Script to automatically delete the reggeaton of connected USB devices

A day or two ago only on my Facebook wall I commented on this idea and several liked it, I explain what it consists of:

«A better world is possible«. I want to start with this phrase first of all to express what I feel.

In this world there are several things that should not be allowed or simply not exist, such as child rapists, extremist fanatics ... and also, if they allow me, I include reggeatón. This "genre" musical? without a doubt it does harm to humanity, although many of the most fanatical of it are (in my very personal opinion) creatures whose IQ is directly proportional to their ability to appreciate a good architectural work, or simply good music like Celine Dion or Andrea Bocelli, the problem is not only in the rapid spread of this genre and its followers (it spreads as the most harmful of viruses), but also that those of us who do NOT like such a sound full of rudeness, we must many times against our will to listen to that noise because a brainless has it turned up at full volume in the bus, classroom, or it is unfortunately our neighbor who lacks common sense and has the sound too loud ¬_¬

The point is that I have decided on behalf of several geeks or nerds to do something about it ...

I have programmed a script whose operation is very simple actually, it does the following:

  1. Look in the / media / folder (and its subfolders) for any files or folders that match a filter.
  2. In case it matches, it will delete that folder and / or files that match.
  3. It will log each file or folder that is deleted.
  4. In case nothing matches the filter, it will do nothing then.
  5. Every 20 seconds it will execute the previous steps again, so we make sure that if a new USB is connected, it does not escape us 🙂

Simple isn't it? Here I leave the script for download and also the link of the script in our Paste:


To start the script, you must download it and place it in a folder on your home called script-antireggeaton, inside that folder they should also have a file called filter.lst in which they will put words such as names of reggeaton singers, groups of this type, etc. Each word must go on independent lines, I leave an example of my filter.lst:


…. yes yes I know, Justin Bieber does not sing reggeatón, but ... since I'm eliminating reggeatón, I thought about doing the job more complete and also send this J.Bieber dwarf to the devil 😀

Once you have both files (filter.lst and in the $ HOME / script-antireggeaton / folder, make sure that the .sh has execution permissions, you can do this by right clicking + properties and in a Permissions tab or something well, there you will see the option. Then, it's just a matter of running it 😉

Anyway, this has been the main thing regarding the script and its operation.

By the way, the script as such is not that it only deletes reggeatón, the script will delete whatever matches the filter, if they want it to delete all the .exe or everything related to (for example) crack or messi, it is a matter of putting it in the filter, that simple.

Note: Putting the script on our computer does not make as much sense as putting it on the computers of our university, our neighbor's PC, or our sister's, does it? 😉

Now, I know that morally there will be some who do not agree with what I am explaining, with my "way of doing things", just yesterday elav was commenting something to me about it, telling me that "I cannot impose my tastes on others", the The point is that for a long time I have had to endure that others, regardless of the fact that I DO NOT support such noise (they call it "music"), still play it at full volume, regardless of my opinion or personal taste, my mental well-being ... still at 8AM on a Sunday put that on full blast making everyone wake up at home. The time to be tolerant is simply over, Don't you think?

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  1.   pandev92 said


    1.    eliotime3000 said

      Yes, well.

  2.   Leo said

    Great!!!! Good idea. Now you just need a script to automatically delete the .exe and .bat and it would be the perfect world, ha.
    As a joke, I don't like raggeton or cumbia "villera" either (I think it's only heard in Argentina) because it consumes the brain. There is nothing better than a good cleaning. 😀

  3.   Rene lopez said

    For a while, before reggaeton arrived in Paraguay, we also «imported» that garbage from cumbia villera 🙁
    Thanks Sandy, to clean pendrives has been said! haha..
    It's a pity that they use windows at university, but .. hehehe ..

  4.   Alebils said

    At last justice is done.
    I thought that only here in Argentina did they melt our brains on the bus with that noise. Sometimes I prefer to sit near the engine and have it cover the regaeton (the engine is more harmonious than those barking dogs) 🙂

    1.    Zironid said

      Here in Colombia we are the same, on the bus, in the shops, in the bars (I don't go into the bars, but I have to pass in front of them and you hear that noise with the volume on top). What bothers me the most is that, in the fencing academy where I study, they put it in all the classes (or they also put remixes, which, in general, are not to my liking). Thank God they asked me the favor of installing Linux on the machines they have ... 😀

    2.    vicky said

      I remember that I once told one of them to use headphones and not disturb the rest. She called me hysterical and told me that I had the right to listen to music. Puff rude people in this world.

  5.   fredy said

    I prefer to walk 5 km before using the bus with those sharp sounds but when I return home there is no other option and a script to eliminate the sound would be good hehe.

    Good idea.

  6.   Richzendy said

    Too bad it only works on linux, there should be something like that in windows to leave it installed as soon as we meet cyber cafe or a friend or family's computer, because in any case I use Linux, but that kind of files never pass through my computer.

  7.   Pedro said

    Good to all the blog readers! I am a regular reader and I comment little, but I disagree with this post. KZKG ^ Gaara, I respect your musical tastes and those of everyone who believes that this or that musical genre is bad. But we have to be open that not everyone likes the same thing as one. The world of free software and Linux is an open world. Let's do the exercise of putting ourselves in the place of the other ... what would happen if a group of people arose that attacked a musical genre that we like with the same arguments? What if the "persecuted" were us? Someone who listens to classical music could say the same of someone who hears the "noise" of the rolling stones, and declare rock the worst and thus thousands of posts would arise from this or that who wants to eliminate that genre for being "the worst" ... Do you think that this would be a better, more open, happier world? Music was made to enjoy and to bring people together. If there is someone who does not respect us, we should not pay them in the same currency. An eye for an eye and the world will end up blind, Gandhi said. Let's reflect, self-criticism is not bad. We all have prejudices, because society is full of them. We must recognize them, and assume that we can be wrong.
    -Of course I like the Stones, heh.-

    1.    Rene lopez said

      Burn it !! To the stake !! LOL..
      It's a joke..

