The best free software for your Point of Sale Terminal (POS / POS)

We always give tips for home desktop users. However, Linux and free software in general also have much to contribute in the business world, especially the SMEsIn this post, based entirely on the original production of Redeyegt, I show you some of the best free tools to use in your point of sale terminal (POS / POS).

What is POS / POS?

POS, For its acronym in English means "Point of Sale" (point of sale). TPV in Spanish it means "Point of Sale Terminal".

So, a software for POS is one with which transactions and payment information of customers are carried out in the purchase / sale of goods, products and services. These data can be obtained using different devices. In our case it will be through a computer, but it can also be done through cash registers, barcode scanners, PIN pads and card readers.

Why does it make sense to use POS software?

There are many reasons why a Point of Sale system is indispensable for retail businesses or wholesaling. It helps owners manage and automate inventories, transactions, offers (such as discounts, coupons, and specials) and improve employee efficiency, allowing them to spend more time interacting with customers.

In addition, these systems provide important reports, such as performance monitoring, use customer data to help generate more business, allow the owner to have control when he is not there, etc.

A Point of Sale consists of various components, including hardware, operating system, software, etc. An important part is precisely the Point of Sale software. There are many on the market, but they are generally very expensive. Of course, there are also some cheaper or free but they are usually quite bad and with endless bugs or do not run under Linux.

However after a small but not insignificant search, we found the best Point of Sale programs available for GNU / Linux. Although some believe that there is no good software for commercial environments that run under Linux, I am sorry to say that you are a little wrong. So I suggest that you make up your mind and stop hacking rogue programs and using outdated operating systems (DOS).


POSper is a Point of Sale system designed for SMEs. It offers support for a wide variety of hardware and databases. They are committed to the principles of the community and are very receptive to anyone who goes along these lines. It features touch screen support, user-oriented retail and restaurant design, customer card options, a sophisticated discount system with price list facilities for customers, discount modifiers, exchange taxes, etc. order processing with delivery notes, among other advantages.

Download POSPER


Lemon is an open source Point of Sale software designed for SMEs. It uses MySQL as a database engine and can be used client / server type with a central database and several POS terminals in the local network. Lemon provides a modern and customizable interface, a search panel, a price verification tool, administrative tools to manage our business, print reports, etc.


Floreant POS is a platform independent Point of Sale application, built in JAVA, with touch screen support designed for all types and sizes of restaurants. It can handle a fine dining menu, delivery, taxes, discounts, food grouping, kitchen ticket, combined payment system and sales report. It is released under the MRPL license.

LIBREPOS (OpenBravo)

Libre POS allows us to have a retail point of sale system in a simple way. It has a multitude of functions, supports ESC / POS printers, client viewers and barcode reader. The program can be used by several users, each with their own level of permissions within the program. It also allows us to edit the products and informs us of sales with graphics.

The system is internationalized and currently supports Spanish, English, German, Portuguese, Italian, etc.

The design of the program is careful to be able to interact with a touch screen easily without the need for a keyboard or mouse. For restaurants, it includes very interesting features such as the display of the tables in the bar with their corresponding information. The program itself includes options for closing the box, managing products and organizing them into categories.

It is available for Windows, Mac, Solaris, and Linux.

Source: Redeyegt

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  1.   John Ortiz said

    I can recommend OpenBravo POS. Thanks for this article.

  2.   Jesus Benjamin Yam Aguilar said

    Hello, where can I contact you, to see the options that you have modified, if it can serve us and if your modifications are commercial, we can pay you for any that we require greetings

  3.   Brandon said

    After using several free software for points of sale, I decided on a paid one ... and the truth is that it has gone quite well for me, if you are interested I can give you its name 🙂

    1.    fer said

      I want the name and to know if it is useful for a small store, I want to have a control of the products sold, that it is easier for me to carry the inventory.

    2.    Luis Gonzalez said

      if I'm interested please tell me

    3.    Anonymous said

      Hello, please give me the name, I'm interested

  4.   orlando said

    Hey, please help me on my machine no longer sales tickets come out, because it is already stuck with accounts, and I don't know how to delete the accounts, you know how to delete, someone who can help me?

    1.    L said

      Where it says delete 🙂

  5.   brayan muriel said

    With these applications, the points of sale will have more ease in managing merchandise sales through the advanced database of these programs.

