The 5 best Firefox extensions to protect your privacy

These extensions will not only allow you surf anonymously and more securely, but also a lot faster (due to blocking multiple scripts).

1. Non-Script

NoScript is a free and open source extension for Mozilla Firefox, SeaMonkey, Flock, and Mozilla-based web browsers. NoScript blocks the execution of Javascript, Java, Flash, Silverlight, and other plugins and script content. Noscript has a whitelist to allow the execution of scripts from certain sites.

This is definitely the best tool for those who want to control all the scripts that the pages want to execute.


Ghostery is a TREMENDOUS extension that allows you to block those services that collect private information and that related to the behavior of users on the Web. It does not allow managing ALL scripts as No-Script but only those that are known to be there to track us down, steal information, etc.

I can assure you that it is absolutely impressive what one discovers when using this tool. When browsing, it shows you the blocked services and you can even click on each of them to learn more and find out what type of information they are collecting.


3. BetterPrivacy

BetterPrivacy allows you to block and control Flash cookies, which are much more difficult for traditional web browsers to detect and which are also used by some malware and even prestigious websites for other purposes (propaganda, tracking, etc.), far removed from the mere Flash operation.

4.Foxy Proxy

FoxyProxy is a Firefox extension that switches between one or more proxies automatically, based on URL patterns. In other words, FoxyProxy automates the manual process of modifying Firefox Connection Properties parameters. The change of proxy server depends on the page to load and the selection rules defined by the user.

A proxy, in a computer network, is a program or device that performs an action on behalf of another, that is, if a hypothetical machine a requests a resource from a c, it will do so through a request ab; C will then not know that the request originally came from a. Its most common purpose is that of a proxy server, which serves to intercept network connections that a client makes to a destination server, for various possible reasons such as security, performance, anonymity, etc.

Install Foxy Proxy

5.DuckDuckGo (SSL)

DuckDuckGo is a web search engine (yes, like Google, Yahoo! or Bing) that uses information from sites of public origin (like Wikipedia) in order to increase traditional search results, and improve their relevance.

The philosophy of this search engine emphasizes privacy and not the registration of user information, unlike Google, for example.

This extension allows you to add DuckDuckGo to your Firefox search engine list, with the addition that your searches will be carried out through a secure SSL connection.


En Firefox 4 and higher, we can enable the option "Do Not Track" (Don't track me). It can be accessed through Preferences> Privacy> Tell websites that I don't want to be tracked.

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  1.   Courage said

    As a complement to FoxyProxy, I will recommend a proxy page:

  2.   Anonimus said

    I would add Adblock Plus, definitely a must in my firefox customizations

  3.   Let's use Linux said

    If I was going to add it but the issue is that this extension is more aimed at blocking propaganda and the point of the poat was to recommend extensions that protect the privacy of users. Anyway, it is an excellent extension that I use and recommend.
    Cheers! Paul.

  4.   Chango said

    Very good post. I did not know Ghostery (it will have to be tried), I generally configure the browser to erase all cookies and all private information when I exit the program, in addition to using betterprivacy. So far it has been the best, since when using proxies and tor, the connection is very slow. I already knew duckduckgo but I don't use it because in its previous interface they showed the support of the US intelligence services, which recommended the tool for being "safe", but we all know how hypocritical that is (remember the case of Facebook, where a part of the shareholders come from intelligence, so your data ends up there, even using a "trout" identity).

    For now I use the secure Ixquick search engine that has the same purpose. But today it is very difficult to trust one or another tool, I think the anonymous internet that we knew in other times is disappearing ...

  5.   Let's use Linux said

    Good ... I'm glad this info. has been useful to you.
    A hug! Paul.

  6.   Let's use Linux said


    2011/7/7 Disqus <>

  7.   Joshua said

    HTTPS Everywhere is a good extension for safe browsing ñ.ñ

  8.   The great conchatumare said


  9.   darkar said

    Excellent tools I did not know Ghostery but I will try it

  10.   Chiwy said

    Ghostery is not free software ->

  11.   Andres Medina said

    I just created a blog post about it. We agree on Ghostery and DuckDuckGo, although in my list I added UBlock Origin (instead of AdBlock Plus that they comment since AdBlock "sold out") and HTTPS Everywhere the latter is from the Electronic Foundation Frontier.

    I agree that AdBlock / UBlock Origin are more oriented to blocking ads, however those same ads compromise our security by leaving us cookies or tracking beacons and by selling information about our browsing / clicking habits and others.


    1.    let's use linux said

      Yes, this post is already a little old but it is still valid.