Poll: How did you upgrade to Ubuntu 11.10?

It will be a vice acquired in my years of Windows user, I do not know, but I always prefer to install from scratch. Update me smells like problems. This may have been the case in some versions of Ubuntu but, Is it still the same?

Come in and tell us your experience.

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  • None: 198 votes (17.04%)
  • 1 - 5: 727 votes (62.56%)
  • 5 - 10: 119 votes (10.24%)
  • + 10: 118 votes (10.15%) 

From the results of the survey, it seems that one tends to convince a small circle and, I would dare say, "close" to people. In other words, it is most likely that it is a relative, a friend, etc., which I find very interesting because it means that there is a relationship of trust and closeness that makes it more difficult for the "new" to leave Linux.

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  1.   Hunabku lopez said

    I use lubuntu 11.04 when updating to 11.10 I had problems with the sound ... I installed from scratch and I also had problems with the sound driver so I went back to lubuntu 11.04 and I continue using it ... although I have seriously considered moving to linux mint.

  2.   Hunabku lopez said

    I am downloading the version of linux mint based on debian, I will install it and comment on how it worked for me. I installed it in a virtual machine some time ago and I liked it a lot ... I really didn't use it much but I liked it!

  3.   Hunabku lopez said

    in fact I also let all the updates be downloaded, I looked a little and I found a way to recompile alsa but it sent me an error from a folder that did not exist ... I am a newbie and the truth is I left it and reinstalled lubuntu 11.04, another day with more time I try to make the audio work because lubuntu at least 11.04 has worked very well for me.

  4.   Ricardo Perez Astorga said

    I now use linux mint debian, ubuntu got bored with its unity desktop

  5.   Agustin Diaz said

    On my desktop at home, I stayed at 10.04, and I'm comfortable there.
    On the netbook if he sent me with the 11.04, and I left him the unity, inclusive (although it is still not entirely comfortable for me)
    In the office notebook I also put 11.04, but the pc was killing me. Completely slow, both in Unity and in gnome 2 with effects, so I have to use it peeled and it goes 'correctly'.
    On that same pc I had a Mint Debian, but the fact that it was a rolling release sometimes caused dependency problems, so I left it, but it worked very smoothly.
    In another pc in the office they put 11.10. Again, Unity didn't last a second, but going back to gnome 2 wasn't easy. It was switched to kubuntu. But I take away the desire to pass, and I'm even thinking of releasing 11.04. I want something that is user friendly, and why not, that has some 'goodies' in terms of the visual, but without turning me into a cart. Any suggestion? how is lubuntu?

  6.   mauritius flowers said

    Everything perfect, but I ended up staying with Unity 2D to avoid desktop slowdown when using proprietary drivers

  7.   Artemio Star said

    What I have had problems with is with a Generic Desktop, Ubuntu does not turn off / restart. Although the problem came as a result of another problem, it was disconnected from the network and could not navigate at the speed that my Internet company provides me.

    Investigating, I found the option to install the proprietary drivers for my network card. From this action, it was that I began to have problems when restarting or shutting down the computer, it was left with the Ubuntu logo frozen.

    What I did was put the IRQPOLL option in the boot parameters, and this worked for a while; yesterday I had the same problem again (maybe in some update the parameter was deleted, I'll check again today)


  8.   Francisco Javier Garcia-Vargas said

    I installed it from scratch on 0 computers that I have, I also have some mistrust… ..

  9.   Jeffry Roldan said

    I am using BackBox which is a security oriented distro based on Ubuntu 11.04 and it asked me for the Update to 11.10, I updated it and so far I have not had any problems.

  10.   Daneel_Olivaw said

    It was a failure. I did not support the new design and went back to the previous version 😛

  11.   Pu7bj said

    I would add I had to go back to a version with the gnome of a lifetime (or change distro). It may be very nice, but it slows me down and I end up despairing!

  12.   Apzuh Absu Niggurath said

    The update went well, I took the opportunity to install Gnome-shell since in 11.04 it did not work for me, I still do not like these versions at all (11.04 and 11.10), I even feel that 11.10 is slower than 11.04, my preferred version is still Being 10.10 in 32 and 64 bits, gnome shell I don't dislike it but I don't like it much either, I feel that it is a setback not having the options to configure the look as one wanted, I had to install gnome tweak mmhhh I don't like it either I'm thinking very much seriously downgrade to 10.10 on this machine, on my other machine I have 10.10 64 bit and it is going great.