  6.   daniel said

    Hello, very good post, I am looking for a free point of sale that, apart from handling the VAT tax, also does it with the ieps, which is a tax that is handled with wines in Mexico, does any of these programs use it or do you know any? ?

  7.   Raspados Bannanas said

    Hello .. I have a scraping business ... I need a point of sale .. where I can put the variety of products .. and also have a frequent customer option to accumulate points for purchases .. greetings.

    1.    PlataPOS said

      I can recommend Plata POS for Android
      It is free, it has everything that is necessary for sale. It does not need hardware, it works with a tablet with Android 2.3 or better. Everything is free.
      System for frequent customers will be available this spring.

      Can be downloaded using Google Play

    2.    PlataPOS said

      I recommend you Plata POS (POS) for android.
      It can be downloaded from Google Play, it works with all smartphones or tablets with Android 2.3.3 or better.
      It is free, it has everything that is necessary for sale in the store and this spring it will be a version for frequent customers.

  8.   Neotecsoft said

    I am David CEO of NeoTEC Software, we developed a POS for linux called ALEXA_TPV and AlexaGES, we had to do it for linux because they did not want to pay for the windows licenses. Works great, always updating.

  9.   Reykr said

    Excellent page. I need help, I have a restaurant-type business where I have to serve regular customers every day (their breakfasts, lunches, and sell them some things like drinks and personal hygiene supplies) these sales must be kept in notebooks daily to total each account at the end of the month , approximately 300 accounts, and to be able to collect but it is a lot of work, I need a program where I can create each client, that when he arrives to request a service he is entered into the system by barcode because it must be very fast, he can be assigned an amount of money so that I can buy what I need, that I can check the balance that remains in each account to expand it if necessary, that I can check the daily consumption of each account if necessary and that I can total as the days. My operating system is Windows. Thank you very much for your contributions, you cannot imagine how much I need to find software that is at least similar to what I need. Again thanks

    1.    Cristina Hernandez placeholder image said

      I can recommend VONUS is the one I have been using in my business and it has been going very well for me. It is paid, but it is worth the investment.

  10.   Daniel Rivera said

    make yourself a spreadsheet in excel and it's over, total proprietary solutions for proprietary systems ...

  11.   Connective said

    Very good post, I have been implementing OpenBravoPOS point of sale systems in Mexico for several years with very good results, I have modified the code adapting it to the client's needs to facilitate its operation and I am impressed with all that free software offers us.

    1.    German Flores said

      How I can contact?

    2.    FOJOMOGO said

      I would like to learn how to install this how can I contact you

  12.   izkalotl said

    friend I think you are in error, I have a stationery and the point of sale is LemonPOS for a little over two years and everything runs in a functional way,

    to sell "x" product "n" number of times you just have to write for example 2x "insert the product code" + Enter and that's it.

    about what you comment with your example of the palettes, as an example you could do the following:

    pallet 1 code 1000
    pallet 2 code 1001
    pallet 3 code 1002
    pallet 4 code 1004

    If it has its limitations, but let's remember that this software is general and not custom software to your needs, another important thing talking about Free Software is that even if it is a GPL license or any other considered as Free, it is totally valid to do business with it, even Richard Stallman encourages us to sell Free Software, if what is important is to pay then we have the freedom to access the source code and modify what we do not like to do, it is therefore important to remember Free Software as Freedom of expression and not as free bar, thus we will avoid falling into the false belief that because it is Free Software it must be free.

    «Since we are talking about freedom and not price, there is no contradiction
    some between the sale of copies and free software. In fact, the
    freedom to sell copies is crucial: free software collections
    for sale in CD-ROM format are very important to the community
    and selling them is a way of raising funds for development
    free software. »

    Excerpted from "Free Software for a Free Society" by Richard Stallman.

    Although I have never tried Facturlinex, I will also try it to see how it works.

