Slackware 14: Install Broadcom BCM43XX Drivers

I recently got my hands on a very shy Notebook, although eager to try the GNU / Linux honeys, its name, HP 530.

A team with modest features, however, among the curiosities that make up the entrails of this cute electronic animal is a plate Broadcom BCM4312 in charge of the already indispensable task of providing wireless services to our leisure time productive work moments.

Normally this type of plates usually suppose a headache for the less knowledgeable in the subject and being Slackware 14 the main distro on this occasion, it could somehow be thought that perhaps an odyssey is approaching, nothing is further from reality.

Some time ago, I had the opportunity to work with this same model broadcom but with Archlinux as a distribution to scrutinize, and although it was not an epic battle it did take me a while to get everything in order and working 100%.

In the case of Slackware 14, the task will become quite simple.

El first step is to know the model of our plate Broadcom, for which (in root mode) we type,

# lspci -vnn -d 14e4:

What will throw us a result similar to this,

# 0001:01:01.0 Network controller [0280]: Broadcom Corporation BCM4318 [AirForce One 54g] 802.11g Wireless LAN Controller[14e4:4318] (rev 02)

From here what interests us is the number that appears between [], for this example [14e4: 4318].

With this data, we go to this page to determine which controller we must install, b43 o b43legacy.

If our controller is supported and in the understanding that we know how slackbuilds work we type,

# sbopkg -i "b43-fwcutter b43-firmware"


# sbopkg -i "b43-fwcutter b43legacy-firmware"

Once this is done, just load the module,

# modprobe b43

or restart the computer.

Without more or more, our wireless network must be ecstatic by the received signals.

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  1.   Mr. Linux said

    DMoZ: I congratulate you, you are still faithful to this magnificent distribution, I have said it in other comments if you give me some good guides to update Slack I will reinstall it. there is always some detail that fails, in my case, the last time I updated it they stopped working like five programs I tried to reinstall and they did not work, despite the fact that KDE and the kernel were updated without problems.

    1.    DMoZ said

      Thanks Mr. Linux,

      In my case since I installed Slackware I have not had any problems, the equipment is an HP Probook 4420s, right now from where I write this note is an HP 530 as I mentioned.

      I have dedicated myself to installing all the software I need for the day to day, nothing extraordinary, and everything continues to work wonderfully for me, curious is your case, Slack does not usually provide that type of inconvenience, it would be good to know which applications stopped working for you.

      Cheers …

      1.    Juan Mauricio Yaman Yusuf said

        SLACKWARE 14.2 32BITS Installation DVD
        boot on USB created in RUFUS 2.18

        if I write the command lines you gave it just doesn't work
        it returns the following error

        queuefile or package b43-fwcutter not found - skipping
        queuefile or package b43-firmware not found - skipping

        my file is called b43legacy-firmware.tar.gz

        It is a hp-mini110, although I do not know if to say what color the fan cables have is of any use, well for reference, there I leave the model

        01: 00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b / g LP-PHY (rev 01)
        02: 00.0 Ethernet Controller: Qualcomm Atheros AR8132 Fast Ethernet (rev c0)

        something is wrong with your lines of code, or they don't adapt to any legacy installation

        any immediate contact on Discord Slackware GNU / with linux
        trying to form a community of immediate help in chat IRC gamer with style and functionality

  2.   eliotime3000 said

    Excellent your tutorial. Also, I am still testing Slackware to be able to make a few adjustments.

    1.    DMoZ said

      Thank you eliotime3000,

      I will try to include more tips,

      I am currently working on another article that I hope will be available in a couple of days at the latest, I hope little by little to add new information about this distribution with which I am more than in love =) ...

      Cheers …

      1.    eliotime3000 said

        See if I can also finish the Slackware installation tutorial with some additional details (rather, a "misprint").

        1.    DMoZ said

          Excellent !, I have in hand to put together something a little more full of information about Slack, so all the tutorials, tips and other written about the distro will be useful.

          Cheers …

  3.   kik1n said

    Praise sbopkg and slapt-get.

    As @ Mr.Linux mentions, you have to be careful with updates. In my case I like to have a lot of packages in my distros and I have to be cautious in this area.

  4.   majority said

    I congratulate you comrade for your contribution and because you use one of the first-born in GNU / LINUX my respects to Slackware

  5.   cooper15 said

    Excellent contribution, I have a 4312 and in the beginning it was a pain to activate it, but I prefer the generic method that in theory works for any distribution.

    1.    DMoZ said

      Of course, for tastes, colors ...

      In general I prefer not to reinvent the wheel unless it is strictly necessary =) ...

      Cheers !!! ...

  6.   whistle only said

    I always had problems with broadcom but I'm going to try slackware again, thank you very much for the info ..

  7.   medina07 said

    Thanks for the tip.
    Archived for any emergency.

  8.   Edgar J. Portillo said

    Very good article, how rare (for me) to find a Slackware user, I would love, I don't know, a post as a tribute to this "ancestral" distro ... Of course, it's just a wish that I can't find anywhere. A new review of Slack for users who have not known it forever ...

    1.    DMoZ said

      I invite you to take a walk around here, maybe you will find something ...

      Little by little I bring information about Slackware here, I hope tomorrow to have the following writing ready about this magnificent distribution ...

      Cheers !!! ...

      1.    Edgar J. Portillo said

        I'm taking a little walk around, maybe I will find my love on those laurels of Slack, I like it even without knowing it, it's like a dark muse that attracts you XD ... Your articles are very good (of course, like everyone here), I'll be on the lookout for your posts, keep it up.

        Greetings from Honduras.

  9.   vidagnu said

    Excellent, I installed an old-fashioned 4321 broadcom! great Slackware!

  10.   memix123 said

    What if my card appears as NOT supported in the list? is BCM43142, what could I do?