    2.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      Thank you very much for your comment Pedro, I really do.

      Yes, I agree with you 100% that everyone's musical tastes (or tastes in general) must be respected, but unfortunately ... Reggeatón fans don't understand this 🙁

      How many times is one of us blasting Celine Dion or Adele on the bus and this bothers the rest?
      When was the last time that at 8AM on a Sunday we put Laura Pausini at full volume in our building and this annoyed the neighbors?

      I do not know the case of you, but at least almost all my acquaintances (not to be absolute) have a sense of measure, respect the rest or sleep time, respect the tranquility of others.

      Where I want to get to is that I have spent my entire life (like many here) being respectful with others, not turning the music on late at night at an exaggerated volume, respecting the mornings of my neighbors, not turning the equipment at full volume , much less bothering dozens of people on the bus with music that, although it is NOT rude (like reggeatón), I am not absolutely sure that 100% of those people will like it. I've always been respectful in this regard, but reggeaton fans have never been with me.

      Honestly friend, I've had enough of this situation 🙁

      Why do I have to be respectful and have good manners with people who do NOT have them with me?

      1.    Pedro said

        Thanks for the rta.
        I think your final question should be: why should we stop being respectful and having bad manners, whoever the other is? Does that improve the situation? Or does it put us on a par with them? I see that the subject is more a matter of being fed up with attitudes of others and the subject of music and reggetón is almost secondary. I imagine that if you were passed to Adele every day at all hours, at full volume day after day, you would end up not supporting her. The central question is how we should react to people who do not respect us. Clearly, we cannot repay you in the same coin because we do recognize what is right and what is wrong. And we recognize that intolerance and disrespect is wrong because it leads us nowhere. Lack of respect in today's societies is unfortunately frequent. I understand that it is annoying that they do those things to you, who can like it? and what a fury it gives! So what is the solution? I think that if I had an answer so that people do not disrespect others, I would be a genius who would achieve world peace, heh. What I do know is what we should not do, never fall into doing what we criticize, eye for an eye, or similar things. Music is not to blame for disrespect, that's for sure, heh. And hopefully you can resolve the issue with your neighbors!

    3.    tuxxx said

      @Pedro, reggaeton is not music, it is only an attempt against the dignity of women with rhythm, and I am against that, that is why I see it perfectly criticizable.

      Regarding the post, very good xD

    4.    houndix said

      The problem, as I think they have said, is that they themselves (reggaetoneros) do not respect the rest. If I am walking quietly down the street or traveling by public transport, I probably don't feel like listening to what others are hearing. And in order not to disturb, I prefer to put on the headphones of the portable player and listen to what I want to hear without disturbing anyone. It's that simple: everyone who listens what they want, but without forcing the people around them to listen to the same thing, or at least at a moderately audible volume (in the case of neighbors).

      Also, although it is only a personal opinion, reggaeton is perhaps the only "musical" genre from which I can't get anything good. There are very "commercial" or very "mainstream" genres, such as pop or electronic music, that although they are not very much to my taste, I recognize the good in them, especially if you look beyond what the mass media continually repeat. Also other musically poor genres, such as rap or punk, have other very good qualities (such as lyrics and their vindication).

      But in reggaeton I can't find absolutely ANYTHING positive. And not precisely because I have not investigated anything or because I am closed-minded (even if I have my GNU metalhead as an avatar, I listen to very different things beyond metal; in fact, lately what I listen to most are strange and experimental things). In reggaeton I only find monotonous and repetitive beats and rhythms ad nauseam, totally offensive and macho lyrics (and to think that years ago they censored things much "softer" and now this is considered "suitable for all audiences" ...), and in generally something totally empty musically. There are many things that even though I don't like them, or even hate them, I can understand that there are people who like them. But reggaeton is one of the few exceptions in this.

      About the post in question and the script, I say the same that others have already commented as well. As it is not for Windows, I don't think it will be useful, because in addition to using GNU / Linux I don't have any XD files of that type.

      1.    eliotime3000 said

        Now there are too many fanboys who like this bastardized version of reggaeton, but there are songs like those of Vico C and Calle 13 that are really worth listening to. Not everything is Daddy Yankee or Wisin y Yandel, as there are many other artists like Don Omar who make songs that are not so mediocre.

        1.    Manual of the Source said

          Labels were missing to your comment.

          1.    eliotime3000 said

            I forgot to add the tag [sarcasm] [/ sarcasm] so it was on my Android smartphone. Thanks for reminding me.

    5.    HQ said

      I support you, I also add that what you are doing is discrimination. Also, musically speaking, you can condemn the denigrating or macho lyrics but they are not exclusive to reggaeton (although most of them are) and I suspect that it is more a matter of musical ignorance. Do you criticize the rhythm without lyrics? the letter? - The lyrics are not reggaeton. Reggaeton's asynchronous rhythm that forces a hip break between the 3rd or 4th beat of each bar does not deserve such criticism.

      PD: I also detest that kind of music that lacks creativity and is simply used for commercial purposes and without purely artistic purposes, but I think a reggaeton could be made that has a lot of art. It depends on the person, you can also make a denigrating rock.

    6.    wilbert isaac said

      When a group arises that is against the music I listen to, it will be for two reasons:

      1. I am indiscriminately imposing my tastes on others, and
      2. I do it in the most disrespectful way, just like the reggaeton players.