  13.   maria elena borges said

    It is a point of sale to sell cookies and soft drinks by weight, it will be possible to buy it and have inventories

  14.   maria elena borges said

    good afternoon a question can be adapted to a scale

  15.   Pedro Infante said

    Do not waste your time, Lemonpos is useless, even if you consult their wiki, the process to install and compile is wrong ¨incidentally¨, I personally managed to install it thanks to a video that is on youtube Thanks to a gringo ¨POP¨ I also made it run, but it still has certain limitations, for example, if you want to sell 7 products, you cannot directly write the amount as in any POS, if not, you have to type ENTER 7 times and yes you are wrong, you have to DELETE the line you are working on, you cannot create keys that contain letters for products that do not use barcodes, only numbers, for example:
    if I have 8 different types of palettes and I want to assign the following code to each one;
    p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6, p7, p8, you CANNOT put the letter P, (and it is not the only supposedly free point of sale that is published as functional and is full of errors, which curiously
    if you pay, as in all proprietary software, they correct errors and make custom modules for you.
    To finish soon, if you want a true free POS or POS software, there is only one fully functional, without cheating, with support, and constantly updated, non-profit, that is, truly free, look to Facturlinex if they follow the ideal of those who use linux ... freedom.

    1.    jacobo said

      thanks facturlinex

      1.    LEANDRO said

        Hi, without a doubt the best point of sale software as hospitality is agora pos,
        very professional people very established in the market and at a very low price. without a doubt the best solution I have found.

  16.   Tpvcomercial-es Vicente Sánche said

    You have to want to complicate your life for a few €.
    If I put up a store TPV, I care about selling and providing service

  17.   Let's use Linux said

    Interesting! Thanks for sharing. Hug! Paul.

  18.   Rodolfo Jeronimo said

    Do you already have this software? I have one that I think can help you, ... ,

  19.   Joan said

    Hello! good night, I would like to get a POS for hairdresser, do you know which is the right one? thank you joana

  20.   Let's use Linux said


    2011/8/18 Disqus <>

  21.   Jesus Benjamin Yam Aguilar said

    Does anyone know if the posper customer card system is functional or experimental, if it serves to accumulate points, as soriana does, since a client requires that functionality but in openbravo apparently there is no such functionality, greetings

  22.   Nicolas Cañellas said

    excellent entry friend. It really gave me a great overview because I am in need of such software. Which of them has better functionality with a fiscal printer? I am from Argentina. thanks! good blog.

  23.   Let's use Linux said

    Thanks to you, Nico!
    Hug! Paul.

  24.   Jesus Benjamin Yam Aguilar said

    Of course, if you look at the openbravo point of sale, it supports features in which you can put data such as sizes, models and colors to later organize your data or simply consult more data about said product. We have successfully implemented it in some minisupers here and it works fine. You can also add images of the product to locate it more easily

    1.    Héctor said

      Hello friend Jesus, a doubt, I have tried to configure in an EC line 5890x printer, but it prints a blank piece at first as 4 or 5 cmt of tape and then it prints the ticket, any support for printing? Cheers

  25.   Let's use Linux said

    So is…

  26.   Gustavo said

    Hello, I am interested in your services. I am in Mty. Regards.

  27.   Guest said

    Does anyone know if any of them handle sizes and colors? [I'm wondering if it works for a clothing store]

  28.   krafty said

    Uhhhh, great for a small company, if you have to buy a soft of this type it comes out ……. SALADITO.

    Good data 🙂

  29.   Let's use Linux said

    That's right ... it comes out salty ...

  30.   Newemage SEO said
  31.   stormrider.of.theli said

    Valuable information Pablo. Thanks for sharing.

  32.   the one said

    thanks I needed.

  33.   Let's use Linux said

    I'm glad I was of help! Cheers! Paul.

  34.   Let's use Linux said

    A pleasure! Regards. Paul.

  35.   Daniel Luna said

    Pass the name to me I am interested.

  36.   Perrot said

    Would it be useful for a Pharmacy that has a Win XP program with a bar reader and inventory and billing control system?

  37.   sump said has sales software for your business, company or institution. handles a variety of products and everything

  38.   Paola said

    Also one of the pages that has worked wonderfully for me is XpendMe, it is an online point of sale software compatible with any mobile device and any operating system.
    Forget about installing complicated software and spending hours on the phone with technical support. They do all of that for you.
    The Official page;

  39.   karlangas said

    Is any of these software open source?

    1.    let's use linux said


  40.   Gabriela González said

    Hello, good morning, I would like to receive information about any program you have to manage small businesses, I have a hairdresser in which I offer services to both women and men and I need to have control over these services. I do not know if they have something for these needs. Also that it is compatible to give tickets.

