Poll: Which is better: GNOME, KDE, etc.?

2011 it was a year of many emotions. Showed up Unity, hated by many and loved by others; also saw the light GNOME 3, with many detractors and some fan boys. These internal fights generated the creation of Cinnamon y MATE. Meanwhile, KDE and XFCE continued to improve.

The million dollar question is: after a year of development, Which one do you prefer? which is better?

Which is better?

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  1.   Anonymous said

    It seems very tight, people are very divided between unity, shell and kde. I think it's great for them to continue improving the 3 and becoming competition

  2.   Paul Osterdam said

    The best thing is that it has more comfort and greater handling

  3.   jonathan rivers said

    Awebo KDE!
    If you have KDE you have gnome, xfce, lxde and all but not the other way around
    That is not why I despise the other desktops I have all used them and they have their good point, but KDE is the best and most complete and you can leave it as other desktops if you wish.

  4.   Ivan Escobares said

    Today, and given that the survey only allowed me to choose one option, MATE wins .. I think that for people who started with Gnome2 it is the closest thing .. Cinnamon, in my case I used a lot of ram and processor, KDE is very colorful, therefore it is my second option. From the first images of Gnome3 and its shell, I figured I wouldn't like it. Then below there are Openbox and XFCE .. It happens that I have tried almost all the most popular environments, except e17 ..

  5.   Paul Salvador Moscoso said

    I have tried almost all the desktops and managers and today I stick with KDE, excellent aesthetics and functionality.

  6.   Adrian Perales said

    In my opinion and being more or less objective (although objectivity does not exist, and less in these matters) I believe that KDE is the most complete and flexible environment that there is right now. The technology on which it is based allows it to do real wonders and you can adapt it to every minimum need you have.

    That said, it's all a matter of taste. Right now I am with KDE because it meets all my needs but I have spent years with Xfce and I had enough.

  7.   Courage said


  8.   Felipe said

    I prefer KDE, it is the one that I have been able to adapt the most to my liking.

  9.   Electron222 said

    I love KDE, but to say that it is the best, for me all the main desktops used in the distro, it has an incredible quality and functionality.

  10.   Marcelo said

    My vote was for Gnome 3 + Unity. Despite the criticism, I made it a point to give it a try. I have been using it for a couple of months intensely on a day-to-day basis and I like it. It's good. I like the desktop concept it raises and it has some very interesting ideas. Obviously I had to go through a short period of adaptation (it was coming from the classic Gnome of a lifetime), but nothing to write home about. The way I do my day-to-day work has been streamlined so much that I would feel somewhat limited if I had to go back to the old Gnome. From Gnome Shell I like the idea of ​​automatic desktops better, I think that if Unity incorporated it it would gain a few integers. The rest of the desks I have tried and they are good ... EVERYONE has their things.
    Anyway, what stands out here more than anything is the freedom of choice that this wonderful free software ecosystem gives us, the only place where a survey of this type can be done.

  11.   Dani Molina said

    I have voted for Gnome3 + GnomeShell but I think the question should be "Which one do you like best?" To say that one is better than another in absolute value is very daring.

  12.   ROBOSapiens Sapiens said

    I voted twice, :-)… (delete a vote of mine for KDE, to keep the poll correctly)

  13.   Israel said

    I have voted Gnome 3 + Unity but a week ago Cinnamon in Ubuntu 11.10 and the truth is that the combination of Gnome 3 + Cinnamon is not bad at all.

    Each one has its own thing, Cinnamon is more "classic" if it can be said like that, Unity although it has a lot to improve tries to innovate in this sense, we will have to wait for the improvements of Ubuntu 12.04 in terms of customization and the HUD experiment.

  14.   Dario rodriguez said


  15.   Dario rodriguez said

    Oo I was surprised by the results. I expected more Unity and Cinamon and less Shell, but there it is ... I also expected much less KDE ... xD ...

  16.   AnSnarkist said

    A very valid option, and that the truth is the one that I use, is Gnome3 + GnomeFallback

  17.   Interested said

    Well, my vote went to Gnome 2. With this there is already enough information about my tastes. I do not want experiments on the PC. It was designed by the yobs of the güevos and now their cheap replicas appear to reinvent the world world. Too bad we have nowhere to go without gnome 2. A windows ?.

  18.   Morpheus said

    LXDE !!

  19.   Morpheus said

    or Gnome3 + GnomeFallback

  20.   DIGITAL PC, Internet and Service said

    Until now I'm with KDE and Gnome, since in one distro I have one and in another another.

    Although I have tried LXDE, XFCE, E16 and Qt-Razor, but for the moment I stick with both.

    although the other desks are also improving remarkably and as always each one has its specific purpose.


