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Writing a blog, keeping all of you updated, every day, without charging a penny, is a very difficult task. It involves writing Saturdays and Sundays even in the bathroom, even on my honeymoon or when I travel abroad for work. Yes, it is a little recognized act of altruism, just like the noble task of those almost anonymous programmers who develop free software. This, in addition, is framed in a context in which users / readers are increasingly demanding, and with good reason.

This introduction does not seek to give pity or leave phrases of thanks, but rather encourage those who have not yet made a contribution to the community to do so. This implies abandoning that passive attitude that is sometimes so comfortable for us.

Today I had an epiphany, a kind of revelation: the most important thing is the community. It is the element that nourishes free software. In fact, this implies opening the software to the community and it is she who gives it life. We see it in those projects that, since they do not have an important community, fall into oblivion.

Now, how do you build a community? The answer is in the question. Building implies action. But whose action? Of a few? Of all? Therein lies the difference between the different types of community.

Obviously, in the field of free software when we speak of community we refer to an important participation of a majority of its members. That is the type of community that I would like to be a part of and I believe that, with just cause, we can argue that it is the type of community in accordance with the philosophy behind free software.

The proposal

One can participate in many ways and in many places, surely many of you are already doing it. Making a code contribution here, a translation there, etc.

My proposal is to open the doors of this blog, which after much effort has become a referencia within the free software community. I want you to know that here you have a channel to publish quickly and without complications any contribution you want to make. They don't have to become bloggers or Linux experts, just have something cool to share and write it down.

The idea is to make a weekly competition. All you have to do is send us a email with that mini tutor, That type, etc. (in plain text format) that they think is worth it share. We take care of formatting, publishing it and giving the acknowledgments and acknowledgments of the case, of course.

Are you willing to do your bit?

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  1.   Jose Antonio Costa de Moya said

    It seems like a great initiative to join. In addition to the above, you could order it and make a wiki.

  2.   Solid Rugs Pacheco said

    excellent 😀 to continue growing, this blog is a great reference for me as a linux user, I do not catalog myself if an expert or a novice, because we will never stop learning 😀 greetings

  3.   Luis Lopez said

    I think it's an excellent idea, and I understand your situation. I struggle to maintain a small blog that I started recently and the task becomes difficult ...

    Contributing to the community is something that I like a lot, so I'm going to start thinking about something 🙂

    You have done an excellent job with this site, congratulations and cheers!
    Greetings from Uruguay

  4.   Giocoto said

    I really want to congratulate you, we know the work and dedication that is required to maintain a blog with the quality of "Let's use Linux" with so many good contributions. Sites like this are more current than ever now that those on the other side are increasingly closed and trying to monopolize even the smallest computer resource.
    In my country, I try to promote free software with all I can, especially "Ubuntu" which I think is extraordinary and much of what I publish on my Face page, I admit, is from this blog.
    The idea is great and I hope it finds an echo in the community, since the strength of a "Community" is precisely in the active participation of all its members. Ahead…

  5.   croaker anurus said

    Today many blogs that help to use our system, from which to nourish ourselves, however it is more comfortable if it is centralized in some or a single blog, that is why I always resort to this blog and surely there are many people who can cooperate by sharing knowledge, I don't know If I can help with something, I think that in GIS I can write an article, although there are already other blogs that do the same, what is clear is that this blog is really very good for those of us who are users, the effort and the permanent dedication, the only regrettable thing is to have so few known people close to one willing to use linux on the desktop or notebook, except to play on the cell phone with android and nothing else

  6.   Let's use Linux said

    Thank you Eider ... that's how it is ... a job that is not often recognized and very arduous ... that's why many blogs about Linux die out after a few months ...
    A hug! Paul.

  7.   Joel Almeida Garcia said

    I add that it is a community of proposal, not of "distros war" or "desktop environments", but rather that it be an arena or "buffet" in which we can all see the positive and negative sides, even as users have an objective idea of ​​the topics.

  8.   Luis Adrián Olvera Facio said

    Hello friends, I just sent my contribution I hope and it will serve many. Bye

  9.   Edward Fields said

    Does it have to be linux in general, or can it be focused on a single distro (that you don't even use)?

  10.   Angel J Mota said

    Hello, I use the BackInTime application in Ubuntu 12.04 lts, ​​but when I try to configure this application in Ubuntu 12.10 the .gvfs folder cannot be found and therefore I cannot configure the application. Thanks in advance because I know you can help me.

  11.   Alice said

    Very good idea and good encouragement to move forward !!

  12.   Eider J. Chaves C. said

    I just want you to let me thank you for sharing your knowledge! … Hard work !!!

  13.   Jorge Ruiz said

    Well, the invitation is: "Let's use Linux"
    And to share knowledge, it costs us nothing and we can get a lot in return!

  14.   Carlos rocha said

    I developed some very basic guides for the use of libreoffice which I am working on in a local group, how do we do with that?

    There I left the link I clarify that those guides I have to correct them and there you are not well well what can we do with that?

  15.   steve said

    I agree, you have to contribute something ...

  16.   Chango said

    I want to add that sometimes many people want to start their own blog, so that they can share their knowledge in this way. But in the end the blog ends in "nothing", outdated without any post, or with some very good posts but they did not have a good diffusion and those posts in the end did not reach anyone (or only a few people) the free software community did not know I benefit so much, since I don't reach many people. Out there if we do not have the time to be able to bank what the maintenance of a blog the best way to reach many people is this way. Helping well-known blogs where there is a lot of flow of people and as it says above they will be in charge of giving you all the thanks and putting the name of the author who took the trouble to do it giving it due importance or so I imagine hehe. Cheers

  17.   Rodny Silgado Cabarcas said

    The proposal is excellent, two days ago I made a blog just because I found something already existing in Ubuntu that in its version 12.10 had a small modification and after publishing it I thought, what now? I can't keep nurturing it, I don't have time. This proposal would have been perfect.

  18.   Eddy santana said

    Excellent initiative, hopefully there are many users who are encouraged and send their contributions, thus a more varied blog will be achieved.

  19.   antares said

    I also think that the image matters a lot, some beginners get bored of seeing pure text and I think it would be nice if a small image was added for a change. Posting can be cumbersome at first, but with time and research you learn how you can improve and make your work more readable.