  41.   FERNANDO RIESCO said

    Good afternoon
    I am an importer of POS touch, I downloaded your program, but it informs me that a javaw file is missing

  42.   jesus cano said

    how can i install POSper since i'm new to linux. Thanks a lot.

  43.   santiago salgado said

    I need a software that allows me to control offers, discounts of items on certain dates.

  44.   arturo said

    I'm interested

  45.   Jose tapia said

    Excellent information, I will try the last one to see how it works, thank you very much for sharing this information 🙂

  46.   Sandra Forero said

    I bought the software from a Mexican, now he is giving me problems to enter the products and unfortunately they are not giving me the necessary technical support. I do not recommend it

  47.   coco said

    Which of these is as good or at least comparable to Factusol?

  48.   Pulse said

    Very good information. But to be fair, even today, most of these softwares are useless (and god knows I've tried almost all of them).

    I don't know if recommending some of the ones I have used will be of much use, I will do it anyway hoping that someone will find the information useful: I worked with 123 POS, they say they have a free version, but it is extremely basic, so I finally know overpriced if you want more features. I also used Microtexne Delta 5, of which there are basic and full versions although both are paid. Despite all those that I have evaluated, free and paid, I stayed with the basic version, the latter, as it adapts well to the accounting that I use.

    If you want more info, it is write.

  49.   Magnabyte said

    At MAGNABYTE we handle points of sale at affordable prices and of very good quality.

    We invite you to meet us,

  50.   Edgard fv. said

    Important help for those of us who ignore the POS system, I think it is an extremely pleasant help in exchange for nothing ´just a thank you God sell you.

  51.   enrique said

    I want to know about a point of sale program where the product re-entry comes

  52.   Johanna said

    I want to know if there is a central program that handles the POS? Where is there control of merchandise shipments, inventories, accounts payable and receivable?

  53.   Johanna said

    How can I contact you?

  54.   Samantha smith said

    These software systems and some hardware are designed to the needs of the client, for this reason it is necessary to distinguish which is necessary for us, also with a good choice the optimization of the work of our company will be reflected in the productivity indicators

  55.   Ida G said

    I recommend http://www.bloomforth.comI live in the United States so the page is in English but it can be very useful because it includes a point of sale program, inventory management, and employee schedule control. It is free if you have less than 6 employees and XNUMX and up it has a very low cost compared to other programs. There is no program to download. It is a point of sale in the cloud.

  56.   Fairy said

    Thank you

  57.   George said

    Do you know any POS software to which the monthly cash billing can be easily modified?

  58.   Pamela said

    Hello, I have an uncle who uses software that is free on the internet, the good thing is that you can use it from any pc, I have also used it when I go to help him and it is quite easy to use. The page is

  59.   river said

    is there free point of sale software to manage pharmacies?
    I would like a good recommendation, thanks

    1.    Rosario Garza said

      I have vonus, and it works wonderfully,… I have a toy store, but I think it can also help you…

  60.   Pedro said

    I have also seen a new program with a very professional development that might interest you, I have tried it and it really impressed me since it works on any device to manage sales with what it means to save on buying expensive equipment and point of sale terminals. the web is:

  61.   LtV said

    I tried the ones on this list and aside posterita and php point of sale since I require that the interface be via web and be able to access reports without being in the branch.

    In the end I ended up using Vonus and it worked very well. It is not free but the cost is very low and it has a lot of functionality. I can even see everything from my tablet 🙂

  62.   Lizard Software Consulting said

    I recommend three more point of sale software:

    The second is free but commercial software.

  63.   Juan said

    Hello, I can recommend the SICAR point of sale software, it is one of the best nationwide and has the best advice that you can have in Mexico for a system.


  64.   saul humberto aguilar said

    I am a taxi driver in mexicali bc I can buy my pos and sign up with a bank and not have to pay them every month for Dial the service I want to own my terminal I already have a terminal but I want to have my own Mia

    1.    tue said

      Saul the POS is for control of sales, customers, etc, I understand that what you mean is the POS for card payment? If so, the collection of commissions and use is exclusive to the bank, what you can do is investigate the commission scheme with another bank and change.