      To write reggaeton (and Bieber, Minaj, etc) you don't have to think much, that intellectual idleness, unfortunately, sticks, and I don't think people should have the option of being brutalized; On the contrary, in pursuit of human advancement, we all have the duty to cultivate ourselves and enrich our minds, just as a doctor would indicate that it takes physical exercise to keep our physical part in science and technology, but comprehensively). Reggaeton represents the complete opposite of these principles, and as a student of pure physics, I cannot in any way accept the opposite.

  8.   teniazo said

    Hahaha. Look at what these guys are doing ... Next time with GUI and exporting to Mac, Windows and Android ... hahaha.

  9.   Pedro said

    I forgot ... I see that the problem also arises from having neighbors or people around us that stuns us. That is another issue and it must be approached in another way. You have to separate the many I think.
    I leave you a phrase that I think is very good ...
    «I am who I am and you are who you are, let's build a world where I can be without ceasing to be me, where you can be without ceasing to be you, and where neither I nor you force the other to be like me or like you . » Sub-Commander Marcos.
    From now on, I comment with the best vibes and I just want us to reflect that a more open and better world can only be built with good vibes, tolerance and respect. And with Linux! obviously, heh.

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      If you don't worry hahaha I know that your comments are with the best of intentions 😀
      We are not Taliban or uncivilized people here (most of us LOL !!), don't worry and once again, thank you for your comments.

      I responded to the other comment already, by the way ... great phrase 🙂
      I have another: «Individual freedom ends where collective freedom begins», You can modify it just a little bit and take it to«Individual well-being ends where collective well-being begins«, And thus it fits the theme better 😀

      Greetings friend (I.e.

    2.    Charlie-Brown said

      “I am as I am and you are as you are, let's build a world where I can be without ceasing to be me, where you can be without ceasing to be you, and where neither I nor you force the other to be like me or like you . " Sub-Commander Marcos.

      Very nice phrase, but; How do you intend to achieve this? Is using weapons against other people (for whatever reasons) not the ultimate way of "forcing others to be like me or like you"?

      Sometimes I think that certain people have to be given a taste of their own medicine so that they understand how much they annoy the rest of humanity, I'm not a Taliban at all, but when they wake me up with a reggaeton, the least I want is to disappear from the map. all reggaeton players; and needless to say the torture involved in riding a bus enduring that noise. I do not intend to impose my tastes on anyone, but I do not allow anyone to impose theirs on me, for everyone to hear the music they want, but without disturbing others, that when I want to hear my Gregorian Songs, I put on my headphones and have a cold ...

  10.   invisible15 said

    It is appreciated that script is made like this, in Spain unfortunately the reggeatón also appears according to which places ... If it were for windows with an autorun you would walk around connecting the pendrive and let it do its job.

  11.   Alejandro said

    Haha good script! I share it xD

  12.   Giskard said

    For a better world!!!
    Excellent post! 😀

  13.   Angel said

    Until minutes ago I was a loyal follower of this page, but because of stupid and senseless posts like this I never do it again.

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      Thanks for reading.
      While the goal of the script doesn't have to be to your liking, the .SH instructions might be interesting for you.


      1.    thorzan said

        I agree. Depending on what you put in the filter, you can delete other files that are "objectively" harmful, like many of those that can be found in other people's flash drives. Someone may not like the way they explain the script, but I think it's a witty and humorous complaint.

    2.    vicky said

      With that script you can delete anything, viruses, child pornography etc. etc.

  14.   alpj said

    Jajjajajjajajajja, excellent, I also believe in a better world, a world without reggeaton.

  15.   cooper15 said

    I think it is great, I always preach tolerance but this has caused me a lot of grace and it is true I have also lived what you say KZKG ^ Gaara. I already shared it 🙂

  16.   eliotime3000 said

    You remind me of when I was a true fanboy of commercial reggaeton and I was fascinated by the rhythm of loud and boring sounds. Reggaeton is completely banalized and before judging this genre in a generalized way, listen to artists like Vico C, DC Reto and Calle 13, who have a repertoire of songs with good lyrics that are not necessarily vulgar or perverted as the reggaeton mainstream.

    1.    cookie said

      Well, the thing is that those you mentioned (at least Vico C and Calle 13) don't really go into reggaeton that much, I would put them in something closer to rap.

      1.    eliotime3000 said

        But Vico C is practically the founder of reggaetón, and he was the first to criticize the unhealthy trivialization that occurred with the song "Relief." Calle 13 was a bit ruder with "Ven y critícame", which makes a strong criticism of mainstream reggaeton producers.

      2.    DanielC said

        You kill a cat and you are already a cat killer, the saying goes! xD

        Several with the songs that I have heard from Calle 13 and it does not seem like the typical reggaeton, except for a couple that were of that genre.

        I remembered once that we were listening to Tortoise and a friend came just as "Northern Something" started and told me that it was reggaeton and that this group played reggaeton ... doblefacepalm

        1.    eliotime3000 said

          Ignorance, ignorance everywhere.

  17.   Mika_Seido said

    I think that this script would get rid of all controversy, if instead of deleting files, it put a limit to the decibels, or volume at which it could be heard. in such a way that whoever plays it hears it without disturbing others. . . I don't know if it's possible but it would be excellent.

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      Or it would have also served to eliminate any virus that lodged in the recycler folder and eliminate any autorun that links to said virus. That would have been much more useful.

      1.    sieg84 said

        it is not that difficult to modify.

