Slackware 14.1: Installing SLiM for Xfce 4.10

The marketing process includesseveral phases that are reflected below: installation de SLiM within Slackware 14.1 It is not so different from what we would do in other distributions, but for the less knowledgeable or newcomers it could cause a headache, especially due to the lack of documentation in our language.

To carry out such an undertaking we must carry out a series of simple steps.

Remember that you can use your favorite text editor, for my case I will use vim.

1. We install SLiM from Slackbuilds, Como root.

# sbopkg -i slim

sbopkg -i slim

2. We edit the file / etc / inittab.

# vim /etc/inittab

vim etc inittab

We seekwe comment the line "x1: 4: respawn: /etc/rc.d/rc.4»Prefixing the symbol #. right away we add the line "x1: 4: respawn: / usr / bin / slim> & / dev / null»

vim etc inittab edited

3. We execute (as a normal user) «xwmconfig»

$ xwmconfig


Y select the option "xinitrc.xfce»

xinitrc xfce

Without further ado, it is the process of installation, For the setting and tuning SLiM there is a lot of information on the web.

A thank you special to the user vidagnu for helping to give the article a simpler form with the information contained in your comments.


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  1.   elav said

    Excellent and I must say, in other distros it's a bit easier :)

    1.    DMoZ said

      Thank you elav,

      Slackware has its peculiarities, the code for the .xinitrc is a little different if we want to use it with KDE or Openbox for example, but this time I decided to place it only for Xfce, from now on I will talk about its use alongside other desktop environments and managers of windows.

      1.    chinoloco said

        Capo, can you give me a hand with slack?

    2.    Rodolfo said

      YES friend, many lines and the method is very "stuck" and in FreeBSD it is not that long, the slackware ones should update many lines is not practical, I use BSD and I do everything manual, but not like this method, the things should be made simple, safe and functional.

  2.   sotitrox said

    I remember that when I installed slim I only installed it with the instructions that the slackbuild "README.slackware" brought, nothing more. To this day I have had no problems with slim. Thats weird…

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      Simpler, impossible.

  3.   karlinux said

    Very good post

  4.   eliotime3000 said

    Very good post about SLiM on Slackware. Let's see if I can do that, but using Slackware backports like Alien and / or Slacky for the lazy ones who don't want to compile.

  5.   Mr. Linux said

    His articles on Slack are a mandatory reference for us slackers, and he also helps to promote this distribution, which is undoubtedly one of the best and for me the best.

  6.   vidagnu said

    To choose the default desktop, just type xwmconfig where a screen will be displayed showing the installed desktops, it is not necessary to modify the .xinitrc file manually.


  7.   vidagnu said

    I use slim in Slackware, but I configure it differently, just modify a line in my / etc / inittab file

    # Runlevel 4 also starts /etc/rc.d/rc.4 to run a display manager for X.
    # Display managers are preferred in this order: gdm, kdm, xdm
    x1: 4: respawn: / usr / local / bin / slim> & / dev / null


    1.    DMoZ said

      You are absolutely right, I barely had the opportunity to verify what you said and yes, it was much easier ...

      I will proceed to edit the entry ...

      Cheers …

  8.   cookie said

    Good good good!
    Please keep posting more about Slackware, I plan to install it and all of this is going to help me a lot.
    Thank you.