The Best Linux Desktops: October 2014

Once again, with a little delay, the 10 best desktops of the month from our followers on Google+, Facebook and Diaspora arrive. It was really very difficult to decide because they sent us excellent captures. However, some really good specimens were left out of the final list for not including the necessary details (system, environment, theme, icons, etc.). Please don't forget to include them next month and remember to use the hashtag #showyourdesktoplinux when posting your captures.

As always, there is a very interesting variety of distros, environments, icons, etc. To learn, imitate and enjoy! Will yours be on the list?

1. Rodrigo Moya

linux desktop

System: ManjaroLinux 0.8.10 Ascella
WM: Openbox 3.5
GTK: FlatStudio
Icons: Moka
Apps: tint2, thunar, conky, ipager, viewnior, shutter ... and other herbs

2. Ian Dupuy

linux desktop

distro: xubuntu 14.04
icons: Numix circle
topic .. .. . : numix in the window and greybird in the theme .. so that the buttons when you click them appear blue -
wallpaper: xubuntu 13.10 I think ..
conky: one thing I did that I don't know how it came out

3. Mateo León

linux desktop

Distro: Linux Mint 17
Environment: Cinnamon
Icons: Numix Circle
GTK Theme: Tyr Himmin
Dock: Cairo-Dock
Conky: Max Conky Black and White

4. Jesse Avalos

linux desktop

Ubuntu 14.04
Icons: numix circle

5. Santiago Buendía

linux desktop

Ubuntu 14.04
Theme: Rave-z Dark Blue
Icons: Numix u-touch
Conky: 4Tiles by Qaisar Nawaz
Spotify by Jesse Avalos

6. Save Corts

linux desktop

Distro: Manjaro
Desktop Env: Gnome shell 3.12
Theme: Elegance Colors
Icons: Numix Cilcle
Conky: Google Now
Screenlets: Impulse
Dock: Dash to dock extension
Wallpapper: Google Now

7. Tomás Del Valle Palacios

linux desktop

Distro: Lubuntu 14.04
GTK Adwaita Theme
Openbox Theme: Zoncolor Xtra-Cupertino
Icon Theme: Nouve Gnome Gray.
Conky Theme: Ubuntu Touch Comfortable Weather Photos & Small weather dates Spotify by Jesse Avalos
Cairo dock

8. Rodolfo Crisanto

linux desktop

Distro: Arch
WM: Openbox
Conky: own configurations
Tint2: and "light", too
Dock: wbar
icons dock: create them with Inkscape 😛

9. Jose Manuel Glez

linux desktop

Download Deepin 2014.1
Deepin icons
Rainbow clouds
conky: gotham

10. Jorge Dangelo

linux desktop

Antegos Gnome 3.14.1
Shell theme: Ozon
GTK +: Adwaita
Icons: Ozon
Conky: Pink_
Simple dock

Yapa: Jesse Avalos

linux desktop

Unity Smooth 14.04.2 64 bit
Distro ** Coming soon **
Conky: custom for this Distro


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  1.   daryo said

    openbox in first place, I think I'll leave cinnamon and switch to openbox 🙂

    1.    Manuel de la Fuente said

      Don't you dare commit that heresy.

      1.    Nicolai Tassani said

        Ha ha ha ha ha ha! All right. Good use of the word 😉

    2.    let's use linux said

      I'll tell you one thing: I'm using a pretty mediocre laptop with Manjaro. I have been about to buy a slightly better laptop for a long time, but since the one I have is going so well, I am not finished cheering up and taking the step. In conclusion: openbox resurrects the dead. Definitely the best. Be careful, it can be a little more complicated to configure than XFCE, for example, but once you get the hang of it, you don't leave it for nothing.
      Other good openbox distros to try are Crunchbang (based on Debian) or Archbang (based on Arch).
      Hug! Paul.

    3.    demo said

      Very good desks and window managers, the bad thing that not even one from Flubox. When will they make a guide to a system with a well configured Fluxbox?

  2.   sergio said

    I love how the number 2 explains, do you have any doubts about how I did it? xD
    There are some ubuntu desktops with unity is what they say if you customize them gives a bit of pleasure to use the distribution haha

  3.   Miguel said

    I should show some tutorial to modify them like this… they are all very good 🙂

  4.   Ian Dupuy said

    my desk came out !!!! hahaha: 3

    the anxiety that comes from knowing that something is missing xD. . . ayy ...

  5.   belerioth said

    Number 7 seemed excellent to me, putting aside the wallpaper, the rest is fascinating: the icons, the weather widget. It looks classy and stylish. The number 5, inspired by The dark side of the moon, also impressed his creativity.