        1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

          Indeed, modifying it is something really simple, well if it is to eliminate .exe ... the autorun..inf, etc etc 🙂
          About lowering the decibels ... uff, if I find an application in the terminal that does it with pleasure, I modify it 😀

  18.   ChepeV said

    The power of terminal lool

    1.    Zar5cus said

      LOL!!! D:

  19.   deviltroll said

    I agreed with you until you mentioned the big nose and the blind man

  20.   Pedro said

    Let's do the following exercise: suppose in another widely read forum a group of classical music lovers come up with a way to eliminate the music of noisy metalheads. That other reggueton lovers propose a virus to eradicate rock songs. That other dance lovers propose to beat up classical lovers, and so… is that promoting a better world? Let's imagine that instead of music they are desks ... that the kderos get up one day fed up with gnomers and decide to run a script to affect the kderos blogs. And then the kde do the same to give them "their own medicine." I do not see positive progress in that ... Not to mention if we transfer this to religions, sexual preferences, skin color, etc.

    I believe that this blog, like any medium that is read by many people, has a social responsibility. And their authors have a social responsibility in that their opinions are read by many people and influence more or fewer people. The Linux world is an open, tolerant world that respects diversity (with few exceptions). And I think this post does not correctly reflect the values ​​of that world. This is constructive criticism, please don't take it the wrong way.

    I don't know KZKG but I'm sure he's a good person, and after so much enduring disrespect he exploded and that was reflected in the post. His previous opinions tell us that he is a responsible, open and tolerant person ... but who is not wrong sometimes? Do you know someone perfect? I'm wrong a lot, heh. Let's go! To promote tolerance, respect for diversity, joy, the world is already full of intolerance for us to join in ...

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      When you live with a herd of reggaeton fanboys, you manage to go to those extremes. Learning to live with them is the same as living with any type of fanboy, even Apple fanboys.

    2.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      Thanks for your comment. Actually, I don't consider myself a bad person, it's just that as you indicate ... the moment comes when it explodes 🙁
      I have managed to coexist or rather, tolerate the lack of respect and little sensitivity of reggeaton fans for too many years, I have realized that nothing is achieved for good, you cannot reason with them ... well then, if for the good could not, am I wrong to try another way?

      Thank you really thank you for your comment

  21.   DanielC said

    There is a serious omission in that script, it is not taken into account that most of those fans cannot write and you see things like: "dari yanki" "regeton" "reggaeton" "yustin biber-viver" etc etc

    His own ignorance, by naming the song files, protects them from scripts like this one !! 🙁

    1.    DanielC said

      By the way, it's reggAEton, not reggEAton.

      1.    eliotime3000 said

        That's true. Reggaeton is a derivative of reggae, but the joke is that there are more fanboys than fans of the genre and it has already broken the line between tolerance and annoyance.

  22.   Kannon said

    I don't like reggaeton (or how it's written), in fact, I hate it, but there should also be a script to eliminate a certain rock-metal that there is, because there is a lot of shit in that genre as well.

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      Hey, this is not FayerWayer, or Facebook or Taringa for you to express yourself that way.

      1.    Kannon said

        **** CORRECTING *****

        I don't like reggaeton (or how it is written), in fact, I hate it, but there should also be a script to eliminate certain rock-metal that there is, because in that genre there is also a lot of BAD MUSIC.

        Are you happy, SIR-RI-TO?
        (LAUGHS ..)

        You have made my day.

        1.    eliotime3000 said

          Let's see…

          What happens is that unfortunately you are getting carried away by the moment, because currently those who listen to reggaetón are a string of fanboys who know absolutely nothing about the genre, in addition to labels like Universal Music, Sony Music and the same ignorance gestated by the same people that does not pay attention to the musical quality of different mainstream genres. Vico C, who is the founder of the genre, has been outraged by this situation and in 2005, he made a hip-hop song called "relief", which expresses his annoyance at the aggressive trivialization and the distortion of the genre itself ( even worse than hip-hop itself) without offending anyone.

          Calle 13, which is a non-mainstream reggaeton group that began by making popular songs but their lyrics were increasingly moving away from the insolent trivialization, created the song “Que Lloren”, which criticizes the producers of the genre and what the industry was like with the artists.

          I admit that before I was a fanboy of this genre, but when I discovered songs from hip-hop, trip hop and other genres, I realized that reggaeton has become crap because by trivializing it and making it more alienating, the «artists »And the labels based on the great horde of fanboys it has, leaving its fans and supporters aside. That is the main reason why I am against mainstream reggaeton, not because an animal simply starts to listen at full volume or that is put to underestimate other genres without any basis, but that it has become dependent on these fanboys and thus begins to dismember people's critical thinking.

  23.   ferchmetal said

    excellent idea, I support the notion! 🙂

  24.   geek said

    In windows we could easily create a .bat or program some .exe without gui running in the background, I think that if we use Linux it is because many of us already exceed the level of an "advanced" windos user and these things are simple.


  25.   Edwin said

    There is a problem, to "feed" the filter file, and that is that I have to know reggeton artists and songs (or how to write it) and I have no idea what I would put, since my "knowledge" of the regeton ( or whatever it is written) is reduced to dady yankee, gasoline, don omar 😛

    As for jokes, it has many applications, use your imagination and you will find many things to do and put them here, instead of your comments that are not relevant.


  26.   zyxx said

    Great!! .. down with passive resistance !!!
    😛 Well actually most of the people who listen to those genres do not think they have the ability to use something more than a simple cyber cafe and in a university I do not see sense because it is ... a university !! for a reason they are there .. I think so ..
    But your script gives me ideas 😛… crazy ideas to put an end to so many abominations that threaten my sense of life… 😛 .. in the same way, well applied it is an antivirus filter and usb memory cleaner .. that sometimes is so much needed to help classmates ... not to ruin the final work because they don't know how you take care of their computers ¬¬

  27.   mono said

    In fact, if you assign the script as a task to the crontab, it makes it automatic 😛

  28.   rainbow_fly said

    Silvio rodriguez will thank me for eliminating the offspring of rot that YouTube has brought to my computer because of my brother in small mp3's

    but ...

