SuperTux: The Linux SuperMario

Although we have talked about many games for linux I notice we have missed one: SuperTux

This is a game similar to Mario, made with all similar intentions ... but at the same time different, the characters, world, are different. In other words, it is the typical 2D game in which a character goes to the next level, he must take a 'something' to grow (mushroom, fungus or something else), he acquires the power to shoot when he reaches a flower, etc., only in this The occasion is not about Mario or Luigi, but about Tux:


SuperTux Installation

If you use Debian or Ubuntu just install the package called supertux which is in your repository:

sudo apt-get install supertux

If you use ArchLinux or another distro that uses pacman it would be:

sudo pacman -S supertux


Once installed, all you have to do is look for it through the applications menu, here I show you its initial menu:


For example, in Options We find the usual, put the window in Full Screen, activate or deactivate the music and sound effects, game language, as well as change the controls that come by default:


When we first enter the game they will tell us a brief visual story, it is more or less the same as Mario, we must rescue a certain damsel in distress who has been kidnapped by a monster, then a map appears through which we change / advancing level:


And then you just have to go playing, advancing in level until you find the princess.


For those nostalgic for SuperMario, the classic of a lifetime can install Mari0 in your distro, or emulate SuperMario or MarioWorld in Zsnes (Zsnes also has a version for Windows, if you want you can play another variation of Mario on Windows, such as Mario VS Sonic), but those who want to give it a touch more ... linuxero to 'mario', I recommend this one I told you about, SuperTux.

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  1.   Gustavo said

    You are in an error dear, in Debian testing I am using KDE 4.8 and Ubuntu is a junk next to Debian, for something the ubuntu repositors remove them from our dear DEBIAN, greetings and inform yourself before saying shit

    1.    @Jlcmux said

      I say the same to you. The fact that they do not use the same repository does not mean that it is not in both, and that they are called the same. Also no one here is saying that Ubuntu is better than Debian or vice versa. Stop making trouble where there is nothing.

      I leave you the links of the packages in both repositories, and stop saying bullshit.


      1.    x11tete11x said

        @Jlcmux (sir, you made an epic comment)
        to @Gustavo hahahaajjajaaj

  2.   elav said

    This game does not convince me. There are movements that sometimes do not work with the keyboard, such as jumping and moving in the air .. 😛

    1.    Giskard said

      I think I remember it was like a double tap to run and jump. Anyway, at the first hurdle to jump the game tells you what to do. But hardly anyone reads it 😛

  3.   @world said

    How fun, these are the games that I like

  4.   Octavarium Satchured said

    I played it for years and I thought it had been discontinued, it is really good and in some details I think it surpasses Mario by the way lately I am playing supertux kart which makes me good although it lacks details