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Well, I bring you this simple tutorial to be able to activate in qtconfig the Gtk appearance for Qt applications, when you are using a Gtk-based environment in Sabayon (GNOME, XFCE etc ..).

For some reason, qgtkstyle it is not installed in Sabayon, nor is it in the repositories. According to some developer, it's because they don't want to add »bloat».

Como Sabayon, is based on Gentoo, as we will use the Gentoo philosophy:

1-We obtain the portage tree:

emerge -sync

2-We obtain the overlays from sabayon:

layman -a sabayon && layman -a sabayon-dsitro

3- We create a local overlay:

mkdir -p /usr/local/overlays/local/profiles && echo "local_overlay" >> /usr/local/overlays/local/profiles/repo_name && echo 'PORTDIR_OVERLAY="${PORTDIR_OVERLAY} /usr/local/overlays/local' >> /etc/make.conf

4- We pass the ebuild of qgtkstyle to its correct place:

wget -O qgtkstyle.tar.bz2 '' && tar xvf qgtkstyle.tar.bz2 -C /usr/local/overlays/local

5- we see the dependencies that are needed:

emerge -pvt qgtkstyle

6-We install all the dependencies with entropy / rigo.

7-finally we will install qgtkstyle: emerge -pvt qgtkstyle.ebuild

8-We register the changes in entropy:

equo rescue spmsync

Finally we can go to qtconfig and select the gtk + style for qt applications

If you have had problems compiling the package because of gcc, don't worry, it is a recognized bug and can be solved simply by reinstalling gcc: equo install gcc

I hope my guide is helpful and even another!

Source: https: // F = 89 & t = 29622

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  1.   ianpocks said

    What times when I used sabayon….

  2.   Rots87 said

    I didn't even understand the "j" of one of the instructions hahaha you can see that I will give via in Gentoo and derivatives / -_- \

  3.   eVeR said

    There is a small typo in the second command. I am not a lover of putting commands without explaining what they do, we produce a generation of copy-grazers who have no idea what they are copying. Anyway, I imagine that if they have Gentoo or derivatives, they have to know something ...

    1.    pandev92 said

      YES, sorry, it's sabayon distro, naaa, a generation of copy pasteadores is not created, it is simply very easy what you are doing, if you want to go deeper, you should go to the sabayon wiki 😉

  4.   diazepan said

    By the way, you could make a request bug to include qgtkstyle in sabayon

    I did it once with qupzilla 1.3.5 (when they still had 1.1.8)—

    1.    pandev92 said

      It is done! more than two years ago

  5.   diazepan said

    Ok pandev. You win.

  6.   st0rmt4il said

    Thanks for the tip!


  7.   msx said

    This is what I always liked about Gentoo (and Sabayon in this case): the simplicity of concept and execution!

    Wait… it's just the other way around !!!!
    My mother, just reading you gave me a cerebral coma, I was saved from a good one when I decided to try Arch instead of Gentoo 😀

  8.   pandev92 said

    Wait? If you don't know how to do that, it gives me that we have a problem, it is not much more complicated than editing a pkgbuild 😉 or using a pkbuild that has compile dependencies that are not in the arch repos or are out of date .., but hey, hey, if you don't know what mkdir is for, I'll miss ...
    There is nothing more Kiss than gentoo in that sense, but what I can tell you is that any experienced archlinuxer should be able to do this, although of course, this case is only for advanced users.

    1.    msx said

      I do not agree.

      Wait? if you don't know how to do that, I think we have a problem »
      And it gives me that you're an asshole, whether I know how to manage Gentoosa or not.

      PKGBUILDs are a hybrid between the Windows INI file system where you have:
      Variable = value
      and the shell scripts.
      The PKGBUILD is basically made up of two sections where in the first you only define variables and in the second you do the dirty work which, as I say, is only shell scripting where we define the necessary actions for the package to be installed: create directories, assign them permissions, copy or move files, unzip .tars, etc. This is where the beauty of the PKGBUILD lies: its conception is simple and its execution is simple where the only stop to create magic is the programmer's wrist. They do not have anything strange nor do they contribute anything new, with knowing shell scripting (sh or bash, no more) it is not necessary to learn anything else.

      A PKGBUILD is neither more nor less than a powerful, modern and clean ebuild and this difference is obvious when we compare a PKGBUILD from an X application with its analog ebuild.

      On the other hand, managing Gentoo is the most cumbersome thing I have ever seen.
      Beyond the fact of continually compiling everything - somewhat unnerving and economically and environmentally inefficient - Gentoo's problem is its unhealthy administration and your post demonstrates it with the amount of laps it takes to install a specific package.