  21.   Carlos said

    I quote: “I think the most important thing in an OS is customization, flexibility and functionality. And KDE wins there by a lot. ”, KDE is not an OS !!

  22.   Armand said

    I checked XFCE, but hesitated to check Gnome2.3

  23.   Anon said

    You could not understand the meaning of the phrase. You are the plague.

  24.   The said

    That's how I like to listen to smart people instead of complaining 🙂. GNOME Fallback is the best option if you want to continue with the classic desktop (which I do NOT recommend), since they are the GNOME 2 panels ported to Gtk + 3, it goes without saying that Compiz behaves very well with this interface.

  25.   Gon said

    I have been using LXDE for 2 years! I know that nowadays it is not the best for a demanding graphics user and with a new PC hehee, but for those who: with the basics they fix themselves, for those who need to run something heavy (and that with GNOME / KDE it is impossible ) or for those who have an old PC. I collected these 3 points hahaha: D: D.

    Due to the consumption of RAM, it offers a good interface and simple applications for the user. And I think a lot of distros saw that feature, and that's why they quickly adopted it, even to make their own versions: Lubuntu, Linux Mint LXDE, Tinyme, etc.

  26.   Gon said

    Grr my nephew played the keyboard and changed my name hahaha, and I did not realize

  27.   Heiko 7017 said

    I vote for Gnome 3 + Shell, however I think they are all good, it is just a matter of understanding that each one adapts to the needs of different users. That simple

  28.   Interested said

    Without wanting to enter into sterile polemics, only to point out that criticism is not at odds with intelligence. The solution of "looking" gnome2 when it is a unity / shell underneath does not seem like a good option to me. If there is no other, which there is not, you will have to go to Xubuntu, or to Windows

  29.   Cris said

    I think the most important thing in an OS is customization, flexibility and functionality. And KDE wins there by a lot. In stability it is below almost all the others; although this is clearly far from meaning that it is unstable. And although for some reason I never quite like him, without a doubt I must choose him as "the best." Now the one I like the most is Gnome 3 with gnome shell (and without using any extensions).


    PS: congratulations on the page. Without a doubt, it is one of the best in Spanish, and the one that has been the most useful to me.

  30.   ROBOSapiens Sapiens said

    KDE, the versatility of its handling is unsurpassed ...

  31.   Monk said


  32.   InfiniteLoop said

    Openbox, I have essentially what I need, I put it as I want and the best: Totally minimalist! 😀
    Even so, if we talk about DE, I'll stick with KDE, but the base installation ... I don't like the bunch of unnecessary things that get into my computer with the complete installation, that's why it's beautiful 🙂

  33.   Carlos said

    Then go with your windows. You are told about the fallback mode and you enter the shell. The best option for you seems to be windows (from the first comment) then install your windows.

  34.   Anon said

    I checked "Other." They all suck, but one sucks more than another at his thing. ;-P

  35.   Skeptical said

    I have KDE + Compiz

  36.   Carlos said

    I stay with Gnome2 + emerald + compiz.

  37.   Croador Anuro said

    He never said that KDE is an OS, he is talking about an OS with the aforementioned characteristics, but with a desktop environment or a complete interface manager like KDE.

  38.   Let's use Linux said

    I agree, for me the best in 2011 was KDE.
    We'll see what happens this year… 🙂
    Cheers! Paul.

  39.   The Sudaca Renegau said

    I agree with Dani Molina. It seems that which one is better is different from which one you prefer. What are the indicators that determine "best". On the netbook I use gnome 3 + shell (With Mint) and on the desktop I use Debian with Gnome 2.

  40.   Free Sherpa of Lemuria said

    It depends on the use of each one, and, in my case, I agree with you ... LXDE is, today, the one that best suits my needs

  41.   pedruchini said

    One of the things I like the most about LXDE is that it uses Openbox and I can configure many things, for example I can open a certain application with a combination of keys, or I can remove the title bar of the applications to make better use of the space in a small laptop. I don't know if this can be done on other desktops. And I have tried a lot of distros, but they don't give me anything that I can't do with LXDE. Maybe preview files (I think there was an extension for Nautilus called Gloobus-Preview or Gloobus-Sushi). Then there are those who say that LXDE is ugly, but if you install a theme, for example Numix, you can improve its appearance a lot. Unity looks nice to me, but I'm not comfortable: I find it more for a tablet, just like Windows 8. Others like KDE overwhelm me with so many options. The only one I haven't tried is Cinamon. Mate I liked it. ElementaryOS seemed more beautiful to me the day I installed it than now (I still have it installed), in addition, the docks (Planck in the case of Elementary) I don't really know what advantages they have, and someone who comes from the Mac world says it). Aesthetics is subjective.

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