Skype 4.0 for Linux fresh out of the oven

And no, I'm not kidding, I'm serious, today June 14, 2012 version 4.0 of Skype for Linux with full 32-bit and 64-bit architectures (no 32-bit libraries), you can imagine my surprise when I saw the news in the G +.

Let's get to the point:

First of all, they say that so long in the beta phase allowed them to collect feedback on HUGE errors that they have corrected for the most part, and here they say it:

Of course, we have loads of other small improvements and fixes. As you can imagine, the list is so long it would take too much time to write it all, but some are worthy of mention:

Well, starting with the main changes ...

You will find four major changes in this release:

  • We have a new Conversations View where users can easily track all of their chats in a unified window. Those users who prefer the old view can disable this in the Chat options;
  • We have a brand new Call View;
  • Call quality has never been better thanks to several investments we made in improving audio quality;
  • And We've worked on improving video call quality and have also extended support for more cameras.

What translated would be:

  • We have a new conversation view where users can easily view their chats in a unified window (amen!). Users who prefer the old view can simply disable the new one in the options.
  • We have a new call view.
  • Call quality has had a never-before-seen quality improvement (on Skype for Linux) thanks to extensive research.
  • And we are also working on implementing a better quality of video calls, also extending the support to more cameras (Oh my god, AMEN!).

There is also a list of "minor" changes that have been implemented:

improved chat synchronization

  • new presence and emoticon icons
  • the ability to store and view phone numbers in a Skype contact's profile
  • much lower chance Skype for Linux will crash or freeze
  • chat history loading is now much faster
  • support for two new languages: Czech (flag: cz) and Norwegian (flag: no)

What would be:

  • New emoticons.
  • Ability to see phone numbers in contacts.
  • Much less chance of app freezing.
  • Chat history loads much faster.
  • support for two new languages: Czech and Norwegian

This is undoubtedly the news of the month in regards to Linux, simply great, now it's time to try it and see what the impressions it causes, I hope it has that quality that they promise, for now I leave the download link here!, so that they come alive.

What do you think? Will they download it? Or have they just lost faith in Skype?

Source: Skype Blog

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  1.   Alba said

    After so much being absent (damn disease: U) and for going around decorating the computer (a lot of free time lol, those who follow me in tweeter know what I'm talking about) and having killed the mouse like 6 times in LMDE this week (compiz and conky they are my nemesis ... that mine is to draw and troll, not to modify vital things of an OS xD) read this ... it's fantastic!

    I already install it in LMDE as soon as I revive the mouse lol

  2.   nerjamartin said

    Great!!! I did not expect that after the purchase of Skype by Microsoft it would continue its development for Linux !!! as soon as I get home I download it 🙂

  3.   dwarf said

    And in fact it works well ... it's the interesting thing, testing it and it's perfect for me xD

  4.   Anibal said

    seriously ? to lower it yaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    It was time !

  5.   fredy said

    Interesting and to try it thanks for reporting.

  6.   Juan Carlos said

    Ufff… it's for Fedora 32 bit, I don't download it.

    1.    jamin-samuel said

      How did you install it?

      1.    proper said

        the 32-bit package is downloaded and then "yum install packagename.rpm". yum will automagically install the dependencies for the 32-bit package to work on the 64-bit system.

  7.   ubuntero said

    have you heard / read that skype will place advertisements on video calls?

    1.    dwarf said

      That's not good, but since I hardly make video calls but by voice (I leave the video calls to google hangouts) I have no complex.

      1.    pandev92 said

        I do not see it wrong, it is only for audio calls, not video calls xd

        Skype today launched “conversational announcements”, an advertisement that will appear during audio calls between two people who are using the service.

  8.   mikaoP said

    What luck, the first time I install linux (sabayon in particular) on my good pc and Skype 4.0 comes out, it couldn't be better.

  9.   Algabe said

    I already tried it and even the webcam works for me, something that in the previous version did not 😀

    Now if I can put the girls on cam! (6)

    1.    commentator said

      On the web there is a script with which you can solve many of the problems of the webcam in Skype 2.2.

    2.    jamin-samuel said

      Algabe did you download the 32-bit for fedora and installed it on a 64-bit system?

