The death of Google Reader has been announced

Today, when I access my account Google Reader to read my news I find a beautiful message where those of Mountain View They inform me that on July 1, 2013 the service disappears.

And not only that, until they give me instructions to download my data using Google Takeout, something that does not serve me because that option is blocked for my country. If there is a service that is worth using for me, it is Reader, at least for those users who have lots of Feeds and want to stay updated.

I honestly don't know what the purpose of all this is. Does G + want to take the limelight? I have said it a thousand times and I will not tire of repeating it: Social networks will not be the cause of the death of Blogs, Forums and similar services, because in the end, all (Facebook, G +, Twitter ... etc) they feed on this type of service.

The way in which information is organized in Forums and Blogs is much easier, organized and very different from that of social networks, where the content is much more dynamic and it is more difficult to find something specific.

But of course, since everything is "free", they impose things on me however they want. Do you want to use gmail? Well make an account at G+. If you don't like it, use another mail service. Bad Google, too bad. Yes, we have alternatives both in the cloud and applications for our operating systems, but so far none compares with Google Reader, that's my humble opinion.

But nobody has been able to say it better than Enrique Dans. I recommend reading this article.

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  1.   tycho said

    I hallucinate, RSS is the only way to be aware of things without going crazy, although we can use external programs, it was a joy to have it integrated into the google home page or in a browser extension, they could remove other things that they are useless, ..., very bad management of google, ... totally agree and not being able to use the takeout in your country, the descojono, no yes, between that ubuntu does what comes out and those of google too , the future has a dark tone. Well there will always be Debian 😉

    1.    tycho said

      Don't hate me for using windows 8, I'm testing, and I haven't bought it 😉

      1.    kassiusk1 said

        hahahaha good for specifying xDD

  2.   deviltroll said

    Killing Reader is like putting G + and Blogger around their neck, a lot of the content that was generated on those platforms comes directly from the reader.

    After the initial anger that I have gotten I have seen how much and are excellent alternatives (as long as they are not paid)
    To paraphrase Mr. Linus: «Google fuck you !!!!»

    1.    elav said

      Feedly I tried it, but there are icons that do not come out .. Do you know why? Well, because they are hosted by something that has to do with Google and I don't have permissions to access that page .. Google is already touching my balls a lot ..

      1.    deviltroll said

        the feedly at work has synchonized me perfectly, when I got home, I opened it and precisely the linux subscriptions, which are the ones I read the most, do not come out. 🙁
        We will have to give them time, both feedly and oldreader seem to be a bit saturated before the avalanche of migrations

        1.    deviltroll said

          Fixed, I get all my linux feeds in feedly. I don't know for what reason the option that only the unread ones came out was marked.
          I think I already have a new feed reader. But the bad milk of the body that got into me this morning is not taken out by anyone

  3.   israelem said

    What if you use feedly? You import directly from google reader also, they announce that they are working in Normandy to use their own service, so that when you close google reader, the transition is transparent. I hope it works.

    1.    elav said

      I have already signed .. U_U

  4.   v3on said

    do you know who's next on the list? feedburner xD

  5.   jlbaena said

    Well, I say that I find them, for now, I do not like the last decisions (assholes) of google at all, iGoogle is going to disappear, something truly absurd, because for me it is one of the truly useful services, the interface change in gmail with that horrible window to compose messages and now google reader.
    It is not that I am going to protest, it is that it seems to me that I am going to do without google, I use less and less your search engine in favor of ixquick and duckduckgo, I just deleted all my content from google reader and I do not want your help, I am enough alone to download my data.

    1.    Urizev said

      It is clear that they are the ones who have to see it. Of course, if they close GReader I will migrate to another system. In fact, I was about to do it when they removed the ability to share items among your followers. I loved that philosophy of sharing news or following the favorite news of friends without the need of the overload of a social network like G + or Facebook. For me it was like a site where I found the content that interested me.

      I am sorry that they close it because it is not as massive a service as others, but it is certainly one of the Google services that I use the most. For example, to read this blog. That is why I complain.

  6.   Koratsuki said

    Since I discovered BlogTrottr ->, my life has become much simpler, I just open my email and my thunderbird takes the feed to a folder in my inbox, which I read periodically ... I recommend it ... However, I accompany you in the feeling ...

    1.    elav said

      Do I have to insert each site that I want to follow?

  7.   Koratsuki said

    @jlbaena, +1 that's the attitude!

  8.   Koratsuki said

    The only bad thing is that, you have to insert them and confirm. Reading feeds precisely this came to me from FayerWayer ->

  9.   kassiusk1 said

    The alternatives such as Feedly, The Old Reader etc ... have not convinced me. I hope they change their mind 🙁

  10.   germo said

    Buah .. I think they are also applying greater restrictions to Newsblur than the one I used until now ..

  11.   Cristianhcd said

    I have been using M2 for years, the rss reader integrated into Opera, the truth is that I never trusted google reader

    well, it doesn't affect me ...

    ps: is it my idea or is gmail pulling millions of 502?

  12.   invisible15 said

    It was the only Google service I used, if they remove it now I won't even use the account I have.

  13.   price said

    I can't quite understand this closure… it's what I use the most, I hope they come up with a decent alternative 🙁

  14.   MugiwaraMC said

    Honestly go shit, one of the Google services that I use the most together with Gmail, Drive, Youtube and of course, the search engine ... I honestly did not expect something like this and I do not see any gain for Google by closing Reader 🙁

  15.   Hugo Carrera said

    Can someone help me please ... I want to export the channels that I have in google reader and when I do it with takeout I get that I have 0 bytes to download, it carries out the process but it comes out 0bytes and there is no download link ... because it arises this ... I have more than 500 featured articles and I don't know how to save them or my subscriptions ... now that google reader is going to close, how will the application I buy for my greader pro android phone work ... someone helps me with the backup.

    1.    Mayra said

      I have exactly the same problem as you: C please if you find some way to back up all that help me: C

  16.   diazepam said

    Am I the only one who never used it?

    1.    kennatj said

      @diazepan most likely;).

      Today I went to theoldreader, I am giving duckduckgo a chance and by email I went to tormail I stopped using google docs and there is only one alternative to g + and its communities.

  17.   Hang1 said

    I have always used Liferea. And I don't have a Google account.
    So it matters little to me. Anyway Thanks for the post.

  18.   MOL said

    Well, with this google policy of closing services when it feels like it and leaving its users down, they are going to get consumers to stop trusting their products, as they close blogspot they are going to do the hell out to me.