      If there is a defect that Gentoo has and that its users sin, it is to believe that the more complicated the better when beauty and mastery are demonstrated in simplicity xD

    2.    msx said

      There is a nice test that I could demonstrate how absurd some features of Gentoo / Sabayon are to all those who have a few minutes:
      yesterday I dumped the image of Sabayon 11 KDE to a pendrive to test how the distribution works in real HW.
      After booting to the desktop, I decide to make a backup of a partition where I have another OS to install Sabayon on top of it and be able to examine it more closely.
      For this I decide to install FSARCHIVER, an excellent console tool to backup and clone partitions.
      I open Konsole and update the repos:
      $ sudo equo up
      Logically the second step is to install fsarchiver:
      $ sudo equo i fsarchiver
      … WTF! The system needs to download _86_ (yes, eighty-six) packages as a dependency and then download and install fsarchiver !!!
      The funniest thing is that among the packages that it downloads there are a multitude of packages related to X or Python (such as PyQt among others) when the application that I am installing is designed to run only from the console! xD

      C'on, I have a lot to do during the day before I waste my time so ridiculously.

      1.    pandev92 said

        86? Do not lie, the dependencies do not even reach 10,92165,,amd64,5,standard/dependencies#package-widget-show-what

        If you have downloaded 86 packages it is because I was updating others, in fact I only downloaded 4 packages;). The other thing is that sabayon is a derivative of gentoo, not gentoo, so if you want to do a test, you would have to install gentoo directly and use portage. I don't think there is much improvement in the pkgbuilds and I say this as a 6 month old archlinux user, the only advantage I see over the ebuilds is that the pkgbuilds install the dependencies automatically, although many times I have found that I have had to fix up to the dependencies pkgbuilds.
        If you're a layer 8, don't blame gentoo.

        1.    msx said

          «86? Do not lie, "
          WTF? Wash your mouth clown, I'm not lying, I leave that to the mediocre.
          Before opening the muzzle as you do, check what I say, or DO YOU ALREADY KNOW THAT IT IS SO?
          Download the latest ISO, update repositories and try to install that application TO SEE HOW MANY BIZARRO PACKAGES UPDATE PREVIOUSLY.

          And then I bit the dust, jetón.

          "If you have downloaded 86 packages it is because I was updating others, in fact I only downloaded 4 packages"

          Let's see: if I decide to install an X application, it is logical that if said application needs other packages in a certain version, it offers to update them in order to install the application in question.

          Now when an application designed for the console needs to previously update some dependency which in turn needs to update other dependencies and finally, for said CONSOLE application, 86 cascading dependencies need to be previously updated, of which the vast majority do not have any kind of relationship with the application we are installing is that the SUCK build system.

          And yes: Sabayon IS Gentoo for the simple fact that if instead of using equo you decide to use emerge, YOU WILL NOT FIND ANY PROBLEM managing your system, both systems are 100% compatible - I wonder if you say otherwise as a user of these distributions.

          "Although many times I have found that I have had to fix even the pkgbuilds of the dependencies."
          Sure, it may happen, by something AUR means "Arch User Repository" or Arch user repository.
          In fact, since the AUR packages are uploaded by users WHO COLLABORATE WITH THE COMMUNITY BY ADDING PKBUILDS FROM APPLICATIONS THAT USE THEM OR NEED OTHER USERS, it is logical that those users who ARE NOT DISTANCE KEEPERS and have an AFK life are sometimes not attentive to the changes that continually occur in the development of the applications they maintain and that is why the community is generally very involved in posting the pertinent updates on the respective minisites to modify the PKGBUILD and for said applications to compile.

          If you have no idea, don't talk, the concept of AUR is simply brilliant: to give the community a space for it to interact and grow on its own without having to babysit the distro developers. Sparkly.

          "If you're a layer 8, don't blame gentoo."
          Typical comment n00b 😛

          After using Gentoo and screwing around Portage and how outdated the distribution is, I decided to give it a second chance in its Funtoo form.
          Funtoo is what Gentoo should be if they weren't so stubborn about doing things the way they do.
          Funtoo is brilliant, on the basis of Gentoo they employ a modern operating logic replacing the old Portage system with a new one based on GIT, keeping dependencies to a minimum, developing new optimized profiles (Gentoo uses the same since 2007 or 2008) and creating the basis for a much cleaner system than its predecessor.

          It is not the distro I would use because compiling absolutely everything [0] seems ridiculous all the time, however Funtoo has very good ideas.

