Seo by Yoast, the best SEO plugin for WordPress

SEO by Yoast has established itself as one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress and currently it is one of those that has a higher percentage of downloads and positive user ratings, which is due to the implementation of advanced web positioning functions in both the free and premium versions.

Seo by Yoast, the best SEO plugin for WordPress

SEO by Yoast vs other SEO plugins

In the extensive market of SEO plugins for WordPress, SEO by Yoast has widely stood out above others of its kind. But what does this plugin offer that others don't?

Seo by Yoast is characterized by having an intuitive and friendly interface from which to easily configure the most important parameters of web positioning that can be implemented individually in each article, in addition to reinforcing the onpage optimization in the blog, de-indexing pages and establishing advanced functions for the descriptions of titles, goals and essential files in SEO such as the sitemap and the feed, which at the same time also makes it possible to dispense with other common plugins to configure these functions, improving the performance and simplicity of the blog.

SEO by Yoast Free, free features

Unlike other SEO plugins with limited features, SEO by Yoast is an advanced positioning plugin web whose free version is fully functional and superior to that of many other plugins, however, the premium version is much more complete and is especially focused on professional SEO including personalized assistance. Let's see some features of the free version.
Titles and descriptions optimization

The optimization of titles and descriptions is vital for onpage positioning and through this plugin we can establish automatic configuration parameters to apply to individual entries and adjust them to the keywords that we want to position, although it is also possible to individually modify each article to apply personalized criteria further adjusting the anchor texts that will be displayed in search engines.

Meta settings

It is one of the most valued functions of the plugin because it allows you to set custom settings for all the blog meta tags, with the possibility of excluding some categories using the no index parameter, allowing you to also adjust the titles and specific descriptions for each topic.

Canonical label

Since Google implemented the Canonical tag to differentiate pages with original content from duplicate ones, this has had a fundamental impact on SEO. In a blog installed in WordPress, there are many pages that must be subject to this badge, such as categories, tags, etc. that could be considered duplicate content and this plugin simplifies this task perfectly.

Breadcrumbs or bread crumbs

This function once again offers the possibility of dispensing with some common SEO plugins to replace them with SEO by Yoast, allowing the establishment of the appropriate taxonomy in each category and pages that make up the navigation guide, establishing personalized routes that increase the usability of the site.

Primary Category

Another very interesting function that allows defining a priority category in the classification of an article when, due to its content, it could be in several categories at the same time. This parameter defines which is the primary or most important category for each article and the difference from the others in which it was included.

Permalink cleaning

Friendly urls have become essential for SEO and through this plugin we can easily configure them to free them from unnecessary characters that hinder their accessibility in search engines and that are sometimes inadvertently added to articles.

XML Sitemap

Having an XML sitemap is essential for search engines and to be able to configure it in WordPress, the use of plugins is required. SEO by Yoast includes among its many functions a tool for creating and editing sitemaps with advanced functions that completely replaces any of the individual plugins available for creating sitemaps on the platform.

RSS improvement

Through this function incorporated in the SEO by Yoast plugin, we can improve the aggregation of content on the site for RSS readers that facilitate the reading and accessibility of the site for users who use this format in reading blogs.

Editing Robot.txt and htaccess files

By incorporating this feature into the SEO by Yoast plugin, we can quickly configure these blog files that would otherwise only be accessible through Cpanel on the server by setting custom guidelines.

Headboard cleaning

The header section is the first to be read by search engines and sometimes we can accumulate unnecessary characters and tags that the SEO by Yoast plugin will automatically remove to improve the readability of the site and access to robots.

SEO by Yoast, premium features

Although SEO by Yoast is a fairly complete plugin in its free version, the premium features of this plugin are highly appreciated within the webmaster community. Let's see what they consist of.

24 hour personalized assistance

Seo by Yoast premium users have a 24-hour technical support department where they can transmit their doubts and queries about the plugin configuration by email and they are answered in less than half an hour.

Multi-module redirects

This premium function allows you to establish advanced automatic redirection guidelines for old articles to new ones, preventing the positioning of the site from being affected in search engines and improving usability for the user.

These redirection parameters can be configured in the plugin itself or through a redirect file on the Apache server. This configuration will avoid the annoying 404 error when the page is not found on the server and which is usually due to the url having changed.

Multi-keyword approach

This premium feature implemented in SEO by Yoast, allows efficient management of keywords for the focus of both articles and individual pages, covering a wider percentage of terms to compete with search engines including synonyms, long tail keywords , among others, for better control of the applicable SEO strategy.

As you can see by its characteristics the SEO by Yoast plugin is one of the most complete on the market, both in its free version and in the premium version, it is far superior to other plugins dedicated to web positioning and you can download it for free without obligation by clicking HERE. If you want to purchase the premium version and benefit from all its advantages, you can purchase the multi-site license by clicking HERE.

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