Tell us, what tools or applications do you use every day?

Sometimes knowing what other users use helps us for two reasons: First, because maybe we know a tool or application that we did not think existed. Second, because we get a little closer and know our tastes and preferences. As I started this thread, I start by talking about my favorite applications.


Something that can not be missing. An application that I have open all day. Of course, although I have installed Rekonq, Chromium, Konqueror, the one who always accompanies me to is Firefox.

The browser for me is a super addictive application, which although it helps me (among other things) to publish in FromLinux, it has the power to reduce my productivity to zero, especially when the time between news sites is running out.

Mail Client

Many don't use it, I do. Another application that greatly affects my productivity in some cases, and that I always have open knowing that its notifications distract me. The problem is that I always think that some important message will reach me that I cannot read late. Yes, I know, I have to get over it.

I had always used Thunderbird, which for me is the most complete email client when certain extensions are used. But as I work with KDEWell, nothing, integration is what I need and with KMail I am left over, plus it consumes less than Thunderbird.

Instant messaging

For my daily work I need to be connected with my users, therefore, an IM client cannot be missing. In this case, I have never been able to detach myself from PidginWell, they have options that no other client has, or rather, they don't offer them the way I want them.

With support for HTTP Proxy and Sock Proxy, I control my accounts from Hi , XMPP (Enterprise), XMPP (From Linux), Gtalk, Facebook and occasionally Yahoo Messenger. Yes, another application that bothers with its notifications and that I have open all day.

IRC Client

For this I use Quassel. I open it occasionally, especially to find out about certain news on the project channels that interest me. Speaking of IRC, we have to resume «the debates» on our IRC channel, which is a bit abandoned «Damn social networks ... with how cool it is to communicate like in the old days ... ¬_¬

Twitter, Identica and other social demons

This type of service is addictive in many cases. For me, they are a quick source of news and if I can have all my accounts in one place, all the better. For this I use Choqok, which is for me so far, the best client that exists for these social networks.

I have recently seen that they have released a version of Gwibber written in QT / QML, so it is pending to be tested. Hotot I love it (also with its Qt version), but I can't manage more than one account at the same time.

Music and Video Player

Out of 8 hours of my workday, I spend at least 7 listening to music, unless I need to do something that requires too much concentration. It doesn't matter what type of music, I listen to everything, and for that I usually use C, although lately I am adjusting to Juk.

For the videos, I have plenty of Dragon player, but when it gets a little annoying, well VLC it is always there.

Console Emulator

I will always, always need to use the console, especially for connections SSH and I work with my servers. The least intrusive possible is Yakuake, a terminal emulator that hides even though it is always open 😀


When I want to waste my time conscientiously, because for that I have installed OpenArena, Freets On Fire, Frogatto, Supertuxkart, Assaultcube, XMoto... and those that come by default in KDE.


To view images use Gwenview, to edit them GIMP and to lay out websites or make any other type of graphics then Inkscape.

Other applications and utilities

When I want to burn a CD / DVD, extract audio from them and others, because I use the best there is for this in GNU / Linux: K3B, and whoever says otherwise, does not know what U_U says

Easier Vokoscreen to create Screencast, LibreOffice y Calligra for office work (which I hardly ever do), KeepassX to manage my passwords, Virtualbox for my test servers and Cryptkeeper to hide the pr0n xDDD.

In the terminal I also frequently use:

  • MC: To manage my files easily.
  • Less: to move comfortably through the MAN
  • RCConf: To control my demons
  • Screen: To move processes to the background
  • Corkscrew: For things that are not relevant now 😀
  • Debmirror: To make my copies of repositories
  • Rsync: Because it's the best there is.
  • SSH: For obvious reasons.
  • Wget: To download things
  • IPCalc: For working with IPs
  • HTop: To control resource consumption
  • Nano y Vim: To edit files.

I don't think I have anything else left. And what do you use?

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  1.   3ndriago said

    Well, since the question is generic (I assume that those of us who use proprietary software can also contribute, not XD) here I go:
    browser: Firefox first! Chrome, Safari, Opera & IE for testing
    mail client: Thunderbird
    instant messaging: it would become Google Talk
    IRC client: do not use!
    social networks: no client, online access or their respective apps for the mobile
    rep. music & video: WinAmp, iTunes & Media Player Classic
    console emulator: LoL, damn I use Windows ... but let's say CMD
    games: Diablo 3, StarCraft II, Machinarium
    graphics: Photoshop, Inkscape
    development: Dreamweaver, Komposer & MS Visual Studio
    others: JEdit, WAMP, Filezilla

    1.    elav said

      Hahaha, chu chuuuuu .. we don't want bad habits around here .. xDDD

      1.    3ndriago said

        hahaha but if you look there is a mixture of free + exclusive in my tastes for daily use! And I forgot to mention OpenOffice and VirtualBox

        1.    Blaire pascal said


    2.    deviltroll said

      powershell is slightly better than cmd

  2.   Dark purple said

    Browser: Firefox. When I need another browser, or on rare occasions: rekonq.

    Mail client: on my computer I use webmail, although at work (Windows) I use Thunderbird and I really like it. I have considered using KMail with IMAP but I would have to always have it open (with the consequent consumption of resources), with several email accounts, occupying a hard disk ... At the moment with X-Notifier in Firefox I am doing quite well.

    Instant Messaging and IRC: I have Quassel and Telepathy-KDE but I don't use them.

    Social demons: I use the websites, no client gives you all the functionality that the social network websites have.

    Audio and music players:
    Before I used Amarok but I switched to Clementine (following Amarok evolutions). I'm curious, what advantages does Juk offer over Clementine? I tried it a long time ago above and it seems more simplistic to me.
    SMPlayer is the best I've ever tried. He lacks polishing things but for my day to day things are perfect for me. To watch DVDs and in "support" plan I use VLC. DragonPlayer seems pretty lacking to me.

    Console: Konsole.

    Games: KMines, Ultrastar Deluxe… I want to try The Battle for Wesnoth.

    Graphics: Gwenview and KolourPaint.

    Others: KTorrent, Dolphin, Muon, LibreOffice, Akregator, JDownloader, Okular, K3b, Audacity, kate, kdenlive, VirtualBox.

