Best Linux Desktop: May 2014 - Results

With some delay, the 10 best desktops of the month of our followers arrive in Google+, Facebook y Diaspora. It was really very difficult to decide because they sent us excellent captures. However, some really good specimens were left out of the final list for not including the necessary details (system, environment, theme, icons, etc.). Please don't forget to include them next month.

As always, there is a very interesting variety of distros, environments, icons, etc. To learn, imitate and enjoy! Will yours be on the list?

1. Iván López


OS: Xubuntu 14.04
Icons: Nitrux
Theme: Greybird
Desktop Background: Be Original
Dock: Plank

2. Jorge Dangelo


Conky Vision

3. Juan Manuel Retamozo


Distro: Xubuntu 14.04 LTS
Environment: XFCE
Icons: Moka
Style: Numix

4. Jorge Dangelo


Distro: KaOS
Plasma kde theme: Slim glow
Icons: Flattr by kaos
Conky: Transparent tiles
Wallpaper: Plasma next

5. Jhonn Daniel Yepez Segura


OS: Fedora 20
Desktop: KDE + Cairo Dock
Icons: Ardis

6. Ugo Yak


Operating System: Xubuntu 14.04
XFCE Theme: Zukitwo
Icon Theme: Moka
Clock: MIUI (Conky)
Source: Ubuntu Condensed
Dock: Plank

7. Luciano Fuentes


OS: Debian Wheezy 7.5
Icons: Faenza Dark

8. Rodolfo Crisanto


Distribution: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
Desktop environment: Gnome 3.10
Gnome Shell Theme: GS-refine
GTK + theme: Blumix.
Icons: Numix Circle.
Conky: of my creation.
Dock: Plank.
Plank theme: Darktheon.

9. Rodrigo Moya


OS: Crunchbang linux
WM: Openbox
Wall: Blue Ocean Waves
Apps: Conky… .tint2… .shutter..thunderbird… and Morcilla Feroz

10. Adolfo Rojas G


Distro: Archlinux
Desktop environment: XFCE Custom to GNOME look
Screenlets: Sys Monitor

Yapa: Qaisar Nawaz


Panel Mode TBC
Dock: cairo-dock
Session: gnome-flashback
OS: ubuntu 14.04

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  1.   vinsuk said

    I am easy to convince with colors that do not leave you blind - if possible eliminate the use of white -, clean backgrounds, at most imitating leather or real stationery.

  2.   and now said

    I love Jorge Dangelo's.

    1.    The_Mastersok said

      Which of the 2 themes of him?

  3.   tuchin said

    What desktop environment does the number 7 use?

    1.    lefuentes said

      xfce 4.8, the one with debian wheezy

    2.    Adolfo Rojas G said

      Looks like KDE

  4.   George said

    This time they saw more of Xubuntu 😀, the previous time there were many more of Elementary Os. Cheers!

  5.   Eugenio said

    there were better desks posted on the FB page….

  6.   Adolfo Rojas G said

    I really liked Jorge Dangelo's application menu (Desktop 4)
    And I found the desktop configuration very nice (it was the one I liked the most) of Ugo Yak (Desktop 6) (It also has Xfce withmo environment, an addition (Y))
    Thank you for including my desk in this list, (I remain 10).

  7.   Gabystif said

    Excuse me! How do I publish my desktop?

  8.   rocholc said

    How is it possible??? I've already missed the contest for two months !!!! I have the notifications to my email and they no longer reach me from the contest as before, a first call was made to upload the captures.

    Can someone tell me how to find out ??? Has June already started ???

    1.    juanuni said

      If you are in the month of June, just post your screenshot ... I mean ...

    2.    let's use linux said

      Yes, we no longer do the appeals because it has become a regular contest, which we hold every month. You just need to publish and go. 🙂
      Cheers! Paul.

  9.   holds said

    All the desks are very good. Excellent.
    The one I like the most is Rodrigo Moya's for the harmony achieved in color and minimalism without losing functionality.

  10.   Juan Carlos said

    I think the 1 did not deserve the victory, I see better desks throughout the article.

