Hyprland creator was banned from Freedesktop and is now prohibited from contributing to the project


Freedesktop bans hyprland creator from contributing

Hyprland has quickly positioned itself as a popular dynamic tile composer for Wayland based on wlroots that offers a number of advanced and highly customizable features. It is distinguished by its ability to offer a fluid and responsive user experience, while being highly customizable to suit the individual needs of each user.

Hyprland It is a project with active development and commitment to the community. The project shares its progress both on GitHub and on a Discord server, where users have the option to join for technical support, share tips, or simply connect with other project enthusiasts.

The reason for mentioning this, is that news was recently released that surprised the Linux community, since Hyprland author banned (known as Vaxry) of the Freedesktop project. But why? What does this have to do with the aforementioned?

Answering these questions, as we mentioned before, Hyprland has a Discord server in which they talk about the project and to make a long story short, this was the reason for the ban. Wait what?… Yes, that's rightBecause of the banning of Vaxry (author of Hyprland) his Discord server was banned.

The cause, According to Vaxry, the Freedesktop ban was for mentioning some things in the Hyprland Discord (espionage, some resentful user, some senior Freedesktop person who wanted to contribute to Hyprland and was rejected or somehow didn't like it, we'll never know).

About the case it is mentioned that The controversy began with a series of emails between Vaxry and the Freedesktop Code of Conduct team. In these, Vaxry expressed his frustration at what he perceived as an attempt at harassment and abuse of power by the Freedesktop/RedHat individual, as he mentions that it is absurd that a decision of that caliber has been made, to ban the contribute to the Freedesktop project.

In his response to emails from the Freedesktop CoC team, Vaxry expressed disagreement with the actions taken and questioned the authority of the team to apply your CoC outside of your specific platforms. Vaxry argued that Hyprland was not affiliated with Freedesktop and that Freedesktop's CoC should not apply to his project.

Recently, I received a threatening email in my inbox from a board member of X.org, Freedesktop.org, and a Red Hat employee. Let's call them "Alex."

In this email, they bring up rumors and old incidents of not-so-nice behavior on my part, as well as my moderators and the community, on our Discord server. Additionally, they claim that they will ban me from Freedesktop if this happens again. This is pretty surprising, considering I don't post much on this server, much less anything punishable...

Read that again.

Someone from Freedesktop is going to ban me from Freedesktop for things I did on my Discord server. Please note that we are not affiliated with Freedesktop in any way…

The Vaxry ban generated mixed reactions within the Linux community, some expressed support for Vaxry and questioned the actions of Freedesktop's CoC team, while others expressed concern about the impact on Hyprland's reputation and the broader Linux community.

Hello, I'm (Name) from the Code of Conduct team at X.org/Freedesktop.org. The main reason I am contacting you is because we are concerned about the moderation of the Hyprland community[…].”

"Since there has been enough publicity surrounding these incidents for people to bring it to our attention, and most of these statements have not been made by members of the community, but by you in particular, we believe it is necessary to explicitly state that Most of the behaviors mentioned above are against Freedesktop's code of conduct, which extends outside of our infrastructure to a reasonable extent, as we explain a little later. This point is also not open to discussion […] «.

«Since you are one of the main developers of hyprland, and this is a publicly accessible Discord that is directly associated with and promoted by your project, your behavior not only influences people's impressions of your community, but also reaches communities like ours when we interact and accept contributions from hyprland […] «.

""So consider this a formal warning that the CoC team hopes not to encounter this type of behavior from Hyprland in the future. If this happens again in the future, we will need to consider other measures."

Without a doubt, This decision raises questions about Freedesktop's future actions and also by Vaxry (author of Hyprland) on how they can take this in the future, especially in terms of integration of their project. On the other hand, I personally think that Freedesktop's actions are exaggerated, since far from being a decision made with solid arguments, it seems like a decision made for personal reasons.

If you are interested in being able learn more about it, you can check the details In the following link.

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