  65.   Rebeka said

    I know a very good sales software, the truth is that it makes me the best of its kind. it's called ecaja from

  66.   Sintic Bolivia said


    Friends, I have developed two solutions that adapt to your needs.

    The first one is developed for desktop with mono .net and takes control of inventories, purchases, sales, customers, products, suppliers, barcode generator, report printing, price list printing with barcode.

    The second is exclusively a point of sale with cloud technology and that is integrated with woocommerce, an electronic commerce solution for wordpress.

    Both solutions are cross-platform, linux, windows, macosx.

    If you are interested, you can contact me also that they are totally modular and can be adapted to your needs by developing exclusive modules.



  67.   Alejandro Camacho Perez said

    Does the program work with POS with open keyboard?

    1.    Sintic Bolivia said


      That's right, it works with an open keyboard.

  68.   Alejandro Camacho Perez said

    Does it work with POS with open keyboard?

  69.   matias garcia said

    I need to print tickets for my place, how do I contact you to see the software

    1.    Marcelo aviles said


      I have a post developed system if you are interested you can contact me through the site


  70.   Eduardo Obando said

    Hi… I'm starting a food delivery business… and I need a pos that works and isn't too complicated… hopefully it's free.
    Thank you.

  71.   Rosario Garza said

    Another option for SMEs is a Saas in the Cloud called Vonus, they use metronic and it is responsive which allows the user to have an extremely easy-to-use system, from any device be it PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone. There is a 100% free license and you don't have to download anything at all,… .you just log out and log in as if it were a facebook account.

  72.   Juan Alberto Gomez said

    I recommend http://www.eleventa.comAlthough it is not typical of Linux, it works perfectly with Wine, it is very easy to use and above all very complete and at a very accessible price.


    1.    Luis Garza said

      I have the sale, but it is extremely obsolete, they are software that was made more than 10 years ago and do not have current functionalities, even my Mom used it and it is very difficult to manipulate.

  73.   REYNALDO CRUZ said


  74.   Gregory ros said

    We have put this year 2015 Odoo (OpenERP 8), we are still familiarizing ourselves with it, but for the moment it works quite well. It works in the cloud (it can also be installed locally) and integrates very well with the Google applications suite. Any POS was not worth us for reasons of perfectly carrying out traceability (legislative imposition on shops and businesses of organic products) in addition to the fact that apart from running a physical store it had to run an online store and the management of a cooperative. For a simple trade it may be too much, but if you need something else it is a very good option.
    An important point. Free and free does not mean altruistic. I mean that in many cases, and Odoo is one of them, the adaptation and installation of the program can be complicated so we will need the help of a partner, a technician, to teach us and prepare it and that costs money, which we We save on the cost of the program, which is not little, and the fact that we are not caught with a company, if our partner leaves it tomorrow, we can turn to another or create it ourselves.
    Thanks and regards.

  75.   Manu said

    I recommend POS Stratus, it works on all devices and they have a trial month.

  76.   Vicente said

    I would be interested for my restaurant a POS
    Thank you

  77.   MiEX said

    They are good options, the theme is the correct configuration for its proper functioning.

  78.   mary urquidi said

    Who can provide me with information about the cost of the Software ???


    Hello, I liked this post, it is good to know that there is no need to invest money in paid software since there is awareness of free use, thanks for your post, it is extremely good.

  80.   David Utrero said

    Does this software fit for repair companies? I am looking for one where I can put the parts for the repair that are taken from the warehouse and thus deducted from the stock, among other logical things of any POS.

  81.   josu said

    I have a workshop, so I need the program, free or paid, to control clients, with their orders, with better photography, control of exit and entry, and the classic, invoicing rates, stock, etc.

    1.    vick said

      doscar workshop

  82.   Alexia said

    I need something like the aforementioned a POS with control stock warehouse box and everything but to download it in iOS plisssss

  83.   Alberto said

    Good morning, if reviewing the free options you do not find one to your liking, I can recommend you since it is intuitive and easy to use, it is paid but it really does not cost much.