  11.   elav said

    I really like # 9

    1.    NixiePro said

      Thanks, elav!
      If you are interested, all the description, wallpaper, tint2rc and ob theme are in nixiepro.deviantart

  12.   Mad at usemoslinux said

    My Lubuntu desktop was better than some. And I see that now just adding a Dock and Conky deserve to put them, and those who really use managers that are difficult to configure ignore them.

    1.    eugenio said

      also put 2 desks of the same person ... the first desk is only because it has a wallpaper to be original

  13.   Daniel said

    I like # 1 and Wallpaper # 10

  14.   Cocolio said

    The first one, it seems to me to be very, let's say "stock", I don't see much change, but hey, I like them all, then I'll be publishing mine to see if you like them, greetings.

  15.   day said

    Thank you for choosing my two desktops, the kde from kaos and the cinnamon from manjaro 🙂
    Rodrigo's and Ugo's are very good as always.

    1.    NixiePro said

      Ahhh, good…. you steal in themerepublic, deviantart, digitalvanity and on top you get two posts in FromLinux…. it can't be… it can't be XD. Congratulations! A hug!
      P / D: Thanks for the compliment. As I say, I was not motivated, but my CB was published in the 10 positions hahaha

      1.    day said

        LOL: p I'm going to have to start charging.
        To the desktop that I took pains, I installed the kde the global menu, with what it cost me, and all the chiches did not choose it 🙁
        thing eh mandinga.

        1.    NixiePro said

          speaking of thing eh mandiga ... the Red ascended !! Congratulations!!!!

          1.    day said

            hahaha thanks, I just arrived from the headquarters of the red one, I downloaded a good time at the celebration, cost but we returned 🙂
            Sorry for the off: p

  16.   Raul said

    It would be very good, that you could vote for the desks, that is, that the majority of those who send it go up and thus the users can also vote for the best.

  17.   Mordraug said

    I love XFCE * - * desks. I'm in the style of Ugo Yak: only dock without panels>: D
    woop woop XFCE to power = ^. ^ =

  18.   Samuel said

    I prefer the Mac OSX interface, it is much more beautiful from the beginning and it is still not surpassed by any Linux desktop, no matter how tuned it is.

  19.   Elm Axayacatl said

    They all have details that I like but this time I'll stick with Luciano Fuentes.

  20.   Neomito said

    Great, the first places are well fought, greetings.

  21.   shini-kire said

    I will ask for it in a way, not desperate… could you provide me with the girl's wallpaper (Potion number 3)? if it could be in full quality 🙂

  22.   Trixi3 said

    The truth is that all the "good" desks they put out are more of the same: a dock with numix / moka icons or some other set of flat icons combined with a gtk flat theme (numix or siva flat, for example) and a conky flat. They don't come out of kde / xfce / gnome. It is not to say that they are bad, because I like the design of some, but every month it is to see the same thing: / if you took a look around the desktop threads of / g / you would realize that there is much more variety than is look here and that the same is used in terms of desks.
    That's my point of view, someone can see it differently xd.

    1.    DaCooks said

      Well, in / g / it is more or less the same, GTK and Window Managers, if you post something from KDE or Windows, even if it is quite original, they will eat you alive.

  23.   rambaldi said

    I like 9

  24.   Bones said

    Interesting # 8
    What is Panel Mode TBC?

  25.   Sephiroth said

    how good is number 9

  26.   Dhouard said

    I would like to know what is the plasma theme that Jhonn Daniel Yepez uses in his screenshot. I love it.

  27.   derov said

    Adolfo Rojas G's desk, is excellent, it would be good if he expresses all the steps to have said desk.

  28.   santiago alessio said

    How do I send mine to participate?

    1.    let's use linux said

      It is indicated at the beginning of the post!
      Cheers! Paul

  29.   Juan Santiago said

    I have the most boring linux desktop in the world !! How do I send the capture and data?

    1.    Juan Santiago said

      ok, I sent it mentioning the profile in Diaspora of this blog, correct?

      1.    let's use linux said