  3.   diazepan said

    Browsers: Iceweasel (that is, Firefox for Debian), Chromium and Midori
    Mail Client: Icedove (that is Thunderbird for Debian)
    Instant Messaging: Niguno
    IRC Client: None
    Social Demons: None
    Player: VLC
    Console: Konsole
    Games: VBA-m and KPatience
    Graphics: Gwenview
    Other apps and utilities: Amule (e2k network never dies), Transmission, Virtualbox, Bleachbit, Libreoffice, Okular, Kdenlive, Avidemux, Winff, Jdownloader, Ekiga, KRDC, kwrite, vi

  4.   Martin said

    browser: Chrome
    mail client: Kmail
    instant messaging: none
    IRC client: none
    social networks: none
    rep. music & video: Amarok, Audacious, VLC
    console emulator: Konsole, Xterm
    games: none
    graphics: Inkscape
    development: none
    others: MATLAB, Octave, Kile, Kate, LibreOffice

    I don't remember any more, but I sure use that every week

  5.   Blaire pascal said

    Ahhhh I like this. Well here it goes.
    Browser: Firefox above everything else.
    Mail client: occasionally Thunderbird.
    Messenger: Kopete.
    Players: VLC, Amarok, SMPlayer.
    Console emulator: Konsole (obvious).
    Games: 0ad, Doom 3, Halo (wine), Ksudoku, Kbounce and pychess.
    Graphics: Gimp, Krita, Blender, Draftsight (although I don't know if it falls into the category), Darktable, Gwenview, Digikam.
    CDs and DVDs: K3b (it couldn't be otherwise).
    Office automation: Libreoffice, Okular.
    File encryption: encfs.
    Compressor: Ark.
    Partition editor: Gparted.
    File Manager: Dolphin (obvious).
    Virtualization: VirtualBox.
    To go unnoticed: Tor.
    Others: Kate, Kalgebra, Kcalc.

  6.   xxmlud said

    Hi, I write you the applications that I use the most.

    Google Chrome

    Mail Client
    I do not use

    Instant messaging
    Gtalk and Facebook

    Media player
    Vlc, all kinds of videos
    Clementine, Audio

    Console emulator

    Steam and Desura

    gwenview and Picasa

    Other apps
    LibreOffice: Office Suite
    Ktorrent for Torrents downloads
    Teamviewer for remote control
    MediaHuman Youtube to Mp3 to download Videos / Mp3 from Youtube. (Similar to Atube Catcher and ClipGrab)
    Nano to edit from Konsole

    1.    xxmlud said

      I add:
      Gparted, Unetbootin
      PS: This is a super-poll

  7.   rockandroleo said

    Already, I was encouraged:
    Web browsers: Iceweasel, Chromium, Midori.
    Mail client: none (online client nothing else).
    Instant messaging: none (I don't chat).
    Social networks: none (I don't use them).
    Torrent: Transmission.
    RSS reader: Liferea.
    Graphics: Gpicview, Gimp, Inkscape.
    Multimedia playback: Vlc and Clementine (what more could you ask for?).
    Office: Libreoffice.
    Terminal: LXTerminal.
    Text editor: Leafpad.
    Video and audio editing (although I use them very little): Handbrake, Avidemux, Audacity.
    Game: Bsnes, Eboard, Xboard.
    Others: Synapse, Evince, Xournal, File-roller, PDF-Shuffler, Easytag, Easymp3gain, Soundconverter, Cryptkeeper, Brasero, Parcellite, Recoll, Gparted, Unetbootin ...

  8.   Rolo said

    * browser: iceweasel aurora (21.0a2), chromium by wheeazy
    * mail client: evolution,
    * Instant messaging: Pidgin
    * IRC client: xchat, pidgin
    * Twitter, Identica: turpial and hotot but the rpos versions from
    * Music and Video Player: totem, vlc
    * Console Emulator: GNOME Terminal
    * Games: UrbanTerror 4.1 and 4.2, pychess, Flightgear, wesnoth, OpenArena, AlienArena, 0ad, warmux, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, nexus
    * Graphics: Gimp, Inkscape
    * Other applications and utilities tagtor, mp3diags, tvenlinux, libreoffice, nero4, devede, audacity, gtkorphan, filezilla, dropbox, SoundConverter, sublimetext2, arduino ide, fritzing, minidlna, deluge, etc.

  9.   Horacio said

    Web browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Iron browser
    Mail client: none (online client nothing else).
    Instant messaging: pidgin
    Torrent: Transmission.
    Graphics: Gimp
    Media playback: Vlc, Clementine, audacious
    Office: Libreoffice.
    Terminal: gnome-Terminal.
    Text editor: gedit.
    Others: virtualbox, geany, Evince, Gparted, Unetbootin ...

  10.   Damian rivera said

    I was encouraged too 🙂

    Shell: Bash, Sh
    Graphics: Gpicview, Inkscape, Gimp.
    Player: Totem
    Web browser: Firefox, Chrome, SimplePerlBrowser, Links
    Explorer: Pcmanfm
    Terminal: Vterl, Lxterminal
    Publisher: Gedit, Vim, GNU / Nano, ee, Joe
    Others: Eclipse, Libreoffice, Xarchiver, Evince, Minitube, openShot


  11.   cat said

    -browser: firefox and chromium
    -mail client: do not use
    -messaging: neither
    -irc: neither
    -social networks: neither
    -player: vlc
    -terminal emulator: the one that comes by default
    -games: vba-m, snes9x, not $ gba (with wine) and any of tetris
    -graphics: gimp
    -other: transmission, libreoffice, kalzium, comix, brasero, bleachbit and hplip
    ... I think that would be it ._.