    I hope it serves you, greetings

  84.   Sofia M said

    They should use VonusPOS is a SaaS software, quite original and totally in the cloud! and you don't need a large investment in expensive equipment, I use it in my business and it has worked quite well for me, I recommend it 😉

  85.   Vonus POS said

    Thank you Sofia M for your reference! More than a Point of Sale in the cloud, our Software integrates functions for business administration. With VonusPOS, Entrepreneurs can now see their sales reports, control their inventories and perform financial analysis from their Smart Phone. Without leaving the main protagonists of any business aside: THE CUSTOMERS. At VonusPOS we get Small and Medium Businesses to participate like Large Businesses in their process of getting their customers to consume again, that is why we have included a powerful Loyalty Platform for customer loyalty.

  86.   Carlos said

    The article is very good, we must bear in mind that today there are also pos systems in the cloud
    I recommend my inventories

  87.   Nina said

    Good article, I would like you to recommend a free POS for a stationery store.

  88.   Monica mendoza said

    Hello, my small business has also developed a free and online POS. It is perfect as a POS for clothing stores or coffee shops. They can use it on mobile phones, tablets or PCs.
    We have built it with free software, like mariadb and php. It has the peculiarity that we created it to promote an opensource community such as opencart.

    Thank you.

  89.   Monica mendoza said

    Hello, my small business has also developed a free and online pos. It is perfect as a POS for clothing stores or coffee shops. They can use it on mobile phones, tablets or PCs.
    We have built it with free software, like mariadb and php. It has the peculiarity that we created it to promote an opensource community such as opencart.

    Thank you.

    P.S. I resubmit the comment because I forgot to put the link. Thank you.

  90.   Raul Ramirez said

    Hello, good morning, first of all, thank you for this post and the creator of the blog, it helped me a lot when choosing a POS, always at the beginning it is difficult due to the lack of knowledge in technology and the times I used to search in my city they showed me a thousand wonders for wanting me to buy the software apart from the price that are very high I seemed to see the system a little outdated something like windows 98
    But searching the Internet and the play market I found one that I could try and I liked a lot and every time I learn more about this mobile POS, I fall in love more, I no longer have to be dealing with so many problems as I used to read in some forums that software does not respond or hangs well I don't know much about what it is working in the cloud but the software works great for me. Besides that it provides me with an electronic menu that is super attractive, I also have an app for me to see all my processes. Maybe it will help you with something.

  91.   Pedro Llorente said

    This post has been very valuable to me, I was looking for a type of software like this, thank you very much

  92.   Daniel said

    There is a super simple point of sale that is in constant development, it is called Troka Point of Sale. It works on Android and is downloaded for free on Google Play, it has no ads. I use it in two hairdressers that I have and I can see the charges that are made in each one live, without being there. It has worked well for me.

  93.   Elena said

    hello is tpv free 123, It has for various types of business, I for example have the billing.
    They are continually adapting it, and the suggestions are being studied and included in updates that they make monthly.
    I recommend it

    1.    tome said

      Don't tell lies, it's not free and it's for win2

  94.   njmube said


    An option that is updated to issue Electronic Invoice in version 3.3 is Multicomercio Point of Sale, a fairly powerful and easy-to-use option.

    Best regards.

  95.   Sandrine said

    hello sir / madam
    For all your urgent money loan needs, to carry out a personal project, we propose you online - Business loans - Personal loans - Financing loans - Real estate loans, with conditions that are really favorable for you. Contact us for more information. / whatsapp: +22666492933
    God bless you.

  96.   0219 counter said

    Any entrepreneur relies on his accountant, but also as a business owner, he must have direct access to his company information when he needs it and without limitations of any kind. , a tool you can count on to simplify, at low cost, all kinds of accounting processes.

  97.   Melisa said

    Jien kuntent ħafna llum li rċivejt is-self tiegħi minn sellief ġenju, irrid nirringrazzja lil Alla talli tani l-opportunità li nirċievi self mal-kumpanija tas-self tas-Sur, Richard mills. Wara bosta xhur ta 'tiftix għal sellief ta' self fuq l-internet kulma nara kien qarrieq li qatt ma tani self imma qarraqni u ħa l-flus tiegħi u korsini ta 'uġigħ. Kien il-ġimgħa li għaddiet ilu fine lill-kumpanija ta 'self Jeffrey Raymond illum kuntenta li rċevejt is-self tiegħi b'suċċess. Nirringrazzja lil Alla li ma tliftx dak li nħallas. Hawn taħt hemm indirizz biex tikkuntattjahom ibgħat email lil min irċieva s-self tiegħek.
    Richard imtieħen,