfce version 🙂 I think they improved the artwork, it's really pretty.

  14.   Elynx said


    I just finished installing it on my laptop, it's great, rolling release! : D!

    By any chance, some guide, tip or manual in PDF for the use of equo and entropy?


      1.    Elynx said

        Thanks Diazepan, but you don't know of any website in Spanish where I can consult and clarify my doubts?

        PS: I don't get along well with English hehehe xD!

          1.    Elynx said

            Nah, it's not for nothing but, I consider the sabayon wiki somewhat incomplete and still green!

            I read it before but that's fine, I'll keep looking for information on the matter!

            Greetings and thanks!

  15.   mr linux said

    Do you have support for ATI?

  16.   Hetare said

    hi i just installed sabayon 10 and everything fine until the first start. loading screen appeared and then went black. a driver problem I imagine. how is it solved?

    Thank you

  17.   Hetare said

    graphic ati

  18.   Frank Davila said

    I can't get java to start the jdownloader program, nor do I get it integrated into the context menu, nor can I get it in the selection of applications to run the application, I already installed it and I have it configured, how do I make it work?