          [0] Typical reasoning of a Gentoo user:
          «Well, to gain 0.1% of extra speed and 0.1% of space, I am going to recompile all KDE without printer or scanner support, I totally don't have a printer, so I want it! Hehe, let's get to work! »
          2 days after:
          "Well, I have KDE almost compiled and the heating that comes out of the machine suits me well now that we are entering winter, I can turn off the heaters in the house."
          1 day later:
          "Ah, wonderful, it is incredible how well it works, no, if it is as I say, everything makes a difference, it feels fabulously fast !!!" (EPIC WTF)
          The next day at work:
          «- NOOO, how is the PC not working, I have to present this report in writing !!!
          - Nothing happens man, connect your laptop directly to the printer and voila.
          - Houston, we have a problem."

          Take them yourself and your layer 8, hahaha
          Layer 8 .. xD

          1.    pandev92 said

            Your way of speaking sincerely seems that of a ubunctual who has been on Linux for 3 months and then thinks he is a * juanker *, when you talk to me, wipe your mouth with soap, chavalin.
            And no, you have not downloaded the last iso, unless you have downloaded the daily iso;). And no, the 86 updates are downloaded because even if they do not have to do with the package, you are obliged to update before installing, it works like that. Trolaco layer 8. And you have not been able to refute me that archlinux has 4000 less packages, congratulations, even debian has more packages than archlinux, in the repositories.

          2.    elav said

            What need is there to offend? Is it not possible to give a point of view without actually issuing an offense against another user? More respect please.

          3.    msx said

            "Don't lie," said the clown, do you think it is a worse offense than that?

          4.    msx said

            Oh yeah, 4000 packages that were downloaded… 2 times each?
            If you use Arch and by chance there is no official package or PKGBUILD for your esoteric application, it is understood that you have plenty of capacity to install it on your own, not in vain one of the bases of Arch is Slackware where everything used to be done like this until recently weather.

            So, again, take them.

      2.    pandev92 said

        The other thing is that in the normal archlinux repos there are 10623 packages found.

        On the other hand, in those of sabayon there are more than 14 thousand, so you will understand that it is much less likely that you will have to resort to installing packages from sources (or aur) as can happen in archlinux.

        1.    msx said

          The "baleful" thing coming from someone who uses ebuilds is basically idiotic.
          If we are going to measure who has the longest, AL far exceeds Gentoo in number of packages and OVERALL with MORE CURRENT software than the one provided by Gentoo.

          Not long ago when I was using NetBeans to develop I remember that in Arch I had been using the new version 4 .5-something for about 7-1 months and Gentoo ebuilds still had version 6.9 as stable and 7.0 as unstable (yellow).

          1.    pandev92 said

            where have you read fatal? in any case it will be sources. The other thing is that archlinux I just counted it, it has 4 thousand less packages than sabayon in the repositories, enter and you will see


            : )

            sabayon has more than 14 thousand, continues to deny the evidence, is urban terror in the repos of archlinux, vmware player, spotify etc? example of applications that are not XD

          2.    msx said

            Spotify, choose the one you like:
            Urban Terror:
            The vmware player, if I am not mistaken, does not need installation, it is just unzip and run, it is not necessary to create a package for something so trivial.

            Keep sucking 😀

          3.    pandev92 said

            I do not consider aur a repository in itself, because it is not maintained by the devs of the distro 😉 and that may imply, (many times it happens), that the package does not compile without you putting your hand, I am talking about the repositories of the distro, community extra etc, and no, you won't find those packages;).
            Keep trolling, it is fatal ahahaha.

          4.    msx said

            It's true, bad is the overlays system and all the farting that needs to be done to install an xD application

          5.    pandev92 said

            Well if you don't like what are you doing commenting here? See you are a troll? But seriously troll. And Elav, I am not going to tolerate more that this individual calls me a clown and on top of that I am an editor, you should be ashamed to approve comments like those, when I was fighting, you banned me from the forum and you all turned against me, but You don't say anything to this individual.

          6.    msx said


            If there is something that bothers me more that they call me a liar, it is that a ladybug catches it with the DL boys who by all accounts and even though we have exchanged some 'powerful' messages are GROSS (and I mean it, from the feeling).

            Excuse me miss @ pandev92, I will not bother you with my comments again.

          7.    pandev92 said

            Don't feed the…

          8.    elav said

            It seems to me that it is already well gentlemen .. Please, share your Talk, MSN or Skype and kill yourself in that way .. seriously .. a STOP.

  9.   Frikilui said

    Hahahaha ,,,, 😀 I love reading From Linux and even more when things like this happen. Who said Linux was boring ??? 😀

  10.   cooper15 said

    It would not be bad if you explained it with manzanitas, because I did what you put in the post and it only throws me errors.

    1.    pandev92 said

      Did you first reinstall gcc? Then in the guide there is an error, you must put "sabayon-dsitro" instead of sabayon dsitro.ç

      a greeting