    1.    cat said

      mmmm… I also use gedit, risttreto and instead of the ubuntu software center I prefer synaptic and gdebi

      1.    cat said

        and evince, camorama and openshot

  12.   Pavloco said

    There goes my list.

    browser: Firefox to death
    Office: LibreOffice
    mail client: None
    instant messaging: none
    IRC client: none
    social networks: Twitter
    rep. music & video: Audacious, Parole and VLC,
    console emulator: xfce-terminal
    games: zsnes, abbaye des morts
    Development (only as a hobie): Gambas3 and Python
    RSS reader: Feedly or from Newsbeuter console
    E-book reader: FBReader
    Graphics: Gimp and Risttreto

    Others: Rednotebook (my log and notes)

  13.   Paefes said

    Browsers: Chrome - Firefox - Opera
    Mail: Opera
    Messaging, chat, social networks: Nothing
    Music: Deadbeef - Amarok
    Video: SMPlayer - VLC
    Console: Konsole
    Graphics: Gwenview - Krita
    Office: LibreOffice - Calligra (Words - Author)
    Games: Nothing (I'm an adult)
    Others: Amule - qBittorent - Everpad - Bleachbit - USB Image Writer - Kid3-qt - Avidemux-qt - Grub Customizer - Flacon - KGet

  14.   Ruffus- said

    Browser: Firefox / Iceweasel, Links.
    Email client: Thunderbird / Icedove.
    IRC client: Xchat, Irssi.
    Downloads: Amule, Transmission, RTorrent.
    RSS reader: Liferea.
    Graphics: Viewnior, Comix, Gimp.
    Office automation: Libreoffice, Epdfview, Xournal, Xpad.
    Music Player: Deadbeef, LXmusic. Formerly Gmusicbrowser.
    Video Player: Gnome-Mplayer, Parole.
    Text Editor: Leafpad, Bluefish.
    Console Emulator: Guake, Sakura.
    File Explorer: MC, PCMANFM.
    Games: FreeCiv, OpenTTD, Unknown Horizons, Battle for Wesnoth, MegaGlest, Free Heroes 2, OpenMorrowind (OpenMW), Snes9x-GTK.
    Other tools: Bleachbit, Catfish, Docky, Gdebi, Gufw, KeepassX, Lxmed, RadioTray, Redshift, Shutter, Synapse, Xarchiver, Xbacklight

  15.   Blaire pascal said

    Tell me what you wear and I'll tell you who you are ...

  16.   vicky said

    These are the applications that I use the most (In elementary Os)

    Browser: Firefox

    Videos: Smplayer

    Publisher: Scratch

    Comics: Mcomix

    Shotwell Image Viewer

    Explorer: Pantheon Files

    Guake Terminal

    Torrents: Transmission

    Mail: Geary

    Instant Messaging: Empathy

    Office: Libreofice

    Pdf: Evince

    Music: Xnoise

  17.   pandev92 said

    Browsers: Firefox
    Mail Client: I no longer use 🙁
    Instant Messaging: pidgin
    IRC client: xchat
    Social Demons: none xd
    Player: VLC
    Console: ubuntu xd or osx terminal
    Games: CS GO and the pokemon with desmume xd
    Graphics: ubuntu xd photo viewer
    Other applications and utilities: Transmission, vmware, Bleachbit, Libreoffice, gedit, tomahawk and monodevelop

  18.   Rayonant said

    + Browser: Firefox from version 2.0 !, in cases of emergency Opera
    + Office: LibreOffice
    + Mail client: Thunderbird always, no other convinces me
    + Instant Messaging: Pidgin
    + IRC client: Xchat
    + Social networks: Turpial for Twitter
    + Music Player: Clementine
    + Video Player: Parole
    + Console emulator: xfce-terminal
    + Games: Assault Cube, FreedroidRPG, Armagettron, zsnes,
    + RSS reader: Liferea
    + Graphics: Gimp and Risttreto
    + Manga Reader. Qcomicbook

    1.    Pavloco said

      Another friend of the mouse, the best desktop.

      1.    cat said

        I support it

  19.   patz said

    Browsers: Google chrome, and firefox with tor
    Message: Pidgin
    Irc client: xchat
    Torrents: transmission
    Video Player: VLC
    Audio player: Banshee
    Console: Terminator, tilda
    Graphics: feh
    pdf: okular
    editor: vim / emacs (for clojure code)

  20.   Kitty said

    Browser: Konqueror and Firefox

    Mail Client: KMail

    Instant Messaging: Telephaty KDE with xmpp accounts

    Clients for microblogging: Choqok

    Music Player: JuK

    Console Emulator: Konsole

    Graphics: Gimp

    1.    likewho said

      Friend, is it that you use Links or another browser CLI or why it did not recognize your OS or your browser? XD

  21.   Alex said

    Firefox, Chrome, Thunderbird, Transmission, Gummi, MPD + Cantata, Kopete, Konversation, BasKet, Ark, Yakuake, Conky, Minitube, EasyTag, VLC, KMplayer, Okular, Inkscape.

  22.   He passed through here said

    ok, this at home,
    irssi screen
    Guake Tilda -> zsh
    xmms ncmpcpp – moc
    amulegui BitTorrent-WebUI -> transmission aMUle
    mc nautilus scp
    vlc mplayer smplayer
    VMWorkstation - Xen - chroot
    geany nano
    nginx mysql -> w @ rpress -> wpomatic (it's easier to have everything in one place via Rss)
    Thunderbird - Firefox - skype - dropbox \ ubuntu-one /
    foxit-reader -> cups to create via printer or direct export
    wine -> winrar office -X- Libreoffice
    remmina ssh realvnc
    This goes in three teams (physical) more or less with the idea of ​​the load of each one comes out or more or less than each one does.
    Arch and Debian (still mostly at home although an openbsd replaced it as a firewall pf rules 😛)
    out of SecureCrt powershell -> pity that what I do I can't do it outside of windows, except for the @ b @ qus which is indistinct
    and good when I can minecraft, (the best graphics)

  23.   Shengdi said

    Well I use Windows and OpenSUSE, so I will put both XD

    In both I use Opera as the main browser, mail manager, feed reader and instant messaging (Well, the latter, with a function that Opera has to embed a web page as a panel, there I have inserted)

    For documents, Google Drive on both OS

    Music, Amarok on OpenSUSE and AIMP3 on Windows.

    Console, Yakuake RLZ! (and CMD on Windows. XD)

    Games, in Linux I don't have: \ Kmines count? XD On Windows, well, any pirate game on duty 😛

    I am a fan of GIMP, and I use it on both OS. Although in Windows I have to have Photoshop and Flash installed. Of vector graphics, for now, none.

    To burn K3B and Astroburn DVDs on Windows.

    Video player, SMPlayer on both OS, with SMTube to directly view YouTube videos on SMPlayer.

    Comic Reader: Comic Seer for both OS.

    Video converter, one called Video converter Factory, is for Windows, but Wine emulates it very well (since I haven't found any video converter that convinces me in Linux).