    You could be a bit more delicate, surely there are some other reggaeton lovers on this blog who may be offended. you freely attack those who listen to the genre when you have not really had problems with them and you don't even know them, it is a fallacy to complain about those who listen to reggaeton if your problem is some crazy people who do not respect that others do not want to listen to reggaeton

    Logically it is likely that everything that leads a person to listen to reggaeton, is more less what leads a person to bring their phone to full volume in a bus at 7AM, but even so, you are generalizing in a bad way

    Just a personal opinion 🙂 Greetings!

    PS: Please don't think that I hear that ...

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      Vico C and Cultura Profética would also thank me for making a good review and not for acting like a mediocre hater who has not listened to the authentic reggaetón, but rather listened to the mainstream reggaetón that reggaetón fanboy listens to, which is unheard >>

      1.    rainbow_fly said

        To begin with ... prophetic culture is a Reggae band, not reggaeton ... you already gave a bad image ...
        Now let's see ...

        Vico C: »Baby I want to do it»

        «Uhhh baby
        uhh baby
        uhh baby
        uhh baby
        /// Baby I want to do it
        give me more much more
        I want to do it baby and never stop /// »

        Vico C: «Brunette»
        OF THE


        That has left me in love
        I MAKE.


        Honestly, both "mainstream" reggaeton and what you call "authentic reggaeton" are commercial garbage.

        They are the trace of an unpleasant fusion between the most miserable part of rap without social criticism and the most ultra-commercial and sexist reggae. it is nothing other than the proof of the cultural disaster caused by the super commercialization of Art. They are proof of the disaster that Latin America suffers due to the destruction that education has suffered in the continent

  29.   Geraldo Rivera said

    Here in the Canary Islands we give the canis who listen to that music a cachetón with an open hand and if someone says something they take another cachetón for machango 😛

  30.   Leon Ponce said

    Wouldn't it be great if there was a virus with something like that for Windows? I think it would be the first case of non-malware malware

  31.   truko22 said

    \ O /

  32.   David nieto said

    well the truth is that I do not care! I'm just asking you what if the same thing happens to you, when you lend your USB memory and at that precise moment the person to whom you lent it has the same program but to erase the type of music that you like whatever it is, and they are songs that you say, I will need a lot of time to get them again, YOU WILL BE WITH YOUR ASS ON FIRE BECAUSE YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GET SOME SONGS. OSEA MEN LOCATE FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION !!! IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, DON'T GIVE IT IMPORTANCE BUT GO ON WITH YOUR LIFE.

  33.   Alebils said

    In the end, the comments were diverted more to a social debate than anything else.
    How many times do we listen to heavy rock at full volume in public transport?
    How many times do we listen to classical music at full volume in public transport?
    How many times do we listen to rock or pop at full volume on public transport?
    The answer is surely never (or almost)
    How many times do we hear regaeton at full volume on public transport?
    They made a culture of bothering others with music, that's the problem, the lack of respect for the other.
    So now don't come and tear your clothes because a script is made that erases that music.
    They made disrespect a habit, now that they put up with it.
    How expensive is a pair of headphones? NO
    So why do they do it? Simple, challenge and annoy
    I'm not interested in greasing my ears with that ordinary music.
    And do not come to me that there are lyrics that are not like this or that, because what one hears like this always bounces but always talks about the same thing (immorality, drugs, robberies and the cycle repeats)
    And if any reluctant does not like the comment, then let him hold it like we hold his music at full volume everywhere.

    1.    Max Steel said

      Ah, too much agree with you, you hit the nail on the head. A lack of respect towards others has been established, in my case I have problems apart from that current music, with the (for me) silly and strident music of the band and Duranguense (Mexico), both on the bus and with Neighbors have zero respect for peace and quiet for others. Many times I find myself at home calmly listening to Sarah Brightman, Katherine Jenkins or the like and suddenly it seems that the walls are falling because of the damn neighbors and their music at full volume.

      But it's fine as you say, only those types of people with those tastes are the ones who have no respect, because as you already mentioned, I have never heard any metalhead with full volume music, or with classical music, maybe a little more common with pop but not so much.

    2.    eliotime3000 said

      Here in Peru, mainstream reggaeton is already in a tailspin, now cumbia is everywhere, bernacular music is also heard at high decibels and rock from the 80's, 90's and today are also heard at unbearable decibels in public transport (all genres except classical music).

    3.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      "They made a culture of bothering others with music, that's the problem, the lack of respect for the other."
      I couldn't agree with you more T_T

      Thank you for your comment

    4.    Charlie-Brown said

      What happens is that normally the volume at which the music is put is inversely proportional to the listener's IQ ... 😉

      1.    elav said

        Neither you nor anyone else is going to change that, because simply our society goes backwards with each passing day. Unfortunately people are becoming less intelligent and more rude.

        If we don't want to get into a problem, then we walk around with a pair of headphones, an mp3 player, and we forget the rest. But this "is not the solution" on the contrary, it may be the cause of an unnecessary problem.

        1.    pandev92 said

          It is that we simply live in a society of uncivilized people, period ..., to put some music on a Japanese train, they are happy to put you in jail

          About the script ... the truth is not much use .., they will put it back XD

        2.    vicky said

          Well, I don't agree with this. Now reggeaton (or whatever you write) is heard at high volumes on public transport. But my father told me that before on the train and on the bus they smoked you next door and sexual harassment of women was something much more common (this has been told to me by several). I know that it has nothing to do with it, but I do not like that it is always said that we are going backwards since it is not true (at least in this aspect).

