Best Linuxero Desktop: April 2013 - Results

Time is up to participate in our competition of the month. It was really very difficult to decide because they have sent us excellent screenshots of their desktops.

However, after a long time, I was finally able to choose which ones are for me top 10 desks. There is a very interesting variety of distros, environments, icons, etc. To learn, imitate and enjoy! Will yours be on the list?

1. Naguib Danilla Segovia

Operating System: Ubuntu 12.04
Desktop Environment: Openbox
Taskbar: Tint2
Menu Bar: Wbar
Icons: Golden Glass
Theme: Dyne
Conky: custom conkybeatle
Wallpaper: beatlestexturaroca2.jpg

2. Ðaviđ Ólg

cairo dock
helium theme
potenza icons

3. Ricardo Garcia

theme: caledonia

icons: potenza
plasmoid: minimal_clock
wall: citylamborghini

4. Jonas Trinidad

Os: Linux Mint 14
Environment: Cinamon
Dock: CairoDock
Theme: ZoncolorHard
Window Theme: jeallybean
Wallpaper: City Wallpapers

5. Esteban Maya Cadavid

OS: ArchLinux
desktop: kde 4.10
plasma theme: amakage
icons: kawoken

6. Saul Uribe

OS: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
Desktop: XFCE 4.10
Theme: Boje-Greyscale
Icons: AwOken

7. Byakuya Kuchiki

LinuxMint 14 Nadia (Mate)
Controls: Evolve
Window edge: Mint-X
Icons: Potenza
Wallpaper: green Room (modified by me)
Conky: 1st-conky 

Dock: Docky (Potenza icons)
Terminal: with Alltray
 Banner: LinuxMint with figlet

8. Jerónimo Navarro

Debian testing with Cinnamon

Theme: Void

9. Juan Manuel Retamozo


KDE environment
Icons: Bespin

10. Cristian Gacitua

Distro: Xubuntu 12.04, XFCE 4.10
Style: Greybird (by default in Xubuntu very good)
Icons: Faenza-Dark
Mouse: tool
Dock: Cairo Dock
Conky: «Basic-Conky» and «Torn-Paper-Clone conky» from
Wallpaper: Linux Tux bu Zpecter
Extras: Caffeine, Custom Menu, Nautilus, Gnome-Terminal.

Yapa: Trixi Tres

OS: Debian Wheezy
Desktop: LXDE (rather I only use the openbox)
Icons: area.o43
Gtk theme: Elegant Brit
Conky: BOX (Custom)
Dock: Plank
Urxvt with screenfetch and pcmanfm

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  1.   Javier García said

    Great, how nice the changes in the KDE desktops 😀

  2.   Bittersweet Hell said

    Very good, as always

  3.   Paul Osterdam said

    Ricardo's is luxurious and
    Byakuya Kuchiki is beautiful excellent both

  4.   J Valentin Guitian said


    Could someone tell me where I get the ´´gadgets´ that show the status of the HDD, temperature etc?, I know there was a program called something like that, screenet .. but I saw it very outdated and it didn't even want to work .. I have Ubuntu 13.04 Thanks

  5.   Andrés Pedraza Granados said

    What is the name of the conky of number 3?

  6.   Lovell said

    They are excellent, for the next one I will sign up with my desk 🙂.

  7.   Solidrugs Pacheco said

    This super on 1, 2 and 8 wow! Yesterday I tried to install and configure openbox and flat: / in my installation all the things that the manuals take out did not come and if I added them in the install, it was a total failure, if someone made a manual from zero like this for noobs in openbox, thank you. Congratulations 😀 I hope to participate in May and be among the 10 as last year I was the 5th 🙂 greetings.

  8.   Saul Uribe said

    my first time and was among the 10. pleasure to share, I hope to improve Cheers

  9.   DanielC said

    The Potenza are the new Faenza, or how? xD

  10.   jormi jimenez said

    all are good and 10 the wallpaper looks good

  11.   Staircase Luis Fabricio said

    I like the 2nd much better
    Anyway the first one is very original !!!

  12.   Diego said

    They are all excellent… But, for me the two is the best of all.

  13.   rocholc said

    As people work around here, they are very good !!!!!!

  14.   Rafael Najera said

    All the desktops are very good but personally I liked more the 1,2,5 and 9 are interesting configurations and apparently without consuming many resources the 1 with openbox and 9 with kde are great I would like them to upload how to configure a similar desktop since I currently use openbox and it doesn't look like that, it hurts that gnome shell can't be configured so much.

  15.   hater said

    Yapa's friends are less liked than several desks, so what the hell do you see to choose them? if they use conky? Or because it doesn't make sense, it doesn't fit me and I'm sure they only review the most recent ones and not all of the month

  16.   Jonas Trinidad said

    Whoops! Stay in the room! I'm quite happy, I loved the first three places and also the 8 that for me was for the first places, but it's a matter of taste, next time I will try to take the first place ... Good luck to all.

  17.   Carlos said

    Very good all!
    It is striking that there is nothing from Gnome3 or Unity ... for a reason.

  18.   Trixi Three said

    Great! I stayed in Yapa
    I really liked the first desk and that of Byakuya Kuchiki. They were very cute!

  19.   adr14n said

    It worked for me to download the image from the desktop, then drag it to Google's "Image Search" and then click on "Similar Images"

  20.   Omar said

    Hello, Excellent desks
    They should comment how they did it, with details, please

  21.   karlinux free said

    Very good yes sir

  22.   Javier Fernandez said

    I love them, they are great.

  23.   Giovanni Nateras Market said

    All the wallpapers were excellent, only they had to put the link to download all the winning wallpapers.

  24.   Jonas Trinidad said

    If it is a shame, so much that I like unity and gnome 3, but I did not participate because I could not move the dash ,,, They are not desks to customize but to work ... in the next competition I will participate and of course with the dash in the downstairs.

  25.   Carlos Marcano said

    All excellent. My favorites are 2,7 and 9.

  26.   Byyakuya kuchiki said

    How good! , I was in seventh place.
    Very good all the desks.
    Congratulations to all.!!! ^^ °!