    KTorrent and µTorrent on Win and Lin respectively, along with JDownloader for direct downloads.

    Social networks (only Google+) directly from the browser (And no, G + is not a desert as everyone says)

    And well, I can't think of more. XD

  24.   kennatj said

    I try to use GTK as little as possible <_

    Google Chrome
    Yarock (A music player that I met yesterday but it was love at first sight xD)
    KMyMoney (A finance manager)
    Tellico (To manage collections in my case of books and movies / series that I have)
    Google plus
    Google Docs / Calligra
    Plasma Mediacenter (testing)
    Caledonia (Thema KDE)
    Potenza (Thema icos)

  25.   Luis said

    Browser: Firefox, Chromium and Iron.
    Email client: Thunderbird.
    IRC client: Xchat.
    Downloads: Flareget, Tixati, Uget.
    RSS reader: Liferea.
    Graphics: Geeqie, Comix, Gimp.
    Office automation: Libreoffice, Glabels.
    Music Player: Deadbeef, Audacious, mpd with sonata.
    Video Player: Xine, Gnome-Mplayer.
    Text Editor: Medit, Mousepad.
    Console Emulator: Urxvt, Xfce-Terminal.
    File Explorer: MC, Thunar.
    Other tools: Bleachbit, Gdebi, RadioTray, File-Roler, Conky, Plank, LuckyBackup.

  26.   st0rmt4il said

    Let's see..

    Browser: Firefox
    Messaging: gtalk, pidgin
    Social networks: via web (online)
    Multimedia: Vlc, mplayer and banshee.
    Console: wget, gnome-terminal and terminator
    Games: None
    Other tools: Brasero, acetoneiso, nmap, virtualbox, kvm, htop, ntop.


  27.   Facundo said

    Chrome, Banshee, Libreoffice, Audacity, Lingot, Gnu Denemo

  28.   Rots87 said

    Browser: Firefox

    Mail Client: Thunderbird

    Instant Messaging: At the moment SKYPE nothing else

    IRC client: I don't use

    Twitter, Identica and other social demons: Choqok

    Clementine Music and Video Player, VLC and XBMC

    Games: I don't play on linux at the moment

    GIMP graphics, Gwenview (I think it's the one KDE brings)

    Office: LibreOffice

    CD / DVD burner: K3B

    and I don't remember what else hehehe

  29.   manolox said

    Browser: iceweasel, icecat, tazweb and dillo
    Email: NO
    IRC: NO
    Downloads: amule, transmission, wget
    Social networks: Turpial
    RSS reader: akregator
    Graphics: gimp, feh, geeqie
    Office automation: L3afpad, Geany, Abiword & Gnumeric, pdfviewer
    Music Player: audacious, gogglesmm
    Video Player: mplayer
    Terminal: xterm, lxterminal
    File Browser: rox (and binutils 🙂)
    Games: NO
    Other important ones: deco, fpm2, gftp, osmo, luckybuckup, xbindkeys, gmrun and meld.

    1.    codelab said

      Dillo, the browser I used with Damn Small Linux, how great!


  30.   ernest_21 said

    Browser: Google Chrome.
    Email client: I do not use ..
    Downloads: jdownloader, Transmission.
    RSS reader: feedly.
    Graphics: Mcomix, Gimp.
    Office automation: Libreoffice, evince,
    Music Player: Rhythmbox
    Video Player: VLC.
    Text Editor: Sublime Text, Gedit
    Console Emulator: Gnome-terminal.
    File Explorer: Nautilus
    Games: Armagetronad, Regnum online
    Other tools: Plank, conky, Hotot, Nuvula Player, Geany, Netbeans.

  31.   artbgz said

    Almost everything I use goes through my browser · or · /)

    I use Firefox for practically everything, communication, office automation, feeds, music, video, and almost everything running on my own cloud with ownCloud and some extras. The tasks that are kept on the desktop are development, design, and sometimes play, and in those areas I use:

    IDE: Eclipse (in various flavors, depends on what you are doing)
    UML: Day
    Version control: SmartGit
    Database Administration and Modeling: MySQL Workbench
    Visualization: VirtualBox
    Bitmap editor: GIMP
    Vector editor: Inkscape
    Play: Steam 😉
    DE: Gnome-shell = p

    I only use the terminal for two things: fix the system when it breaks, or connect to remote machines by ssh.

  32.   elendilnarsil said

    OK let's see:

    Browser: Firefox

    Instant messaging - what is that ???? LOL

    Mail client: I don't use (I could never get used to it)

    RSS: brief, FF extension

    IRC: Konversation

    Downloads: Ktorrent

    Social networks: Choqok

    Music and video: Amarok and VLC

    Console: only to install

    Games: not on PC

    Graphics: none

    Office automation: LibreOffice, for everything and constantly.

    Outside of that, also k3b, okular, marble

  33.   TUDz said

    I like this type of post! Well let's see, despite suffering from acute dystro-hoppertitis I am always faithful to the applications I use.

    * Browser: I am currently with Rekonq (I decided to give him his chance) And boy am I not disappointed! Just a few minor inconveniences when loading Facebook and I still don't know how to modify the UserAgent to add Kubuntu 12.10.

    * Office: Well maybe Libreoffice, maybe. The reason is that I hardly open writer anymore, except on rare occasions. This is because I discovered Tex Live + Kile and fell in love. Very powerful tool at the time of writing! Obviously I still depend on the Calc sheets. XD

    * Music: Currently I have become addicted to the Grooveshark service, but because it depends on a network connection, for those moments when I am isolated from the world I have Amarok.

    * Social Networks: Hotot came like a ray of light to my life 🙂 Beautiful and simple.

    * Games: Ksudoku ❤ Just that.

    * Graphics in general: GIMP, Okular, Gwenview, Draftsight. (Not much to say in this category)

    * Other applications: Due to my career I also have software (both free and proprietary) for the processing of digital and seismic signals. I have Seismic Un * x (powerful meta language), Madagascar, ObsPy as well as SeisUP, among others.

    It is for this and more that I love GNU / Linux, for the large number of interesting and useful applications it offers

    1.    TUDz said

      PS: Firefox appears due to the problem that I present with the Rekonq xD User Agent, I hope to solve it soon.