  13.   Courage said

    I once updated Ubuntu and it did not start again, from that day I installed the cycling distros from scratch, now with Arch, I forget

  14.   Few said

    See, 10.10 by far !!!

  15.   Few said

    I also distrust. By the custom of Windows, and by fears not unfounded, but acquired thanks to Ubuntu itself. A major update of these never suited me very well - if they were.
    Although since Debian Squeeze came out I have not used Ubuntu again (I only tried 11.04 and immediately deleted how bad it is), so I can't speak about 11.10.

  16.   Jorge Luis said

    you know? I have used linux mint, and I can tell you that it has left me with a fresh and pleasant taste in my mouth like mint 😉 the one I walk the best of all the distros! I recommend it with closed eyes (without hesitation). 🙂

  17.   Jorge Luis said

    Ubuntu 11.10 left me very disappointed 🙁 after many years absent in Linux I tried Ubuntu 11.04 and it worked great! Fast, elegant, the «unity» interface made me fall in love .. !! (I was already tired of those windos-type interfaces, desktop, taskbars, etc ... all very similar) * Very personal opinion.
    The important thing is that I updated to 11.10 and many of my old programs no longer work, codec problems to convert videos or record video-dvds, the games that I played before do not work either. The launcher has errors such as emptying the trash for example, the menu appears, but it does not work. When I touch it again it comes out and there if it lets me select "empty trash".
    After this I tried to install from scratch and the problems are the same. So right now, I'm backing up to restore my beloved 11.04 that flies around like a plane. I hope they solve all those errors soon, since I liked 11.10 and gnome3 a lot, but Ubuntu 11.10 in general still seemed to be a bit crude. I will look forward to the weekly updates, which will surely polish up what is missing.

  18.   Geek clown said

    now they should do the survey "how many linuxers respond with the truth in the polls"

  19.   Few said

    Ah, there I read your comment below that you already tried xD Garrón is not there haha.
    Advice, be trying some other distro, that Canonical has been getting more and more muddy for a while, and does not show signs that it is going to stop.

  20.   Jorge Luis said

    hey, 10.10 is faster than 11.04? They have left me wanting to try that version, but I would like it with the unity interface. Have you tried "unity" in this version? Is it possible?
    Greetings from Bahia Blanca.

  21.   Few said

    With Unity? No! Mother of God, NO! (says an atheist! If I don't like unity haha)
    No, no idea Jorge.

    What yes, 10.10 without modifying the graphical interface, it seems faster than 11.04. Now, if you put Unity -if it could-, if it would run faster than 11.04, I don't know .. But I don't think it can, since it was the novelty of seeing. 11, and it's not a minor change. Not at least through common means like default repos. Some return there will be but, but it is probably a bard. For that, try the 11.10 that you will have polished Unity without having to fiddle with anything.

    Cheers! (hold up Debian, old man!)

  22.   Malonecc said

    A DTT adapter has stopped working for me, now with Gnome-Shell there is no way to detect it ...

  23.   Marcelo said

    I use lubuntu, I did the console installation at dawn (because I had a cake of previous updates) the next day I got up and everything was ok. a shame what happened to you with the audio.

  24.   shipyard39 said

    I comment with great respect and dismay:
    I looked at it, I went through it and I could not believe how Ubuntu lost its identity, that personality of saying here I am always the same, simple, sure, bold.
    I pinched myself, but since only WIN_WIN could be installed, or is it a trout copy, how many large icons appeared (pictorial frames), they cover the screen, the easy became difficult, which was done in a click now two or three , you have everything against hand "is really for bricks with hair."
    A personal opinion to save space and memory should remove the terminal, total for what we want.
    I calmed down, I recontracted it. Recontrame the DVD, I copied Debian, and I installed it «I returned to my memories of that GNU-Linux« enough to criticize WIN_WIN if later we copy it and more and more », WIN was almost dead, with this transplant we gave it air again.
    We criticized Job, but he had balls to make him different from everyone else.
    Excuse me, but we lost many years gained following UBUNTU and the repedo.

  25.   Esteban said

    In general the problems were for Gnome3. Why, Why !!!

  26.   Hello said

    Sennores, there is a new blog in wordpres with address todaywar.wordpress.com that intends to make a war between operating systems, defend yours now

  27.   Marcelo fourcade said

    I updated from Ubuntu 10.10, and although I was able to save 99% of the difficulties I got a hang when I played music, since I use the pc to work I returned to 10,10, when I have a little more time I will investigate the problem with a clean installation

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