  34.   lokiteitor said

    Muuuuuuyyy bn done just great

    1.    geek said
    2.    eliotime3000 said

      That's right now, but in the beginning (early 90's to be more precise), reggaetón songs were like this >>

  35.   diazepam said

    As Palito Ortega says:

    «Youth, ha ha, youth, ha ha,
    he knows what he wants, he knows where he is going »

  36.   Guillotex said

    What gives me the most fun is that everyone talks about what one does or the other does, but no one commented on the possibility of asking the other speaking to please lower the volume, or if they would not mind using headphones.
    How ironic that in this world where we live connected to lots of media that allow us to communicate, the most basic communication that is person-to-person fails ...

    1.    Alebils said

      Did you try trying to civilly ask one of those regaetonero to turn down the music? Do you know where they can send you? Or the atrocities that you have to endure?
      It is impossible to communicate with them.
      Either you are being ironic or you are very innocent ...

    2.    vicky said

      I have done it several times. Always with negative results. The best thing is that they ignore me, the most common is that they call me misogynistic insults. Also, they always walk in groups and it is dangerous to face them. I've already stopped doing it, I plug in my headphones and shit.

      1.    eliotime3000 said

        Well said! In addition, the joke is that most of those who listen to reggaeetón are fanboys, as are many ubuntueros and macqueros (without generalizing, of course).

  37.   Violepatty said

    DEFINITELY we need something like that to install on windows computers, which I say, are the most popular in cybers, schools, etc.

  38.   Angela said

    It would have been more useful to have created an autorun to spread via USB hahahahaha

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      It would be better if this script could be used to remove viruses from USB sticks that come from infected PCs.

      1.    Manual of the Source said

        And what is not precisely that what it does? 😛

        1.    eliotime3000 said

          Yes, but adding a virus dictionary for Windows is somewhat tedious.

  39.   elav said

    I very much agree with Pedro's comment, and I maintain my position: THIS IS NOT CORRECT. And I told KZKG ^ Gaara privately.

    The fact that you do not like reggeaton, salsa, cumbia or how much Caribbean sound there is, does not give you any right to erase data of that type that you like. Simply, if I detect that I am going to a place, I insert my USB memory and that type of data is mysteriously erased, he lives convinced that the host who manages those computers wins, no one takes it away.

    In what law, decree-law or similar document is it said that it is authorized to remove this type of content from a personal device such as a usb memory? Not my friend, it is not correct.

    1.    Alebils said

      And then Elav what is the right thing to do?
      Talk to them you can not

      1.    elav said

        How would you feel if your Network Admin put a script to erase any type of file from your USB stick, simply because there is something he doesn't like?

        1.    pandev92 said

          ANSWERING a question with a question ... is not answering XD

          1.    elav said

            Well, in this case a question is necessary to expose my point of view, which is none other than the following: WRONG, very bad what the script does, and very bad that everything is because the author can. KZKG ^ Gaara is not GOD, and he is far from it. He's my friend, but when he's wrong I tell him so.

            And the thing is that not even GOD has the balls to impose that kind of thing on me. I repeat, if I were one of those users who has a memory with Reggaeton or whatever, and when I put it on a computer in a public place, the data would be erased because simply whoever manages those computers feels like it. The minimum I do is go to the NODE and without asking, stick a stick to his head. What, is he much better than me because he listens to classical music? Come on, don't screw me.

            It is true that Reggaeton is mostly listened to by people of the lowest cultural level (at least in my country it is like that), but I know Graduates, Doctors, and people more qualified than me and KZKG ^ Gaara who listen to it and not for that they are mediocre. There has to be more respect and tolerance. Unfortunately, as a general rule, asking a person who is listening to this type of music to lower the volume would provoke an unpleasant reaction, therefore what I do is simply put on my headphones or ignore them.

            What's more, we live in a tropical country, and that kind of music is common. So either you live with it, or you grab a board and swim off this island.

    2.    vicky said

      I have the same opinion. Also, people are being judged without knowing if they hear loud music or not. I have friends who listen to Reggaeton (they really like going out to dance and moving rhythms) and they do it with their headphones on.

  40.   elav said

    Oh by the way, about this:

    Now, I know that morally there will be some who do not agree with what I am explaining, with my "way of doing things", just yesterday elav was commenting to me about it, telling me that "I cannot impose my tastes on others", The point is that for a long time I have had to endure that others without caring that I do NOT support such noise (they call it "music") still play it at full volume, without caring about my opinion or personal taste, my mental well-being ... still at 8AM on a Sunday put that on full blast making everyone wake up at home. The time for being tolerant is simply over, don't you think?

    You are not GOD partner .. I hope you at least know how to run, because when a few reggaeton players get together to beat you up for putting the script in school, that's what I think you can do: Run .. xDDDD

  41.   Hang1 said

    I don't like reggeton in the least.
    But this post is disgusting, it is seen that DesdeLinux has plenty of followers, so they post discriminatory things to get rid of some.
    "In this world there are several things that should not be allowed or simply not exist"?
    What about racism? And sexism? And slavery?
    Sell ​​that USB stick and buy yourself a brain.

    1.    elav said

      Don't speak for everyone. This is a post written by one of the editors of FromLinux based on your opinion. So please don't lash out at the blog. If you want to do it, in any case do it against the author.

      1.    Pedro said

        Knowing Elav, the post is written by a private person, but I think that in practice if one comments he will say: "look, there was a post on the DesdeLinux blog that proposes such a thing ...".
        In my opinion being wrong is not bad. It is very common to do it, we all do it thousands of times! the important thing is always to recognize it and learn from mistakes. It should not be a shame to admit that one is wrong. Unfortunately, society instills in us that it is wrong to be wrong, that one must be perfect.
        Come on, we must promote diversity, respect and solidarity.