  34.   Wada said

    Hahahaha This entry is for the forum!
    First of all I clarify I use AwesomeWM 😀

    Browser: dwb
    Mail client: mutt
    Messaging: pidgin
    Music Player: mpd + ncmpcpp
    Video player: mplayer
    Console emulator: urxvt
    Games: SuperTuxKart (I love this game) vitetris
    Graphics: Feh, Gimp, InkScape, Drawing (libreoffice)
    CDs and DVDs: xfburn (I'm designing one to integrate with AwesomeWM)
    Office automation: Libreoffice.
    Compressor: Atool
    Partition editor: I manage them by terminal
    File Manager: Vifm
    Others: Vim, Snownews, mupdf, rtorrent, youtube-dl ufff a lot of applications for terminal 🙂

    1.    Wada said

      I am missing something
      development: Vim

      hahahahaha 😛

    2.    Leo said

      You said you use awesome why don't you edit your useragent so the logo appears in your comments?

      1.    Wada said

        It doesn't have support, neither my browser nor my WM hahaha obviously I don't use Safari® hahahahahaha 😛 only the distro is correct although Mr. Gaara del Desierto said that he needed the icon in .svg (in fact I did it fast in inkscape a long time ago but not I have given it)

  35.   platonov said

    Browser: Iceweasel, Firefox, Midori.
    Mail: thunderbird, Icedove
    Downloads: transmission
    social networks, chat ..: NO
    Multimedia: VLC, Mplayer gnome, Radiotray, Xfburn, FreetuxTv, Avidemux ...
    Officina: Libreoffice, Gnucash, Getting Things Gnome !, Osmo, Task Coach, Nix Note, Caliber, RedNotebook….
    Games: NO
    others: Virtual Box, Google Hearth, fing, wifiguard, Bleachbit, Gdebi, Gparted….

  36.   DanielC said

    Web: Opera, and flat when you can not a page, Firefox or IE depending on where you are.
    RSS: Opera
    Mail Client: When I used, Opera.
    Programming: Eclipse and Geany.
    Social networks: Gwibber for FB and Twitter (when I encourage myself to leave Facebook I will go with Hotot).
    Chat: Empathy
    Desktop: Gnome (Obvious), but Cinnamon (albeit thanks to Gnome) lately is getting more stable and pulling me a bit.
    Downloads: Dreamule and amule, it depends where you are; torrents: Opera
    Office: LibreO (alike)

    And already the things that I prefer over the windows options:
    Brasero (Nero is no longer what he used to be, besides that I have roe to be putting cracks)
    GnomePlayer (VLC doesn't quite convince me)
    Rythmbox (I listen to internet radio a lot and I don't like doing it through the browser)
    Gwibber and Empathy (yes, in windows it is rare for me to chat or update statuses)

    As you can see, to put myself at leisure I prefer linux! xD

  37.   Leo said

    I do the same as the other users, but I make my LXDE desktop more useful with:
    For me the main thing is a good useful, dynamic and fast return. Then each one chooses according to their needs.

  38.   oscar said

    1st Firefox
    2nd Gimp
    3rd Inkscape

  39.   Percaff_TI99 said

    Browser: Firefox, chromium

    Mail client: Icedove (Thunderbird)

    Instant messaging: No

    Social networks: None

    IRC: No, I would go for xchat, irssi.

    Games: True Combat Elite

    Graphics: Inkscape, GIMP

    Multimedia: VLC, smplayer

    CDs DVDs: K3b

    Office automation: LibreOffice, kripta, okular, kate

    Console emulator: Konsole, xterm, terminator, terminal

    Partition editor: Fdisk, cfdisk, gparted

    File manager: Dolphin, nemo

    Download manager: Transmission, Ktorrent

    Encryption: Truecrypt

    Virtualization: Virtualbox, quemu.

    Programming: Codeblocks

    Others: Nano, OCRFeeder, ksnapshot, Uedit, bless, komposer, kompozer, gedit, SSH, aria2, wget, htop, top, ark, file-roller.

  40.   Algabe said

    Browser: Chromium, Elinks
    Instant Messaging: Pidgin
    Mail Client: Evolution
    IRC client: Irssi, XChat, Weechat
    Downloads: Transmission, Wget
    Graphics: Gimp, Inkscape, Mirage
    Office automation: Libreoffice
    Games: Tetravex, Chromium-BSU, OpenArena
    Music Player: Deadbeef, Ncmpcpp
    Video Player: VLC, Parole, XBMC, MPlayer
    Text Editor: Mousepad, Nano
    Console Emulator: Terminator, Xfce4-Terminal
    File Explorer: MC, Thunar
    Others: FileZilla, Skype, Wuala, Nmap

  41.   dmacias said

    well, I also encourage myself to air
    browser: firefox
    mail and RSS: thunderbird (all in 1)
    downloads: amule, transmission
    multimedia: vokoscreen openshot, blender, clementine, mplayer, vlc, I think already
    Music: clementine, mplayer according to how freaky he is
    IRC client: that's why I only use wine mIRC + IRcap and sometimes irrsi or xchat
    office: libreoffice, xpdf
    texo editor: mostly nano
    graphics: gimp, darktable, and pending to change ristretto
    social: I only use skype, the rest from the web or mobile, (although I will try some of those named above)

  42.   Lulu said

    terminal: LXterminal

    file manager: ranger (

    once you have tried ranger the first time you can forget about any other (Nautilus, PCman, ect)

    This is a little-known jewel, if they get hooked and become addicted to it, I am not responsible

    Here is a link in case you want to know how to use it (if you cannot put links, excuse me and delete it):

  43.   likewho said

    First of all, KDE <3
    »Browser: Chromium
    »Mail client: KMail
    »MI: Kopete (things as they are)
    »IRC: Quassel
    »Twitter client: Hotot
    »Office automation: Although I rarely use it, Calligra Suite.
    »Multimedia: VLC, gSharkDown and Amarok.
    »Terminal emulator: Yakuake FTW
    »Notes: BasKet (recommended)
    »Games: Astromenace, Hedgewars, SuperTuxKart, SuperTux, Spiral Knights.
    »Graphics: Gwenview and GIMP (for minor edits)
    »Development ?: Geany is the editor / IDE that I use for almost everything, I have IEP for Python. QtCreator also helps me.
    »Mathematics: R, Wolfram Mathematica 8, Maxima, Cantor, SAGE and Scilab.
    »Other: Stellarium, Celestia, KTorrent, ...

