XFCE Special: The Most Interesting Articles

If you are a user of XFCE this article will be perfect for you. In it we make a compilation of all the content published on our blog about this Desktop Environment that may be of interest to readers.

It is possible that some of these articles have outdated information, if so, you can help us by giving feedback through the comments and we will try to update them.


  1. Tips: How to make Xfce look the same as KDE
  2. Xfce Christmas: A Christmas theme for our desktop
  3. Ambiance and Radiance for Xfce and LXDE
  4. Boomerang Gtk, a very elegant theme for Gnome and Xfce
  5. 5 beautiful themes with gray tones for Xfwm
  6. ZukiMac: A Lion-inspired Xfwm theme
  7. The Shimmer Project: Beautiful themes for Xfce
  8. ZukiTwo + Bluebird = ZukiBird
  9. Updated Ambiance & Radiance Xfce
  10. Pokémon icons for XFCE
  11. Xfce Desktop Icon Transparencies
  12. Updated GreyBird Gtk Theme for Xubuntu 12.10
  13. Have the Gnome 2 menu in Xfce without installing anything
  14. Configure XFCE with ElementaryOS Luna skin
  15. Minimalist wallpapers pack for Xfce
  16. MacBird: theme for xfce
  17. How To: Prevent Xfce Notifications From Showing On Other Desktops

Applications / Tools

  1. Customize your menu in LXDE and even Xfce with LXMEd
  2. Script to restart and restore our session in Xfce
  3. Wbar: A very light dock for Openbox, Fluxbox or Xfce
  4. Replace Gedit with Medit on Xfce
  5. Monitor your Gmail, POP3 or IMAP account with Xfce4 MailWatch
  6. Volume up and down with keyboard in Xfce with amixer
  7. MenuLibre: Like Alacarte but light.
  8. How to use Dropbox on Xfce (Thunar)
  9. Customize XFCE with Xfce Theme Manager [+ Installation]
  10. Whisker Menu: Improve Xfce application menu


  1. Put Global Proxy in LMDE Xfce
  2. Things I do after installing LMDE Xfce
  3. Set cursor theme in Xfce
  4. Get to know Xfce in depth with your help
  5. Tips: Fix error with windows in Xfce4
  6. Replacing the Xfce panel with Tint2
  7. Fix crash when loading application menu in Xfce
  8. How to install Xfce on ArchLinux
  9. Use proxy in Openbox, Fluxbox, LXDE, Xfce and similar
  10. Dedicated or supported distributions for Xfce
  11. I have a mouse on my desktop: Xfce Guide
  12. Show what you hear with DeadBeef in the Xfce Dashboard
  13. Fix the error: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libgtk-x11.2.0.so.0 in Archlinux
  14. Show full name of files on Xfce desktop
  15. Install Xfce 4.8 on Debian Squeeze with this simple script
  16. Replace Thunar and Xfdesktop with Nautilus in Xfce
  17. Windows AeroSnap or Compiz Grid effect in Xfce
  18. Replacing Xfrun for GMRun in Xfce
  19. Open the Xfce applications menu with a key
  20. [How to] Use the Xfce panel as a lightweight and practical dock
  21. Manually change the position of the Xfwm buttons
  22. [How to] Use the Xfce panel as a lightweight and practical dock
  23. 5 ways to resize windows in Xubuntu or Xfce
  24. Installation log: Debian + Xfce 4.10
  25. Rename multiple files with Xfce 4.10
  26. [HowTo] Show / Hide applications on a specific desktop
  27. Configure Xfce and Xmonad
  28. Reduce Tumblerd CPU Consumption in Xubuntu 12.10
  29. Install Debian Squeeze with the Xfce desktop
  30. [HOW-TO] How to make Whisker Menu open with Windows key in Xfce
  31. Xubuntu 13.04 Post Install & General Improvements
  32. Real Exposé effect with Skippy-XD and Brightside on Arch Linux
  33. Font smoothing in KDE, Xfce and others

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  1.   Joaquin said

    They are many! as to make a dedicated section on the blog 🙂

  2.   oscar said

    Glorious! for those of us who use xfce (and don't have much idea) this post is simply glorious! Thanks a lot.

  3.   let's use linux said

    Great idea to review our articles grouped by desktop environment!
    Hug! Paul.

  4.   clow_eriol said

    I am just experimenting with Mannjaro XCFE so these tips are good for me 😛

  5.   Rodolfo said

    excellent post compilation, haha ​​even the KDE one catches my attention but I think I'm still loyal to the mouse: D.

  6.   Carlos-Xfce said

    Hi Elav,

    I've been looking at some of those articles and one of them is from… Courage! It made me nostalgic: when DesdeLinux started I was one of the few regulars on the blog and I spent my time correcting writing and spelling errors. And that Courage, how much nuisance it was !, heh heh. Too bad he banished himself. So far I found two of my comments from two years ago (how fast time goes by!).

    And as for you, more nostalgia: I miss your articles on Xfce a lot. I remember the long wait for Xfce 4.10. Every so often, you shared the latest news and updates with us. Right now I wonder what will happen with 4.12, when will it be, what will it bring again. I am very happy with my Xubuntu and Xfce 4.10, but I no longer have the craving for the new version.

    As always Elav, thank you so much for all the work that you, Gaara, and the other team members do. I really admire what they do and I hope they can continue to do it for much longer.

    See you soon,

    1.    elav said

      Hello Carlos-Xfce:

      I fully understand what you say. Sometimes I start reading the old SinceLinux articles and it makes me very nostalgic for how long we have walked, how many things have changed, well, for everything. The Courage thing, yes, a shame but that's life.

      Thank you for still being with us.


  7.   Nahu said

    Just great! Thanks a lot!

  8.   ianpocks said

    20 and 22 are the same