Simutrans: Free and Open Source Transport Simulation Game

Simutrans: Free and Open Source Transport Simulation Game

Simutrans: Free and Open Source Transport Simulation Game

Like, the last update of FlightGear, for an open source flight simulation game, which almost passed us by, and which we talked about recently. Today, we will continue with a newly available update of another interesting open source transportation simulation game, LLAMADA «Simutrans». Which we will announce today, so that they are not unnoticed.

It is worth mentioning that this game was tackled for the first and only time, ago more than 10 years, when I was barely in the version 102.2.2. So today, we're going to focus on your new and current version 123.0.1, released on 29 January 2022, to show your download and install.

Simutrans: a Transport Tycoon-style game

And as usual, before getting into today's topic, about another new update from another free and open game available for GNU/Linux, and more specifically about «Simutrans», we will leave for those interested the following links to some previous related posts. In such a way that they can easily explore them, if necessary, after finishing reading this publication:

“Simutrans is an open source simulation game under the Artistic License 1.0 for Windows, AmigaOS, BeOS, Mac OS X and Linux that focuses on freight, passenger, mail and energy transport. Just like Transport Tycoon or Railroad Tycoon, the main goal of Simutrans is to create a stable economy as well as grow the company and avoid bankruptcy.". Simutrans: a Transport Tycoon-style game

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Simutrans: Cross-platform transportation simulation game

Simutrans: Cross-platform transportation simulation game

What is Simtrans?

According to Official website de «Simutrans», currently this simulation game is briefly described as follows:

"Simutrans is a free and open source transportation simulation game. Your goal is to establish a successful transport company. Transport passengers, mail, and goods via air, rail, road, and ship. Connect cities, districts, public buildings, industries and tourist attractions building your dream transport network".

Meanwhile, for more details, they add, among other things, the following:

"Simutrans is a modular game, therefore, by default it only contains the game engine. However, by means of files called paksets, which can be easily downloaded, you can start playing. Simutrans is also available on Steam. And currently also for Windows, Linux & Mac".

What are Paksets files?

According to game developers, for an archive package It is defined as:

"A file that integrates a set of data that Simutrans needs to run. It contains all of the graphics data, individual objects (vehicles, roads, train lines, buildings, and so on), and all game balancing information (such as costs, speeds, capacities, and more) needed to complete the game. And they are called pakset, because all files are compressed (from German 'Paket') to save space like a pak file".

In addition, they explain that due to the above:

"Paksets also determine the size of the graphics used, this number is the height and width of each square in pixels. This size is usually shown at the beginning of the pakset name, for example, pak64 has 64px squares, while pak128 has 128px squares. Some packs don't show a number in their names, but they always make the size clear in the pack description.".

How to get and use the game?

For, download, install and run you have to execute the following steps:

  1. Go to download section and download the compressed file of the installer for Linux (32 or 64 bits).
  2. Unzip the obtained file (
  3. Open a terminal in the newly created folder (simutrans).
  4. Run the command order: «./simutrans»
  5. In the initial open Simutrans window, select a Pakset and wait for its download and installation.
  6. After loading the Pakset file, you must continue with the installation and the dynamics of the game.

Game screenshots

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 4

Screenshot 5

Screenshot 6

Screenshot 7

For more information, about this and other future announcements we recommend periodically visiting your Wiki. Also, from their official website at SourceForge.

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Your Order

In short, as we can see, «Simutrans» it is cool update, full of useful improvements. What surely they will do, that said game remains one of the few open source flight simulators, which is really fun. In addition, to be highly formative and educational. We hope that new updates continue to be developed and released regularly, so that its user community continues to grow steadily.

We hope that this publication is very useful for the entire «Comunidad de Software Libre, Código Abierto y GNU/Linux». And don't forget to comment on it below, and share it with others on your favorite websites, channels, groups or communities of social networks or messaging systems. Finally, visit our home page at «FromLinux» to explore more news, and join our official channel Telegram from DesdeLinux.

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