  44.   Juan said

    Browser: Google Chrome
    IM: None
    Downloads: KTorrent, wget
    IRC: Quassel
    Twitter: I don't use it
    Music: Grooveshark, Clementine
    Office: Calligra Suite
    Terminal: Konsole
    Notes: nano, Kwrite
    Games: Nothing.
    Mail client: nothing

    Thank you!

  45.   Juan Carlos said

    And ... I use everything, depending on the environment I use, and as always I walk with Linux and Windows, to see if we combine a pco:

    Browser: Firefox (Fedora and Win8)
    Instant messaging: Skype (on both)
    Mail client: Evolution (Fedora), Outlook (Win8).
    RSS: I don't use, I take advantage of my twitter account.
    IRC: Nope.
    Downloads: Bittorrent (Fedora and Win8)
    Social networks: Turpial (Linux); Twitter (Win8)
    Music and video: VLC
    Console: default.
    Games: board (on Fedora); Return to Castle Wolfenstein and all AOEs on Win8.
    Graphics: Gimp (on Fedora and Win8); Pinta (Fedora); Jasc Paint Shop Pro (Win8).
    Office automation: LibreOffice (on Fedora and Win8); MS Office 2007 (Win8).
    Others: Scribus (on Fedora and Win8); Soundconverter (Fedora); K3b (Fedora).

    As you can see, as far as possible, I do not use Wine in any distro, nor virtual machines (I absolutely detest them); since I prefer to use each thing in its native environment.


  46.   Kale said

    - Browser: Iceweasel and Iron browser
    - Mail client: Icedove (lavabit and riseup)
    - Network management: Wicd and Fern-wifi-cracker
    - Anonymity: Tor and Proxychains
    - Office: LibreOffice
    - Text editor: Geany and Nano
    - Instant messaging (occasional): Pidgin + otr
    - Voip: Jitsi
    - IRC client: Xchat
    - Social networks: Diaspora, Facebook
    - Music and video player: Audacious and Vlc
    - Console emulator: Terminator
    - Games: Virtualbox + Kali linux
    - RSS reader: Netvibes
    - Graphics: Mirage
    - Files: Pcmanfm, Catfish, Grsync
    - Partitions and usb management: Gparted, Unetbootin and Multisystem
    - System monitor: Conky and Htop
    - Cleaning system: bleachbit and ubucleaner
    - Pdf: Evince and Xournal
    - Torrent: Transmission
    - Wallpaper: Nitrogen
    - Screenshot: Scrot

  47.   elruiz1993 said

    Browser: Chromium
    Messenger: Skype
    Downloads: Jdownloader and Ktorrent
    Music: Clementine
    Videos: Gnome Mplayer
    Console: Konsole
    Games: Mednafen (multi-system emulator), pcsxr (play emulator), super meat boy
    Graphics: Inkscape
    Office: Libreoffice
    Others: Comix (comic reader), Audacity and Openshot

  48.   the pixie said

    Ok i go
    Browser: Firefox, Midori
    Thunderbird mail client
    File Browser: Pantheon Files
    Audio Player: Beatbox
    Video Player: VLC
    Instant Messaging: Pidgin
    Graphics: Gimp, Pinta, Inkscape
    Office: Libreoffice
    Games: Pingus. Supertux, World of goo

  49.   Lulu said

    excuse me

    Why did they delete my comment ???

    I only made the recommendation to use "Ranger", if the problem was the link I put, they would only have removed it.

    I do not have a blog nor do I know who made the entry.

    1.    Pavloco said

      Maybe your comment was automatically marked as Spam. I don't think they censored it. I have written many things and they have never censored me.

      1.    Lulu said

        I did not do it in bad faith, I did not know that you cannot put links.

        Anyway I recommend "Ranger", file manager in console, the best that exists for this, try it.

        if you want, make an entry about it

  50.   k1000 said

    Browser: Firefox | Web
    Video Player: Videos
    File browser: Files
    Music Player: Rhythmbox
    Mail client: Evolution
    Chat: Empathy
    RSS reader: liferea
    Office automation: LOO
    Virtualization: Virtualbox

  51.   Ferran said

    Web browser: Gogle-chrome
    Mail Client: None
    Social Networks: On Line
    IRC Client: None
    Chat: Pidgin
    Console: gnome-terminal
    Text Editors: Nano, Gedit, Vim
    Office automation: LibreOffice
    Games: None
    Graphics: Feh, Mtpaint, Gwenview
    Downloads: Wget, Aria2, Deluge-Torrent
    Multimedia: SMplayer, Umplayer, Audacious
    Virtualization: VirtualBox

  52.   kikee said

    Web browser: Mozilla Firefox
    Mail Client: Claws Mail
    Instant Messaging: Irssi with Bitlbee
    IRC: Irssi
    Player and Converter: MPlayer and FFmpeg
    Games: Red Eclipse, Xonotic and CZ
    Graphics: GIMP
    Downloads: Aria2
    Torrent: Aria2 and Transmission
    Office: LibreOffice
    Others: Calc, Mencoder, Wget, Gedit, Leafpad, JDownloader, Xarchiver, Caliber, Cdrtools, Spotify, etc ..

  53.   Qiross said

    Web browser: Firefox, Opera
    Mail Client: Thunderbird
    Social Networks: Gwibber
    Console: terminal
    Text Editors: Gedit
    Office automation: LibreOffice
    Games: Steam, World of Goo
    Graphics: Gimp
    Downloads: Transmission
    Multimedia: VLC, Totem
    Music Player: Rhythmbox

  54.   guaripolo said

    mmmm aers ...
    browser: Chromium
    mail client: evolution
    instant messaging: none
    social networks: none
    IRC: no
    repoductor: my dear and beloved clementine
    games: mmm openarena, warmux
    graphics: gimp
    downloads: wgety a p2p called aironux that is all super good
    torrent: bittornado, transmission
    office automation: libreoffice
    others: gnome-pie, skype, caliber, filezilla, nano, netbeans (even to program web pages, not just java) ...
    and that would be ...

