Tablet with KDE for 200 euros

This would not be the first time I have talked about a computer (or similar) that has KDE pre-installed. Once on my old blog KDE4Life talk about Xompu, a computer from Germany that brings KDE installed by default.

Now it is the turn of a tablet called Spark.


I assure is an active member of the project Active Plasmaand in his blog he tells us about this tablet.

Its hardware is somewhat modest, 1GHz AMLogic ARM processor, Mali-400 GPU, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage plus an SD card slot, multitouch system up to 7 ″, in addition to obviously having Wifi.

He is about 200 euros or 265 $ (USD).

But… What is the difference from the rest of the tablets?

On the market is the popular iPad (I reserve my opinion on such a "thing"), several tablets with Android, but this one has Active Plasma (KDE) 😀

In other words, we can no longer only have KDE on our desktop, laptop, now we can also use it on tablets 😉

Advantages of this?

Well, Android as far as I know it does not accept contributions to the code, but with the community development of KDE Yes it is possible to contribute to it.

Some details of KDE for mobile devices, it would be that the consumption would obviously be extremely lower than what we are used to, it would be used Qt / QML (I talked about this in the article: Is this the future of video players for KDE?), "cloud" support, etc 🙂

I don't know about you, but the news is phenomenal to me. Ignoring the issue of the tablet and being able or not to buy it, the fact that KDE Having such an advance in this type of device is undoubtedly something important 😀


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  1.   Courage said

    Well, I don't think KDE is going well with that hardware, and I don't know, I don't see it for tablets (of course, it isn't), I would create an environment for tablets instead of putting KDE

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      It is KDE but not as they are known in computers 😉
      Optimized for that hardware, with A LOT (but a lot) removed and replaced by other apps, etc 😀

  2.   Lucas Matthias said

    Well, obviously this is great news, I think that if the performance is good, people are going to like the KDE environment.

  3.   xgeriuz said

    @Courage you are forgetting a project that the people of KDE run developing it continuously for a long time and that it is optimized and designed for this purpose.

  4.   xgeriuz said

    @Courage you are forgetting a project that the people of KDE run developing it continuously for a long time and that it is optimized and designed for this purpose.

    1.    Courage said

      But it's a Plasma, and what it consumes from KDE I don't think it's just Plasma

      1.    Giardy said

        Plasma Active is designed for that purpose, just as xgeriuz said.

      2.    Thunder said

        Use QtQuick / QML, that's already a significant savings. Plasma is optimized for portable devices such as tablets. What consumes a lot in KDE is the semantic desktop, that is, Nepomuk / Strigi and Akonadi, that consumes a lot of RAM, but it can be deactivated and I don't know if it will be available in Plasma Active or not….

        It may also be that the version for tablets comes with most of the effects disabled, although it will surely use OpenGLES and the driver that is responsible for handling the graphics card will be the desired one ... I don't know, I don't think they will put KDE on their product and stay so wide , some kind of study or thought they will have done, I say, even if it is to contact the Plasma Active xD Team


  5.   sieg84 said

    It hurts that where I live these tablets do not arrive.

  6.   Ares said

    For me it is good news. Especially looking at the (current and future) available options, I marry this one.

  7.   auroszx said

    Well, the Plasma Active looks interesting. Different «Activities» for different situations, such as one for work, another personal, another for home, another for vacations (they are virtual desks, but anyway). Very well done 🙂 Unity should take note…

  8.   Perseus said

    Of course it is excellent news, if I could and increase the hardware that it comes with by default, I would buy one right away XD

    Something that is on my mind at the moment, will KDE have its own appstore in the future? It would be something amazing 😀

  9.   Rayonant said

    Well, in omgubuntu I have seen the same news, but I have seen that there is also a video «This is an introduction about the usage of the first release of Plasma Active. here shown running on a WeTab device. » and it looks very good