  42.   Pedro said

    If there are really so many people affected by a music X, instead of responding with the same coin of intolerance and attacking that music, it would be better to make a movement, a group of people who protest in the streets, online against the lack respect of X group of people. You have to spread the claim in society. Let them know that there are others who disagree who feel disrespectful. That is more productive and will generate more social conscience than stooping to intolerance, attacking, not respecting. Let us not contribute to the world more intolerance than there is, that unfortunately makes us accomplices of intolerance ...

  43.   Pedro said

    Hopefully the X music that those who feel affected by reggaeton listen to is never massive and everyone listens to it, because there would be more chances that there are some who put it high. And so there would be a group of people who don't like that music and attack "our" popular music, just because there are people who make it loud. Let's imagine a popular blog where they propose to attack our musical taste ... how would we feel?

    1.    pandev92 said

      ... I don't know, to judge a music I base myself on the lyrics and reggaeton the problem is not the rhythm, but the garbage they get to say in the lyrics ..., but hey .., if someone likes to hear people talking perversities and stupidities ..., everyone who does what they want ..., and women even worse ..., I will limit myself to seeing how the girls move ..., that instead of moving it seems something else.

  44.   motto13 said

    GNU / Linux is a symbol of freedom and it should continue to be so, and that means that no one should undermine other people's information, whether we like it or not, I hate Windows for doing things behind the user's back. The article is an invitation to do things behind the backs of people with whom we do not share tastes, that is not freedom, that is imposition. I detest reggeton (or whatever the hell it is written) as the most, but I will not attack it by attempting against freedom. Despite this article, this blog is still one of the best for me, greetings.

    1.    Pedro said

      Excellent reflection. This blog like any medium has a social responsibility to promote values ​​of tolerance, respect for diversity, solidarity and freedom. And as we see, computing can serve one or other purposes. It is up to us that it be a fair tool, that promotes freedom, diversity and helps equality for a better society.

  45.   Wada said

    I hate reggeaton ... I hate it, it disgusts me ... You really can't imagine how much, sometimes I wonder how they open "invented that rhythm" if my washing machine makes the same sound, there's nothing like listening to Dream Theater or Rush, those intricate scales and melodic, syncopations and 3/8 beats, clean and harmonic chords and when the occasion warrants some 8ves, 5ths or power chords with good distortion, the mix of the instruments ...

    The point is, as much as I hate reggueton, I would never delete someone's data just because my testicles got inflamed ... If they play that kind of "music" in the morning (thanks to Satan they don't do it) ... I can also put Slayer on 8 am Hahahaha

    1.    pandev92 said

      Reggaeton is only good for seeing women moving their butts ...

      (true story)

  46.   Aldrin said

    it gives me this error

    # sh
    :not 21: Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting "do")

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      Take a look at the source code to remove the files.

  47.   braytan said


  48.   Andrelo said

    Come on, I'm going to create an anti anime script for Gaara, because he complains about reggaeton and watches Naruto, which is just as mainstream as that musical style.

    PS: Elav ... Try to make a better blog, every time I enter only fanboy post

    1.    pandev92 said

      I would not carry anime on a usb key since with 5 chapter I would melt the 8 gigs XD and a 1080p movie, it can occupy 5 or 6 gigs, and the other thing is that I would never put a usb key with something that interests me inside, in a pc from another XD

    2.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      You don't need to make an anti-anime script, you just have to put the parameters you want to delete in the filter file… you don't need a whole script LOL!

      By the way, I haven't seen anime for a long, long time, so ... 😉

  49.   eliotime3000 said

    Let's see ... Let me breathe for a moment because this flamewar is really unnecessary.

    In the first place, what they call "reggaetón" to what sounds in the loud speakers of buses, houses or what currently sounds on the radio is not the authentic reggaetón, but is a terrible imitation of what really is. In addition, many of those who listen are fanboys, but very few are those who listen to this genre who know how to look for good songs among so much scum of lewd lyrics and unnecessarily strident rhythms that all they did is trivialize and bastardize the genre (which is not even hip-hop never went to those extremes).

    Reggaeton as such was born in the mid-eighties when an artist named Luis Armando Lozada Cruz, also known as Vico C, had fused reggae rhythms with those of hip-hop and other Caribbean rhythms, thus calling himself "reggaeton", which It gives a more tropical and Latin touch to the urban genre. In those times, he was the only one who had brought the urban genre to Latin America and until now he is considered the pioneer of the genre. Other artists such as El General, who comes from Panama, who innovated with new styles such as Reggae 110, which is the base on which the current strident rhythm of the pseudoreggaetón is based, which is a slower version.

    Gradually, many realized that reggaeton could generate profits, and from there the trivialization began, starting with the exploitation of rhythm 110, until using completely explicit lyrics (I do not understand why in the United States the RIAA did not put the sticker of explicit content to those albums) and in 2005, with the arrival of new dance steps such as perreo and champeta, reggaetón began to twist and with a growing number of mindless fanboys, it has gained a bad reputation as useless, banal, rude and sexist gender, as well as misogynistic. Vico C, also known by the alias of «the philosopher» thanks to his mature and artistic vision of the urban genre, has criticized this phenomenon with the theme «relief», which emphasizes what was happening with this problem. A couple of years later, the non-mainstream reggaeton group called Calle 13, was much more aggressive with the song “Que lloren”, harshly criticizing the industry that had been formed with the trivialization of reggaetón and the bad image it gave to the society.