  55.   Carper said

    Well, let's get started:
    Browser - Chrome
    Google Earth
    Music - Banshee
    Videos - VLC
    Console - Gnome Terminal
    Burner - Brazier
    Downloads, Uploads - Transmission
    Messaging - Pidgin
    Image Editing - Gimp
    Notes - Tomboy
    Password Manager - KeePassX
    Office automation - LibreOffice
    Plain text - Gedit
    Games (very little) - EPSX emulator
    From VirtualBox:
    Greetings XD

  56.   Aaron said

    Well, I use Firefox and GNOME Web, Empathy both for instant messaging and IRC clients, Inkscape, GIMP, Anjuta to do experiments, LibreOffice, especially Writer, VLC, Rhythmbox, GNOME Terminal, VIM, Nautilus, GNOME System Monitor, top, and I don't play.

  57.   Marcelo said

    To navigate: Chromium
    For Instant Messaging: Pidgin, Skype
    For Music: Clementine
    For Video: VLC
    For FTP: Filezilla
    For Mail: Thunderbird
    For Bash: XFCE / Guake Terminal
    To manage Files: Thunar
    For Files in Cloud: Dropbox
    For Text editing: Leafpad
    For Office: LibreOffice
    For DVDRip: HandBrake
    To Burn DVD: K3B
    For CDRip: Asunder
    For Image editing: Gimp
    To edit tags: EasyTag

  58.   Curefox said

    Here is mine:

    OS: Opensuse12.3 + KDE.
    Internet: Firefox, Qbittorrent.
    Multimedia: VLC, Clementine, clipgrab, soundkonverter, K3B, Acetoneiso2.
    Office automation: Libreoffice, Okular.
    Console: Konsole.
    Games: Desura, emulators (snes9x, pcsxr, bsnes).
    Graphics: Gimp, Krita.

  59.   Rainbow_fly said

    Browser: Firefox
    Mail client: Thunderbird
    Instant Messaging: Kopete

    IRC Client: None

    Social media client: None

    Music Player: Clementine

    Video Player: Vlc

    Console Emulator: Yakuake

    Games: Solar 2 - Trine 2 - Counter Strike Source - Team Fortress 2 - Penumbra (Overture - Black Plage - Requiem)

    Graphics: Krita - Gimp

    Other Applications: Libreoffice Writer - Steam - Apper - JDownloader - gcp - Nano - Skype - Wget

  60.   VaryHeavy said

    Let's go there xD

    - Browser: Unquestionably Firefox. I also usually have a second browser in the bedroom, which apart from Konqueror that already comes with KDE in OpenSUSE, I used to install Chromium, but since the second on board is a browser that I use only very sporadically, I thought it was not necessary to have a browser that would occupy the Chromium (which installed takes more than 300 MB, compared to about 50 MB for Firefox), so since I updated to OpenSUSE 12.3 I have decided to install Qupzilla, which also uses WebKit and is extremely lightweight.

    - Mail client: I have always been using the web client of my mail service on duty, and I have never seen it necessary to use a local application for this, in addition to the fact that the mail storage would occupy a space that I think is unnecessary in my local disk.

    - Instant messaging: In my beginnings in Linux, and for obvious reasons coming from Windows, I used aMSN. Later, when I started to worry about the integration of applications with the desktop, I started using KMess. But for some time now, especially due to the boom in social networks, MSN began to fall into disuse, so integrated chats in social networks together with Telepathy for KDE are my current options.

    - IRC client: I do not use, nor have I used, nor do I plan to use it.

    - Social demons: The first one I used was Gwibber on Ubuntu. Then I discovered Choqok. But some time ago I realized that I really did not need it, being able to access the website from the browser itself and being able to access the tracking suggestions and such from there, so I decided to save this application too.

    - Music and video player: Although I have used different music players (Banshee, Rhythmbox, Exaile, Clementine ...), my default player since my arrival to Linux is Amarok, although in the last year I have been giving Clementine a chance, which It's great, but I've gotten used to Amarok by now and it will be difficult for me to move from it at the moment.

    As a video player I usually use UMPlayer, which is very complete, it takes less time to open than VLC and also allows you to view YouTube videos from its interface. As a rescue player I have VLC.

    - Console emulator: I usually use the one that comes by default with the desktop environment, in my case, as I use KDE, because I use Konsole. I don't complicate my life here.

    - Games: I am not fond of any particular game that is available for Linux.

    - Graphics: Gwenview to view images. GIMP for editing, although to make quick image cropping I do it from Gwenview itself, and Inkscape to make designs of banners, symbols or icons.

    - Office: LibreOffice for creating documents, tables, etc. Okular to view PDF documents.

    - Multimedia editing tools: Audacity for editing audio tracks. SoundKonverter for converting between audio formats, although other times I have combined it with AudioKonverter, which although it has fewer options than SoundKonverter, integrates perfectly with Dolphin.
    For the audio extraction of the CDs, I can use, as it comes to me at the time, either the excellent K3B or, again, SoundKonverter.
    Kid3 for tag editing of audio files.

    - CD / DVD recording: K3B, indisputably.

    - P2P: aMule, qBittorrent and JDownloader.

    - Other tools: VirtualBox for virtualization, Wuala, SpiderOak and Dropbox clients / daemons as cloud storage services, Kate for editing text files (I have also used it for creating html files, C language, etc.), and finally SUSE Imagewriter and live-fat-stick (Unetbootin as a last resort) to create bootable USB drives.
    I don't know if I forgot something, but that is generally my work material.

  61.   Fabri said

    nice theme, I write down some programs that they have put 🙂
    The ones that I use daily or quite often:
    SO: Kubuntu
    Internet: Chrome, Thunderbird, Popper, Qbittorrent, Uget, Skype, Dropbox.
    Multimedia: VLC, Clementine, Gsharkdown, K3B, Bombono-dvd,
    Office automation: Office 2007 running on wine (unfortunately irreplaceable), GNUCash
    Console: Yakuake
    Graphics: Inkscape, Digikam, and unfortunately I can't detach myself from Photoshop (running in wine)

    Skype call recorder
    Midnight commander

  62.   lajc0303 said

    For both Kubuntu and LMDE

    Desktop environment: KDE

    Browser: Firefox, in case of emergency Chromium

    Mail Client: Thunderbird

    Instant Messaging: Pidgin, but I rarely use

    IRC client: I don't use

    Music and Video Player: Banshee and VLC

    Console Emulator: Konsole

    Games: Kapman, Dolphin-Emu, Zsnes,

    Graphics: Gwenview, GIMP, Shutter

    Other applications and utilities: Bleachbit, Virtualbox, K3B, Xfburn, Aironux, ClipGrab, Simple Scan, Synaptic, Gparted, Okular, LibreOffice, Ktorrent, Devede, EasyTag, Kate, Ark, Peazip, Qshutdown / Gshutdown, PDF Shuffler, PDF Mod.

