SpaceFM: PCManFM on steroids

SpaceFM o PCManFM-Mod as it was called before, it is a fork of PCManFM that adds to this light File Browser some quite interesting functionalities, considerably increasing its usefulness.

What gives us SpaceFM? We can see it in the following image:

SpaceFM As you can see, it adds extra functionalities that it lacks PCManFM, as they are:

  • Close tabs with the mouse wheel.
  • Execute commands.
  • Extra functions in the context menu.
  • File transfer data.
  • Among other….

The good news is that we can install it in various distributions, which becomes an excellent alternative to Thunar for example.

Debian / Ubuntu

For, Ubuntu we can use a PPA or install directly as in Debian the following packages:


In the case of Archlinux we must install the packages from AUR:

  • pcmanfm-mod Does not conflict with other versions of PCManFM
  • pcmanfm-mod-prov Provides PCManFM but it conflicts with other versions of PCManFM
  • pcmanfm-mod-nohal The same but without HAL support.

Other distributions

For the rest of the distributions you can consult the installation form from this link.

This application has been tested on: Aptosid (Debian); Ubuntu; Debian; Slackware; Slackware Current Mini & Rescue; Arch Linux; Crunchbang; Fedora; openSUSE; PocketWriterOS / nFluxOS; Tiny Core Linux; Parted Magic.

It requires the following dependencies:

dbus, desktop-file-utils, gamin | fam, libc6, libcairo2, libdbus-1-3, libfam0, libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0, libglib2.0-0, libgtk2.0-0, libpango1.0-0, libstartup-notification0, libx11-6, shared-mime-info

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  1.   Maxwell said

    I wonder if I can install it on my Trisquel, although I have no complaints about Fdclone, I think it would be best to wait for Trisquel 5.5 to avoid problems with dependencies and all that.


  2.   conandoel said

    Excellent article, I already installed it in arch and it is perfect. Good work Elav !!!

  3.   Ozcar said

    Interesting, because PCMan is very fair ... When I return to LXDE again - if I ever leave Chakra ... xD - I'll take a look.


  4.   pandev92 said

    It is interesting, although it makes me somewhat complicated: /

  5.   Hyuuga_Neji said

    I particularly like using PCMan more than Thunar (it must be because I have not been able to check files via smb: //)

    1.    Giskard said

      I use Thunar and see files shared with Samba without problems.

      1.    R @ iden said

        What version of Thunar do you use? Because I once installed a xubuntu-desktop in karmic and lucid and for fun with smb: // …….

        1.    Giskard said

          Thunar 1.2.3
          The one that comes with the latest Xubuntu. I can see the movie folder of another machine without problems smb: // compaq / torrents /

  6.   nonamed said

    does it have a built-in file browser?

    1.    Giskard said

      Yes. Well, it installs a "SpaceFM File Search" which is also integrated into the SpaceFM (File / File Search) itself, but you can run it outside if you want.

      Is very complete. The only thing I don't like is that I didn't care about the bookmarks I already had on Thunar. But you can add new ones without problem.

      I couldn't see my smb folders or show thumbnails of video and image files. Maybe there are plugins for that.

  7.   AurosZx said

    Hmm, pretty straightforward. I will take it into account to complement some Debian with Openbox 😉

  8.   Leon said

    Q ... pta..mrda ... I've been working with linux Mint for a long time and I like it and I'll stay with linux -more out of political conviction than anything else- but there are many things that I don't understand -I don't understand, in the programming logic- in the least, although in windows 7 the lack of common sense in many things is obvious - they have left many things that made our work easier such as the simple but powerful search engine of w xp x that search engine of w7 and not to mention the start menu since the disaster but «» »BEAUTIFUL pta mrda» »» view ... - in short, common sense was put into the kilo ... u ... and apparently many of the linux programmers have left You want to get your hang of it ... among other things is something as vital as the file manager ... What more do you need a novice end user or anyone than a simple tool that shows them in a "natural" and intuitive way their files and therefore allow you to handle them ?????, because of everything s the administrators that I have seen (thunar, .dolphin, nautilius… x that we did not follow the first step in the logic of programming… THE COLLECTION OF INFORMATION… and for this it is vital to use common sense before sitting down to write lots of lines code, and not the other way around .. program and then collect the BUGS to see «» »» which with the things or errors that the end user «» has gone wrong but since it is already so difficult to repair, then simple «» »» SOMEBODY REMOVE A DISTANCE OR ANOTHER BROWSER OR ANOTHER FILE MANAGER OR ANOTHER MUSIC PLAYER..LET US CORRECT THOSE KGDAS PTAS .. AND WE CONTINUE MAKING THE SAME ERROR IN THE PROGRAMMING LOGIC ... but going back to the subject of the file manager .. that we can't find an adm files that has everything… 2 PANEL ONE WITH NAVEGACCCCCIIIOOOONNN POOOORRRR TREE LLLLLLL… .. - ROUTE BAR .. BASIC ICONS - VIEW CHANGER - STATUS BAR - ZZZOOOOMMM DISC BUTTONS DEMMC MY PC EXPLORATION AND OWN BESIDES OF DISCS… ESSSSS MMMUUUCCHHHOOO ASK… CARAJOOJOOOOO ..
    Excuse me linuxeros, I know that you -some many- are very stupid and defend linux tooth and nail and possibly feel offended by the content in these lyrics, I love Linux very much -as I said at the beginning- more out of political conviction than anything else .. And why do I think that when things are done more for the love of what we like - than for the money they pay us or for the ridiculous status that working at mocosoft or adrobe or many others gives us - you can contribute more than a grain of sand to improve this precious planet, but that does not mean that things are being done well from the gnu and we have to change some bad habits at the root - many things have been improved GREATLY and they are being excellent in many things but if we dream AND CLEAR WHAT CAN LINUX reach at least half of the PCs on the planet, bad habits must be corrected ...

    Thank you very much