  6.   lollipop said

    As they insist on "the best" there are no best, the best desk is the one that everyone likes.

    1.    let's use linux said

      It's true ... it's just a marketing title. You don't have to take things so seriously, heh. 🙂
      A hug! Paul.

  7.   Roberto Ronconi said

    What was wrong with the one I sent you?

    1.    NixiePro said

      Not that it is or is not bad. The choice of the desks is subjective and is the discretion of the post author. One may or may not agree with the results. The important thing here, it seems to me, is the fact of being able to share the desktops so that users can get to know other distros, environments, share configurations, encourage other Linux users to create their own, etc ... Hence the hashtag # showyourlinuxdesktop ... it's a delight for the view the amount of captures in the different communities.
      The main thing is not to stop participating and continue enjoying our linux.

    2.    let's use linux said

      Nothing. It's just that we receive hundreds of shipments per month and we only have to choose 11. 🙁
      A hug and good luck for next month!

  8.   Rodolfo Crisanto said

    MY desk, number 8, I put it in November because it appeared for October, it is a bug! xD hahahaha thank you for the choice, fabulous desks come out every month that are so difficult to give congratulations to everyone.

  9.   AnSnarkist said

    I do not understand why, for example, there is desk number 9, when it is seen that it has only put a conky, and nothing else has been changed (at first glance). If it's customization, it's customization, I understand that you have to change a minimum, not just the wallpaper, and put a conky. Let him enter a wallpaper contest.

    And on the other hand, to the winner, could you pass me your menu.xml? Or tell me how you did it?

    A greeting!

    1.    let's use linux said

      He was one of those who received the most votes in G +.
      However, it's not all about extreme customization. Sometimes we have even awarded desks that hardly have customization, because they really are very beautiful from the factory: Kaos, Elementary, etc.
      Hug, Pablo.

      1.    AnSnarkist said

        Yes, it is understandable, but I understand by customization, that is, giving it a personal touch. Maybe it would be good to put some rule, to change not only the desktop background, because some distros come very nice by default, we know, and you can see it by looking at reviews of the distros, or looking for images of that same distro, but you can't find photos of «JesseAvalosOS» or «JorgeDangeloOS», which is unique to each one and does provide variety. I don't know if I explain myself ...

        I've been wanting to participate for some time, but I have to find perfection as they say… .hahahahaha

        I need the menu.xml of the winner, or to know with what program and how it was achieved, because with the obmenugenerator, I am not able to have a menu like that ...

  10.   Cristian said

    What distro is «YAPA»

    1.    let's use linux said

      It is a custom distro made by Jesse Avalos. If I understand correctly it is based on Ubuntu.
      That's why it says "coming soon." 🙂
      Hug, Pablo.

      1.    Cristian said

        it looks horrible in conky but I find the unity panel very well done

  11.   Sebastian Varela Valencia said

    I didn't make it into the top 10 desktops. In the next one, I will enter.

    Congratulations to everyone who won, I really liked Ian Dupuy's Desk 2 Minimalist Desk 🙂

  12.   Skintigth said

    They are very pretty for the most part but my favorite was the second.

    PS: Does anyone know how I can send my desk to compete?

    1.    let's use linux said

      You have to participate through our social networks (g +, facebook or diaspora) by pasting on our wall a screenshot of your desktop and detailing the desktop environment, wallpaper, etc. used.
      Hug! Paul.

  13.   Lenin Ali said

    Desktops with openbox break it!
    For academic reasons and unrelated to my preferences, I have had to relegate my preferred OS to a virtualized environment, which is why, motivated by performance limitations, I have opted for something light for my desktop (Xubuntu 14.10 with XFCE) that allows me to maintain my daily activities and my experiments under virtualized environments in the best way and without frustration, in turn, seen this post, I have been motivated to show my desktop hopefully to compete for the best Linux desktops of November.
    Here I give you the link:

  14.   Alex said

    Number 7 quite relaxed, I really liked it 🙂

  15.   Ivan said

    Every time I see the desktops that can be achieved with GNU / Linux, I see the OS X desktop as outdated and bland.

  16.   Mario falco said

    Impacted with the desks of Rodolfo Crisanto (n ° 8) and Tomás del Valle Palacios (n ° 7), in that order.
    My congratulations to them for such simple beauty, and to the blog for publishing it.
    Thank you!

    1.    Tomas Del Valle said

      Thanks for your concepts Mario. A hug

  17.   Manual said

    Is the contest still going? I would like to participate.

  18.   Nicolas said

    Why was the contest stopped? It was very good.

  19.   JJ said

    Make the contest again friends, we know several that we want to participate.

  20.   Felipe said

    I would like to participate in a new contest, there are several of us who have a good desktop