  63.   andrx said

    Browser: Firefox (of all life) and occasionally Chromium.
    Office: LibreOffice.
    Mail client: Online access.
    Instant messaging: Skype.
    Downloads: Deluge and JDownloader.
    The cloud: Dropbox.
    Social networks: Online access.
    Player: Xnoise (music) and VLC (Videos).
    Games: Steam (Bastion, Penumbra: overture and Counter-strike).
    Others: Tuxguitar (for tablature and sheet music).

  64.   Steven said

    Browser: Firefox - Opera
    Office automation: LibreOffice - Calligra - Okular
    Music Rep: Clementine - Tomahawk
    Video Rep: Umplayer and sometimes VLC
    Games: DragonNest (windows) and occasionally WOW
    Terminal Emulator: Konsole
    Tools: VirtualBox
    Dev: QtCreator - Komodo - Sublimetext2 - kate - vim and nano (sometimes)
    - Netbeans
    Others: Skype - qt-recrodmydesktop - wine - ark - kcalc and others that escape me
    at the time

    1.    kennatj said

      The global or which one?

  65.   CHROME said

    I would like you to surprise us one day and post and what pages do you usually visit? to be able to respond:

  66.   Saints said

    -Browser: Konqueror 3.5.9; Iceweasel 3.5.16; Chromium 12.0.729.0, Firefox 17
    -Mail Client: Kontact 1.2.9 (Kmail 1.9.9)
    -Instant Messaging: Pidgin 2.7.3
    -IRC Client: -
    -Twitter, Identica and other social demons: -
    -Music and Video Player: Videos: Mplayer SVN-r35422-snapshot-4.3.2 (own compilation) and Xine v0.99.6cvs, VLC and Konqueror 3.5.9; Audio: XMMS 1.2.10, Amarok 1.410 and Konqueror 3.5.9
    -Console Emulator: Yakuake 2.8.1 and Konqueror 3.5.9
    -Games: Urban Terror
    -Graphics: Viewer: Konqueror 3.5.9 (gvimagepart) and kuickshow 0.8.13; Edit: The Gimp 2.4.7
    -Other applications and utilities: 2.4.1, LibreOffice, TVtime 1.0.2, KRadio, snaoshot 2006-11-12-r497, Tor + Privoxy, Firestarter, K3b 1.05, Synaptic 0.62.1, and Konqueror 3.5.9 for almost everything ... heh!

  67.   dhunter said


  68.   cryotope said

    My turn:

    browser: Chromium, Firefox, Midori
    mail client: Claws-mail (I like simple apps)
    instant messaging: none
    IRC client: Xchat (but I hardly use it, for Hispanic IRC I usually use the web)
    social networks: none
    Music & Video: Exaile, Parole and VLC when parole falls short (HD).
    console emulator: Terminal (xfce), Guake (although for a short time :-))
    games: none
    graphics / images: Inkscape, ristretto (as a viewer it is enough for me), gThumb
    editor / IDE: gvim, mousepad
    file download: deluge (torrent)
    others: LibreOffice, Caliber, Keepnote, devhelp

  69.   Rolo said

    awesome firefox / iceweasel, by far the most used browser as the main browser,
    Wasn't it that chrome / chromium was the most used ????

  70.   oyashiro-sama said

    My use is quite simple, I don't usually accumulate thousands of applications that do the same:
    Distro: arch linux.
    Window manager: fluxbox
    without sission manager (startx) Browser: firefox (although I have elinks for certain specific cases)
    File manager: thunar
    Office: abiword and gnumeric
    Editor as ide: emacs
    Audio player: mpd with ncmppc as client I have configured the mode within emacs through mingus (a client for emacs) I use it very often
    Multiprotocol client: erc emacs with modes for xmpp and identica and bitlbee
    Video player: mplayer2 (one repro only)
    Console Emulator: urxvt-unicode with zsh as shell
    In the part of network programs: wifi through wpa_suplicant without any graphic client
    Nmap for scans, two sniffers and the tor + vidalia tool.
    Disc burning: cdrkit without any graphic client.
    Pdf: evince
    Image display: mirage

  71.   jathan said

    Desktops and window managers: Fluxbox
    File manager: PCmanFM
    Web browser: Iceweasel
    Mail client: Icedove
    Instant Messaging: Pidgin
    IRC client: Xchat
    Music and video: VLC
    Console emulator: Lxterminal
    Games: Gnome Chess
    Graphics / Images: GIMP, GPicView
    Editor / IDE: Leafpad, Vim
    File Download: Wget, Transmission
    Others: LibreOffice, Liferea, Evince, Multisystem (to create bootable USBs with various distros), Xfburn, Xarchiver, DeVeDe, Soundconverter, Oggconvert, Ffmpeg, Winff, Easytag.

    In terminal:
    aptitude: to manage software packages on Debian
    cp: to copy files and make backups
    moc: to listen to music
    cal: to see the calendar
    acpi: to see power consumption
    xscreensaver-command -lock: to lock the screen
    vim: to edit text from terminal
    wget: to make downloads with possible interruption
    ps: to list processes
    kill: to kill them when required
    pdftk: to join or extract pdf files
    shutdown: to shut down the system
    reboot: to reboot the system

  72.   guzman6001 said

    OS: Ubuntu.
    Browser: Google Chrome.
    IDE: Netbeans.
    Terminal: LXTerminal.
    VIM / GEdit.
    Player: Exaile.
    Publisher: GIMP.
    And the rest of the things I do via the web (Social networks, Mail, RSS reader).

  73.   Jorge Vega said

    I have been using the Shell gas since the
    1959, when he worked at Central Aguirre. During those years I traveled from Ponce to Aguirre from Monday to Friday to do work at the Central Computing Center.
    This is my comment ...