  10.   Jorge Manjarrez said

    That such.

    Well the truth if I use it, of course depending on who you talk to. In addition to the application in question, I use Ekiga, Gtalk, and Empathy services. It has always seemed like a very good solution to me since it allows to have a standardized platform (in general) multiplatform that allows better communication between mac, win and linux without so much problem and libraries for this or that.

    I haven't updated it and it's already in the Arch Community repos. I just got home and updated it and tested it. Hopefully they improve and have corrected the small details that the previous version has.

  11.   rockandroleo said

    Jo, I read it and I don't think so. It is the news that I least expected.
    To downloadrrrrr.

  12.   VaryHeavy said

    Could someone explain to me why those using a distro with .deb packages are entitled to their corresponding 64-bit version, and those with .rpm packages are not?

    1.    Juan Carlos said

      It's simple, because Ubuntu is even in the soup. I do not download it for the same, nor do I crazy to put Fedora 32 again, with how well it works in 64.

      1.    dwarf said

        Gentlemen there are dependencies from 32bits to 64bits in Fedora, do not drown in a glass of water xD

        1.    Juan Carlos said

          That there are those who want, I do not like to run 32 over 64 applications, I already had several bad experiences with that little item. Regards.

          1.    dwarf said

            I have never had those problems, I must say xD

          2.    jamin-samuel said

            Juan Carlos I mean, you will never use skype because there is no 64-bit version for fedora?

    2.    commentator said

      You should ask those who create the packages that. Also I think it is due to the popularity of distributions that use .deb packages. To mention ubuntu, mint, the "derivatives" of ubuntu, debian GNU / Linux, and so on.

  13.   pandev92 said

    Thanks, grazie, microsoft, I run to download it, finally, I should not use that disgusting beta xD ...

  14.   rockandroleo said

    By the way, does anyone know what was / is of the Free Skype (not obfuscated) and GNU Free Call projects?

  15.   jamin-samuel said

    what excellent news ..

    to install it on ubuntu and linux mint you have to uninstall the old version and download the new .deb package and install it manually ??

    1.    pandev92 said

      Well, I think it is over-installed over the old version xD

      1.    commentator said

        I believe? You should take the test to give your opinion and not go around saying things that you have not tried.

        1.    pandev92 said

          I don't feel like doing it, besides since the computer world exists when you install a program that over-installs its previous version, so stop trolling, maybe when you update libreoffice with a sudo apt-get upgrade the old version stays? so ?

          I have also said I believe, if you want to believe it well and but also 🙂 little grasshopper !!!

          1.    dwarf said

            In fact, it gave me problems with the installation by the canonical partners and I don't know what was missing, I uninstalled the previous version and that's it.

          2.    pandev92 said

            You use ubuntu: 0

          3.    jamin-samuel said

            So is !!

            It works very well for me .. uninstall the old version and double-click the downloaded package ..

            it's going great 😀 😀

            My account is: jamin-samuel for whoever wants to add me

    2.    Giskard said

      I installed it on top with no problems, but I know of someone who failed this method. The best thing is that you uninstall the old one and you will not have problems.

  16.   commentator said

    I have several questions:

    If the previous version was beta, where is version 2.2 stable?
    Where is version 3?
    Do they want to quickly upload the version numbering so that it does not look so far behind the versions of other OS?

    Do not respond to this comment

  17.   Carlos-Xfce said

    I just want to point out a very common translation error at the end of the article. When he speaks of Norwegian and Czech, he translates "language" from English to "language" in Spanish. The correct translation is "language" or "language." The word "language" has another meaning in Spanish, while in English "language" serves to express the two concepts: language and language.

    1.    Razetsu said

      Well, here it shows that they are synonyms:

  18.   Saito said
  19.   cannibal from miami said

    It's great!!! It works very well!!!! It's a shame that I don't have contacts who use Skype ...

  20.   Kai said

    I already installed it and it works fine only that when the call is active I cannot reproduce any other sound. It must be an architecture problem I suppose xD use fedora 17 64bits and there is only a version of 32 for fedora -.-. I hope now if they get the package for 64 bits!