Steam on Ubuntu 12.10 and Arch Linux (For EVERYONE)

Exactly as the post says, now users of Ubuntu 12.10 y Arch Linux can use Steam without the need for a beta account.

First we install Steam. The way to do it is.

For Ubuntu 12.10

Download the DEB:



$ sudo dpkg -i steam.deb

In Arch

For users of Arch Linux the AUR PACKAGE:

How to use Steam without a beta account invitation

Some users have said that for users of Ubuntu all you have to do is drag the icon and choose any of the options.

For those of us who are not Unity users. We just have to type in the console:

# steam steam: // store / EXAMPLE

NOTE: Steam it is in a beta version and may not work properly.

Skin for Ubuntu ..

This is the Skin that Steam comes with by default.

And this is the Ubuntu skin

NOTE: This Skin is still incomplete but it would be interesting to try it. Regards.

Install Skin:

Download the package Here. Then you extract the content in the folder «skins» located in folder «steam» (Probably it is in the home)

Then we go to the folder «HKCU> Software> Valve> Steam »  We edit the file registy.vdf as follows:

# "SkinV4" "Ubuntu"

As can be seen in the image.

I hope it has served you.

Source: Webupd8

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  1.   Blaire pascal said

    O_O this was the post you commented before, excellent contribution !!!

    1.    @Jlcmux said

      Thank you friend.

      PDTA: Sorry about the Winbugs. I am not at home ... xD

      1.    medina07 said

        Thanks for the information.
        By the way, I don't see why you should apologize for using Windows (I think things should be called by their name), it is an operating system that has always been there for better or for worse and that at some point in our life we ​​have had to use it for one reason or another.

        PDTA: Rather, feel proud to have used it and to be still alive to tell it… hahahahahahaha

        1.    n3storm said

          Hello Medina07,

          A few years ago, especially when the search engines such as Altavista and then Google began (yes, my friend, before there was no hahaha) Linux users and other Free OSs began to tacitly agree not to use the correct terms, but similar ones such as winbugs, winblows, mocosoft, micro $ oft etc

          The reason for this was and is to avoid giving relevance and positioning to these companies and products even if you were not speaking well of them.


  2.   Leper_Ivan said

    I had read that before .. But anyway it does not lower the game. For example, the 440 is Team Fortress which is free to play, and does not directly download.

    1.    shiba87 said

      Actually, for now it would be 520.

      And it does not download, plain and simple because it is one of the Steam beta titles, you have to be a beta tester to play it.

      If you try it with Amnesia (57300), trine 2 (35720), World of goo (22000), Serious Sam 3 BFE (41070), etc, etc, you will have no problem downloading it, as long as you obtain them legally through the store from Steam or by other means and then add it to steam.

      1.    shiba87 said

        I answer to contradict myself, A few hours ago they left the download of Team Fortress 2 open, you can play now even if you do not have a Beta account.

        It is not necessary to walk any special code, just open the store, search for it and hit the play button, it will immediately start downloading.
        (Be careful, they are 12GB)

        1.    Daniel Rojas said

          I have it and it closes when the background image of the menu appears: '(

  3.   Fernando said

    Without a doubt, Steam is being a revolution in Linux, especially due to its "collateral" effects on drivers.

    I'm going to test it on Linux Mint 13 as soon as I can. Thanks a lot!

  4.   pandev92 said

    It doesn't even work for me in chakra, it doesn't start xD, it's the same

  5.   kassiusk1 said

    I have it installed but when I open it I get a small window that says: «This version of Steam is currently in closed beta. Login with an enrolled account to continue. » I give "Ok" and Steam closes: S

  6.   rikrdogz said

    Does anyone know if STEAM is already available for LMDE?
    Good post

    1.    Rainbow_fly said

      I guess the ubuntu installation process could work

  7.   tarantonio said

    Has anyone tried installing on Debian?

    1.    shiba87 said

      Yes. In the case of Debian i386, you have to replace at least 4 system libraries, in the case of Amd64 you have to replace those same 4 libraries plus all the 32-bit libraries that steam requires.

      It's a bit tedious, but not complicated and it works perfectly.
      I don't think there is a problem using it in any distribution, complying with the dependencies will work in any one.

      1.    shiba87 said

        Look where, it's easier than when I did it, it seems that someone has created an installation script for Debian

  8.   Chicken said

    One doubt is that I installed it in Mint 13 and everything was perfect, I started to download Team Fortress 2 and after that I was downloading the most normal thing, it closed me and when I opened it again it asked me for update and since then it does not open again I uninstall it and I go back to install and nothing if someone knows what the problem is I will appreciate 'the help THANKS !!!

    1.    Chicken said

      I already solved it is that I did not have the proprietary amd driver installed when I installed it, I start again although I do not understand why I start well first, no idea but XD already works

  9.   Neomito said

    Waiting for the stable version of steam for linux and at once say goodbye to windows because there is a super game that takes them all and it is DOTA 2.

  10.   Sergio said

    I would add the following command after the `dpkg -i`

    $ sudo apt-get install -f

  11.   dialept said

    I have a small question, I have the full Dota 2 client based on Windows 10, this client works for me in almost any Windows, my question is can this same Dota 2 client be used in Ubunto 12.10, which is the one I am testing or need download the 18 gigs that the Dota 2 currently measures.