    Currently in countries like Peru, these types of songs that are far from the original reggaeton are being emitted, but I cannot believe that ignorance of this genre is still continued, in addition to seeing these posts that really should have left the subject of genre aside, also that the way in which they are shown against gender is totally fascist and out of any reasonable context, in addition to repeating the same story that happened with the emo culture in Mexico, in which there were thousands of fanboys who were rather following the guidelines of the screamo and practically, it ended up being a real witch hunt. I do not want this blog to end up being like Fayerwayer, who to tell the truth, there are hardly any good readers but immature kids who praise anything and despise the neutrality that is the most important thing when it comes to keeping a blog alive.

    And before I finish this comment, I must say that before I was one of those reggaeton fanboys who looked down on other genres because they simply let me be influenced by the media. An easier way to get them out of that suffocating bubble is to show them that there are other genres such as Hip-hop and any other genre, or reggaeton songs like this one >> << and also, that the songs they listen to are more empty that unfortunately do not contribute anything.

    1.    William Garron said

      Very good comment, I liked vico c, but not the general. You're right, he made us lose music to Latinos 🙂

  50.   Juan said

    Capo de los capos !! I'm going to distribute it everywhere !!

  51.   White ^ Collar said

    KZKG ^ Gaara… 🙂
    I think this post is among the best. And personally I hate reggeton ... and I think you are a person with very good taste ...

    1.    elav said

      Seriously? ¬_¬

  52.   antiregeton said

    A long time ago I made a web page, it was called like this: we gave reggaeton hard at that time ... you can google the remains of the page .... Salu2 what a good idea!

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      Thank you for your comment 🙂

  53.   Jose Leonel Subero (@arawako) said

    Well, you have wasted your time little grasshopper, as these equations prove my theory:
    E1.) Windows + Common User = Reaggeton | That thing will continue to exist
    E2.) GUN / Linux + Common User = Fucking Reageeton | We will create a human virus for the promoters of the genre 😀
    As mathematics shows As long as there are common users in windows your wonderful script will only work in theory 🙂

  54.   0n3453v3n said

    Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
    I hear the choir of angels

  55.   alejo said

    If you do it in java it will be more portable 😉 in any case you should make it more 'global' I still remember the spectacular i'love you script with this script would be the perfect solution. Reggaeton eliminated worldwide.

  56.   Leo said

    For when a virus that travels the network killing that garbage? please please please…..

  57.   William Garron said

    I don't like reggaeton either.

    But here there is a practical problem with the solution. As someone said, before reggaeton there was the cumbia villera and before for sure something else. The problem is not the music, the problem is the lack of education and culture of the majority of the followers of the genre.

    Their lack of respect for the rest is because of that, and not because of their musical tastes, the solution would be to better educate the following generations, so that whatever their taste, they respect the rest. And now in my very personal opinion, and something in joke surely when everyone is more cultured and educated there will be less empty genres :).

  58.   VaryHeavy said

    I wow xD

    PD: It doesn't matter because it's the same shit but it's written "reggaetón", not "reggeatón" xD

  59.   David Villa said

    Thanks, I'm learning Python for Servers on CentOS and it's going to help me a lot.
    Saved from Mexico 🙂

  60.   raccoon said

    You should turn it into a virus for Windows.

  61.   Luis said

    XD VERY GOOD !!!

  62.   Felipe said

    GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  63.   Milan said

    The panacea of ​​USB in terms of Music. * ¬ *

  64.   dna said

    I have traveled more than 30 pages of this excellent blog; And so far, I have found the most absurd and incredible collection of prejudices expressed by a human being who claims to value the concept of freedom.
    Friend, for my part I do not understand the idea of ​​criticizing so harshly something that is not to your taste, something that just avoiding it is more than enough ...

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said


      Unfortunately reggaeton is not something that can simply be avoided, when you're on a bus and a 'good kid' blasts a 'beautiful' reggeaton song at full volume, tell me, how do I avoid that situation? I have 2 options:
      1- I get off the bus.
      2- I lower it to him.

      Tell me, what would you do?

      1.    SICKER said

        Number two is the most consistent, there are more beneficiaries, and it will be all those who stay on the bus 😀

  65.   Javier Orozco said

    Hahahahahahaha, I loved this post.

  66.   raalso7 said

    Hahahaha very good, but I'm never going to leave my pendrive to a cani xD

  67.   Pablo said

    My unconditional solidarity ...
    Look at the turns that life takes, it turns out that I am in charge of the musicalization of a contemporary adult type Fm and although I do not have the problem of putting USB with reggeaton and / or calves (I am in Venezuela) if I have the drama that for a matter of order and quality control of the music, producers are asked to exclusively use the station's music and not to put pen drives, external drives etc etc, but since they don't stop balls, this works wonders for me, prior notice to delete everything that is mp3, wma, ogg etc etc and if I get hot also the photos. Of course then I have to remember to kill the process when I need to pass some audio to the PC. I've already tested it on my PC with these files and it works wonders. Is there a way to whitelist a device, by its label or something? so as not to have to kill the script when I put my pendrive.
    Greetings and thank you very much

  68.   Miguel Angel said

    We should nominate the script for the script of the year, long live the world without reggaeton or bibier. With all due respect to his fans ...

  69.   kevlar555 said

    KZKG ^ Gaara, that's called hacktivism. For the cold chest who continue with that of "we will not be like them" they only have to advance on them. By definition, they will do nothing to prevent disaster.

    On the other hand, nobody repaired that instead of using the command «rm» in the script, you can also use the command «cp» and in the filter list include words such as: password, password, user, pin, password, etc. .

  70.   SICKER said

    And is there a way we can put a huge list of "music"? komander, the firecracker and antics of those? I say so that it is more complete 😀

bool (true)